Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The fourth night : Lake Tanglewood

I've never been in to frat house hazing, initiation or any of that crap, but there was something indefinably exciting about doing this with a lot of grown men. Being with Leader and Buzzcut, knowing now that they were lovers, somehow gave me a feeling of security I might never have felt in a dorm situation.

So I was surprised that to find only the senior muscle, Leader and Buzzcut, waiting at the elevator. Where were the others?

"They're all partying at the pool till we're done here."

Not even Shaman?

"No - he's anxious about something and he's going to spend the night in prayer. He's decided you'll be with him for your vigil all tomorrow night."

Everything suddenly seemed to be moving faster than light. I didn't have the chance to ask what they meant by "vigil" for what remained of my breath had been taken away by their appearance. Gone were the benign and discreetly dressed bikers - in their place were these two large and dangerous stud-fuckers licking their lips salaciously as they eyed my naked USA muscle with greedy intent.

This could get heavy, I said to myself, as my totally exposed dick started to bone up.

Leader's hefty muscle was stuffed into a pair of oiled Turkish wrestling pants which reached to his knees. His quads were stretching the leather to the limit and huge calves burst out from below. The pants were so tight it must have taken him and Buzz a good hour to squeeze him into them. Strapped to his groin was a giant codpiece which could have, probably did contain the fucking equipment of a giant. Leather straps were tied tight above both biceps and the great muscles of his torso gleamed with the oil that Buzzcut must have spent hours massaging into his hard muscles and the pants themselves.

Apart from the straps and the oil, the torso that spread so hugely from the narrow waist up to the giant shoulders was unadorned, and all the more sensuous and dangerous for it.

Buzz had worn the familiar tight white tank-top every time I'd seen him. But tonight, he'd replaced it with an equally tight black leather tank, laced up at the sides, so low-cut that when he turned his back, as he did now to open the elevator, I could see the flames of his fullback tattoo of hellfire rising up out of the leather sheathe to burn on the back of his delts.

I could see his thick six-pack quite clearly through the leather in front. It barely reached the leather thong round his hips which vanished completely into the crack of his mighty bubble in the rear and his leathered groin was hard put to contain the python he had coiled inside it on the other side.

Both guys' muscle seemed to burst out of their leather; their fullness gave the threatening impression of enormous latent power. MY whole body started to spasm with desire as my libido considered the possibilities of the night.

"Down you go!" said Buzzcut as he opened the elevator door.

But I was up, and likely to remain so for some time.


The dungeon seemed to hum with expectation as we stepped into it.

Leader closed and locked the door. "Just so we won't be disturbed. As you know, the room is soundproof."

Sounded ominous.

He threw me a leather pouch. I vainly tried to stuff my boner into it. Useless.

"Hey, Buzz! Do something about, it will you? Needs controlling."

Buzz took a long, narrow length of thong from a hook on the wall. He wound it three times around the root of my dick, knotted it tight before looping the next few inches around the balls. By now my whole equipment was plum-red and he passed another loop around the base of my mushroom, making it swell obscenely. He pulled my dick tight up against my abs and tied the rest of the thong around my waist, thus ensuring my dick would be permanently erect - and frustrated - whether it wanted to be or not.

Once Leader had chained me to an upright post, they both sprawled across one of the benches, massaging each other's still-hidden equipment, while he talked.

"This initiation really has nothing to do with our reasons for making the pilgrimage - it just gives us an opportunity for some horseplay with you before our bodies are all changed. We've been there before, and we know what will happen in a couple of nights when we reach the Reservation."

(Buzz got on to his knees, unbuckled Leader's great cod-piece and started to suck on the contents. I couldn't exactly see what he was doing as Leader stroked his hair. There was something so incredibly erotic about this that I hardly took in what Leader was telling me.)

"You know by now that everyone's depending on some supernatural process to help them grow, even though we've never told them what happens. The guy who's their Chief is as Yankee as you or I, but when he came out here a few years back in search of some kind of revelation, something happened to him and he was changed physically as well as spiritually. Always big and tough, he got changed into some kind of muscle-god and got adopted by the tribe.

