Our Own Personal Fantasies

By Msclbldr

Questions we all seem to ask each other are “what are your stats?”, “What are your goals?” and “what is your fantasy goal?” “how big do you think a man could be?”

Well I thought I would write mine down, and here they are.

I would be interested to see what other peoples are too, so why not continue this thread with your own thoughts.

My fantasy comprises two parts. The first part is what I would want for my body, the second is what I would want in the object of my lust.

I am a big man. I work out hard and have got promising results. I am 5’11, weigh 235lbs, have a 51” chest with 35” waist, 18” biceps and 27” quads. My main letdown is my bodyfat, which hovers around 12% but is gradually reducing towards my goal of 8-10%.

But like all real muscle freaks I want more. If my fantasy were to be confined to the achievable, I would be about 280lbs at a bodyfat of 8-10%. This I fully intend to achieve in about 2 years time. I will have a 56”c, 34/35” waist, 20/21” arms and 30”+ quads. I will not be ripped, preferring the more off-season look. The times I have cut up, I felt weak, ill and was unable to train properly and keep up my strength. I will have good definition with clearly visible abs but not excessive vascularity. I find this level of bodyfat allows me to train hard and heavy and also looks damned hot.

However the point of fantasy is not to be confined by mere practicalities. After I have achieved my 2 year goal, then my fantasy will take over. I am happy with my height and so would retain the 5’11 height or maybe 6’ but nothing greater: Excessive height would be an inconvenience. But as for muscle mass, I would allow no such restrictions. If you consider the likes of Greg Kovac, 6’2 and 400lbs, you begin to get an idea of my fantasy, but only an idea. I would weigh well in excess of 500lbs, probably nearer 600lbs of solid rippling beef.

My head would be largely unchanged, may be the hair a bit darker and the cheek bone a bit more pronounced but not a dramatic change, however that is where subtlety would end. My neck would be massive and thick: A beer keg, nearly twice a wide as my head bulging out from the insertions behind the ears and sweeping down to the clavicles where it was 15” wide. Reinforcing this pillar of muscular power would be traps beyond the comprehension of normal men. Whereas on ordinary bodybuilders, the traps spread down from the top of the neck out to the delts, mine would rise from the base of the skull, bulging up and out forming a wall of muscle higher than my ears. It would extend almost horizontally to above the delts where it would then drop the 6” onto the top of my massive shoulders. The overall width of my traps would be 38” from the left delt insertion to the right. Their thickness would be phenomenal, buttressing the back of my neck with 6” thick masses of muscle overflowing the top of my lats.

Below these slabs of muscle would be my shoulders. Each lobe of the delts would be clearly defined and would be best described as 3 bowling balls, one for each lobe, squashed together to form the enormous cap of rippling striated muscle which would form the foundation for my incredible traps. The freaky mass of the muscle in each lobe would be so great that even relaxed, the separations between them would be crushed to hairline cracks. Each lobe would be larger than the entire delt of a more normal bodybuilder and would bulge out and up to extend the width of my shoulders to 50”.

At this weight my pecs and lats would be enormous. My pecs would burgeon forwards plating my ribcage with slabs of muscle 8”thick and spreading sideways so that they fought for space with my delts and biceps. The belly of the muscle would swag down under its own massive weight, forming a deep overhang between it and the topmost abdominal ridge and just visible in the deep shadow, my nipples would point directly down to the ground. However when I flex, the whole mass of muscle would expand, rise and become iron hard, lifting my nipples into view.

My lats would be clearly visible from the front, wide wings of muscle which bulged out horizontally just above my waist before sweeping up and disappearing behind my hugely thick arms. The combined bulk of my pecs and lats would strain the tape measure to 92 inches.

As immense as my upper torso was, my waist would be no larger than 36”. The 8 pack of ab ridges would be thick and hard and the separations between them would be reduced to cracks. These would be accentuated by the trail of fine black hair, which would be concentrated in the crushed valleys of muscle. The slightest movement would cause my abs to ripple and contort in a freaky dance of masculine power.

