Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The fourth day : Oklahoma City OK to Amarillo TX

Lake Tanglewood Hall

Oklahoma City to Amarillo Texas. Only four hours riding today. Word has it that we're stopping off somewhere "real interesting" for the afternoon.

Josh and Buzzcut reclaimed me for their riding partner. The "ugly" trio were behind us, and, just up front were Shades and the Mystery Guy. Tall, very long hair, very good-looking and kinda familiar too. He wore chaps with leather under-chaps and a big, plain pouch in front, hiding nothing. The chaps and pants were made so low on the hip that, with the slightest effort, anyone standing over him could see the root of his dick. He had the thinnest leathers I'd ever seen on a guy. Must've had them custom-made 'cos they fit like the proverbial second skin - even the jacket. You could see the cuts of his muscles through the leather as if it had been sprayed on to him.

Josh whispered to me "He's a hustler - you should see him naked - not a giant, but spectacular."

"Where's he from?"

"New York"

Now I knew where I had seen him before. Christopher Street.

He must have known we were whispering about him, he turned round and grinned a really nice, cheeky, come-hither hustler's smile.

"Oh, sure! Josh has got my number all right! See ya later guys!"

And he rode off to catch up with Shades.

Josh gave me a quizzical smile and let out the clutch.

We rode non-stop through those four, four and a half hours, turning south off the highway just as we were reaching Amarillo. We finally pulled up the drive of some rich guy's huge mansion - looked like something out of a Brit Masterpiece Theatre - somewhere off Highway 40, called Tanglewood Hall.

This huge old guy came down the steps to meet us. There was no doubt that Buzzcut and Leader knew him well, for their greetings were mutually effusive. The Great Man was introduced to Shaman and practically groveled before him. He welcomed us all collectively and called us into the house. I should say, through the house (or palace) and out the other side where a huge lunch was spread out on the terrace, supervised by a number of hunky butlers and footmen whose black coats and striped pants failed to disguise their gym-buffed builds.

I asked Josh who the guy was. Shades overheard and said he was an inventor who had practically created modern dentistry single-handed and made a fortune from it.

We ate. Or rather we dined. The food was great and plenty of it. Salmon, shrimp, roast beef, grapes, strawberries and cream - even protein shakes for the strict muscle-dieters. We were bidden to eat and drink our fill and take our ease until the effects of the alcohol had worn off. Couches were provided - or beds in the many bedrooms - 'My house is your house!" he cried.

I wandered around the estate, avoiding the pool where a number of the staff were now displaying their muscle, naked and unashamed. I found the orchard - or orchards - for the great Man had obviously turned his talents to growing an enormous amount of big fruit.

There, under a spreading pear tree, I found the Hustler dozing on his bike, lying with his feet up on the handlebars, his head on his pack on the sissy-bar. His eyes were closed, but even so there was a lit cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth and a pack of Reds stuffed into his half-open leathers.

He looked like some eighteenth century godling lying there. I sat quietly beside him, leaning against the trunk of the pear-tree. I had practically dozed off before he spoke.

"What's your name?"

"Rob. Yours?"

"Well," (still with eyes closed) "I don't have what you'd call a name. I always hated the one they gave me and I've had so many others since, I decided to get on without one. So I call myself NoChecks when I'm on the job."

"And what's that?" Innocently.

"Oh, I'd have thought they'd have told you by now. The full name is Five Hundred No Checks."


"Pay for what you get."

"You bet. Been down that road myself before now."

"You have?"

That got the eyes open.


"Chicago. New York. Had to do it till I got my pro card and won the USA. Then the endorsements paid for most things till I got a real job."

"My job's as real as I want it to be." Sharply.

"Hey, I didn't mean that! Just that what I do now pays better and I don't have to struggle to buy the chemicals any more - if and when I need them."

"So what're you into now?"

"Porn. Man to man porn. I do it and I make it and I sell it. Very profitable."

Now he finally sat up.

"Shit, man! That's great! You'll have to tell me more."

"You mean you've never done any?"

"No one ever asked me."

"When 'this' is all over, I will."

"Not long to wait now. Coupla days."

"So what exactly is 'this'?"

"Shit man, you don't know? Hasn't Shaman told you?"

"Not much. Talks about getting bigger - sells me dreams, fuck it!"

"Sells you dreams, huh? You must be quite something. Hasn't done that for anyone else, you know. Better keep quiet about it, pal - there are some people who'd get nasty if they knew. Jealous and all that. Dangerous."

"Is that all you're gonna tell me?"

"You'll hafta wait till Shaman tells all. But talking of secrets, you know what the old guy's got here? Shades told me about it - let's go find him and take a look?"


I got on to the saddle behind him and folded my arms round his torso. Jeez, through the leather his muscle felt as if it was made of molded steel!

He took off like a rocket and we were soon back at the house. As it happened, Shades was looking for NoChecks and came around a corner of the building as we pulled up.

"Hey guys! Seems we're staying the night. The old guy's got it all set up with Leader and Buzzcut."

"Shades, we wanna go see the dungeon."

