When God and Man Touch

By svankmaj

Ryan slowly took a bite out of the Bavarian cream donut and allowed the smooth cream to flow over his tongue. He sighed in the little café and looked out the window. He was worried. He knew that his health was not up to scratch, being about 40 or so pounds overweight. He looked down at this plaid-covered belly and spread his hand along it very slowly. Underneath, it was aptly smooth, with nice amounts of hair gently brushed against his nipples and stomach. He grimaced. To him, fat was actually very attractive. But how could he hold something attractive in himself and watch his health at the same time? Of course, he wanted to live a long time, since he loved enjoying all aspects of life. But to enjoy them, he wanted to stick to what he was naturally attracted to and comfortable as. Being a 200 pound hunk just did not sit well in his mind for some reason, though he knew it should have. Ryan was always something of an unusual gay man, especially since he was almost always concerned with "doing the right thing."

Eventually, he got up from his seat, paid the tab as needed, and went back to his car to drive home. He would be happy to see his son, Thomas, who still lived with him, in spite of the rough divorce. His son was the first man he had ever come out to, and Ryan was astounded by the love Thomas showed him in willing to stay. Often at times, it felt like it was just the two of them against the rest of the world. But Ryan just thanked God that Thomas wasn't a school dropout or drug addict. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Ryan pulled up in front of the driveway, and noticed Tom sitting on the porch, reading. They smiled and waved a friendly hello at each other. It was very rare to see a father and son so closely bonded, especially if one of them was gay. Interestingly enough, Ryan often hoped that Thomas was gay or bi in some sense so that they could relate more easily to "romantic" matters. But he wasn't greedy. He knew that Thomas' tolerance was enough of a gift.

"Hey dad," greeted Tom as Ryan walked up to the porch, "Did you have a good day?"

"Yep. Sorry I'm late, but I stopped in to get a quick bite somewhere."

"That's okay. I had some leftovers for dinner anyway."

"Just fine." Ryan stretched his thick limbs, making his belly bulge tightly against his flannel shirt. "I'm a bit tired, though. Think I might take forty winks or so."

"Alright, call me if you need anything!"

"I will. Hey, did you ever get Heather to..."

"No," said Thomas almost immediately, not looking up.

Ryan sighed internally. He knew that Thomas was having trouble finding women in his life, which was odd, since Tom was one of the nicest guys one could ever meet. He patted Tom on his shoulder lovingly and walked into the house, up to his bedroom.

Kicking off his shoes, he laid on the bed and sighed. He looked down at his mound of a belly. He stroked it and sighed again. Something was rattling around in his mind... a thought that wasn't that important, but carried a lot of internal meaning.

Ryan had often thought about Tom as his son. Sure, it was a basic premise. Ryan knew that from the day he was born. But even more amazing was the idea. As Ryan held the little baby Thomas in his arms, he realized that he was holding a product of his own body. He understood that his own sperm had been used to create half of the living, breathing life-form in his arms. He was physically connected to this human being, and at once he felt a deep sense of love flood his heart. He remembered giving his child a soft, dear kiss that expressed his love and care for the infant. He was going to be a good father, the best that he could ever be. He would care for this child that he created.

As Thomas grew older, Ryan had noticed him. He noticed that his child was growing, that the limbs were getting longer, the muscles were getting larger, and hair was beginning to sprout. He distinctly remembered the puberty talk:

"Tom, as a man grows, he gains the ability to have sex."

Tom was silent, embarrassed by the taboo subject, but Ryan went on with all the courage he could muster.

"Sex is a wonderful, marvelous gift used to create children. A man and woman hold each other and make love to each other. The man puts his penis in the woman's vagina, and gently thrusts his hips. The feeling is completely pleasurable."

Tom was now staring wide-eyed at his father, amazed at the miraculous process.

"The man and woman grow more and more aroused and feel wonderful feelings in their bodies. These feelings peak and accumulate until the man ejaculates, or emits a creamy white fluid called semen from his penis."

"Wow," breathed Tom.