"He's been able to transform all the guys far beyond normal musculature, but, once they had all received what they call the Blessing from him, he felt he owed his own people, people like us, a similar opportunity. So he sent their Shaman out into the world to find people of the right mindset and physical achievement to bring here and receive the Blessing. That was us last year, and now it'll be all of you,"

(Buzz was now lying face up across Leader's lap, still hiding the contents of the great codpiece from me. Leader was gently stroking Buzz's vertical tower of a dick as he talked. Watching them both, my bound dick started to leak its precum.)

"Shaman will tell you more about this tomorrow when he prepares you. Let me just explain one thing: the Chief - the great Buffalo they call him - has always felt that he originally happened on all this because of some kind of Call that brought him to the area. Something that called to an emptiness inside him. Shaman feels that you have been called in the same way, that - incredibly you may think - you have something in common with the Chief. He felt this in you as soon as we met up - and he is sure that meeting was inevitable - some kind of karma."

Buzz looked up. "OK. That's enough talk - let's get on with the show!"

"Untie him. Buzz. He needs to worship his betters."

Leader pushed him away and stood up, walking slowly towards me. Shit, the man was a god! Thickly, superbly muscled with hard, mature muscle with not an ounce of fat on him, Naked, except for a thick chain around the column of his neck, from his trim eight-packed waist (yes, I counted 'em) up to his broad shoulders, he looked like every buffed champion wrestler you would ever want to fuck you.

And you couldn't deny the powerful promise of the bulging contents of his codpiece which he now unpeeled from his monstrous organ. I gasped. The entire waving trunk was studded with metal from top to bottom, stopping only at the bulbous crown.

My jaw dropped. For fuck' s sake, he was going to destroy my innards?

Buzzcut scoffed as he slid between his lover's legs from the rear and engulfed his erect fuckrod.

"Aw, c'mon on, guy! If I can take it every night you can take it for once!"

"See these pecs?" asked Leader, fondling his mighty chest. "Want to feel them, doncha? Wanna suck on these man tits - lick these great biceps. You wanna feel these huge arms squeeze you to death, huh?"

Yeah, I wanted all those things. He forced my face on to those mightily swelling pectoral mountains so I could run my tongue along their cliff-edges; so I could suck on his erect dick-like nips. He stuck his flexed bicep forcibly against my greedy mouth, made me inhale his aphrodisiac pits, and finally pulled me into the bear hug of all bear hugs as he thrust his tongue down my throat.

"On your knees, boy, and worship this dick! It needs to feel full and twice as hard before it fucks you."

I slid down the mighty torso, grabbed him round the oily leathered quads that were bigger than his waist, each one, and rolled the mushroom corona of the monstrous dick between my lips. I ran my tongue down across the studded pole, lingering on every gap between the rivets while I teased and tortured the huge nuts that hung so low in his ballsack.

He grabbed his own dick and shoved it impatiently into my mouth. Once it was embedded in that dark and loving cavern he took it real easy, sliding in and out, each time a little deeper, a little deeper, so that my throat would not be lacerated by the studs. It swelled and grew inside my cheeks till there was hardly room for my tongue. I squeezed the tip with the back of my throat a few times, fast. He grunted his satisfaction and pulled the metaled monster out. It stood, hugely erect. In front of my face, for a moment before he pulled me to my feet.

Buzzcut had been thumbing my asshole all through this, and burying his face and, I guess, his tongue in Leader's backside. Now he grabbed me and shoved me face up onto a padded black moon-bench (which has the advantage of putting your throat downhill in the perfect position to be throat-fucked.)

He promptly straddled me and stiffed his own dick down my throat so I couldn't see Leader's as it approached my not-so-virgin gateway. But I sure felt it! My legs were lifted into the air (thank the gods that NoChecks had opened me wide so recently!) and I soon felt those studs rasping over my prostate. It caused my pelvis to leap into the air, my tethered dick struggling to cum. But those studs weren't on that cock just for show - relentlessly they were drawn across my joy-button over and over again and meanwhile the swollen knob pummeled my depths.

