Sons of Hercules, The



By John

United in muscle and united in purpose, the five Sons of Hercules and their friends embark on the joint mission assigned to them by their father. But for what purpose? And toward what end? Nor is the route an easy one - as our flexing brothers are about to discover.

Maciste was hard pressed to deny the benefits of seeking entry to the palace from the rear side as suggested by Eros. His instincts warned him not to trust this captive soldier of the false King who now ruled Tiberia as a brutal dictator and held his own daughter, Rhea, and the rightful King captive. In the end, it was the wonderful detective work of Lin that convinced them to follow the route suggested by Eros.

At first no one wanted to risk their lives to any potential trap that might be being planned by Eros. Though he continued to insist that he had been re-awakened to the right and good these five muscular sons represented and that his devotions now belonged to Maciste and his band, they felt there was too much risk in blind acceptance as they approached the stronghold of the Captain's King.

It was not until they were well into their arguments as to how to break into the city and secure the release of the captives that they realized that Lin was not with them. Soon the dialogue drifted from their attack strategy differences to calming an increasingly anxious Ursus over the whereabouts of Lin. Just as they concluded that they had best begin a search for their missing companion, Lin wandered back into the camp.

He had figured that the best way to see if Eros was endeavoring to lead them into a trap was to go and scout the route their captive had outlined. Lin used his small compact size and stature to serve them best and had set off to slink his way around to the far side of the city as suggested by Eros. He confirmed that the route seemed fairly secure and he had even set a trail which would keep the gigantic muscled figures as remote from discovery as possible.

Ursus' desire to admonish his life-partner was soon suppressed by the rounds of admiring compliments by his brothers for the skill and bravery of their small friend. The vastness of muscle and strength possessed by the five brothers sometimes could sometimes be a detriment as demonstrated by Lin with his tremendous ability to sneak through and explore spaces and places like a sly, sleek fox.

The seven men had spent the better part of the morning working their way around the city under the cover of the surrounding wooded area toward the rear side by the rapid-filled river. Lin had explained how they would come onto the giant cedar forest area which opened to the crevaced cliffs ripped open by the rushing river many body lengths below. The rear city wall at this point was also the rear wall of the palace.

Eros had indicated that the wall was as thick as two men were tall with only a very few narrow slit openings, but it lead directly into the wing in which the captive king and Rhea were being held. At this point, they would have to rely on his word being the truth. All they had to do was to figure a way to cross the chasm and breach the wall. Sure, it sounded so simple - a huge deadly crevasse and a massive stone barrier!

As the sun reached its zenith, the entourage reached the stand of cedars. In all his years of working in the woods of his native Lapland, Argolis had never seen such trees. They were so tall as to virtually disappear from view in the heavens. And most of them were as wide across as a man's height. The red-brown rough bark was split and splintered and promised a dense hard wood within.

It wasn't long before they came upon the edge of the treed area. The sounds of the water crashing in the distance was their first signal of the treachery they faced. Only a short distance from the last of the trees the earth was ripped open by a gash about six man heights across. Lin, being so lithe, was sent out to scout along the edge of the precipice.

Before long he returned with word that the opening was narrowest not too far to their west but, he added, it was three or four times deeper than it was wide. He had climbed it and, while he was sure that, eventually, he and Ursus could make it down, the water was much to rough and dangerous at the bottom. Besides, the rest did not have the training or skills for climbing that he possessed.

"Let me go across and I will get in." Exclaimed a confident Ursus eyeing the stone wall.

"That may well be true." Maciste responded, but the rest of us will be needed to help once we are inside and we cannot be expected to be as successful as you in the treacherous climb and swim."

Argolis, who had been scouting off amongst the cedars returned during this exchange.

"I can get us all across" He exclaimed. I just need the most daring of you to help me with my idea."

He explained his proposal to the anxious assemblage. In the end, they agreed it might work and Argolis went off with Goliath and Lin. The darkest and lightest colored of the two muscle giants made a curious visual pairing. They were contrasts in so many superficial ways - hair color, hair length, skin color - but both seemed to share a common bond in their spiritual conviction to succeeding at any challenge placed before them. The others remained to prepare the outline for their assault once across the chasm.

