Sons of Hercules, The



By John

So what is to become of our five embattled muscle-sons of the mighty Hercules? When last we visited, each of them was locked in his own life and death struggle. Can all that muscle prevail or will it succumb to the forces challenging it?

It couldn't be! No, it wasn't possible! It must have been nothing more than a unique reflection as the white foaming water splashed against the heavily shadowed cliff.

But then Lin saw it again. Yes, it was a hand! This time the fingers wrapped themselves around a projecting crag in the rocky cliff. Then a second hand forced its way up and out from the torrent of water. It flailed in its first attempt and then it, too, caught hold of a small rocky protrusion. It seemed like forever, but then there was a head.

Ursus paused to gasp deeply, cherishing the life-giving air that he sought. The crashing water tried hard to smash his face and still submerged body against the very cliff that he sought to use to gain safety. Once filled with strength renewing air, Ursus gazed up to find another place in which to secure his hand. First one hugely muscled forearm shot out against the onslaught of the tide and then the other emerged as new higher handholds were secured.

The vastness of the biceps and deltoids that ejected themselves from the murderous flood belayed any remaining fear in the unbelieving mind of Lin. Water and stone crashed repeatedly into the even harder flesh leaving the glistening wet muscles cast into victorious and unaffected flexing sculptures. At least that is how it appeared to Lin. Ursus could feel his gigantic body screaming in agony as he fought the unfathomable forces of nature challenging his need to live.

The second monumental stone-like arm appendage appeared bringing the equally huge trapezius muscles into view. The water continued to pummel the emerging gargantuan back but the living rocks of muscle beat back as they flexed in involuntary reaction to the challenge. The balled biceps, striated triceps and crevassed shoulders bunched into diamond crispness and continued their impossible swell beyond inhuman proportions.

Biceps heads the size of Ursus own head reflected the richness of their muscle as the vision-enhancing water rolled over and around them. Shoulders mounded in parallel proportions and balled back down toward the upper lats. The upper and lower part of the trapezius muscles formed into two sideways chiseled stone "V" shaped carvings as they ensured the stability of the searching head they supported. The water continued to pelt endlessly and unsuccessfully against the invincible muscular creature.

The unbelievable broadness of upper back pulled itself beyond the grasp of the stream as if two giant clamshells were pushing their way forward. As the two beautifully huge expanses of back muscle emerged, their thickness became evident as eddies of water flowed into the deep valley carved vertically along the shadowy center of the writhing back. Rope-sized fingers of muscle moved out from the outer part of the upper back and reached deep into the core of the vertebrates.

A sudden rush of churning water beat hard against the struggling giant as the smallness of his waist sought to gain freedom. The power of this slammed the undulating body against the very rock it was using to gain safety. Lin could swear that he heard the sharp thud as pillow-thick pecs were crushed against the sharp stone. An involuntary contraction of these massive breasts and the meat that the water sought to puncture and pulverize turned to unconquerable marble.

Ursus screamed in pain as the onslaught of water forced his mind- hardened cock against the same cliff that challenged his pectoral marvels. His iron reinforced cock became a solid horizontal column against the stone as its head implanted itself onto the vertical rock cliff. The main shaft of Ursus' male member refused to bend under the immeasurable applied pressure as his abs and lower back constricted to form a bridge from anchored cock head to impaled pecs.

As if seeking another way to victory, the pulsing water beat hard against Ursus' clenched ass cheeks as it sought to split them open and gain access inside the climbing statue of muscle through his intestinal tract. With one surging pull, Ursus lifted the assaulted posterior beyond the stimulating reach of the swell of rushing water bringing the trunk-size upper legs with it.

The thickness and vastness of the upper leg muscles had protected the much more vulnerable testicles from the main forces of the beating water. Still, the mere excitement of beating these unimaginable forces of nature had pushed the struggling muscle machine to a height of erotic stimulation never before experienced. Ursus' balls screamed to release their victory juices but the ongoing attention to the immediate struggle at hand held this desire with unwanted restraint.

Finally, head-sized calf muscles cut like diamonds pumped their way above the retreating water line as the glowing flow of muscle fully eliminated its contact with the attacking water. Once free, the moving collection of muscle shifted from pelted reaction to a dancing rhythm of aesthetic motion as it slipped magnificently along the mountain wall and gained a foothold on a flat outcropping not too far from Lin.

