Project William


By Also_KnownAs

Now that William let his cat out of the bag, he went from amazing lover to unbelievable. Literally. I couldn't believe what he was doing. To me. Almost constantly. For a week.

Oh, Larry was there, too.

Larry, by the way? Now, whatever William's godlike powers did, Larry's body took to them like a... like a... well, like something that starts growing muscle amazingly fast. When I finally snuck away from the unbelievable sex long enough to find a tape measure, I found out that I'd grown about three inches taller, which was okay, but my dick was showing fairly incredible size improvement. Three inches to my height may not have made a hell of a lot of difference, but those three inches added to Mr. Happy made me grin ear to fucking ear.

I weighed myself, too. How does an extra thirty pounds grab you? Yeah, I went from 190 to 224 in a week. One week. Not working out, other than with William. I couldn't help but notice the improvements now that I knew for sure there were improvements. My arms had new definition, my abs looked like a washboard, and my chest was developing a serious valley. I had three lobes of muscle on my shoulders, and the muscle on my legs was turning into wedges. Fat, hard wedges.

When I looked in the mirror and stopped looking at my body for two seconds, I noticed my face was changing, too. Not dramatically, and not in a way that was probably noticeable to others if they weren't paying close attention, and maybe it was because I was getting bigger overall that there would naturally be changes to my face as well. But whatever the reasons, whether because my body was changing anyway or William's presence had some rather deeper implications than I expected after his explanation, my face was looking more hot as the days progressed as well.

The changes weren't something dramatic I can even point to. It wasn't like my nose was different or my eyes changed color or anything like that. I just looked better, you know? Imagine you wake up one day and look in the mirror and that's clearly you standing there, but it's a better you. More... beautiful, I guess. And that was what I saw.

So that was me.

But Larry? Now Larry was taking off like a fucking weed.

Did I already mention what Larry looked like? It's probably worth repeating even if I did. Larry was a lot scrawnier than me, but that isn't to say he was anemic. Far from it, as a matter of fact. He had what is usually referred to as a swimmer's body. Smooth, flat, looks good in clothes. He has wide shoulders and a long neck and long, long fucking legs. Maybe it was his arms and legs that made him look thin, because they just looked so long! They probably weren't but in relation to the rest of him... because he has this compact trunk, sort of. He's not misshapen, he just has long limbs. And his muscles seemed not to want to grow very big.

The guy is fucking strong, though. Like all his strength was compacted into those long, lean muscles. His belly was flat-flat. Real tight? But no bumps. Even after sit-ups or whatever, the guy had no definition. He was still great to look at, had these really pretty eyes and a great, great smile. I really liked him.

The thing about Larry was always that he had stamina. Maybe because he was so strong but not so big, he had less to carry around, you know? So he could run and run and swim and swim and fuck and fuck and fuck. Seriously, the guy could go and go, and after a couple of days with William his body started showing the same sort of changes to his libido as mine was.

Remember I said that I was almost always horny? And I started being able to cum buckets every time? And I was hard and ready for action at the drop of a hat? Well, Larry was there in a day. He became this fuck machine. He was in overdrive. And with William and me both around, and William now showing Larry and me some stuff that would blow your mind, he was almost constantly engaged!

Me, I was still sleeping regular, but I got this feeling that Larry and William were going at it even when I was in dreamland. Because I'd go to bed, exhausted, and they'd be going at it like bunnies. And I'd wake up, sun on my bed through the open window, and they'd still be fucking each other as if they never stopped!

Half the time I was joining in before I was fully awake anyway, so I wasn't complaining. But still.

So maybe that was why Larry's body started to grow new muscle and just grow so much so fast. I swear that when I woke up the next day after William spilled the beans? Larry looked like he'd put on 20 pounds of bulging mass. And that belly that had no definition? Well, it fucking did now!

His smooth body was growing fat with little hard bellies of muscle, and those bulging balls of strength were vascular and shredded. The guy had almost no fat on him anyway, because of that metabolism of his. And now that things were starting to grow, you could practically witness the muscle develop as you watched. It was like he was being inflated or something! Seriously!

"Larry," I said one afternoon, "have you looked at yourself lately?"

He blinked, because his mouth was full of my prick at the time. From my angle, I could see the folds and segments of the muscle on his wide shoulders and they looked like wedges under the skin. The distinct lobes of the muscle groups were clearly defined, and as he chowed down on my meat, his neck was stretching and his shoulders were flexing and bulging. I could see the two rounded globes of his chest and the peaks of his nipples from up there. He had a chest, suddenly! More than that, he had a big fucking chest.