Argolis took Goliath over to one of the smaller of the cedar trees at the edge of the forest that he had discovered in his search. The trunk was certainly much taller than the crevasse was wide but it was only about as wide around as half the height of either of the two men. Argolis had tackled trees half this size and almost succeeded against them. Now, between the two muscled behemoths, he believed they could take it down.

Lin watched in awed silence as the men prepared to take on the task before them. The two still naked muscular forms began by grasping each others massive wrists and, facing one another, began to alternately pull and resist against each other. As the bodies stretched and flexed using each other as resistance, their formidable muscles began to fill with life enhancing blood and flush out into solid visions of ungodly beauty.

The pumping lats and lower back muscles filled to full glory first as they blossomed with aesthetically hardened richness. The lats fanned out into striated carvings ridged like the shells of giant clams - one black, one white. Endlessly deep dark shadows of the vast back muscle created an umbrella of darkness over the upper obliques when the fans were spread out full in the stretch and then billowed into thickly balled massiveness as they constricted back in the opposing motion.

The shoulders responded with a similar preponderance of growth as they were messaged through their full range of motion. Washed boulders of brutal meat formed under the skin as the capping deltoid muscles shredded themselves into their several individual cords of muscle extending in rounded wonder from neck to upper arm.

Then coils of forged metallic springs formed along the growing triceps as they fulfilled their promise of impossible size. Veins danced along, around and within the coursing flesh as corded line after corded line arced into view around the deeply shadowed horseshoe canyon. The arming vision jumped from voluminous roundness to chiseled sharpness as the triceps slipped alternately from extended relief to contracted readiness.

Biceps on the arms of both heated giants announced their valued presence as they balled ever outward and forward with each concentrated contraction. The tributaries of veins that danced over the triceps seemed to collect into roped rivers around the bulges of the biceps meat. Each part of the head-sized biceps separated into its own identity as the friendly struggle continued.

Each pull of the growing biceps placed increased pressure against the pumping pecs that were mounding themselves to head-width thickness in their own growth from rock hewn moons to carved planets. The striations defining the lats and triceps seemed to spread like a consuming, delightful virus across the surface of the dimpled mountainous meaty pectorals.

This effect was soon equally visible in the flexing and undulating asscheeks of the two powerful visions of living muscle. Black or white did not matter to the display of gluteal definition. The shifting stacks of muscled fibers glimmered with intoxicating invitation as they pumped and prodded themselves to full glory.

Finally, the all-important leg muscles formed into their own version of tree-trunk hardness and crisply lined definition. At times during the alternating movements, it seemed to Lin that the upper legs were, indeed, as broad as the actual tree trunk awaiting them. Calf muscles as broad around as Lin's head developed into cabled anchors narrowing impossibly down to the rooted feet.

When the men finally stood and separated, pleased with their preparation, that pleasure showed in one other way. Their cocks had obviously been as stimulated by the heated muscular stimulation as the rest of their fantastically sculpted bodies. Both poles stood out poised and rigid from the core of their girdled lower abdominal area. Lin could not help but note that the inflated cocks appeared as thick across from top to bottom as either waist was from front to back.

Pleased with the overall results, two sets of hands reached across the small gap to enjoy the sensual endeavors of lust-filled fondling. Opposing hands dwelled and dragged across palpating pectorals and tripped delightfully over aroused pointing nipples. Simultaneously, hands found their way to the furthest ends of the wagging human male power tools. Each cupped the corresponding double- fisted crown as fingers slipped toyingly around and over the sensitive slitted endpoints.

Neither the pumped pec meat nor the enflamed cock flesh seemed to yield to the applied pressures of the contact. Instead, the fingering attention seemed to advance the image of solidity as lust driven minds reinforced the stimulated meat. It was clear that both men wanted to engage in completing the task demanded by each aroused cock and to taste of the silky liquid awaiting release from the pounding ripe balls.

It was just as clear to each of the caressing musclemen that the stimulated arousal could serve as a further enhancement to their drive to accomplish the task before them. Without speaking, they separated briefly again only to stand face to face once again, but this time with the selected tree trunk blocking the way between them.

Both men stepped in until the tips of their ballooned pecs and heads of their enormous cocks were touching the rough bark surface. At the same time they each reached up and around with two sets of gargantuan arms until their hands just passed by one another. Closing in they clasped hand to wrist until a secure bond existed between the outer appendages of the two men.

