Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The fifth night : Gallup NM

The motel was more remarkable than most. It had a luxurious lay-out and was showing signs of Western ethnicity in its design and decoration. In no way a come-down after Tanglewood Hall.

The faint sound of bike engines droned from the incline less than a mile away. For a moment, Ohio seemed years ago. My mind replayed the happenings only hours before in Jeffrey's playroom. I was lucky to be standing here.

The rest of the gang rode up as James and NoChecks were overseeing the removal of our bikes from the Hummer. After the hunky James had received our thanks and refused a tip, he drove off.

The others had suffered a tedious, ugly and sticky ride through the rest of the Panhandle; it was some hours before the landscape became more exotic - and cooler. As soon as we'd checked in, the Manager showed us all to the coffee-shop for well-earned refreshment. Shaman disappeared somewhere else on his bike.

There was a different, lighter and more excited atmosphere among the guys; they were nearing the end of the trek and this was the first time they had an opportunity to discuss the demise of the terrible trio and what led up to it. I was not feeling much like filling them in and Josh and NoChecks did their best to deflect the eagerness of their enquiries. The previous night was taking its toll on everyone after the long ride from Amarillo and, with the last leg coming up tomorrow and the anticipation of what lay ahead of them, nearly everyone took off early to their cabins.

Dead on cue Shaman rode up on his bike and spirited me away to the most distant cabin. I guess he'd been here before, because he could never have transformed the cabin as he had in the time it had taken the rest of us to eat. The whole place was hung with native weaving, and the air was filled with the flickering light of many candles with a subtle aroma.

There was no conventional furniture - only thick mattresses and corn-filled pillows covered with more native weaving. As soon as I stepped in and he closed the door behind us I was grabbed by the warm, subdued light which flickered on the many jewel colors of the fabrics. I might have expected a fire in the middle of the room and a hole in the ceiling above, but the only conventional thing I could see was a regular fire in a regular fireplace. Shaman saw me looking at it.

"I know it's warm tonight but the fire is essential for our purpose. Strip off and sit down - I want to see to your shoulders."

All the nudity in all the locker-rooms and gyms I had known should have inured me to the stripping process, but I was almost embarrassed to do so in front of gigantic Shaman, even though he was doing the same thing - what little he wore came off, leaving him only in a breach-clout.

He stood behind me, gently feeling the damaged joints and muscles. His touch was fantastically erotic and my thick dick got thicker by the minute. I was just thanking the gods that he was behind me when he moved to the front.

Luckily his eyes were closed and he stood at arms' length from me as he massaged the deltoids and experimented with raising my arms. I could see the twinges I felt reflected in the wincing of his face.

"No problem. Soon be better. Do this."

He reached across himself to place a hand flat on my right shoulder, then reached down with his other hand and took hold of my tumescent tool. I froze. Was I expected to do the same? Impatiently he took my right hand and placed it on his left shoulder, pulled his breech clout off and pointed sharply at his own dick.

As soon as this strange circuit was connected I felt a gentle throb in the shoulder he held.

"Shut your eyes and concentrate on the power!"

Almost immediately the "electricity" increased its vibration and, after a few minutes we changed hands, shoulders and dicks. Then hands were removed from shoulders and placed on our navels. I felt a powerful throb running through my whole body. Through half-open eyes I could see he was feeling it too.

"Sit. I will talk while I place a poultice on your shoulders." This had already been prepared and he pushed me back to lean on the pillows against the wooden wall. I was pretty intimidated by his huge hunk of muscle lying practically on top of me.

"Now relax and listen.

"You know the leader of our tribe was once like you, not like us. At a crisis in his life he was guided here to a place where he encountered the Great Spirit of the Buffalo. He had waited many nights in growing sorrow until he felt it was time to leave. It was then that he was filled with the Spirit of the Buffalo who changed the constitution of his mind and body. After he had purified himself he was met by elders of our tribe who received a calling to find him on the mountain. They found him naked, towering above them, vibrant with new-found physical power and presence. What you call charisma.

"Ever since then he has been with us, passing the Blessing on to the young men of our tribe. I have been Shaman of the tribe since I was eighteen years old and at the time of our leader's descent from the mountain, I was the same size as you are now."