My macho, top-only, fuck chute had never felt such dangerous ecstasy as this.

"Aw shit, man! Aw fuck yeah! Yeah, make me feel it - muscle guy! Make my pussy feel that fucking great steel dick!"

My contest-size muscles were writhing and flexing with every stroke of the monster cock. As I got more excited, so did Leader and his thrusts became even more dangerously demanding as they increased their speed and force.

I was going crazy but Buzz soon shut me up by stroking my gasping throat with his own thick dick. He grabbed hold of my fuckpole and was taking great chuckling delight in keeping my emission center roped off at the same time as jacking me in sync with Leader's thrusts.

These guys knew just what they were doing. Their experienced hands were everywhere on my body, caressing, squeezing, sucking, slapping - no part of me knew what to expect next - nor where it was going to come from. Fantastically erotic and provoking - especially when your own dick is forcibly kept out of commission.

With his studded dick still up me, Leader carried my two fifty pounds of muscle and bone across the room and dumped me in one of the slings. Buzz was greasing up an enormous black dildo - and his own dick at the same time.

"This is just to get you ready for my fist..."

"Shit, man! I can't take a fist! I've never been able..."

"There's always a first time and Buzz has really nice small hands! You'll see! Say, Buzz - dump the dildo and start in with a few fingers!"

I groaned, but the groans turned into purrs as Buzz started to play with my ass, tickling my prostate, gradually but insistently opening Fort Knox.

I don't know how long it took. Hours, while I watched the sweat pouring off Buzz's honed muscle. Discomfort turned into pleasure. Agony into delicious expectation. Leader untied my dick, sucked it back into throbbing life, as Buzzcut probed my inner self. He may have had small hands, but they felt as huge as the muscles that were controlling him. I realized I could never have let anyone less than a big muscle guy do this to me.

In between providing sniffs of popper to help me relax, Leader's callused fingers constantly massaged and twisted my muscle-nips, occasionally slapping my flexed pecs.

All the time they talked me into, subtle, dirty, insinuating, wonderful smutty talk, while those agile fingers gave me surprises and made me feel things my libido had never imagined. I actually desired his fist. They say that whoever first fists you will possess your soul - that wasn't about to happen, but, shit man! I loved Buzzcut for what he was doing to me.

His fingers were slowly, subtly, determinedly working their way towards grasping my libido itself. I hated it, longed for it, yelled for it, wept for it.

My dick was spasming already but somehow holding itself back for the big moment. While my innards were being turned into jello, Leader was carefully bringing me towards climax with his hands and his mouth, but always preventing it from happening too soon.

Buzz must have known he was going to grasp the prize soon, 'cos he started to jack himself off. So did Leader, priming his pump right in my face. There was a feeling of excitement in the air as I looked up at the passion and lust on both their faces, their great muscles flexing above me as they jerked away.

Suddenly he was in there. The great gate opened and he was in. It was like the first time you truly fall in love; you know it. It really felt as if he had grabbed my libido and was now fucking my soul. I gave a great cry and fountained all my pent-up fuck-juice high into the beams of the spotlights like the fountains at Versailles. They both roared and came with me.

Eventually they stood me up out of the sling so they could massage the jizz of all three of us into my great muscles as I flexed through my contest routine for them - flexed as if I was on speed, I felt so high. I could see the three of us behemoths muscling it in a large mirror beside the slings. We started to compete, muscle for muscle, pose for pose, like a contest pose-down, glittering with sweat and cum.

The three of us started to twine our great limbs around each other like three tall trees interlacing their branches. Muscle had to feel muscle. Tongues had to lick muscle. Dicks had to slide over muscle. The three of us fell on the leather-sheeted floor, writhing together like three monstrous, oiled wrestlers competing for the gold, trying to meld muscle with muscle and mouth with mouth - or dick.

Our spaced out minds lived only for muscle and more muscle; muscle needed muscle and it got it that night. We gloried in it and dared not think about the Rites to come.

They had both been greedily sharing my dick when Leader suddenly said,

"Rob, you gotta fuck me. Fuck me NOW."

