Milk: It Finally Does Some Bodies Good

Fill Me Up!


By toddmen8302

Please let me know what you think of this story. There are at least 3 more parts waiting in the wings to be written and posted. Thank you.

Mike watched Jason head for home on the schoolyard that day. He'd done it everyday for the past month in fact. He felt sorry for Jason because he could understand where he was coming from partly. At 5'0" and 100#s, the black haired Asian American boy was easy pickings for the bigger kids. Even though he was now a Sophomore. Mike was built the same as Jason except for being Italian American with light brown hair. His skin was tanned nicely thanks to his background. He too was a Sophomore and was picked on. But despite their similarities, they had yet to really meet each other. The first time Mike saw Jason was in the hall while two senior jocks where taunting him. He didn't know why, but he decided to see if he could see Jason again after school that day. Mike looked for Jason on the yard and sure enough he found him. It was too hard for him to approach Jason though. So he reluctantly hid back in the mob of other kids rushing to get out of school. It had been like that for a month now. Mike was worried about the thought of being gay. However, he decided to trust his feelings and see things through; assuming he could find the courage.

Jason arrived home from school as usual. Setting down his backpack at the kitchen table, he picked up the large glass of cold milk that was set out for him by his dad. It had been his routine for over the past year. Jason's dad was a stay at home scientist for the government. As odd as it had seemed, it turned out to be a great opportunity for the both of them. He got to see his dad frequently still, and his dad got to make a bunch of money doing what he loved from home. Jason still remembered the day he drank his first glass of milk. It was on the last day of school when Jason came home. Despite the fact that he was officially on summer vacation, he was upset that the Seniors had been picking on him again. "What's the matter son?" Jason's dad asked as he watched the boy set down his backpack with a huge frown on his face. "Today is the first day of your summer vacation. You should be happy." "Yeah. But I know that when I go back to school the bigger kids are just going to start picking on me again. I don't want to go back to that school next year," replied Jason.

"Jason. Those guys will be gone next year since they're Seniors. Besides, changing schools isn't going to stop people from picking on you." Jason just looked down at the floor with an even bigger frown. "I know you've been having trouble with this for a while now. You brought it up last year when you started the 8th grade. I've been working on something for you." He said before turning and heading into his lab. A moment later he came back out with what looked like a large glass of milk. Jason raised a brow and stared at it. "What is it?" he asked. "Milk." His father said. "Ha ha dad. Like that's really going to help me." "It will help you. If you do what I ask and believe in the project, it will help a lot. This isn't just an ordinary glass of milk. As I've said, I've been working on this project for a while now. You'll have to do exactly as I say so I can record the data and monitor you carefully. You can't tell anyone about this either. This isn't a government-funded project. So if they found out that I was using their supplies for this, I could get in a lot of trouble." Jason was skeptical, but he trusted his dad, knowing he was a good scientist. He reached out his hand and took the glass of milk. Then he drank it all down.

One year later, Jason was in serious doubt about the whole project. There had been absolutely no physical results. He didn't want to give up on his dad though. So he kept his mouth shut and continued to drink. One special glass of milk a month followed by as much regular milk as he wanted. His craving for milk had increased greatly. It seemed like he was drinking it all the time. He was amazed that he hadn't gotten any fatter from it too. The only other change in him seemed that he would heat up at night. He slept nude regularly now because of this. That night Jason lay in bed on top of his sheets. The moon was full outside his window and shown brightly on his lightly tanned skin in the dark. The light felt warm on his body, heating him more than usual. Something began to stir in Jason. The warmth was accompanied by a new sensation he had yet to feel before. His groin began to tingle and his cock slowly enlarged and raised itself up until it landed on his stomach. The four-inch cock began to tighten along with the rest of his skin as his body began to stretch and bulk up as well. No large muscle formed on him, but the added mass would be a pleasant sight in the morning nonetheless. Eventually the growth stopped and Jason unconsciously climaxed, sending his cum splattering onto his own stomach.

The next morning Jason awoke with dried cum on his stomach. He had never ejaculated before, so he didn't recognize the feel of dried cum. When he stood, he felt light headed and as if weighed 100#s heavier, which he did, and it threw him off. He would have fallen backwards back onto the bed if he hadn't put his hand on the bed to catch himself. Wondering what was going on, he headed into his bathroom to look in the mirror. Jason was surprised at what he found. He had grown about 14" and gained at least 100#s. His first reaction was to run and tell his dad. But the thought of doing that naked made him decide to get some clothes on first. Unfortunately, none of his old clothes would fit him now. So in his continuing flood of excitement, he ran out of his room to find his dad. As usual, Jason's father was working in his lab. When Jason ran in stark naked yelling 'Dad! Dad!' it caught him off guard. Especially since Jason hadn't noticed that his voice had changed and deepened a bit as well.

Jason's father turned in surprise to look at the behemoth that had bounded into the room. "Who are you? What do you want?" he asked, shocked. "Dad! It's me! Jason! It worked! The formula worked!" His dad paused to try and recognize his son. Once he had he began to smile and celebrate with his son. "But dad." Jason began to say after the excitement had started to wear off. "What am I going to do about school today? I have no clothes that fit me. I can't go naked." "Don't worry. You can still go. You'll just have to go in late. We'll wait for the clothing stores to open and get you some clothes that fit. Then you can head off for school." "But what will I tell them when I'm late?" "Just tell them there was a family emergency. Say your uncle Herman died. I'll take care of the rest." Jason put on a huge grin and ran to the kitchen to start making breakfast. He was happier than he had even been in his life.

After breakfast Jason's dad got the details of the night before and took down Jason's new stats. He had grown by 14" and put on 90#s. Around 9 o'clock Jason's dad went and got him some new clothes. Jason ended up getting to school by 10. He was just in time for break. Within the first five minutes he started blushing when all the girls gravitated towards him. They didn't walk away when he told them who he was either. Even though that part took a little convincing. Some of the jocks joined the gathering as well, casually welcoming him into their social group. Unbeknownst to Jason, however, was one observer tucked away behind a hedge on the school grounds. It was Mike, who was in complete awe of the new Jason. Mike quickly lost himself in the sight of Jason and failed to notice his cock swell and erect in his jeans. When the end of break bell rang mike snapped himself back to reality, unfortunately a little too late. He realized now that he was in fact gay and was ok with that. He only hoped that Jason would be ok with it, whether or not the truth came to light. •

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