The mass of my arms would fight for room with the vast bulk of my pecs and lats forcing them out at an angle something above 45deg. Even relaxed thee biceps would appear peaked and split with a finger thick vein snaking across its top. Flexed, they would stretch a tape to 35” arms of corded rippling power. The forearms would be not much smaller, measuring 27” at their thickest when flexed. The cabled mass of power would flare out from the thick elbow joint and taper in ribbed cords down to my 12” wrists, which in turn would thicken again to my broad, thick-fingered hands.

Continuing down from my narrow waist and hips, your eyes would be assaulted by the freakish mass of my 48” thighs. Their mass would be such that they appear almost wider than they are long and the adductors would crush together nearly down to my knees. The self-weight of the muscle in its relaxed state would cause the mass to swag down forming a thick cowl over the kneecap giving a massive blocky appearance to my thighs, which would also emphasize their width. The cuts between the individual muscles would be evident even when relaxed, and when flexed, the muscles would swell and crush together reducing the separations to deep cracks that you have difficulty inserting a credit card into. The hamstrings would be unbelievable, a bundle of thick rugby ball girth hawsers bulging with muscle so massive that it bellied out from the back of the leg forming a shelf on which my glutes rested when relaxed.

My glutes would be huge hard mounds of muscle. Their mass would be such that they would be visible from the front, bulging out on either side of my narrow hips. When flexed, they would rise up and harden forming an immense muscular vice that could crush walnuts (or a man’s cock) to pulp between them.

My calves would be diamond hard bulges enveloping my lower leg with their 32” girth, way beyond the imagination of even the most delirious muscle freak.

I would retain my thick body hair but its pattern would change, confining itself to my chest, abs, forearms, ass and legs.

The object of my lust would make my body appear lithe and graceful. However nobody could use these words to describe his massive brutish bulk. It is a difficult to judge at what level of muscular development a man would become muscle bound: hardly able to move because the bulk of one muscle means there is insufficient space for its neighbour to flex. When the mass of the muscles causes them to be crushed together even when relaxed. When the separation between the relaxed muscles are so compressed as to become hairline cracks. That would be truly muscle bound but would, I feel, not be what I am looking for. Oh yes, the freakish mass would be a turn on, but he would be immobile and unable to use that oh so impressive bulk. No, I would rein in my imagination a bit to have something, which is certainly freaky but a little less impractical.

He would need to be big. I would want him big enough and strong enough to be able to toss my 600lb frame around and have sufficient stamina for long, hard and very energetic fuck sessions. I reckon he would need to be about 6’9 and proportionately a lot bigger. At his 6’9, to have the same proportions as me he would need to weigh nearly 1.5 times my weight, approx. 900lbs. ( (6’9 / 5’11)3 x 600lbs ). But I want him proportionately much bigger, as big as he could be and still able to flex his left arm to touch his right nipple.

He would weigh in excess of 1200 lbs. giving him a considerably more massive appearance than me, even with his extra height.

He would have cropped thick black hair, dark skin and blue eyes. His facial features would be strong with pronounced orbital ridges and jaw giving him a thuggy, brutish appearance. Although clean shaven, his beard would grow rapidly so even by mid-morning he would have a strong 5 o’clock shadow. His body hair would form a pelt on his chest arms and legs with a thick treasure trail following the central valley of his abs. Dense though his hair is, it cannot hide the phenomenal musculature beneath.

He would have nothing recognizable as a neck. His head would be supported on twin blocks of muscle 21” across, bulging out from where his massive square jaw connected to his skull, forming a 3” ledge before sweeping down to the top of his pecs (his clavicles being submerged beneath the bulging pec muscles). His traps would mound up behind his neck, rising above his ears. A pair of buttresses, 12” thick, which would form an immense muscular pillow behind his head and which would spread out horizontally 12” on either side of his neck before dropping 6” to intersect with his huge delts. From behind the separation between his traps and lats would be a deep crevasse that closed to a crack whenever he lent his head back. When he looked up, his head would rest on the immense pillow of his traps and his neck would bulge so that his Adam’s apple would disappear into the shadow of the cleft formed between the twin pillars of muscle. The mass of muscle around his neck would make it difficult for him to tilt his head or turn it past 60deg before the flexing expanding bulk of muscle ceased further movement.

