Books of Prophecy

The First Age


By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

"You've been living in the shadows. You've been hiding much too long. You've been upside down and inside out, just trying to get home. You've exhausted your distractions in your question of the pain. And you realize the more you try, it still comes out the same." Come -- Martha Wash

From the Journal of Todd Rothman, September 25

Larry, Ric and Frank were here when I woke up this morning. They must have come in late, and it looks like there was a huge orgy. Who could blame them? Ric and Larry are insatiable animals, especially after a night out with Frank. Something must have happened, because Larry looked really roughed up. Also, because I was awoken by Dad and Frank arguing about it.

"He's only a kid! How could you do that to him? How can I trust you with my son after that!" Dad was pissed, but there was also an air of fatherly concern in his voice.

"It had to be done," said Frank, matter of factly.

"He could have been killed! What were you thinking!"

"It had to be done." That seemed to be Uncle Frank's answer to whatever happened, which only pissed Dad off more. "Any of us can die at anytime. Me. Ric. And Larry. We have to be prepared for death, and not fear it. It's the way we are."

"Bullshit. You and your fuckin superman creed. He's a kid, barely out of diapers. You could have waited. You could have trained him more!"

"No time. I had to risk it."

"You! You had to risk it. What about him?"

"What about him? You think we could keep him a secret from the others? With his power? No way. Look at the way he found Joe, Ric and me. We sense each other. We can't hide. He doesn't even know he's doing it, and he still does it. They would have found him, and when they did they would have struck at him when he was least expecting it. In school. At the gym. Even here. I needed to act first. Sure, it was a risk. I gambled and I won, for now. Anytime someone emerged who might have challenged Wayne, he died before he could even try. Some under very mysterious circumstances. I did it to protect him as much as to cause the coup. Wayne is dead and his council is in disarray. It won't last. Power abhors a vaccuum. They may still come after him, try to put one of their own in charge."

Frank remained calm, which only pissed Dad off more. I heard him slam his fist into something.

"Look. The rules say that Larry is the leader now. He makes the rules because he proved himself to be the strongest. The people who profitted from Wayne will be scared. They may act. We have to act first -- consolidate our power, contact our friends."

"You still aren't telling me everything, are you?" Dad seemed calmer.

"It's safer that way. I've already contacted Joe. He's setting up a meeting to establish a new council tonight. Larry has to be there, but there are things we have to do first. Let's get the boys."

When I heard that, I jumped back into bed and pretended to be asleep.

--- From the Journal of Eric Young

Damn I was tired. You probably don't get much sex, do you van Dyke? Well, let me tell ya something, people shouldn't try to wake you up at 8AM when you've been fucking til 6:30! An hour of sleep just ain't enough. But try telling that to Frank. The guy is like captain marvel or something, totally unreal.

Larry was real skanky. I guess snuffing some asshole then fucking all night will do that to you. Man, let me tell you, it was totally hot sex too. Larry is the most amazing stud. I guess he was real inhibited at first, but not anymore. Ain't nothin that boy is afraid of anymore.

So, anyway, Frank comes in and tells us we have to shower and get dressed. I let Larry go first so I could catch another few minutes of shut eye. Mr. Rothman had breakfast for us. I think Larry ate like half a pig and a field of wheat before Frank said we had to leave. Larry wanted to know where we were going. Frank said, "to Wayne's." The five of us got into Frank's truck and drove off.

Frank was never a big talker. He preferred action, but on the way over, he began to tell Larry things. I don't know if he would have told us or not, but I guess he figured Larry needed to know.

"Son, you did a good thing last night. Not everyone will be happy about it, but I think it was for the best." Frank empasized the word 'I' like only his opinion really mattered. Frank is so cool.

"We have to go to Wayne's now, find out what he was really up to. There have been rumors. People try to explain things with rumors, but nothing was proven. Tonight, you'll take your place as the new leader, and you should have some idea what trouble you'll be taking on." Frank paused and glanced at Larry.

"Frank, I'm not sure I want to be leader." Larry can be such a wuss sometimes. OK, a studly wuss, but still a wuss. "I did what I did..."

"You killed," corrected Frank.

"uhm, ok, I, er, I killed Wayne," Larry didn't really like saying that. See, a wuss. "I killed Wayne because, well, it was like temporary insanity or something."

"You killed Wayne because he stood in your way. Look, you can try denying it, but it's your nature. It's simply the way you are. You can sense the challenge and you take it on. There's no 'want' about it. It's what you have to do, or die trying."

