Gym Washrooms


By stifford

In the gym locker room, Kam rushed around the dividing wall to the washroom area and into his favorite stall. He hung an ‘out-of-order’ sign on the door and closed it behind him. He slowly peeled off his tight shorts, revealing thick muscular quads… the result of his and Nick’s private sessions. Nick was the owner of the gym and Tuesday nights were his and Kam’s party night. Kam stepped out of his shorts, leaving his thongs on his feet. Using his foot, he picked up his flimsy shorts and raised his leg up surpisingly high, hanging the shorts on a hook at the back of the stall door. Kam was only 16, but his size and thickness made him look like an early 20’s bodybuilder. Not only was he huge, but he was a gymnast in training and had incredible flexibility, part of what drove Nick nuts.

Kam had thick curly blond hair and ice blue eyes, and with his tan, the shiny blond hairs glistened on his legs and forearms, just out of his own shadow, as he stood below the overhead spotlights that shone into each stall. Anyone coming around the dividing wall in the locker room, into the stalls and urinals area would see Kam’s shadow on the floor. Enormous beefy pecs protruded out and on each side, bulging muscular arms. Kam left his tank top on, he loved the feeling of the tight white tank on his beefy torso. He felt his cock growing as he anticipated Nick’s arrival, and as he sat onto the toilet seat, he watched it grow enormously… until it was fully erect, up and resting against the top of the stall door. “Nick’s gonna be blown away tonight,” Kam said outloud to himself, in a deep masculine and rough voice. “My cock’s bigger than ever!”

Nick came from a filthy rich family. He was only 24 and last year, his father had bought him a gym to manage in reward for doing well at College, where he had gained his degree in Physical fitness. Nick was Italian, and drop dead gorgeous. He had shaved his head this summer, and with his tan, big brown eyes, thick eyebrows and bright white teeth, he put everyone in an almost trace-like-state when they looked at him. Nick didn’t like to shave his bodyhair, so he clipped it. He didn’t overdo it though, he kept enough to stick out in all the right places. Chest hair would overlap the necklining of his sleeveless jock shirts that were always short enough to show off his tight ripped stomach and the beautiful thick treasure trail that poured out of his belly button and disappeared into the waistband of his basketball shorts. The quads were hidden by his long shorts, but couldn’t hide their size, they flared out from below his waist, and tapered back down to his kneecaps, where the shorts would end. What was below that could only be described as awe inspiring. Nick had calves that were not only hairy, but muscular and the hair was clipped but not short. The thick meaty calves were defined and high up, when he walked, the two sides of the calves would split into defined chunks of muscle with each foot raise. He left his calves hairy and clipped them, just enough to show the definition but long enough for anyone else to admire his hairy Italian descent. He knew everyone wanted him, but he had to remain discreet because everyone would talk and Nick hated gossip. He had a clean slate of a reputation, and Nick wanted to keep it that way. No one would dare hit on him, he was far to intimidating for even the best looking girls or guys. With his intention of keeping his polished name, Nick still got horny but his fetish for anonyminity had grown. So, when he opened the gym, he installed hidden panels in the stall walls. Pulling up the hook on the back of a stall door would activate the panel and like magic, an opening would appear in the stall wall, a glory hole. When closed, the wall appeared completely normal but pushing the hook up, would open the hole up to the size of his head. Nick had only planned on pulling up the hook one notch, to fit only his cock through because he didn’t want anyone to know it was him. It was the only place he could get his cock sucked by someone that wouldn’t know it was him. Nick had originally thought he’d only use it when he needed to get off, by waiting until one of the gay members went into a washroom stall, then Nick would change his shoes and put on track pants, and go in to the adjacent stall. He would slide the panel open enough and stick his cock through. He knew the gay boys loved to suck cock, especially at the gym… they would think it was some horny straight jock. After all it was Nick’s gym, he could do whatever he wanted, he just wanted to stay completely anonymous. No one suspected a thing.

The gym’s membership list was full the instant Nick opened the doors. Women and Men alike either wanted to work out at his gym, to either catch a glimpse of the amazingly hot bodybuilder or aspire to look like him. There was a fair share of gay guys too, who wanted to do both, they were obvious to both Nick, who had anticipated them, and to Kam, who had only discovered he was gay, that fateful Tuesday night in the gym locker room.

The muscle boys both had their secret meeting down to clockwork,, each knew the drill. Every Tuesday night, ever Kam had joined the gym, since his first visit to the washrooms right before closing, the owner of the gym would follow the young handsome stud into the washroom and get in the stall beside him. At first, Kam thought it was weird for another guy to choose the stall right beside him, since there were 3 other stalls, but found himself turned on. He had looked under the stall but didn’t recognize the runners or track pants, but when a panel had slid open in the wall… and a big meaty cock jumped through it, hanging there like a slab of meat, Kam had instantly sprung a boner, unlike any boner he’d ever had, and put it in his mouth instinctively. After his first drink of cum, Kam noticed his workouts had improved dramatically, and Nick would notice how big Kam was getting, and how big his cock was getting, enticing him to get horny every time Kam worked out. He knew the following week would be better, as Kam’s size and cock grew each weak after drinking his cum. Their Tuesday nights had become habitual. As Nick and Kam’s schedules would both allow for an evening workout and Nick would close up, giving them uninterrupted pleasure. Eventually opened the glory hole to maximum size and they would take turns showing off and sucking each other’s enormous cocks and bulging bubble butt’s through the big hole in the wall.

Tonight was a bit different as each of the bulging muscle boys had a treat in store for the other. Kam’s had injected his cock with an enhancer making it freakishly enormous. Nick had invited his visiting cousin Vinny, who was 18 and even slightly bigger than Nick. Vinny was from Italy and was visiting his cousin after they had exchanged emailed pictures of themselves and both realized they were into bodybuilding. When Nick had picked up Vinny at the airport, they hugged and felt each other’s cocks grow in their pants as they squeezed each other’s big hulking sex bodies. Right away, the cousin’s knew that the other was gay. Nick told Vinny everthing, excstatic about being able to tell someone, Vinny felt like his instant best friend. Vinny wanted to join the fun and this Tuesday night, Vinny would be in the stall with Nick. Kam was going to be amazed.

When Kam had first seen the panel slide open, revealing Nick’s enormous muscular legs through the opening, his cock sprung to attention like a rocket. It had reached a new size with the close-up, secret view of such beautiful giant man thighs. Ever since then, Kam’s cock would grow a little every time the panel slid open, and Nick, being the greedy cock-slut that he was gobbled it up every Tuesday night, in exchange for his own bodybuilder sperm for Kam to guzzle. Not only did Nick get a bigger cock every-week, but in exchange, Kam would inherit the muscle juice from Nick’s cock, making Kam bigger and more muscular each week. •

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