Ryan chuckled. "Yeah, wow indeed! The feeling a man feels when he ejaculates is utterly incredible. But even more incredible is what happens afterwards.

"Semen contains sperm, which travels inside a woman to fertilize the egg that lies within her. Once the two cells fuse together, a new life is created and born inside the woman, who gives birth to the growing child nine months later. That, Thomas, is how you were created."

Tom's mind was still on one subject, though, as he immediately asked, "Am I allowed to ejaculate, dad?"

Ryan smiled. "Son, there is something a man can do called masturbation. He touches himself and explores his body, especially his penis. Rubbing it consistently can cause you to ejaculate. It's a wonderful feeling, and you are definitely allowed to experience it. In fact, it's probably better for you to do that than to have sex, which can be dangerous."

Thomas bowed his head silently. Here came the discipline treatment.

"Between unplanned pregnancy, AIDS, and other dangers, sex can be very dangerous. You have to be careful with such a volatile action. Do you understand?"

"Yes, dad, I do. But... but I want so badly to do it!"

Ryan affectionately put his arm around Tom and said, "Masturbate, son, and don't let your mother catch you or know that I told you."

Tom smiled.

As Ryan thought these thoughts, he gradually drifted off to sleep. Thomas came by soon and went to bed as well, in the bedroom right next door. It was 9:00 PM, and everything was quiet in the house.

As Ryan slept, his testicles were hard at work, as they had always been in his life. They churned out sperm at a marvelous rate: 1,000 every second. They swam freely in his testicles, always awaiting to be released when needed.

Ryan dreamt. He dreamt of one of his sperm fertilizing his wife's egg, and growing at a steadily fast rate into his own son. Then he saw a different sperm, which he knew to be his own son's.

Ryan slowly opened his eyes and woke up. He sat up in bed, still clothed. It was about 11 PM. He looked out the window at the moon, which was almost full. He always thought it beautiful, and crossed over to it.

He gazed at the moon, which shone a beautiful silver light on his face, making him look almost holy. He stood at the window looking at the moon for about five minutes, then across to the nearby lake over which the moon shone.

Something stirred inside his body... He felt a call of nature, of something very quiet and sacred.

He turned around and left his bedroom, walking past Thomas' without sneaking. The creaking floorboards stirred Thomas in his sleep, who woke up and saw his father slowly walking past.

What's dad doing up? thought Thomas. He got out of bed in his pajamas and silently followed his father from a distance to see what was up.

Ryan quietly went downstairs, opened the front door, and walked out of the house. He was still in his socks, and walked on the grass, seemingly unable to care. Thomas was a bit concerned and wanted to call out to his father, but something about him seemed like he should keep his mouth shut for just a little while.

Ryan kept walking steadily towards the lake. His feet seemed to move with a will of their own, and his mind was somewhat blank. All he was thinking was, I must get to the lake to discover myself and my son.

Finally he reached the shore of the lake, beautiful and mysterious under the pale light of the moon. Thomas stood behind a tree, wondering if his father was okay. He had a brief fear that his father would walk into the water as suicide, but this was not to be the case.

Ryan looked at the water for a long period of time. His body was speaking to him, telling him things of his origins, of his creation, and how he had created himself. About his sperm, his cells, his blood, his brain, and his feelings. About love, warmth, kindness, birth, creation, and growth. Slowly he felt his hands going to the buttons on his shirt. He slowly undid each one, and finally opened his shirt up, exposing a large broad chest and belly. He slipped the shirt off, showing beautiful strong shoulders, pale white from the moonlight. His back was aptly smooth as well and nicely toned. It matched his large belly wonderfully, making him a true musclebear.

He spread his hands over his nipples slowly, knowing that they were created when he was a fetus. Knowing that they were the only pieces of evidence that signified his once androgynous state as an embryo.

He slid his fingers down his round belly to his bellybutton, once connected to his mother for life support. He fingered it, feeling the warm softness.

He lifted his right arm and looked into his armpit, which had grown a nice crop of hair over time. It smelled very interesting, thanks to the fatty sweat that had accumulated in it. Normally he would have thought it stank to high heaven, but now, it just seemed like heaven, period. He remembered how testosterone caused such wonderful growths to appear all over his body.