He lifted his legs in the air and I plunged in and let him have it, delirious at regaining my status as a top. Buzz was sucking his lover's dick like there was no tomorrow and I was ploughing it like a demon. His asshole existed only to pleasure my dick and his thick pecs were only there to cushion my grip as I supported myself on his chest. When he started to double-bi flex, I lost it and spewed so much jizz into him that it ran out of his ass all over the floor. Where the fuck was it all cumming from?

Somehow Buzz got his gym-buffed torso under me and persuaded my still-hard bone into his muscle-cunt. I'd just cum twice but somehow my dick was inspired by all that had happened tonight, and all the promise of tomorrow, into galvanizing a great fuck into Buzz's rear end. I wrapped my thick sweaty guns around his thick slippery pecs, gripped on to his nips, and fucked. And fucked and...

Leader was once more shoving his rivets into my now-wide-open ass, begging me to squeeze him tight while I fucked his lover. By putting my whole will into clenching the muscles of my ass around his demanding dick I succeeded in causing my own to swell and harden so extremely inside Buzz's butt that he came with a yell. Leader pulled out and came on my traps; I pushed my dick so far into Buzz that my jizz must have come out of his nose.

We collapsed in a pile of groaning, sweaty, cum-laden muscle-monsters. We lay there until we could feel the cum gluing us together. We staggered to our feet and tottered to the elevator.


We stumbled out into the warm night and fell into the swimming-pool among a crowd of drunken, drugged-up hooting gym rats, passively breathing in the cloud of their marijuana that floated over the pool.

How Jeffrey (the Old Boy) had managed to assemble such a collection of hunks in the middle of the Texas Panhandle boggled the mind. Yet here they all were, six or eight of them, all as handsome, hot and horny as hell, including the only black guy I'd seen since I left Bowling Green. He was handsome, hung and heftily muscled - under other circumstances I'd have been after him. Another guy, totally stoned, sat with a Walkman glued to his head, smoking and jammin'.

But, once we had come up for air and taken stock of the surroundings, we could see that activity was centered on a very big, dark and handsome member of the old boy's staff. Tall and very muscular, he stood there dripping with water, his tight blue jeans even tighter as they clung so wetly to him. His extremely long dick stuck out of the jeans and was clearly getting full use and exposure.

Drawing deeply on a toke that someone shoved between his teeth, he was enjoying all the attention he was getting from both friends and visitors. His name seemed to be Zee.

Refreshed somewhat, I pulled myself out of the pool. Before I could reach for a towel Zee was bounding towards me like a black panther. Shit, I thought, any other time, pal! When he was almost upon me, arms outstretched and yelling obscene invitations, Buzzcut stuck out a leg and Zee splashed back into the pool. Like a maddened group of piranha, five or six other guys whooped and jumped on top of him. He had definitely become the flavor of the night.

Tall, sleekly muscular and handsome as he was I had had my fill of astonishing muscle that night and soon staggered off to bed, mindful of tomorrow's hard ride and a night with Shaman at the end of it.

I don't know what time Rays came up to bed - or if he even did. My dreams continued - clouded tonight. Smoke from the fire seemed to obscure the shadows on the wall and I could only hear unintelligible mutters and chanting. This slowly faded away and I slipped into a dreamless sleep.

For awhile.

Then I was conscious of other mutterings, other whisperers and footsteps in the night. I awoke to a hideous stench which overcame me and mercifully plunged me back into a dark and dreamless night.


I woke up when a bucket of icy water drenched me from head to foot. I felt extreme pain in my limbs. I couldn't move. My head buzzed. I felt drugged. Another bucket of water got me to open my eyes. To the unpleasant sight of Tats grinning at me.

"He's back with us, guys!"

TeaBoy swam into my vision, yawning in my face, then Blackjack appeared and stuck a toke into my face.

"Have a puff - make you feel better!"

I spat it out and got a vicious backhand on my face for my pains. And a punch in the guts from TeaBoy. I looked up - I was back in the dungeon, chained to one of the gantries, pulled up so that my toes hardly touched the floor; the pain was all in my shoulders until Teaboy started using my abs as a punch-bag.