He found this amusing; his forbidding face creased into one of his rare smiles - a smile which lit up his whole being, humorous, even naughty.

"One night, not so long ago, the Great Spirit returned to him and gave him a vision of another sad and wandering young warrior and, as I am of the Eagle, he sent me out into your world to find a man to answer his vision. You were drawn across our path and I was instantly aware of the spirit within you. I knew there would be obstacles and temptations laid in your way by the Dark One but these you overcame, for you have replaced sorrow with determination.

"Tonight I shall prepare you to receive him - I shall try to open the receptors of your mind and body to receive his Promise. Then, tomorrow at the Ceremony..."

"But what about the others? Don't they get anything out of all the hopes and promises? Would you really disappoint them after all they've been through to get here?"

"Not at all, for you shall convey the Blessing to them and they shall receive what they all desire. Still, some of them do not yet understand that the Blessing is not only of the body Our Leader too discovered that it brings a responsibility - a responsibility that can bring new life and new hope to others.

"Now, this will help you to sleep while your shoulders are healing."

He filled an old pipe with weed - perhaps the proverbial Magic Mushroom?

"And the dreams you sent me?"

"I sent you no dreams - I only helped to open your mind to receive them."

We shared the pipe a couple of times. It got me high almost at once and the pain in my shoulder started to fade. I watched Shaman move about the cabin, preparing things, unpacking objects, organizing life. Looking up at him from my mattress I became acutely aware of his great beauty and the power of his muscles glinting in the flickering light.

He was more like a huge cat than an eagle. His muscles bunched, slid across the bone structure, big, full, hard and magnificent as they slid beneath the paper-thin skin. His half-hard dick bounced up and down as he moved around the room, sometime hugely magnified in its shadow on the wall.

I longed to take those muscles in my arms, to feel their size and power, to be devoured by them, but my mind was slowly slipping away from me into a half-conscious sleep.

The flickering shadows conjured up the condition of my dreams, hypnotizing me into an almost catatonic state. For a moment it seemed my eyes closed but they opened immediately when I felt the poultices being removed , As I opened my drugged eyes he placed his warm hands on my shoulders and felt around them, gently massaging with his eyes closed.

"Good. Good."

He looked down at me - so close, so much power. He took one of my hands and placed it on his towering boner - towering up as far as his navel and tree-hard. I groaned as he knelt on the mattress and placed his hand on my own throbbing tree-trunk. I couldn't take my eyes off his as he leaned in to give me a gentle kiss on the lips.

I felt around on his knob, squeezing, tickling, wickedly hoping to arouse him to further action. But the night was wholly under his control. He was hypnotizing me again with those black eyes, muttering incantations in an unknown language. Kissing me between paragraphs.

My dick started to get impatient in his hand but he suppressed it with a squeeze of his fist, still chanting and muttering. I moved my hands off his dick, pausing to explore the amazing abs and the muscles at the side of them, losing my fingers in the canyons between the mountains. On and up, to cup my hands over the thick meat of his pecs, masturbating their hard nips on the callused palms of my bodybuilder's hands.

He slowly lowered his whole bulk on top of me, almost pressing the breath out of me. I wrapped my arms around the huge lats and my legs around his hips, writhing my sweat-lubed body against the powerful, rocky muscles, desperately trying to cum against him and/or persuading him to let us fuck each other.

I started to moan and beg but all he did was increase the volume and pitch of the incantation and mash our muscled torsos together even harder to prevent me getting off on his abs.

Frustrating, exciting, agonizingly delirious.

I tried to force my tongue into his chanting mouth; all he did was ram my face into his traps as he continued.

Finally the chanting stopped and I relaxed completely, unable to fight any longer. He released my face and my dick.

"I know what you want, and I will not give it to you. Not tonight. You think you desire me, but when you are possessed by the Great Buffalo your desire for me will seem as nothing. You want to fuck with me and I want to fuck with you, and we will, but not tonight."

My frustration groaned in misery.