Ryan slowly slid his hands to his jeans, fingering the button so gently. He slowly opened it up and pulled down his zipper, allowing his jeans to fall to his ankles. He gingerly stepped out of them.

His legs were thick, massive trunks of power. He flexed his calves and moved his knees back and forth, showing how strong he was, even below his waist. Hair flourished nicely all around them, another product of his manly essence.

He pulled off his socks and allowed his bare feet to touch the cool soft earth. His feet were slightly small and had stubby toes. But when he looked at them and very softly wiggled his toes, he smiled at realizing the feminine quality they added to his otherwise masculine physique. He was embodying both the essences of man and woman in his body, and for the first time, he was proud.

Very slowly, he slipped off his black boxer briefs and stood naked in the moonlight.

His uncut penis was completely flaccid.

Thomas' heart was going a mile a minute.

Finally, the penis started to bob a bit. It twitched, and the foreskin started to vibrate a bit.

It continued to bob as the tissue inside became gradually more and more engorged with rich, life-giving blood. It started to rise and point straight in front of him.

But Ryan wasn't looking at it. He wasn't looking at anything. He only saw every part of his body at once. His feet, his shoulders, his arms, his buttocks, his bellybutton. He saw the fertilized egg that he had once been created as. He saw his father's sperm yearning to break free from the testicles and be given the chance to create him.

Ryan slowly lifted his arms and spread his legs. He slowly tilted his head back, stretching his body to its furthest limits. His penis continued to grow, and the skin peeled back considerably to reveal the shining, glorious head.

He was a man, a complete man, and he was beautiful.

And now was the time for the generations to mix.

Ryan whispered, "Thomas, come here."

Thomas was aghast. Did his father know he was here? Or was he psychic or something? He was a bit scared, but he knew that his father was harmless enough, he hoped.

Thomas approached his naked father from behind. Ryan had lowered his arms and straightened his legs again, but he still looked out to the glistening water, his penis still a full six inches and pointing to the heavens.

"Stand beside me, son." Thomas did so, and felt a twitch in his pants at seeing his naked father, who looked so beautiful and pure in the moon-bathed night.

Finally, Ryan turned to Thomas and looked at him directly in the eyes.

"Thomas, I must speak to you."

Tom wondered if this was some new lecture similar to the one on puberty that his father had told him long ago. He nodded reverently, thinking that he should act the same way.

"Thomas, I am not Ryan at this moment. Ryan is perfectly okay, and I will not harm him. But I need to speak to you."

Tom was, of course, surprised. "But, who are you, if you're not my father? Why have you possessed him?"

"Don't be afraid, it's alright. I am not hear to harm anyone, but rather," he stepped closer to Tom, "rather, I am to perfect both of you."

He continued, "I am the essence of your father. I am his inner being, his body, and soul, combined into one living organism. I was born when he was born, and was raised as he grew. But I truly came into existence when he was 16.

"At that time, he was sleeping in bed, but I had just awakened. I grew inside him and spread to all corners of his body. I transformed him, and gave him a very special power. To create you."

Tom swallowed as the glorious man in front of him continued.

"I endowed a single sperm in his testicles with an innate destiny. A destiny to create a beautiful young man whom he would share a sincere love for. And that destiny would include the bonding of both of you. The mixing of generations, and the proof of eternal love, locked in the bodies of a father and a son."

"Thomas, you are Ryan's child, and Ryan's lover. You are the essence of his body, his seed, his power, and his manhood. You are a man, Thomas. You now must be introduced to the glory of love and sex."

Upon saying this, the man reached out his hand and drew it closer to Thomas. The young man was scared stiff and couldn't have run away even if he wanted to. The hand was getting closer and closer to Thomas' heart. He felt that, if this man touched him, his whole life would be changed forever. He closed his eyes.