Mr. Rothman cleared his throat at that remark, but Frank ignored him. "That's why you did it."

"Well, OK," said Larry, unconvinced, "but I don't want to be leader or anything. Maybe I should finish high school first."

Frank laughed. "You just don't get it, do you. Wanting has nothing to do with anything. You're the strongest. You proved that last night. That's it. Done deal. You're leader until someone takes it away from you."

"You mean kills him," said Mr. Rothman. Frank continued to ignore him.

"But I don't know how to lead," objected Larry, who turned to look at Mr. Rothman.

"You don't have to do it alone. Tonight, the old council convenes. They were chosen by Wayne to help him lead. You'll tell them to go fuck themselves and put in people you trust." Frank looked at Larry. "Look, kid, Wayne was scum, but he knew how to use the power to stay in power. That was all he knew how to do. He put people around him who would help him keep power, and now they'll be out for blood -- yours. I'm on your side, so is Joe and Ric."

Larry looked at him. "You'll be my council?"

"Isn't that what I just said," said Frank. "That's why I brought them along." Frank pointed at us. "We may need witnesses to what we find."

That's when we got to this old RV, parked in the woods outside of town. Frank pulled the truck over, and we got out.

This guy Wayne may have been a leader and all, but he was a slob. His trailer stank to high heaven. I guess the door was locked, but that wouldn't stop Frank. He just broke it down. That's when I caught whiff of the stench, like rotten food and sweaty socks.

"How could anyone live like this?" said Mr. Rothman.

"Wayne only lived here sometimes. Not recently from the looks of it," said Frank. "He used it mostly for storage."

Larry picked up what looked like the skeleton of a human hand. There was still some skin on it -- way cool!

"Ya, that too," said Frank. He walked to the back of the trailer, to another locked door, ripping it from its hinges like it was paper. It was a closet, filled with books. Frank rummaged around, pulling out an old leather bound book. The pages were thick, like an animal skin.

"This is what we came for."

Frank said it was a chronicle of the first one or something. Said it's where we came from. Wayne had shown it to him a long time ago. Frank seemed to think it was important. He let me copy some of it down for you. I get extra credit for this history lesson, right? I better or you'll see what these big arms of mine can really do to a wimp body like you.

--- >From the Tome of Claudius

I am older than any other. I was born when the Greek states were nomadic tribes. I recall the small farm of my family and the smell of the countryside as if it were yesterday. It was when I reached maturity that I discovered my power, and the others. The men who toiled in fields were strong, and I was strong like them. At times of peace, the local farmers would come together and have tests of strength. It was during the first of these I made my discovery.

The strongest, biggest farmer for my lifetime lived in the next village. His name is lost to time, but we will call him Julius. I have always liked the name Julius, but I stray from my story.

Many of the men in that village also had strength in excess of others. During the competitions, they would normally win. Rumor had it that Julius would bed them, and during the sex he would impart manly energies into them, giving them power. A gift from the gods, some said, but to me, it was only gossip. I believed in what I could see, smell and feel for myself -- not the foolish hysterics of the masses.

During the competition, I bested most of the men in our village. I was fast, and felt strong. But, like the others, the men from the next village were too strong, too fast for even me. I was eliminated late in the competition, but I was eliminated. It is the only loss of my life.

Julius of course won. That night, there was a celebration where Julius could have his pick of any person present. I was drinking the necter when I noticed Julius staring at me. It was hot, and Julius was naked. Many of the men wore no clothes. It was our custom. Julius's manhood was large and began to grow as he looked at me. I turned away, but when I peered back, he was approaching me. "Come with me," was all he said.

There have been many men, but I still recall Julius. He was tall, and heavily muscled. Not until the current day with the recent emphasis on muscle building and drugs to enhance the physique have I seen men who could even compare to him. Each muscle was clearly defined beneath his olive skin. I followed him down a road. He was silent til we neared a campsite.

"I watched you compete today. You are strong and skilled."

"Not so strong and skilled that I could not be beaten," I replied.

"Heh. You have heard the rumors about me?"

"I don't believe the gossip of fools who look to the gods to explain what they don't understand."

"The gods be damned, but the rumors are true. I am male power incarnate. Watch."

With that, Julius approached an olive tree. Its thick tangled trunk demonstrated its age. It was an old tree that had produced fruit for several generations. Julius walked to the trunk of the tree, squatted and wrapped his arms around its thick, twisted mass. I heard a crack as I noticed Julius's muscular arms, back and legs swell. The ground below him shook as he extended his legs, the roots of the tree pulled from the ground. I was awed by his display of power. He uprooted the tree, repositioned it, and lifted it above his head with one hand. His muscles bulged and rippled as he held the massive tree like it were a feather. He then tossed it beyond the fire and far into the darkness. His body seemed to give off its own light as he approached me. I was intoxicated by the smell of his sweat.

