Project William


By Also_KnownAs

"Shit, look at you two. Looks like you found yourselves a size queen." William set his beer down as I closed the door behind me. He was sitting on the couch nude, stroking his hard prick leisurely. A thick coat of clear honey glistened his whole hugeness and he had a grin on him from ear to ear. His cock looked at least as thick as the beer can, but it had a definite length advantage. His feet were propped up on the coffee table and if I didn't know better, I'd say he'd been sucking himself in our absence.

He was right, though. The two hours we'd spent with Landry on the football field had left Larry and I with tools so large we couldn't wear anything home. I didn't know about him, but mine felt like I had a lead weight strapped between my legs. The fucking thing was enormous, but more than that it was impractical. It was now well over a foot in length soft! "What the hell am I supposed to do with this," I asked him, hefting my prick at his face.

He stuck out his tongue and licked the tip. "You have the memory of a fruit fly," he said testily. "You don't even remember the first time you saw mine?"

"It was huge."

He shook his head and played with his asshole. "But at first?"

I tried to remember, then it all came back. "Oh, yeah! It sort of... grew. It looked ample, then it just kept growing. And growing."


"Because it was turning me on."

"And yours is huge because?"

Larry said it first. "Because it's so fucking hot and we're constantly horny and we jerked off twice in the car in the way home because we had these fucking huge cocks."

William nodded. "So now that your pleasure is satisfied?"

I looked down. My absurdly mammoth appendage was now just... extremely big. But manageable. "Oh."

"Uh huh. So tell me about your first day on the job as dream lovers. Was it everything you hoped it would be?"

I told him about my several adventures and how I seemed to become more and more adept at pleasing whoever I encountered as if by magic. William nodded and smiled. "There are no coincidences," he said. "When someone needs you, you'll be available. It just works out that way." He rubbed his thumb across his helmet, pinching his eyes with the pleasure of the sensation. "Anything weird happen?"

"Apart from growing bigger all day?"

"I had noticed that," he said. "But you look fucking awesome. Both of you."

And we did. Both of us had calmed down a bit after the workout with Landry, but we retained enough that the difference was obvious.

I had no idea how much bigger I was, but I certainly was bigger. Bigger everywhere, not just my dick. And Larry looked incredible. His chest seemed to have grown inches. He now owned a mammoth muscular beauty with two huge globes of brawn capped with fat, juicy nipples. He practically should have been wearing a bra. It was fucking amazing. He wasn't quite as tall as me, nor as well proportioned. His body seemed to welcome muscle growth over anything else. His bulges were fatter and harder and more impressive than mine. He was really starting to look like a serious bodybuilder. My body seemed to grow proportionally all over, getting equally tall and thick and wide. At least, that was how I saw myself. "Tell him about Brett."

"Oh yeah! I almost forgot." So I sat down on the couch and jerked William off as I told him about what happened when I saw Brett, and how it felt, and the whole explosion in my body thing. And he got this weird look on his face and goes, "Sounds like you found yourself a Cipher."

Larry's head popped from under William's balls where he'd been rimming the magical dude and he goes, "Huh?"

William pushed his head back down. "A Cipher. It's a very special sort of person, sort of rare. I suppose this Brett is quite attractive?"

"Fucking knockout. The dude is perfect, swear to god. Or swear to D. Or whatever. Fucking gorgeous and big and strong and talented. Star athlete, the whole ball of fuckability."

"Yeah, sounds like a Cipher." Larry started to poke his head up again but William motioned him back to work on his ass and explained. "A Cipher is a human clean slate, an empty vessel, a non-entity -- at least as far as we're concerned. Normally you encounter the people you pleasure and you know what they want, and you give it to them, and their pleasure becomes yours. It's sort of the reward for doing D's work. He knows it can be sort of annoying to be constantly doing what everyone else wants you to do instead of what you want, so he makes it so what they like becomes what you like to do. You may not be turned on by rubber, for example. I mean, name your fetish, there's someone for everything. But you won't feel that way about everything, naturally. So while you're at it, you feel the pleasure of the act just like your partners do. With me so far?"

I nodded. That all made sense, and it jibed with what I had experienced that day.

"Every once in a while you'll meet a Cipher. What a Cipher does is allow you to have your own pleasure, but more than that, because we normally gain pleasure from giving others pleasure, right? But in this case, we are having our own pleasure that becomes their pleasure -- which in turn becomes our pleasure magnified. So what ends up happening is that being with a Cipher means you experience pleasure at about four times normal. A 400% increase in satisfaction and ecstasy. When that happens, you project it back on them, and they feel it, and mirror it back again. Now you're at four times pleasure times four. 1600%! And you felt a touch of that."

"A touch? That felt more like a fucking blow job."

He snorted a laugh. "And therein lies the danger. When you get involved with a Cipher, the pleasure can keep building like that. If you're not careful, if you give into it, you can become addicted to it, want only that all the time. But there's a built-in safety valve, sort of."

"Which is?" I felt him tense his balls. He was close to cumming.

"Sustainability. Normally, we're built to last. You already feel that. You can cum with some dude and five minutes later you can cum again. And it'll be just as full, just as powerful, just as satisfying. Five minutes later, boom! Five more minutes, you're right back again, boom! But with a Cipher, once you reach fulfillment you're usually done for the day. The bigger the pleasure build-up, the longer the wait until you're ready again. What also happens is that you start building up an immunity. So the wait time starts going down with the same Cipher." His words started getting choppy, He was damn close. "When that guy.. when... when that guy looked at you, what you felt was your own pleasure at being looked at by him, and your own pleasure at seeing his beauty, reflect... reflected... reflected back on him, then fun... funneled to you. Oh, shit! Shit! Oh, man!" He fountained a thick load across his hairy chest. Larry must have jammed his long tongue up William's ass at just the right moment. Of course he would.