This got Shades to remove his shades and look at each of us in silence.

"You sure? Is he into that?" Bending his head in my direction.

"Oh sure - he will be! Won't you, Rob?"

"If you say so, NoChecks."

"Shit, Alfonse! Haven't you told him your name yet?"

NoChecks blushed to the roots of his hair and growled. Shades laughed.

"He'd better know everything about you if he's going to get to know you that well!"

"He already knows - he's even been in the same game, fuck you!"

I laughed.

"OK, so if all the cards are on the table, shall we go?"

"By the way - they said to tell you, if I found you, you've got your initiation tonight."

NoChecks whistled appreciatively, hitched up his pants, arranged everything neatly inside, gave mine a good squeeze (macho form of a kiss, I guess), and we followed Shades around the outside of the big house.


Somehow Shades led us through the maze of the big house to an elevator tucked away under the stairs. It was a tight squeeze for our three sets of muscle but it only descended a floor. The door slid open to pitch blackness but almost at once light sensors clicked in and we saw we were in the strangest place.

The walls were padded in black leather, polished to a sheen. Invisible spotlights recessed into the ceiling lit the copious dungeon equipment. A couple of slings, gantries fitted with chains and pulleys for chaining people in any imaginable position. A fuck seat - a toilet seat which bounced over a critically placed vertical dildo. One shelf was laden with all shapes and sizes of butt plugs and dildos, another with tit clamps, cock-and-ball rings, whips, paddles and different lengths of leather thongs. Lube, piles of towels, condoms, latex gloves - it was all there.

The leather-padded walls were studded with rings at different heights, many with cuffs attached. Leather and chromium benches for all imaginable purposes filled the center of the room. You could see the staff kept it clean and polished at all times. An S&M paradise, if you're into that sort of thing.

"Are you into that sort of thing?" asked NoChecks.

"Thought all you leather guys were!" snorted Shades.

"Depends on circumstances!" I said. Shades caught the hard look I gave NoChecks and moved back towards the elevator.

"Think I'll just leave you two to it and go and have a nap!"

And he was gone. And we were there, just the two of us, staring and saying nothing.

I moved over to him and zipped his jacket closed. It clung to every muscle. I could see the shape and line of each one through the glinting, paper-thin leather. Slowly I passed my hands all over his fabulous body, feeling every inch of him molded into the leather.

My dick was straining for release from its leather confinement as my hands roamed all over the hard, perfect body in front of me. NoChecks slid his hands inside my jacket and pulled it off. He opened the top of my jeans and pulled out my leaky boner. Then he gently pulled my naked torso into his embrace.

"Oh my God!" I shuddered as my pecs made contact with his leather. I could feel his erect nips straining to mate with mine through the leather. He tugged my crotch into his and bit my ear at the same time. Then he whispered into it.

"I want you, fucker. I fucking want you!"

These were the only words uttered in that silent dungeon as we went through this erotic ballet of leather and flesh. Soon I was naked and he was still encased in his black, shiny second muscle-skin, and the spotlights glinted through his hair, highlighting his delts and pecs and making him look like some dark angel.

I couldn't wait any longer. As we gyrated, kissing, sucking, feeling, slipping and sliding our hands sensually over leather and muscle I was slowly allowed to undress him. As each separate muscle was revealed in its glory I devoured it with my lips and tongue, squeezed and stroked it with impatient hands, forcing them to move incredibly slowly.

It seemed hours before he was as naked as me. When the last piece came off I stood back from him and held my breath at the incredible beauty of the muscle-god before me. Those skins had deluded me into thinking he had much less size - now he was naked, with twelve thick inches rearing up in front of him, I could see the full muscle bellies, the incredible shape and definition, the latent musculificent power of the guy who was drawing me by his grip on the root of my dick over to one of the slings.

"Ever been fucked in a sling? Never? Dude, there's nothing like it. It's like being fucked on a cloud all the way to heaven!"

These few words and promises were interspersed with kisses, embraces, bites, and I delayed matters considerably by sliding my pecs across his, down over his perfect eight-pack. My tongue followed my man tits down his torso until it eventually took his long hard dick down to the very depths of my throat, but nothing was going to stand in the way of his desire to get me well and truly fucked. And I'd thought I was going to top him! I must have whispered this in one of our drunken moments for he whispered back, "Oh, you will, dude, you will!"

And as his voice rose for the, "But not now!", the back of my knees met with the sling and I was pushed back on to it, helpless to do anything but obey. Without any ceremony my ankles were fastened into the high, wide stirrups and he was lying on top of me with his scarlet boner demanding release between my outstretched legs and his tongue tangling with mine.

"Ready for this, dude?".

He picked himself up and looked through the shelves to find a pair of latex gloves and a black squeeze bottle of Eros.

First he drove me to distraction by provocatively stroking my weeping boner with one lubed and latexed paw while he rubbed my nips with the other. Then he chained my nips together with two alligator clips - Yeeow! - as latex fingers started to explore my muscle-pussy.

"Shit, NoChecks! Is this how you punish all your customers?"