The overjoyed young lover lost no time in sliding down to join his soul mate in an ecstatic reunion. The water-polished marvel swung around away from the rocky cliff and turned toward the approaching companion. Lin stopped dead in his tracks as he witnessed up close for the first time the extreme muscularity of his adopted brother. The running lines of water literally turned the stone-like quality of the vision before Lin into honed marble.

Oversized human veining only added to the overall sculptured affect. Were it not for the tanned tones and bountiful heaving of the still gasping flesh, Lin would sworn that he faced the greatest statue to manhood ever created. The colossal pecs prominently featured themselves as etched globes as thick as a mans' head and twice as broad. The central valley of cleavage appeared deep and dark as if it had been chiseled into the massive muscle.

Ursus held his hands over his head as he continued to work to breath in as much life-giving air as possible. This resulted in pushing his two enormously mounded biceps in front of much of his exhausted face. The impossibly sheer mounded muscles twitched and quivered in erotically contorted and multiplied lined richness with a cavalcade of finger-thick veins wrapping the meat generously. The extended triceps bowed outward into two half moons extending widely from each side of the body.

The flared and distended lats formed into veritable planets below the mooned triceps. Ursus waist breathed itself into a tightly compact band of muscle not nearly as wide across as the expanse of upper arm mass. The abs bore a striking resemblance in cut quality to the image of the calf muscles. Lin moved forward again to within touching distance. He reached out gingerly as if to reassure himself that the image before him was real and not a mere god-like ghost.

As one hand came in contact with the heaving mass of muscle along the outer flanks of one of the corded lats, Lin became both instantly assured and astoundingly impressed. It was flesh and blood all right! The heat and pulsing beating within the palmed flesh provided that understanding. Yet the quality of the flesh was richly dense beyond description. The silky transparency of skin could not hide nor distract from the fibrous stiffness of the muscle beating beneath this sheer covering.

Ursus slipped closer in toward the caressing hand and felt it slide across the expanse of upper back muscle in toward the ridges of the abdominal cavity. As the first hand moved down over the bumpy trail of abdominals, Ursus felt the twinges of sensitive reaction as knowing fingers from the second hand found his erect and aroused nipple on the underside of one precipitously cantilevered pectoral. Tensing his pecs to the touch, Ursus delivered mind-numbing solidity to Lin's sensitive hands.

A sense of untold power and heated eroticism shot through Lin. Then Lin's first hand moved to the core of human desire as it crossed the hair-guarded pass to the base of Ursus' enormous erection. If the expanse of muscle shrouding Ursus was unbelievable, then the scale and solidity of his cock was unfathomable. The main shaft was as long as Lin's own forearm and as large as his own upper arm. It ended in a glowing and delicious looking head as big as both of Lin's fists clasped together. Like the arms, lats and pectorals, it beat brightly and visibly with the pumping of the beautifully balanced array of enriching veins along and around its surface.

Lin let his hand dance along the tubular cylinder with increasing comfort and inquisitive pressure. Even with his hand cupped at the point where the crown crimsoned out from the shaft a forearms length away from the groin, Lin's downward pressure could not displace the columnar tool at all. Ursus groaned with audible joy at the knowing feeling and pinching along his exaggerated yet sensitive cock. He responded by sending a mental burst of pumped activity through his petted organ. It pushed itself upward in a pleasured response that sent shivers of delight through Ursus' body even as it moved to lift the more slender man off of the ground.

Lin stepped in even closer and began a loving message of both the presented erection and the projected nipple. Lin not only had his lover back, but he stood in the presence of a creation of muscle beyond any dream he could have previously imagined. The smaller man moved both hands onto the prodigious tool and, wrapping inter-linked fingers together, began a mindful massage of the hot, iron-like instrument.

Groans of delight told Lin of the success of his endeavor as loving hands stroked the rigid object in longer and faster strides. Lin could feel as Ursus' cock grew hotter and hotter under his applied stimulation. Blood pounded ever harder into the web of pumped veins enshrining the amazing shaft. Ursus cock head glowed brightly with the heat of passion. Soon every outstanding muscle covering the length and breadth of the god-like creature began to quiver in a dazzling beautiful display of male excitement.