His ass was round and firm, too. I could tell because he had it stuck out slightly so William's tongue could more easily dig into him.

William wasn't getting bigger, not that I expected him too. We were clearly not gods, so there was no reason why his affect on us would go the other way.

I put my hands down on Larry's rounded shoulders and whistled a compliment. He was hard as a rock, and I could feel those muscles under his silky skin like animals crawling around. I could almost feel him growing under my hands, if you can believe that. Maybe it was just him tightening his newfound muscle onto my grip, but whatever it felt so fucking amazing.

Larry's face was experiencing the same sort of enhancement that I realized my own was. And, again, it wasn't anything I could pinpoint, he just looked damn sexy. Sexier.

So after a week of this, I manage to pull Larry away from William's attention long enough to have us take a good look at what we'd become after seven days of naked sexual abandon with a god of pleasure's disciple.

"Whoa," Larry said. I just nodded. We were standing next to each other, nude as usual, looking at our reflection in the mirror.

We were fucking huge! I mean, I'd watched Larry's growth and he'd watched mine, and we'd spent enough time around each other that by this time one would think we wouldn't be surprised by what was staring back at us. But it was pretty amazing.

When I say huge, I mean in relation to what we used to look like. Neither one of us was going to win any bodybuilding titles, but we'd both do better than average in a cock size tournament if such a thing exists.

What we had was muscle, and it was everywhere. Thick slabs of power that were arranged almost ridiculously flawless. I mean if you took a Tom of Finland illustration and teamed that up with a Greek stature and a science textbook of the human anatomy, that was us. We had bulging masses of defined strength lining every inch. Long, fat biceps that bunched up into high-peaked balls with split double heads. Heavy wedges of power along each thigh that bulged when flexed like living things under the skin. Bellies made up of perfect six- packs of amazing abdominals like eggs in a basket. Pecs that were meaty and heavy and thick and broad, with highly sensitized nipples constantly erect and ready for nibbling and sucking.

Then there were our cocks. Which were, to be blunt, unbelievable. We had pipes of pleasure between our legs that were so big, they almost looked fake. Like that sad thing Marky Mark wore in that movie, but our foot-long treasures were far from sad and limp. No, we owned long, broad, beautiful cocks that hung in abundant beauty between our muscled legs. They were fat and firm and heavy and perfect. Mine was uncut and Larry's had a bulbous head like a flowerbud.

"Mmm," I heard a voice growl behind me, and I looked up from staring at my own prick to see William's reflection joining Larry and me in the mirror. His hand reached between my ass cheeks and his fingers found my hole. He was doing the same to Larry, and we were both on our toes under his careful and expert ministrations. "Admiring my handiwork, are we?"

Larry's face took on a look of serious pleasure and he moaned softly. I was probably feeling what he was feeling, and moaned in unison, biting my lower lip. "Jesus," I said, "is that just your hand doing that?"

William's reflection smiled and he nodded. "Good, huh?"

Whatever the fuck he was doing back there felt better than good. I nodded and almost drooled. "Not that I'm... oh, shit... I'm not unthankful for the attention, but could you pause a sec so I can think straight?"

"Speak for yourself," said Larry the Fuck Engine. He was stroking himself to hardness and positioning his body for better access for William's insistent touch.

But William did as I asked -- which he always did. Whether you asked him to lick you, spank you, fuck you or stop, he always did exactly what you wanted, sometimes before you even had to ask. "Thanks," I said, and I turned around to look him in the eye. I also looked down to see what the hell his hand was doing that felt so good, but he had it so far up Larry's ass by this time that he could have been juggling up there for all I knew. I looked at William. His green gaze was locked on me. He was grinning broadly. I could hear Larry beating off, his prick lubed up with gobs of precum.

"I look different," I said. His head tilted slightly. "Besides being bigger here," I touched my chest, indicating my muscles, "and down here," then I grabbed my shaft and hefted the new heaviness of my cock. "I look different."

His deep growl spoke softly. "You think you look better?" I nodded. His grin became a smile. "You look exactly the same to me."

"No, I look..."

He was shaking his head. "To me, you look exactly the same." He emphasized the first two words. He nodded toward my best friend and said, "Larry looks the same, too. Bigger, yeah, but not different."

"But I do! He does! We look..."

He was shaking his head again. "You do look better when you look in the mirror, that's true." His eyes narrowed. "Has Larry ever described me to you?"