The stench that still lingered was chloroform, but now it was mixed with their unwashed sweat and the reefer. I vomited all over Teaboy. The other two hooted with laughter and poured a bucket of water over him. He started in on me again and I tried to kick him away, but my feet were chained to the floor and there wasn't much purchase.

"C'mon, guys! Let me down - this hurts!"

"Good!" (Teaboy)

"Why d'you wanna do this? What have I ever done...?"

""Cos we don't like you" "'Cos you get picked up like a stray dog and then get treated high and mighty and speshul over the rest of us."

"What the fuck - I don't get anything special! Didn't you have to get initiated too?"

"Yeah, but not speshul like you. We've heard people talkin' about Shaman and you - how you's different, how the Big Guy down there's gonna do speshul things for you. "

"What things?"

"Dunno. Don't care. Anyway you're not goin' to get 'em, 'cos you won't be there, will you?"


"We're gonna have a little initiashun party all of our own and then leave you all tied up and nowhere ta go!"

They chortled. My heart sank and I realized what they were up to. They must have chloroformed me when everyone was asleep after the party and now...

"Yeah, that's right, we'll tell them you couldn' take it - changed yer mind - gone off in a pout like last time. No one'll be surprised! Heh heh!"

All through this dialog they'd been spitting on their hands and jerking their dicks to a towering rage.

"Oh boy! AM I gonna enjoy this!" Teaboy again. He had found the Eros and was pouring it liberally over his dick.

"Waitcha turn, boy! Get hold of that rope in the corner - Tats, git the other - pull 'im up now..."

My legs slowly rose in the air behind me til I was suspended horizontally in mid-air, legs spread wide apart. Torture on all the joints. I started to moan.

"No point in yelling - place is sound-proof, remember? Now, let the front ones down a bit so we cin git at 'is mouth. Tha-a-at's it boys! Naw - no point in them rubbers. Whatever we've got he can have! Generous, eh? Shan't be seeing you any time soon, darlin'!"

And the fun began. The pain in my shoulders almost made me forget what was going on. They stuck me with innumerable dildos and buttplugs, not caring what hurt or what didn't. Then Tats and Blackjack were fucking me at each end and Teaboy was underneath me on the floor tickling my dick and rubbing the head of the corona with his crusty hand. Under normal circumstances this might have gotten me hard, but not today.

Whether it was the weed, lack of sleep or the chloroform, the two fucking me didn't seem to be able to get it up either. They cursed and sweated and rammed and jammed to no effect. Blackjack left his putrid dick in my mouth as he yelled to Teaboy to do something about it. Maybe it was his youth but he had no trouble in giving me a punishing fuck at both ends while tugging mercilessly on my tit-rings.

He was enjoying it so much, whooping away, that I took the risk of applying my mighty ass squeeze on his dick. In spite of his testosterone vigor, he couldn't move his dick inside me once I had clenched on him.

He got soft and I let him pull out with a curse. All three set about me with paddles and whips, making sure my cock and balls felt an adequate kiss of punishment.

Teaboy came back over with a set of jumper cables attached to a Diehard car battery. Sparks flew from the giant alligator clips as he whirled them close to my chest.

"How about we fix these on his tit-rings? THAT'd get you both hard!" He laughed. BlackJack growled.

"Shut your mouth, or we'll tie his to yours and shock you both!"

"Shit guys! Look at the time! Gotta hoist 'im up and go into Phase Two."

Teaboy whined. "Shit, Tats! I wuz just gettin' somewhere!"

"Shut up and give me that piss-gag! Just got time for this."

The object was forced into my mouth and buckled behind my head, All I could do now was hang there till my arms dropped off or the staff came to clean up after the party. What I would not be able to do was follow the other guys to the Reservation. I thrashed about in my anger while they jetted their early morning piss all over me. Luckily they didn't think of using the piss pipe in the gag.

They left me hanging, painfully, miserably, furious - and stinking. •

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