"No - only the ones who are foolish enough to love me!"

Now it was two, then three fingers, then three from each hand in and out alternately till my ass was yelling to be fucked properly.

"Think I'll try and get my whole fist up you first!"

"No! No!" I yelled as he started in. "I've never - I can't! Shit, just FUCK me, man!"

"Seems a pity to waste all this equipment, but if that's what you want..."

The gloves came off in every sense of the word. The thick dick got lubed and rubbered and my pussy was invaded first with tormentingly slow strokes. I was just getting used to the exquisite torture and starting to purr when he roared like thunder and smashed the whole fucking salami into me in one powerful thrust.

"SHI-I-I-I-I-IT! Yeah, FUCK me!"

He was already ramming me fast, hard and deep - but I demanded more.

"Want me to fuck the cum out of you, dude?"

"Yeah! Fuck the cum out of me!"

"Sure you can take it?"

And he pulled right out of me, making sure my fuck-chute was shocked by the full effect of the hard helmet rasping over my joy-button.

"Shit! Fuck you! Stick it back in!"

"Like this?" with one mighty thrust to the root as he swung the sling back in the direction of his gleaming sex. "Yeah, like that!"

And so it went on - swinging in and out, wham bam, slow, fast, jackhammer, sweet and slow. Whatever I wasn't expecting or didn't want. Real cruel. Real new to me. Real great.

His sleek musculificence glistened with sweat and I couldn't take my eyes off the godling who was fucking me all the way to heaven. All I could do was imagine what it was going to be like when I fucked him.

With the sling swaying back and forth, me urging him to go yet deeper, yet harder, he eventually got into his last straight. He made me clench my ass muscles around his rammer so he could feel the tight walls of my chute being ecstasized by his thick-veined dick. He helped by starting to jerk me off with a practiced paw - I was forced to squeeze on his fucker tighter and tighter as my nuts boiled up towards their delivery. When he could see the torrent rushing up my pipe, he bent my dick up to make sure I saturated my pecs and abs with the jizz. Then he leaned over me, slowly sucked it all up and then passed it to me in the most sensuous kiss I had ever experienced.

He pulled slowly out of me. I closed my eyes and heard busying about. Cleaning up, I guessed. And shit, I realized he hadn't cum yet.

"Hey, you! - you're the one who's supposed have cum doing the fucking! What gives?"

"Think we've finished? Hey, we've only just begun. Gotta get you warmed up for tonight."

I groaned as he released my ankles from the sling.

"Shit! I'll never get through it!"

"A great stud like you? Come 'ere!"

And he pulled me across the room and shoved me down on a seat. He leaped up and sat on my lap, my hard-again dick fitting up his ass like a glove made for it. But, as I felt my dick enter him, I felt something entering me. Shit - we were on that fucking-chair - the one with the bouncing seat. He must have been fixing the dildo while my eyes were closed and now his bouncing up and down was making me bounce up and down on the unyielding "replica" dildo.

It felt so big, it could only have been Ken Ryker's enormous fucker.

"No end to your talents, is there?" And I sealed his lips as my tongue found its way down his throat. Being fucked by a great pole while you're fucking a great muscle-boy has its pleasures. Especially when he seems to like you.

He rubbed his copious muscle-juice all over my pecs and his before we got up from the seat and glued ourselves together again. Then, with one unspoken agreement, we gathered up our leathers, slammed into the elevator (which Shades had thoughtfully sent down for us) and ran out to the pool.

The blonde godling leaped with all that muscle high into the air and dived down into the pool with me hot on his heels. We ignored the staff, our team, the situation, as we cleaned each other off. In public, in a pool - more sensuous that any after-sex clean-up in a shower.

The surly trio were sneering at us from the other end of the pool. I grumbled at NoChecks. "Oh forget them! They're like that with everyone, Don't know how they got picked for this trip. Tats can charm the birds off a tree but they never talk to anyone, refuse to bunk up with anyone. They say TeaBoy has to sleep on the floor at the foot of their bed while they fuck each other. But he's just as bad as they are. Can't help feeling they'll get sorted out by someone before long."

Supper that night was as sumptuous as lunch, though, with the approaching ordeal on my mind, and having just cum twice, I didn't eat much. Josh was sitting opposite us at the same table. He was as quiet as usual but his dark-eyed looks at us both spoke volumes. I was going through some kind of guilt trip about him when Leader suggested a nap after dinner for everyone before the evening's celebrations.

In spite of all that happened between us, I don't think Josh had yet gotten over being deserted by his lover. He had an air of loneliness that was disturbing, made me want to take him back into my arms and have a good cry together. Our silent looks at each other must have been going on too long, for I felt NoChecks nudge me hard in the ribs as Buzzcut came over and told me I was bunking with Buck tonight - thought it might be better NOT to be with NoChecks before the ceremony (I guessed Shades had been talking) and reminded me to meet at midnight - shit, at the dungeon!

So, Josh went his lonely way and, weeping salty tears, NoChecks and I were parted for the time being. •

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