By Sanitarium87Q

I hate my damn life. All anyone does is push me around and piss me off. It is seriously pushing me to the edge. And it's all because of one stupid thing: I am a small, puny weakling. And, the only good thing about it is that i am incredibly smart. It's strange how most short weak people are smart, while the stronger are always the dumber. I didn't care though. I wanted strength, and lots of it.

It was a typical day of school... constant torment from every person that i came into contact with. One time after being shoved into my locker, i got up the nerve to ask why the hell he did it to me, and he said, "because I can." When i got home after that hellish day, I decided that i needed to do something about my fucked up life of torment. I did a lot of research on the study of the muscular system, and i checked out every book related to muscle in the library. I spent hours of my time reading and taking notes. I stayed up the whole night researching, and i even skipped school to work on it. By midnight that night, i was able to construct a formula to instantly increase muscle mass. I lifted up my sleeve and flexed my arm as hard as i could, and saw nothing, and i hoped it would all change. I resisted the urge to try the formula that night, so i went to bed. I had a better idea of when to try it.

The next day of school started as usual, with the added bitching about where i was the day before. I ignored it all, and looked forward to the class i hated most: gym.

As soon as i walked through the door into the locker room, i was shoved into the wall by one of the strongest kids in the class. Even better, i thought. He held me there, callin me a bunch of pointless names like wimp girl and shit like that. Luckily, i was able to reach into my pocket, and grab the formula. I knew it was now or never, because more and more morons wanted to torment me. Just as the first moron let go to let another freak grab me, i quickly drank all of the formula. Within seconds i knew it was working. I doubled over, feeling the great pain and pleasure of the transformation. My shoulders were widening, a lot, and my shirt was getting tighter and tighter as my pecs grew outward. Muscle erupted everywhere on my back, and the puny shirt i was wearing slowly began tearing down the back and front. Next my pants tore to shreds from my now massive legs, as i realized i was also getting taller by the second. Next, my arms began to bulk up. Veins erupted everywhere, as my arms quickly grew enough to totally fill the sleeves. I flexed my right arm, and the sleeve simply exploded, and the other sleeve followed short after. I grunted as the shirt totally exploded off of my body, leaving me in nothing but underwear. I also saw that i had an 8 pack of abs. The transformation completed, leaving me as one of the strongest teens the world has ever seen, in a room with a bunch of morons i was going to destroy. I hit a most muscular, and they all gasped in amazement and fear. The torment has now been lifted from me and passed on to them. •

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