The man's hand pressed gently against the spot on Thomas' shirt where his heart lay underneath, beating strongly. As he did so, his heart felt very warm, and very strong indeed. He felt a surge of power flash through his body as his heart grew larger, sustaining new life into his blood.

The man in Ryan's body drew his hand back slowly and started chanting in some odd tongue, very quietly. Thomas opened his eyes and saw his father's lips move sensuously through his beard and moustache as he continued chanting. It had a very hypnotic effect not only on his mind, but also on his body.

He felt a sudden sense of tightness inside. Pain, stretching... he groaned as he felt his feet hurt badly. He looked down and saw with horror as they spread larger on the ground beneath him. He also noticed that his pajama bottoms were slowly rising on his legs.

He heard a long creaking sound as his bones gained a newfound strength in them. They doubled in thickness and stretched longer and longer, to provide a new power inside his body.

Thomas felt a sense of power overwhelm him. He suddenly felt relaxed as his inner being took control of his body. He slowly raised his arms and flexed his muscles as his biceps started to slowly inflate, stretching the fabric of his pajama sleeves to the limit. They slowly ripped open completely, revealing two thick arms that quickly sprouted a nice dusting of hair on them.

He breathed deeply, feeling a need for more air intake. But each time he puffed out his chest to inhale, it grew slightly larger. He felt the buttons on his pajamas straining to hold it together as his body grew. "AWWWRRRRRRRRR!!!" he groaned as the first button popped off, then the second, and third...

His groans became deep, manly growls as hairs started to sprout on his face. Soon they grew thicker and longer, giving him a strong, manly bear's beard, just like his father's. He heard a steady inflating sound as he felt his body getting fuller and bigger, which was mainly due to his belly slowly inflating like a balloon to a nice beautiful tight paunch. Just like his father's.

The changes gradually stopped. Thomas panted quietly, exhausted from all the sudden energy he had taken in. He looked at his father, standing in front of him, a look of serenity on his face.

"Now the time has come," said his father, the male being. "We must merge."

Even though Thomas was a new man, he was still rather puzzled as to the actual goal of all this. "But why? Why must we do these things?"

A slow smile spread over Ryan's face. "Our bodies must unite to provide the ultimate power. I seek to heal Ryan of his physical shame, as well as health. Our sperm must combine into one being. One act of love."

"You mean," Thomas gulped, "You want me to have sex with you?"

"No, Thomas." Instantly his father picked him up in his arms and looked at him.

"I want us to make love."

"You were born of love," said Ryan as he softly dripped water on Thomas' back. "And you must bear it in me as well. The generations must combine into one. One that signifies the purest of loves."

They were standing in the shallower part of the lake, which was strangely warm to their skin. Thomas relished the feeling of love that ran down his spine as smoothly as the liquid. It shone on his skin and glistened as the large drops ran freely down his back.

"You are beautiful, Thomas. You do realize that you are me, right?"

Thomas closed his eyes and formed his thoughts perfectly.

"I am born of your body, and I am part of your physical self. You planted me and grew me, and I am yours. I love you, daddy."

Ryan smiled and slowly curled his arms around his son. "I love you," he whispered quietly.

Ryan held him for a very long time in the warm water. The moon shone on both of them, highlighting two men who would soon give the greatest gift to each other ever.

Thomas slowly laid back on the soft brown mud near the shore of the lake. He closed his eyes and relaxed. Ryan stood by his side and looked at his beautiful, fully manly body.

"You are dust, and to dust you shall return," Ryan whispered. "But for now, we will return to the earth, and unite within it."

He slowly brushed his hand against Thomas' abdomen.

He then slowly scooped up a handful of brown, wet mud from the side of the lake and gently placed it on the middle of Thomas' chest. He started to spread it around, coating Thomas' nipples and upper Torso with a thick layer of mud.

For some reason, the cool feeling of the mud, combined with the feeling of being blanketed by it aroused Thomas in a very subtle manner. His heart beat strongly as he felt Ryan place more handfuls of mud everywhere on his body, spreading it all around to form a thick, rich coating.

He coated every part of Thomas' body. His penis, his shoulders, his buttocks, his bellybutton, and even his face, where he could not suffocate or blind Thomas.