Lin's arms and hands joined forces as they worked to polish the honed, flesh cylinder. Ursus felt the rumbling with his testicles and a jolt of cum flew forcefully from the slotted end of the mighty shaft and splattered loudly against a nearby cliff wall. Lin's strategically placed mouth caught the luscious second volley of creamy liquid. He gulped deeply as he prepared to take the equally voluminous third ejaculation. By the fifth shot, Lin was unable to drink as fast as the volume of cum was being offered. The creamy manhood dripped onto the ground richly from Lin's chin.

Finally lifting Lin's face up to his, Ursus licked it clean and his bright blue eyes looked into the very soul of Lin and told him of having heard the voice of his father, Hercules. He described how, as the first rush of water moved to consume him, Ursus' father had spoke into his mind and said "This is your test, my son, succeed because I need you. Succeed because your brothers need you. Lift yourself above this challenge and bring yourself to the land of Tiberia."

Having almost lost his lover forever, Lin refused to be parted ever again in life and pledged to travel anywhere fate took Ursus. As Ursus explained his need to travel very far west past where the sun sets to the still fondling Lin, another man, another beautiful man sat in all of his ebony muscular splendor with his Chief and spoke of his need to move north to join his brothers as his father, Hercules, had directed him in his mind.

Goliath passed the jeweled golden scepter to his Chief and rose, careful to keep his head below that of his leader as respect demanded. The Nubian ruler accepted the returned sign of leadership and bade his subject then to follow his heart and the will of his birth father, Hercules.

It had been a long day already, but Goliath gathered his pack, refilled his water pouches and started on his northward journey immediately. If his father had felt it was important enough for now to be the time to reach out to his son, then Goliath had no choice in his own mind but to presume that the need was urgent. He had heard of the legend of this land known as Tiberia, but knew nothing else about it other than that he had to travel north.

It would be up to the tribal council as to the disposition of the two thieves who had stolen the scepter and left Goliath to die. They certainly had not counted on his remarkable strength nor, in fact, had Goliath had any awareness of his own strength when they had left him.

The sound of the grinding of the dropping stone gate at the entrance of the temple this morning had snapped him from his task of retrieving the scepter and refocused his attention on the huge descending rock. The bottom of the rapidly sliding giant boulder was already down to his knees when Goliath reached the entranceway from the inside. His steady hands reacted almost instinctively as they reached under to cup the bottom of the descending stone.

It was at this point that the voice of his father entered the mind of Goliath. He listened, even as he struggled, as the voice told him of a need to succeed in this challenge so that he could move forward to where his brothers needed him.

The already pumped muscles that consumed Goliath's body pounded into immediate action. His shoulders and arms chiseled themselves into matching hardness with the rock they faced. The expanse of upper and lower legs muscles shrouded the skeletal leg bones with the reinforcement of even harder flesh. The descending darkness of the chamber hid the innumerable cresting of striated lining that defined the corded outer and inner thighs as they expanded to the size of a normal mans chest.

The immeasurable weight of the forbiddingly heavy rock gate pulled the straining giant's trapezius muscles into iron reinforced cables and forced the immense pectorals that were trapped between the chiseled arms forward into the very face of the stone. The resulting pressure of the tensed pectoral protrusions against the rock pushed the outside face of the stone into grinding contact with the wall of the tomb structure. The high pitched screeching noise of rock against rock battered the eardrums of the struggling colossus as muscle after muscle turned to diamond hardness.

Just before the intended sealant of the temple reached the ground, Goliath was finally able to cause the weighted stone block to cease its descent. Realizing his dilemma, the carved muscular form leaned back just enough to remove the horizontal pressure between gate and wall being applied by the imposition of his pecs. As he did so, Goliath locked his lower back and massive gluteal muscles into the same rock formation that had become his body. Thus transformed, the combination of delectable ass, leg and back muscles took control of the enormous weight.

It was only then that Goliath realized that the head of his gargantuan male member sat hard and ready trapped between the stone gate and the ground. The applied pressure shot waves of erotic excitement through his being. Goliath became aware of the pounding within his organ as his heart pumped reinforcing blood into the imprisoned crown. He could feel as the sensitive cap pushed back up against the threatening weight above. His cream engorged testicles churned with equally heated excitement.

Goliath crouched transfixed by the erotic and, simultaneously, dangerous situation. One slip and his very manhood could be destroyed. Yet, the strength pounding through him had never felt so secure. Challenging his own fate, Goliath let his fingers curl back ever so slightly as the rocky masturbating tool slipped slightly downward. His cock head responded be sending shivers of painfully delighted sensation quivering through the massive organ. His balls jumped in prepared readiness to deliver their delicious juicy seed.