"No man can match my power, and I use it to protect those I love. I offer my protection to you, if you want it."

"I do." I recall wanting him more than any other.

"Do you? Show me. Does your body respond to me?"

I pulled my tunic off. My manhood was small especially compared to him. I had compared it to many others and realized that I was lacking here. I was not a virgin, and the men and women I had loved were satisfied by me, but it was not equal to the display of manhood now before me. I grew as I stared at his body.

"Your body is beautiful. It is why I chose you. Your form flows erotically. By Eros, I feel that I need you. And for you, I will give you the power I have given others. Will you have me now?"


As Julius approached, I could see the lust in his eyes. As we touched, I felt the shock of the power for the first time. Julius seemed woozy, but I felt strong. Powerful. I embraced him. His body was hard and strong, unyielding to my touch. The more I held him, the more powerful I felt. He radiated strength and manliness and I soaked it up. I sucked him, and loved him all night. His organ penetrated me, and mine him. I felt his hard body and took in his smell and touch. I was changing, getting bigger and stronger, but not until morning did I notice this change. I was too enthralled by the power of the man, the rapture of our joining.

When morning came, the change was apparent. Julius had become smaller, weaker, normal. I had grown to his previous size. I grabbed him and held him more, taking more of his manhood. His organ looked like mine and mine his. My muscles were as large as his had been. No, they were larger. Julius looked old, emaciated. I continued to hold him, sapping his remaining energies until he was on the verge of death.

"Demon, what have you done to me?" he coughed.

I looked at him, weak and small. I felt strong, and I knew this to be my birthright. I stood over him and flexed, showing my muscle. "The power is mine!" I bellowed for all to hear.

With his dying words he uttered the curse that has haunted me since. "My children shall have revenge for me. I have sired many boys who have my power, and they shall avenge this death. I have lived long and now I join those who have come before in Hades, but with my final breath, I curse thee, demon," and with that, Julius died. I felt the last of his strength leave him and enter me. It felt good. I tore the limbs from his body, leaving the carcass for the vultures.

Julius had not lied. I had learned that, like me, he was long-lived. His source of strength had been passed on to the men he had sired. Those in his village that he had given his strength would produce strong children as well, and they would develop into a tribe of muscle morphs, capable of absorbing strength from other men. Julius's children, however, had become a source of power. They now call themselves "batteries", though they have had many names in the past. I too sired children, children capable of draining the strength of men. Our abilities return muscle morphs to normal men, and drain batteries of their manly power. I, the oldest, am the strongest. I have drained countless generations of batteries, becoming stronger each time. The power has extended my life, and my youth. I have never aged past twenty, and my body is the envy of most men. In the modern measurements, I have 29 inch arms, 40 inch thighs, a 70 inch chest and a 13 inch dick. But these small sizes belie my true power, for I have destroyed mountains with my bare hands. Many of the myths of Atlas and Hercules chronicle my tale. With each man I drained, I added his strength to my own. I've lost only a little to age, or to the lack of aging, as the case may be. I have the strength of generations in my body.

I write this now because I must avenge one of my children. He approached me in age and was my favorite. He was my companion through generations, never leaving my side and always being faithful. He was killed by a muscle morph. This muscle morph must have surprised him and was able to drain him. This is unheard of. I must avenge him.

I have formed an alliance with the leader of the morphs, and this tale seals our bound. In return for his favor of uncovering the killer of my son, I and my own shall protect him. We will drain any who oppose him and allow him to lead his tribe. In return, he will unmask my son's killer. This is our deal.


Wayne ---

"Never did find us, did you?" said Frank rhetorically. Larry asked him what he meant, but he said, "Later."

We made our way to the door, but it slammed shut. Outside, two morphs had appeared. Frank said they were a couple of Wayne's henchmen. Larry was about to bust the door down when Frank stopped him.

The morph's outside had taken a couple of I-beams and used them to block the door shut. Like a couple of steel bars could hold Larry. What were these dopes thinking! Anyway, one went to the front of the trailer and the other to the back and picked it up. It was like standing in a boat on choppy water. Yeesh, these wimps couldn't even keep it steady.

"Wayne's Council wants to see you!" they screamed at us as they carried us off.

Frank smiled. •

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