Then the assault began in earnest as the locked hands tightened against one another. Forearms flared into sinewy sharpness as they began the pull of the two stone-like creature bodies together against the interfering bark. The magnificently stimulated muscle of the ponderous pecs forged their iron hard massiveness onto the mighty trunk of the tree as the bounty of marbled meat pushed all the air out from in between the two opposing materials. The stiff wood creaked out its own voice of dense defiance.

At the same time, the heads of both marvelous columnar cocks pinned themselves against the same rigid trunk. As the hands and arms tightened, the small waists were pulled in harder and harder. The shafts of the pistoned cocks screamed with internalized anguish as their metaled spike forms met the demanding resistance of the wood to yield and bend.

Lin stared in cock hardening awe as the two pillars of muscle flexed and flared ever harder and larger under their driven insistence to succeed. As the arms cabled themselves tighter and tighter around the circumference of the tree, veins cabled themselves around the stony massiveness of the gargantuan upper arms. Spring coiled triceps exploded outward into meaty upper and lower mooned globes quaking under the seismic stresses being applied from deep within the flexing masses.

The biceps crushed themselves against the wood and carved impressions into the cracking bark as they hardened from flesh to rock to metal. A thousand fissures extended along the length of the bellies of the bulbous flesh as each strand filled with reinforcing blood and enhanced fiber. Whether dark meat or light meat, the visual display was of the same unbelievable massive solidity. Lin yearned to move up to either convulsing body and feel the sensations of bold stiffness and heat emanating from within. Only his awareness of their need to retain every ounce of concentration gave Lin the capacity to refrain.

In a simultaneous display of additional fortitude, Lin saw both sets of ass cheeks steel themselves into striated images of clenched marble as they sent signals of supporting strength to the impaled cock heads and tortured cock shafts in front of them. The abdominals ridges heaved heavily in and out under the painful assault and dripped with polishing sweat.

It appeared to Lin as if the usually beautiful and bountiful cock heads had either driven themselves into the surface of the wood or had been crushed back into themselves by the resistance of the tree trunk. Yet, still, the glistening, vein mapped, shafts held straight and true between body of flesh and body of wood. The pressures were so great that Lin could actually watch as the feeding veins surrounding the enormous, struggling male tool shafts pumped and swelled with each flexing inflation of the abdominals.

Then the iron hard pounded pecs seemed to sink into the wooden mass as the cracking of failing wood sounded out louder and louder. Even with the added strength from the chiseled ass muscles, the pair of cocks stayed trapped as they were between the struggling masses. Groans of pain from both men sent shivers of undulating power through the embedded pectoral masses as they flushed themselves even larger and harder driving them ever deeper into the overwhelmed wood.

Convinced of the secure anchorage of their bodies into the trunk, the two men began to rock slightly from side to side taking the weakened trunk with them. The upper heights of the tree swayed in responding exaggerated movement dropping clusters of leaves down to the ground. Cautious of their needs, the men fought to maintain the sway while not permitting it to increase out of fear that the tree would topple over before they needed it to.

A sudden loud "snap" signaled the complete internal separation of the upper trunk from its lowest extremities. Carefully, the enormously pumped men shifted the intensity of their drive from their upper bodies to the fathomless strength of their colossal legs. The same shredded insanity of meaty fiber consumed every leg muscle until the very depth of each muscle was completely engaged in the process. Once secure, the two stone-muscle forms grunted loudly and lifted the main upper extension of the tree from its formerly connected base as the remaining connected wooden fibers were torn apart.

Sweat poured from their brows like water flowing from a stream as they shifted the load and literally carried the clenched tree, with Lin's helpful guidance, several steps to the side on which the chasm was located. The tree had torn away from its base just above the level of their cocks. The two freed heads jumped forward in excited relief crashing against one another in the process. Previously trapped precum lubricated both pumping heads as they rubbed erotically together.

The sweat now painted both bodies with a highly polished sheen that served to further enhance the straining image of the mountainously distended and inhumanly beautiful musculature's. Lin's untouched cock exploded in cum at the sight and marvels he was witnessing as he guided the men. After tearing it asunder, here were two supremely muscled creatures literally carrying the full weight and tremendous length of this giant cedar tree.

