Milk: It Finally Does Some Bodies Good

He Does A Body Good


By toddmen8302

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Mike was completely embarrassed at the thought of having to walk all the way to class with a raging hardon in his pants. I wasn't fair that today had been the day he chose to wear his tight fitting jeans either. The bulge, however small, seemed so obvious to Mike. He might as well have had giant arrow shaped signs with flashing lights attached to his waist that read "Fag Boy Hot For Jason's New Bod". Mike made it to third period without getting taunted or dying of embarrassment. He was even able to get the swelling down. But his mind was still distracted with the thought of Jason. All through third and fourth period he though about what he had seen at break. He thought about what it meant to be gay. He wondered what he should do about his feelings for Jason. By the end of fourth period, it had all been decided. Mike would tell Jason how he felt. He knew that Jason was too nice to actually hate him for liking him, even if he couldn't return Mike's feelings.

So off he went at lunch in search of Jason. He was alone which was lucky for Mike. He didn't want to have to deal with a group of people while trying to confess his love for another guy. "Hey Jason." Mike said tentatively. "Hey. What's up man?" Jason asked. "Not much. How are things going?" "Good. Do I know you?" Mike blushed out of nervousness. "No. I'm Mike." He reached his hand out to shake Jason's. Jason took it and Mike eased up inside. He also wanted to melt from being able to touch the man of his dreams. "Jason. So what can I do for you?" "Not much. I was just wondering what was up. Everyone seems to be talking about the new you. I have to say, it is different." Now it was Jason's turn to blush. Mike though it was absolutely adorable; and although he shouldn't have been looking, he caught the bulge that grew inside Jason's baggy jeans. Mike cleared his throat before speaking again. "Well, I don't mean to embarrass you." "No. It's ok. It happens a lot now," said Jason. Just then the end of lunch bell rang. "Well, I'll see you around Mike. Take it easy." "Yeah. You too Jason."

Mike watched as Jason got up and left. He was sad that he missed his chance to say what he wanted. Maybe it was for the best though. It might be better to get to know Jason a little more before breaking that kind of news to him. Mike headed for his last two classes. After school Mike found Jason on the yard as usual. This time he was able to actually go up to him though. It was much easier now that he had already approached him once. "Hey Jason." "Hey Mike. What's up?" "Not much. Just heading home. What about you? Got any after school plans?" "No. I'm just going to go home and do homework. Hey, you want to come over and hang out?" "Sure." Even as he said the words, Mike felt as if he was going to black out. They had passed from his lips so easily, so quickly; and yet he knew that this was a dream come true.

When they got to Jason's house, Jason went over to the kitchen table and drank his usual glass of milk. This time, there was a note by the glass though. The note was from his dad, explaining how he would be away for the next week. There were two cartons of milk in the refrigerator for him. The one with the red label was his special milk, and the one with the blue label was regular milk. There was money for food and he'd be home on Monday. "What's up?" Mike asked. "Nothing. Dad is just going to be gone for a week. He'll be back on Monday." "Sweet! I wish I had a dad that traveled like that. What does he do?" "He's a stay at home scientist for the government. But sometimes he has to do check up stuff like this." "What about your mom?" "She's dead." Mike felt so awefull. How could he have been so insensitive to ask that kind of question? "I'm sorry." Mike looked down at the floor. "It's ok. She died while having me. I've been with my dad all my life. He's great." Mike looked up again. "So, what do you want to do?"

Jason was going to say he didn't know. But before he opened his mouth, he found himself getting hard again. "Damnit! This happens a lot…" Mike walked over. "It's ok. It's natural. In a few years I'm sure it won't do it as much. Then you be wishing it did." Both of them laughed a bit. Then Jason turned his gaze back to the tent in his pants. "You could try releasing the tension." Mike offered. He was looking at Jason's bulge as well. "Yeah…That sounds good…" Jason seemed like his mind was far away. But his thoughts were intensely focused on his hardon. He wanted release. Did he want to expose himself in front of Mike though? Did he want Mike to help? Probably not, but that's not what his cock was saying at the moment. Slowly he moved his hands to the button of his jeans. Unbuttoning it, unzipping his pants, exposing the white tent of briefs that concealed his raging hardon. The movements were slow and enticing to Mike. He was becoming intoxicated by the unconscious seduction by Jason. Next he carefully moved the waistband of the briefs just under his balls.

Mike by this time had long been on his knees in front of Jason's cock. All logic was out the window. If his carelessness should bring hardship later, he didn't care. It was worth the sacrifice. He breathed in deeply. The smell of Jason drove him wild inside. "Well?" Jason said softly. "Aren't you going to touch it?" Mike brought his hand up slowly, touching the stiff shaft of his idol's cock. He didn't grasp or stroke it. He simply leaned in and kissed the head softly. The skin of the head against his lips was wonderful. Next he opened his mouth slightly to taste it. Mike wanted to melt. Finally he began sucking it; working it until he had all four inches in his mouth. Jason began working his hips back and fourth gently as he laid his head back and closed his eyes. Jason's hands wandered along the back of Mike's neck kneading it slowly to the rhythm of his small thrusts.

Mike's mind was lost. His body acted like a robot's would. His cock grew hard in his pants and he wanted release as well. He wanted release for himself and for Jason. As he continued to suck on Jason's cock his hands were placed on Jason's hips and his thumbs idly caressed Jason's balls. Jason's climax grew with the passing moments and as it did, he found his hands moving up the back of Mike's head. Slowly being driven wild by desire Jason ran his hands through Mike's hair. Mike was so good as sucking him off. Jason wondered if he had had previous experience. Jason was getting close now. He took his hands and began to guide Mike's head faster and faster. As he began getting caught up in the moment Mike gradually sucked harder and harder.

It drove Jason over the edge. "I'm going to cuuuuum!" He said with his head thrown back, eyes clenched tight, with that pleasurefull agony tone in his voice. Mike tightened his grip on Jason. He didn't want Jason pushing him away. He wanted to taste and drink all he had to give. Jason threw his head forward, lightening the tension in his eyes, His hips bucked and Mike gratefully accepted what Jason had to offer. Once he had finished cumming, Jason picked Mike up and carried him over to the couch. They sat down and Mike gasped to catch his breath. Jason was breathing heavily as well and shaking still from his first full orgasm. Mike looked over at Jason. "Are you ok?" "Yeah…I'll be fine…" Jason then leaned over, placing his hand on Mike's cheek, and kissed him. It was a gentle and deep kiss. Jason pressed his lips into Mike's. His tongue forging it's way into Mike's mouth, entwining and dancing with it, for a moment before pulling back.

"Thanks…" Jason commented. "No problem." Mike replied, stunned. "You Haven't had relief yet." "That's ok. I'll wait till later." Mike had said it even though his own cock was still red hot inside his pants. "We should do our homework then." Mike agreed and they went to it. Jason grabbed himself a glass of regular milk and started in. Surprisingly, they would have to stop for breaks every so often as Jason seemed to need more and more relief. Mike sucked Jason off three more times before he went home. He was tired out and felt like he was on cloud nine. He was happy that he would sleep very well that night. He wondered what tomorrow would bring as well. •

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