Blood Moon

Of Teeth and Blood


By Jace Soliz

(I – Short Visits) – Revised version (Young Mans Voice: Two days after the incident in the alleyway)

Daytime: 12:04pm

The steady sounds of lunch traffic can be heard out of my window. I have been sitting here for the past two days trying to figure out what I had seen. I haven’t slept much and the sounds of fabric ripping. The teeth. It is all still so very real to me. I'm shaking now thinking about how that guy changed into that thing. It was horrific, yet somehow I was so turned on by his muscles growing and bulging. Mass building on mass. I keep saying to myself that what I saw was just my imagination. But how then do I explain the flying men?

How did they fit into this? From what I remember, the majority of them were beautiful. Too beautiful to be real. Right? That one guy that had stopped to help me was beyond beauty, far from any of the others. Though they moved so fast, comparing them isn't very fair. But, this guy. His arm stretched out, bulging of massive muscles, veins clearly popping out through the thin black mesh he wore. He was watching me leave. Somehow I knew………


Oh………………………… (Deep sigh)…………………………Fucking A!


(click) Hello?



"I am the boogie man and I want your brains!" (Said a very familiar voice)

Fuck you! (laughing) What's going on?

"Nothing. (laughing) Hadn't heard from you for a couple days, usually I can't get you to stop calling! (small laugh)

Whatever! (tensed laugh)

"You okay? You don't sound like your typical happy fag self!" (laughing)

Shad ap you! (laugh) No I'm fine. Just had a bad dream and it's stayed with me a bit. That's all.

"A dream. No shit huh? Would you like to meet later for some coffee? I won't be able to stay too long, tonight I have to go to a meeting"

Coffee huh? That actually sounds good. What time?

"How about 5:30?"

Okay, sounds good. Foster's Café?

"Of course."

Cool. Hey what kind of meeting do you have tonight?


Earth to Bi-otch! (laughing)

"Um…Something that my beau is into. Not a big deal just a bunch of men doing stupid things. But Hey! I gotta go, got a few things I need to do before we meet! Remember! 5:30!!

Yeah yeah! Bye, sweetie!




The walk was nice. I'm glad I was doing it during the day. The sun normally doesn't set until 7:30pm. So, this will be a nice walk.


As I got closer to the café, I saw Jason sitting there with both of our drinks. I stopped. It was him but… Jason was different. He saw me just staring and he waved to me. I shook my head and smiled and walked over to him. He got up. Was he taller? I hugged him. He was thicker than I remember him to be. Has he been working out?

"What?!" He gave me questionable smile.

Oh…Nothing sorry. You just look a little different

"I know. Cuz I've been pumping iron." (Imitates pumping iron with a cutesy look on his face)Well, I didn't notice it a couple of nights ago. You're looking hot! (I smiled with a twist in my stomach)

"So tell me about this Strange and MYSTICAL DREAM" (He said in an old B-movie type voice)

(rolling my eyes) It's really not that big of a deal, and I don't remember all of it. Smart ass! (I smiled and took a sip of my tea)

"Mmmmm" He said with a sigh at the end. "That sky is beautiful today, huh?"

(I agreed)

"I can almost feel the moon climbing into the sky"

(I dropped my tea and falls into my lap….and I just stare at him ignoring the pain as my heart raced)

"Oh my God! Are you okay? (pausing) What? Aren't you in pain?"

(I can't speak……..My voice doesn't work…….He is one of them. I sensed it!)

(FLASH BACK: The werewolf teen had said "Let's go back to the gate, my man." He smiled. He looked up at the sky. "I can't see the moon yet, but I can feel it through my whole soul.")

"Andy, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

(I scooted back as he reached for me. He stopped with a confused look on his face)

(Tears welled in my eyes, I was able to choke out) You're one of them. (in a whisper)

(He looked at me in confusion then cleared as the realization of what I meant)


(I shook my head) No……. (I started to get up)….Not you too!

(He didn't move he stared down at his coffee.)