Aroused as never before, Goliath began his final assault on the tomb closure device. The grinding noises became evident again as the brutal muscle-turned-rock forced the dead weight of the stone into an upward movement. He could feel his own monumental muscles extend their crystallizing transformation ever deeper into the very core of the meat covering his frame. As the impossible weight moved ever higher, Goliath's legs and posterior muscles writhed invisibly in the darkness in blissfully corded movement.

His powerfully stimulated cock added to the power of the uplift as it pounded against the bottom of the stone. With each pumped stroke, his cock pushed itself ever harder and became ever more sensitized. Precum soaked the underside of the rock which only served to enhance the erotic stimulation as the now wetted cock head slid smoothly beneath the deadly weight.

Soon his amazing legs were able to lock themselves into straight columns of muscle. The light from the outside poured into the growing opening and reflected sharply off of the crisply cut striations of sweat polished upper leg mass. As Goliath's massive upper arms began to ball themselves into unheard of muscular proportions, he could feel the release of the stones pressure from his now freed flaring erection. The curling biceps fought to match the protrusion of pectoral mass as they achieved their richly earned maximum thickness.

Division by division, Goliath's biceps separated themselves into individually defined interlocking domes. Each fibrous mass reinforced its presence in a series of lined muscular perfection. Ropes of veins caressed the variously balled muscles and wrapped tenderly around to the voluminous extension of the triceps. The central core of the horse shoe shaped muscle fought valiantly against the pressure being applied by the granite-like constricted lats.

The rock ground on noisily in an ever upward motion. His shoulders and upper back muscle took control of the muscular form as they pushed the weighted rock ever higher. As the intruding daylight moved across the aroused projections of Goliath's nipples, he began the careful task of revolving his hands inward so that his palms would achieved secured positioning under the bottom of the stone gate. In the process, the curling motion turned into the beginning of an overhead press.

Sharp sunlight reflected blindingly off of the exposed, nude ebony body. Soon the mountainous shoulders felt the warmth of the daylight as, line after striated line, they appeared to the non-existing viewing audience. Goliath's elbows bowed away from the impossibly small girdle of waist muscles and the lats flared ever outward into global shaped proportions.

The same heated blood that fed his engorged male member caused the flaring latissimus meat to visible pump in its' winning struggle against the enormous weight. The expanded shoulders formed into iron hard helmets of muscle between the voluminous arms and cascading pecs. The bottom of the rock passed Goliath's eye level bringing the desolate outside world once again into his view. He winced happily at the sharp light as it invaded his handsomely dark face and reflected off of his brilliant blue eyes.

The reassuring rays stimulated the massively muscled statue to make the final push against the rising stone vault cover. Goliath's cock waved in proud reaction to his final victory as his arms locked out below the immense weight and he stepped under it as if to challenge his own success. Thus accomplished, the man of flesh-made-muscle who had become the man of stone-carved-muscle stood momentarily as his own victory statue.

Goliath's sun-drenched body stood as the epitome of male muscle accomplishment as if holding the entire temple erect. His own colossal erection boomed forward in erotically charged success. The sense of internal arousal and muscular density within Goliath was unlike any stimulation he had ever felt. Occupied as he was, the central forces of manhood within his groin took charge as his balls pushed the first volley of victory juice into his waiting instrument.

As Goliath let the defeated stone slip backward over his head and begin its crashing descent behind him, he could feel the hot internal male liquid as it moved thickly through the tubular core of the shaft of his cock. As the rock slide off of his hands, the first powerful ejaculation of rich cream shot out strongly from the crowning glory of his manhood. As the second blast of cum poured out with equal velocity, the gate crashed onto the ground behind the impenetrable muscle monster and shattered into an uncountable number of pieces.

It seemed like several moments had passed before the liquid fountain ceased its endless flow. Goliath's cock was still hard when he finally turned his monumentally muscled body and, stepping over the shattered wreckage of the stone gate, reentered the temple to claim the scepter he sought. Unmindful of his beautiful nakedness, the Nubian/God creation headed out from the small valley where he finally encountered the forward moving tribal party and his Chief.

Now, unknown to one another, two of the most magnificently muscled creatures of all time were enroute to the same fateful destination. Goliath began his trek north as Ursus and his companion moved ever closer from the east. •

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