"Tonight is to prepare you for tomorrow when the Buffalo will have his way with you and you will receive your heart's desire. I will purify you now, and this will make you want to spill your seed. You may, but the longer you can restrain yourself, the more you will have to give the Buffalo tomorrow when he needs your help with the others."

I forced my jacking hands off my dick. He reached out for a small pouch and started to refill the pipe.

"I have prepared another pipe, a different plant, which we will smoke now, smoke twice, then I will put you to the test. You will not grow tonight, but you must imagine that you do. Try not to fill your desires with thoughts of me but concentrate on your own muscle. Afterwards you will sleep till morning. Turn your head this way."

I reversed my body to lie on one side opposite his knees. He lit the pipe and drew heavily on it.

"More. Deeper!" he commanded as I passed it back to him.

Two huge intakes of "mushroom cloud" and I collapsed flat on the mattress. My head had already left my shoulders when I felt his great corona nudging at my lips. I let it in as he sixty-nined me at the other end. He gauged my condition by keeping a fist wrapped around my nuts. Whenever those cum-factories started to churn, he'd cut off the flow.

When my lust had subsided he lit a couple of thick, aromatic candles which enhanced the effect of the weed. When they had melted enough wax, he dripped it carefully on my torso in some deliberate pattern. Each hot drip caused my whole body, and dick, to spasm, increasing the danger of cumming. Then he took a couple of long eagle feathers and slowly drew them across my muscles as he sang under his breath.

Each part of my body was subjected to this sweet torture. He had kissed my eyes closed so I would not be over-intoxicated by the sight of the magnificent hunk above me. I never knew where the feathers would touch down next - nor when. The two feathers were never on the same part of my muscles at the same time.

After what seemed like eons of this treatment I was just beginning to control myself when he pulled my equipment down between my legs and rolled me on to my face.

"Now that you cannot see me, start concentrating on yourself."

So, as the magic feathers caressed the back side of my body, I started to imagine the muscles growing under them. Swelling into superhuman hard masses. Refining into cut-up striations with huge snakes of veins running in all directions across them.

First my lats and shoulders wider and thicker. My glutes growing hard, forcing my hams to match them. My dick thickening and growing down to my knee-caps, my quads thicker than my armored waist with huge calves supporting them. I disciplined my growth patterns into great aesthetic swathes of muscle.

I began to visualize what was happening to my pecs and felt them swelling under me into the perfect semi-square shape, swelling and hardening into concrete slabs of muscle until it was impossible to see my abs. These were changing from a regular six-pack to an eight or ten-pack of thick, perfectly symmetrical ropes.

I felt the perfect obliques plunging down to the root of my dick which had grown up well beyond the navel. I tentatively shifted the damaged shoulders only to feel them widen about a foot on each side, widen with thick, three-ply muscle which encouraged the biceps and triceps to compete for dominance of the arms. Veins rose and snaked all over the muscle, carrying life-blood into the swelling muscle mass.

This reverie was interrupted again by Shaman saying " Good, Good!" He rolled me over to face him.

"You see, by concentrating on how you want each muscle to grow, you took your mind off what I was doing. Now I let you cum. Not good to hold it in too long, My feathers have not known that part of you yet! No hands, OK? And shut your eyes - don't think of me!".

Then he gave me the most exquisite torture yet as those devilish feathers brushed their way across my dick and balls, sweeping into every nook, cranny, corner and crevice. My piss slit, the pipe under the dick, the vulnerable area between my nutsack and my ass-hole. Endlessly. Finally he concentrated on the nutsack for minutes, then switched to the very tip of the mushroom.

I was about to start screaming when my cum jetted unbidden into the air, drawing the soul out of my body, when the eyes of my dream swam into my head. The huge shadow on the wall enveloped me and, for a moment, I felt myself possessed by the god himself - a great weight pressing down into the core of my being - and a voice saying "The time is near! The time is near!".

The weight removed itself and I seemed to swim back into some kind of peaceful normality. My arms were wrapped around Shaman's enormous torso. He was smiling down at me.

"You have been with him - the great Spirit himself! Now I have purified you, you shall sleep..."

He passed his hand over my face and I was lifted into darkness. •

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