Having previously estimated the height of the tree, Argolis knew that the several steps should be enough for their need. Together, the men leaned slowly toward the side on which the crevasse was located. The weight and momentum of the upper extension of the tree did the rest as it fell fully extended across this narrower portion of the chasm.

Letting the separating portion of the thick trunk slip out from between them, the two heaving muscular statues fell pec to pec against each other as clasping arms sought to wrap around as much as possible of the newly presented muscular flesh. Two sets of over ripened balls sent their torrents of heated cum down the freed steely shafts. Cum against cum splashed out heavily from the conjoined heads and spewed up, down and around as it sought flowing freedom. The undersides of the caressing pecs, the broadly rounded abdominals, and the carved curvature of the chiseled legs all caught their share of the mixed creamy white juices.

As the fallen tree settled itself solidly into position across the chasm, the two impassioned muscular forms took turns mouthing the hot running cream from off of the expansively carved muscles of each other. Wetted and hungry mouths dwelled over the pleasuring of each other with a sensual tongue cleaning of the still rigid tools until the last drops of the male-made serum had been consumed.

Soon the others joined with the two woodsmen. After a short but much needed rest, one by one, all seven crawled across to the base of the palace wall on the newly formed bridge. Once there, it was Ursus turn. Argolis and Goliath indicated their readiness as Maciste and Atlas placed the back of their finely sculpted bodies against the base of the stone wall next to one another. Soon, Argolis and Goliath were in a matching position but standing on the extreme broadness of the heavily muscled shoulders of their two half- brothers.

As he had suspected, this put the sill of the lowest of the narrow slits of window within the reach of Ursus. As the others had been getting into position, like Argolis and Goliath, Ursus had pushed and prodded his own significant muscle to honed sharpness. His body glowed with heated definition and moved with ungainly beauty as he mounted onto the shoulders of the upper pair on the human tower of muscle. The always hard cocks of his brothers served as tremendously secure handholds and the arced fullness of their enormous pecs as ample ledges for secured footing.

Again, Lin (and Eros) had the cock hardening pleasure of witnessing this stupendous display of statuesque male muscle in motion and action. This time neither waited for the inevitable result and both of the viewers pumped their hardened cocks to orgasmic release shooting their own not-insignificant volumes of cum out at the feet of the lower two members of the muscle column.

Because of his skill and knowledge, this endeavor did not take long at all for Ursus. The task was relatively simple, he grasped the available bottom sill firmly within his muscle-reinforce grasp and ripped the large sill stone out from the wall. In a seemingly simple motion, he tossed the heavy rock back and over the edge of the adjacent chasm. Rock after rock yielded to his attack.

Simple as the task appeared, it was, indeed, a heavy and stimulating undertaking. Ursus' muscles flushed themselves solid with the same intensity that Lin had just witnessed on the two other half-brothers. Lin came twice more as he watched his love dismantle the massive wall boulder by boulder. Ursus' body was a dazzling display of monumental muscle in motion. Every major muscle balled into impossibly huge and crystal sharp definition. Ribbons, cords, springs and lines of vast musculature cut across every portion of the gargantuan, graceful body.

As he removed the last of the needed rocks to create an opening large enough for even the body of Maciste to fit through, Ursus succumbed to the drive and desires of the demanding work that had pushed his cock to a stiffness consistent with that of the rock he was handling. Lin could see the familiar telling signs as Ursus' balls shook in pumped readiness and sent the first column of cum down considerable length of the hardened shaft. Cum slapped hard and loud against the stone wall. As more and more liquid volume was applied to the wetted stone, it rolled down the face of the wall and cascaded over the shoulders of Argolis and Goliath.

The men disassembled their self-constructed tower of muscle. This time Maciste and Atlas were afforded the pleasure of cleaning their two dripping brothers of the flowing rewards from the cock of Ursus. Lin performed much the same task over the expanse of the muscularity of his lover Ursus. Eros was left to suffer the jealousy of being limited to a witness as he pitied himself with his own self-actuated second cumming.

The insides of the palace beckoned. The danger of discovery, if not already realized, grew with every passing minute. The imprisoned King and Amulius' daughter awaited…as did the dangers within the palace itself. The five muscled demigods, the trim oriental lover and the captive soldier entered. •

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