I thought about that a minute. "No. Why should he? We both saw you that day in the locker room. He knew what you looked like."

"But do you know what he thinks I look like?"

This was making almost no sense to me. "I don't follow."

He leaned his mouth next to Larry's ear, his fist not missing a beat down below. "Larry. What do I look like? Tell Jackson what I look like."

"Huh? What? Oh, shit, William, what the fuck are you talking about?" Larry was having a very hard time concentrating.

"What color are my eyes?"

"Blue. Light... like, like turquoise."

"And my hair?"

"Golden. Blonde."

"Everywhere?" William's eyes met mine. His green eyes. Under his blue- black hair.

Larry nodded. "Your have golden hair all over your body. Even your pubes. It shines like gold on your skin."

"My skin? What's my skin look like?"

I looked at William's pink flesh, at the dark curling hair on his chest, at the patch of midnight above his monster. Then Larry said, "You're so fucking tanned you look almost black, dude. You're like this surfer who hung out in the gym too long. Your ass is even tanned a dark brown. You're so fucking gorgeous, William. You're fucking... fucking perfect."

William was smiling at me. "Remember when I said I knew who you wanted to walk through your door? Remember I said I knew what you wanted?"

"I still don't get it." The guy Larry just described, the guy I assume Larry thought he was fucking this past week and who was now playing inside his ass was not the guy I was looking at.

"Pleasure, Jackson. I've been touched by the god, by Dionysus. The god of pleasure. The ultimate source. Everything I do, everything I am, is for and about pleasure. Sexual pleasure, sensual pleasure, erotic pleasure, aesthetic pleasure, physical pleasure. So when you look at me, you see what makes you feel the most pleasure. When Larry looks at me, he sees what gives him the most pleasure."

"You're an illusion?"

"No. I'm the man you see before you. I'm just a man. I'm also the man Larry sees. I am the source of his pleasure, I deliver pleasure, I can't help it. I was changed. You're changing, now. You're seeing in the mirror what gives you more pleasure. Others will begin to see you like that. Larry is beginning to see you like that -- to see himself like that. But I see you as you were, because that gives me the most pleasure."

"So I'm not really different?"

"You're very different."

"But you just said..."

"It just is, Jackson. Trying to understand it won't make it more true. You're changing every second you're with me. You're becoming a being built for and geared toward physical pleasure. To give and to receive it. More and more and more." Larry was cumming on the mirror, spraying another load of white jizz on his reflection. "You think there's a boundary?" William bent his knees and replaced his fist with his dick. I watched him grow to huge hardness almost as an afterthought. It was because he knew this was what Larry wanted, what would bring him pleasure. A fat dick in his ass. He seemed to tighten around William's cock, he bent over and his ass welcomed William inside. "It will get better and better, Jackson. You will get better and better and better." He started to slowly fuck Larry, his hips moving back and forth to some rhythm Larry wanted. "If you went out and fucked one of your other friends now, you'd make them cum just looking at them, just speaking to them. They'd see a fantasy in you, Jackson. They'd see you and you'd be the perfect you, whatever they wanted or needed from you, you'd deliver that. You wouldn't need to try, you wouldn't need to ask, you'd just do it. Because it's what you're becoming. It's what we are."

I was mesmerized by his words. I felt hot and overcome watching his powerful body fucking my friend. His gaze held mine, his words moving through me, feeding me. "But I'm..."

"You're Jackson. To them, you'd be Jackson. But they'd be as overcome by you as you were by me. You could hand-job them in front of their lockers, bringing them close to ecstasy as you realized your own ecstasy through their pleasure. Giving and receiving it effortlessly, naturally, perfectly. It is what you're becoming," he repeated, "through me."


"Exactly." His eyebrow arched. "Or very nearly." He leaned down, wrapping Larry's new body in his powerful arms. Larry was shaking from sheer joy, laughing and weeping as his body approached perfect bliss, filled to overflowing with William's power, his strength, his beauty.

And now, more than anything, I wanted to test his words. I wanted to be back in school, walking down the aisle between lockers, wearing next to nothing, allowing my powerful new form to show itself but not expose itself. Letting some guy... letting my friend Brian get a taste of what I was, what I could do, letting him experience the pleasure of anticipation, of the tease and promise of my naked perfection. Walk up to him and...

"Then do it," whispered William. His head rested on Larry's broad back and his full lips smiled at me. "Go fuck with Brian's desires. Spread pleasure before you and after you, Jackson. Be the promise of it and the fulfillment." •

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