(I started to walk away fast when a hand clapped down on my shoulder. I ducked down and turned around. Jason had tears in his eyes)

"Stop it. I'm still the same person!"

No… (I shook my head and started to move backwards glancing behind me)...Your not.

"I told you they were real! I told you! I thought you would understand!"

I can't….. (I choked)…I can't do this! (Turned and ran. Jason………why?)

(Jason stood there tears of anger welling up) "Yeah well fuck you! (he screamed) FUCK YOU!! (his voice changed a little. His muscles started to get pumped up and stretch his clothes outward. His pecs bulked up, traps pushing through the opening of his shirt. His cock shifted in his pants wanting action, wanting a chase. His shoes became tight, almost painful when he realized he allowed a change. He calmed it down. A few men were looking at him not sure on what they just saw. He must save his strength for tonight. Rion will become leader. Wiping the tears.) "Andy………… (sigh)……I'm sorry...But I know what I have to do now."

(II - Andy) (7:55pm @ table – writing in his journal)

The walk home was filled with useless thoughts and wanderings. I forced my thoughts away from Jason as much as possible. If I let the thought slip in ever so slightly, I could fall apart. I didn’t just loose my best friend. I’ve gained an enemy.

And what is this enemy? A werewolf? Images of my friend turning into a ripped beast made me shudder. I still to this moment cannot understand fully what I have seen these past few days. And what about those guys in the trench coats? Who the hell were they? Before, I lived every day blinded by the truth of what is really real. Now my thoughts keep leaning towards the “Matrix” theory. I’m ready to go back, Neo. Any time.

Ha ha. I think I need to drink more.

As I was walking from today’s events, I felt someone watching me. I looked behind me and shadows danced with the cars that drove by. People walking in and out of shadows. I guess it’s just my nerves. But, I still felt like I was being watched. Is this just an overactive imagination or am I really in trouble? What did I do?

I keep shaking my head. Now I gotta go fix something to eat. Actually I have to go get some makings for my dinner. That means walking back towards the café. I don’t want to, but I’ve neglected buying groceries this week and my stomach demanded food. I’ll be fine and if not, then its God’s will I am hoping he’s at least on my side. Hopefully this won’t be my last entry.

Until next time. Andy

(III - The Store) (8:20pm – Followed)

Andy walked to his usual store to get some items so he could make spaghetti. During the walk there, he had to stop twice and look behind him. The feeling of being followed was thick like fog. His heart was racing and he picked up his speed and finally made it to the store.

The store’s front was cluttered with the usual crowd of people. Two teenaged girls were sharing the earpiece of the pay phone and giggling. It was obvious a boy on the other line. A homeless man made his home on the other side near the water dispenser. He’d wait for someone to come and get water and try to get the last drops of the precious stuff when they walked away from filling their gallon jugs.

A bagger was coming out of the store pushing a cart full of bagged items for an elderly couple that held hands slowly making their way to their car.

And then Andy stopped. Two very built men were standing there on the corner near the old man. They were dressed in tight black clothing like those one guys that saved him. Could these men be one of those flying men he saw two nights ago? Supermen?

A horn honked and brought him back to reality and he waved his right hand to thank the driver for letting him cross. The driver flipped him off. When he got to the store’s front he looked back again. He did a double take, he could see someone stop, but they were too far away. His hulking figure outlined in a dense light behind him. A lady with her cart asked Andy to move and when he looked back across the way, the image was gone. Even the two men at the corner were gone. Andy shrugged and walked in.

After finding everything he needed, he hesitated to walk home with his items and pondered on a taxi. It was only 5 blocks from his place, but......curiosity got a hold of him and he wanted to see if he could see the, whatever it was, following him again. So he set out noting that the two giggling girls were gone, the cart collector guy was pulling a long load of carts to the store. And the homeless man curled up on the floor next to the water dispenser was snoring away. Andy left him a couple of apples for when he woke up.

(IV – Shadows & Fangs)

Metal note, look into getting a car.