His shoulders would be over 6’ across capped by enormous delts that were 21” thick and split with separations that made it look like 3 bunches of huge bananas squashed onto a large watermelon. A huge gash would be at the junction between delt and pec: so deep that, when relaxed, the delt would appear of overflow the pec. Similarly, at the back, his relaxed rear delt would belly over and rest on the top of his inhuman lats.

His pecs would be breathtaking. Each would be 30” across and 12” thick and so heavy that their relax weight would cause their vast bulk to rest on the top of his abs. The cleavage between them would be closed even when the muscles were relaxed, and when flexed it would become a deep hairy fault line between 2 tectonic plates of muscle.

His lats would be visible from the front, wide wings of muscle which bulged out horizontally just above his waist before sweeping up and disappearing behind his massively thick arms. The lats would dominate even his outlandish pecs with their magnificent bulk. The combined hulking mass of pec and lat would expand to 144” of freaky rippling bulging muscle.

And below this would be his abs. The extreme taper down to his 40” waist should make him look as if he could snap in half, but the dense blocks of muscle forming his abs would mean it would look anything but weak. To call his abs an 8 pack would be misleading. It would be 8 beer kegs crushed and deformed into a dense wall of muscle, so extreme in its development that the crease between each muscle would be a hairline crack so tight that you would not be able to slide a credit card into it.

His arms would beyond comprehension. Watermelon sized biceps would fight for space on the arm with the delts bulging down from the top and the forearms crushing from below and then the whole mass would be thrust forward by the triceps which would overflow from the back of the arm. The whole freaky mass would measure over 50”, larger that many bodybuilders’ chests. Their extreme size combined with his enormous lats would cause his arms to hang at an angle of 60deg from his body.

His legs would be immense. Thighs wider than they were long and adductors so massive that his relaxed stance would be with his legs 30” apart. Even like this his legs would be tight together practically to his knees, forcing his enormous cock and balls forward obscenely. Those thighs would have a girth of 72”; 6 feet, longer around than most men are tall!!. Viewed from the front they would each be nearly 30” across when flexed, yet his leg, from hip to knee would only be 21”.

The incredible bulk of his glutes would be visible from the front, protruding up and out, framing his lower waist. The masses of the muscle would be so huge that when seated, he could raise and lower his body a full 12” just by flexing those cheeks. When standing relaxed, their bulk would rest on the bulging mass of his hamstrings.

His calfs would be bigger than most competitive body builder’s chest. Even with the huge wide stance forced by the inhuman bulk of his thighs, his calfs would rub together when flexed. Heated on a bench with his legs outstretched, the belly of his calf muscles rested on the floor, lifting his heels off the ground by 3 inches. In this position, his pecs bulged and swaged onto this thighs, obscuring his abs and groin. Only the melon sized cock head would be visible, lodged in the void formed between his 2 quadriceps and his pec cleavage.

Viewed in the same sitting position from behind, he would only be vaguely recognizable as human. Only the top of he head could be seen above the mounds of his traps and his arms would be hidden behind the flaring walls of his traps. He would appear just as a solid monolithic hulk of muscle. One muscle crushed against another reducing his fantastic cuts and striations to hairline cracks in his impervious muscle armour.

A body with such extreme development would have to find alternative ways of functioning. Walking is now a rolling gait, propagated as much from the hips as from the legs. Running ; you might think that such a body would be incapable of running and would be correct for running as a normal man might. But with the unbelievable power in his qauds and calfs, he does not need to flex much and can propel himself forward to run a 5 minute mile. He would be incredibly supple and flexible given the limitation of his stupendous bulk. However when muscle id crushed against dense muscle and there is no room left for more muscle, that is a physical limitation which just cannot be overcome! But he would not need to move much for me. I would be happy to explore the topography of his body, static or mobile. •

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