It was only ten minutes later when Thomas was completely covered with mud. "Get up," Ryan quietly ordered, and Thomas did so. Thomas opened his eyes and saw that R

yan had coated himself with mud as well. The two brown, muddy figures looked at each other long. Thomas was still unsure as to what was to happen, but somehow, he knew that Ryan knew. And he loved his father fully. He was ready for anything for the man he loved, for his creator. Ryan placed his arms around his son and pressed his muddy lips onto Thomas'. Thomas had readied his mouth for the awful taste of mud, but when he kissed his father, he actually felt a rich warm flavor enter his mouth. Something like chocolate, but just as luscious as strawberries, as rich as ketchup, as creamy as whipped cream. He felt a warm feeling settle all over his body, and he held his father back as the two men kissed long and long.

It wasn't long before they were on the ground, rolling over each other in loving ecstasy, bodies clasped around each other, hearts beating in sync, and lips pressed tightly. The mud still stuck to their bodies firmly, so they looked like two muddy creatures making love. But then something amazing happened.

Thomas felt a desire to let go of the kiss for a bit, but he found that he couldn't. His lips felt as if they were fused to his father's lips, and he felt temporarily worried. He wanted to let go of Ryan for a bit, but he found that he could not move his hands either. His fears slowly started to dissipate as he felt something odd in his head. Some sense of love with love, warmth between two men...

It was his mind merging with his father's.

As Ryan continued to hold his son close to his heart and body, their muddy forms began to combine. Their legs wrapped and melted into each other's backs and legs, their bellies combined into one sphere, their heads fused into one. Soon their whole bodies became doubly wrapped around each other, forming a large muddy sphere. It was as large as a hippopotamus, but completely round. The mud around it became smooth and linear, and soon made the sphere look like a giant malted milk ball. It rested silently on the shore of the lake.

Inside, the spirits of Ryan and Thomas were rolling over and over each other in supernatural ecstasy. Their selves, minds, and bodies were merging and splitting over and over, forming a primordial soup of love that no one else could mimic. They loved each other fully and completely. They were one being, with all the powers of the universe. Love ruled them, and their bodies and minds obeyed.

Suddenly, they fused together perfectly, creating a single ball of pure light that had the ultimate power inside.

The large brown ball started to shake ever so slightly. It then started to glow. The brown coating silently cracked and fell apart, revealing a beautiful golden gleam inside. It broke apart completely, showing a large golden sphere, humming steadily and vibrating more and more. It gave off an aura of masculinity and love, born of two beings that dwelled within and had fused into one. The ball shook more and more violently, until a small crack appeared near the service. The crack spread along the top of the ball, and split more and more, until it burst open with a blinding flash of light, and slowly a figure stood up in the light.

It got up and stood tall and erect on top of the ball. It stretched its limbs to the limits and threw its head back.

It emitted a long, primal, powerful, and beautiful howl of joy to the stars.

It was the most beautiful man that would ever be created in space or time.

Thomas awoke in a cold sweat. He felt his skin perspiring all over and looked around. He was in his bedroom, back home.

His head reeled with multiple images and memories. Was all that a dream? Was something wrong with him? He got up to go to the bathroom and switched on the light.

He looked in the mirror. It wasn't a dream.

He had kept his marvelous transformed physique. He was a big, beautiful bear of a man, just like his dad. He smiled. But what were those weird metaphysical feelings afterwards? Perhaps he would never fully understand them, but he hoped that his inner being did.

He remembered his father and suddenly ran to his bedroom. He was inside, fast asleep, completely naked on top of the sheets, and more beautiful than ever, even though he looked exactly the same.

Thomas approached his bedside and gently touched his thick shoulder. Ryan opened his eyes slowly and looked back at the man he had created only 24 years ago.

The two men looked at each other long before Thomas finally said, "I love you."

As he climbed into bed and rubbed his penis lovingly against his father's penis, Ryan whispered,

"I love you, too, my beautiful son."

They made love, as they always would until the end.

The End •

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