I was being followed once more. There would be moments that I would just continue walking and then spin around and see the shadow find a place and disappear. I didn’t feel threatened. It was as if the shadow was watching over me. This whole time that shadow thing was protecting me. And it was a large shadow. Like a massive man I had seen from the distance. But he was so quiet, like he was part of the air. Listen to me. I don’t even know what it is, it can’t be a man.

Sometimes the sounds were to the right or left of me, and as crazy as it may sound, sometimes I swear the sound was coming from above me. Thoughts of an online story I read came to mind. The structure of the serum kept developing with each new donor. Size modification, flying, pigment change, body hair, facial and scalp hair modifications and…two penises. I let a small smirk appear on my face. I could use some of that right now.

I opened the door and was about to step in, but a thought came to mind. If this thing, person, bodyguard or whatever is protecting me, shouldn’t I try to make contact? So before I went inside, I turned towards the street and told the air, “Thank you for walking me home. If you want to come in and talk, you’re welcome to.” After saying that, I sorted of laughed because it sounded so dumb. My life is so B-movie right now.

I stepped into my apartment and went to the kitchen unloading my groceries when I hear a creak from another room. My heart was beating.

- Hello?


I left my kitchen and was in my living room when I heard it again, but it was in my kitchen. I glanced down the hallway that leads to the front door. Nothing. Then it must be the upstairs people. So as I reentered the kitchen I looked up and with a surprised scream I lost my footing and fell the floor hitting my head. There sitting on the counter with a bemused face was a much larger version of the guy who turned into the beast the other night.

“Hello, friend.” His shirt look like it was threatening to rip off his shoulders at any moment. He jumps off the counter and reaches his very large muscled hand to help me up. The shirt wrapped tightly around his massive arms, veins clearly popped out and pumping massive strength into him.

I scooted away the best I could in my dizzied state, holding the back of my head. Moving more like a turtle on its back than a human. He stood there laughing at me. He put both hands up in the air and smiled.

“Now now, I come to you in a truce, Andy. I’m not here to rip you apart….yet.” His smile was genuine. He was so fucking hot, so buffed up and taller. Then I shook my head, reminding myself what he is. But my god, his shirt stretched over the mountains of muscle. Thick wedges of muscle on each side of his massive neck peaked through to show the tight traps that ready for growth.

- (Panting) Why won’t you guys leave me alone?

“Andy, come on now. You don’t still have hard feelings about the other night now do you? I needed to feed to become, “He paused, “Well I needed to evolve more and you just happened to be on the menu that night.” He grabbed a chair from under the table and sat in the doorway of the kitchen and looked around. When he sat, the chair creaked from his weight and the jeans he wore, tightened up clinging to his massive legs. “Nice place by the way, though some of your neighbors are a bit off” He paused, “Some were a bit tasty too.” He laughed. Rion looked at me in a calm way. I just stared at him not wanting to get up and have him rip me in half. “We need to talk my friend. We need to discuss your future.”

- First off I’m not your friend. I didn’t invite you here and I don’t want to have anything to do with you! Please just leave me alone.

He smiled in a wicked way, “I’m not here because I like you either, baby. I’m here strictly on business!” He leaned forward on rubbed his large hands together making the chair creek even more, “You see, Andy, there is something special about you. I sensed it, so did the night children.” A distasteful look appears on his face then is replace with a serious face. “They have an interest in you just as we do. The leaders seem uneasy on both sides and no one is saying why. So I’ve taken things into my own hands to see what I can come up with. Since I will be taking over our pack very soon. I need to find out what I need from you before “they” do.”

- What are the night children? I’m so confused.

He leaned back and cocked his head, “Vampires. I’m surprised that you didn’t figure that out.”

In my mind I knew it to be true, but I kept telling myself there had to be a logical reason for what I saw. There goes that. I looked back up at him and he just simply smiled.