"So it felt..."

"Fucking great." He rubbed Larry's head warmly. "Man, that was fucking great."

I smiled over at him. "Shower?" I looked at the wealth of his warm cream on his broad chest. "Or tongue bath?"

I guess the two-hour session with Landry wasn't enough for him, because later that evening there was a knock at the door.

I had to give him this, the guy had stamina. I'd never seen anyone keep his dick hard that long. And for an older guy, his body was fucking fantastic. For two hours he'd managed to outlast Larry and I. The only reason we stopped was because he said he had some other boys to train and he left us spent and sweaty out on the grass under the bright, hot sun.

When we got up, our bodies looked better yet, and a lot bigger. I could almost watch Larry's muscle growing under Landry's attentions. We were both engaged for the whole two hours, there was never a moment that I wasn't feeling someone somewhere on my body, giving me hot sexual ecstasy while I was delivering the same. I could feel myself growing stronger, growing bigger, and literally swelling. My cock was growing as I fucked Landry. He was doing it, his need, his direction. I was becoming more than ever under his command, and I could see Larry changing, too.

And the coach could give it and take it, and although a week with William taught me a hell of a lot about sexual pleasure and techniques, two hours with Landry taught me even more. The art of anticipation. Keeping yourself on the edge of pleasure so that when it finally came -- or you did -- it was more powerful, deeper, more satisfying than ever. His hands were marvels, his mouth seemed built for sex. The things he could do with tongue, lips and teeth was nothing short of fucking amazing.

And the guy was huge! Motherfucking huge! A genetic freak in the best way. And that pornographic smile wasn't just an empty promise. The guy could deliver, over and over. Larry and I could cum buckets a day, but Landry taught me that cumming wasn't always the point. It was everything leading up to that, and then holding back, not cumming, taking sex another step further, another level higher. He was slow and patient, but also hungry and demanding and masterful.

So when he came knocking that evening and I looked through the peephole and saw him, I felt something come over me. I felt myself alter, grow, expand. When I opened the door, I was prepared. I stood in the doorway as beautiful and huge and naked as he left me. Again I owned the firm, long, impossibly perfect cock hanging between my legs. Again my balls swelled and churned with need and desire, full with a load of my delicious hot cream. Again my body was tall and broad and fat with brawn. I was male perfection because he demanded nothing less. And when I said, "Good evening, sir," my voice was deep and clear and powerful.

"Good evening, Jackson." His eyes scanned my body. I could feel his pleasure wash over me. It fed me, made me better, made me more. He was wearing a thin white T-shirt tucked so tightly into his blue jeans that it appeared painted on. His arms were folded over his broad chest, and a wealth of his curly body hair was peaking over the edge of his neckline. He looked, for some reason, taller now than he had before. "May I come in?"

I stepped aside and bowed my head slightly, holding out my arm to welcome him. My arm bulged with power, lined with a huge bicep and tricep, the flesh was bronzed and gleaming. "Is Larry here?"

I smiled as I nodded. "Yes, sir. He's in the kitchen with my roommate."

Landry's eyebrow arched. "You have a roommate?" Pornography slid across his lips.

"Yes, sir. His name is William. He will join us if you permit."

"We'll see." He wrapped a hand behind my neck and pulled my lips to his. It was a slow, deep kiss. My whole body tingled and throbbed. "Do you have any beer, Jackson?"

"Yes, sir." I walked into the kitchen. I could feel the heat of his attention on my ass.

William was leaning against the counter with an odd look on his face. Larry was sitting on the countertop. They were both, as usual, naked. "It's him, isn't it?" Larry slid off the counter and was standing at attention. As I looked at him, his body changed in front of my eyes. I hadn't realized that in the few hours since we got home, he'd returned to the form I was used to. Now that Landry was here, his body suddenly morphed back to the thickly-muscled, over- sexed, big-dicked Larry I walked in with. It was like watching one of those morphing Quicktimes online. He stood there and changed, simple as that. His chest expanded out, his dick lengthened and thickened, his arms bulged, his legs grew fatter and fatter with long cables of power. His lats flared, his waist tightened, his abs bulged. And as this occurred, the smile on his face grew deeper and deeper. I couldn't fucking believe it.

William watched with interest, his eyebrows rising on his forehead. He said, "Who's this guy?"

"Coach Landry," answered Larry almost reverentially. "Started at school only a few weeks ago. Coaches the football team. Teaches some P.E. classes. One hell of a lover."

"Sums him up pretty well," I agreed, reaching into the fridge to get a cold bottle.

"Ask him to come in here," William said. He had another sort of smile on his face as he crossed his arms over his hairy chest.

I walked back up the hallway and poked my head into the living room. "Mr. Landry? Sir, would you mind coming in here?"

"Certainly, Jackson," he answered. The man had cast his shirt off and his belt was unbuckled and dangling. The top three buttons of his jeans were undone. He walked past me into the kitchen, me watching the globes of his well-trained ass jogging up and down, and then stopped in the entryway. The next words to leave his lips made chills go up my spine. "I thought that was your voice I heard. How are you, Lyaios?"

William just laughed slightly, then grabbed Landry in a bear hug and kissed his mouth hard. "Fuck me! Bromios! What the hell are you doing with these two sorry excuses for men?" •

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