“And I see by your face that yet another mythical creature has come out to be true. Jason said you were on the square side.” He looked down at me in a different way when hearing the name of my friend make me close my eyes, “He was right about this though, you are a cutie. Just think how much more you could become if YOU became one of us?” He wiggled his eyebrows in a sexy boyish way.

- Never…..(I whispered)

He simply just shook his head, “No. I agree, I don’t think you COULD become one of us. Nor one of them. Damn vampires! Do you know that they are the greediest bunch of bitches?” He gets up and puts the chair back, and walks over me and sits down on the couch. “Andrew?” He gestures to the recliner chair across from him. “Just hear me out and I’ll leave you alone. What do ya say?”

- So you’re not here to hurt me?

He shook his head, “No. There are some things you need to know what is about to happen. I have a funny thing that you’re involved somehow. Not by choice mind you.”

- (I got up and walked over to the recliner) Okay…..let’s talk.

He smiled. His forearms bulged out as he gestured again to the recliner.

- Do you want something to drink? (Why on Earth was I trying to play host now?!?)

“No, I’m fine. You can call me, Rion.” He seemed amused. He leaned back on the couch and kind of bounced up and down like a teen would do out of boredom. “Andy, what do you know about Werewolves and Vampires?

- I had thought that they didn’t exist. That it was just tales to scare people. Then I met you. Now Jason. (pause) So I’m not sure what I know now. Or want to know.

“I see.” He leaned back and stretched his arms wide, causing the thick wedges of muscle to pop out on either side of his body. His lats were amazing. They strained each thread holding the fabric together. There were a few that had given way already. He smiled at me because he knew that I was admiring him. “Without going into too much boring details, each side has a common beginning. A common ‘Mother’ if you will. Both born of blood. The same blood. For whatever reasons the 1 split into 2. A mutation, if you will, took place on certain men. One could change itself into a beast of great power during the nights slumber, feeding on useless weak people. During the day, walking around like a bodybuilder. Having men worship your body. The other, became so righteous, too good for the day. Dancing within the shadows. Imagine, only coming out at night feeding upon people and beasts. Disgusting! They live like rats. These differences didn’t happen overnight of course. With each new bloodline, with each new bitterness of views, comes a new change. I’m still learning what it really means to be a Werewolf.” Rion paused. “This whole change is sometimes hard to adjust to. I mean a few weeks ago, I was this quiet skinny nerd, and look at me now.” He stood up and ripped his shirt off. I finally quenched my curiosity. From his chiseled face down this thick cabled neck, to his massive traps to his super broad shoulders. Down his 21 inch biceps down to his massive corded forearms that ended in hands that rival Tony Robbins’. His chest stuck out and his nipples pointed downward due to the bulky pec muscles. The nipples were erect and teasing, covered in a light sprinkle of dark man fur. His ripped abs finished the touch along with his super tight waist. I looked up at him and his eyes sparkled. “Sometimes I’m confused, Andy. In human form I’m fine, but when I lose that control, I can’t help but to love killing for the sport of it.”

- Why are you telling me this?

He laughed, and shrugged shaking his head, “I have no idea. Like I said before, there is something special about you. I’m drawn to you. I really wasn’t going to kill you, Andy. I just wanted to play around. You might of gotten hurt, but sometimes play can be rough.” He walked closer to Andy. Standing in the light glowing like a beast of manhood he had never seen. He leans forward and kisses Andy’s neck and Andy falls backwards in fear. Looking up to Rion, he see’s him smiling. He kneels down and takes Andy’s face, and leans in, “Andy, I want you to join us. We can give you so much. You have as many lovers as you want” He leans forward and kisses Andy on his quivering lips. Andy just stares at him in fear. Then he touches Rion’s arms, then his chest. Rion closes his eyes. Then Andy yanks his hand back as if shocked.

- I can’t (he whispers)

Rion just looks at him and shakes his head understanding. “Okay, Andy. Okay. But, I can’t promise that the next time we meet you’ll be alive to remember it.” He gets up and takes his torn shirt from the chair and walks out closing the door behind him.

Andy curles up into a ball and starts to cry. •

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