Doc's Job

By FanTCMan

Another quickie on another old theme, which some love and some really don't.

The handsome young doctor watched the last of the fluid from the IV bag drip into the young teen's arm as he felt the size of his own pecs and rubbed the hair trail down his heavily carved belly. He had cum so often in this very leather chair from feeling the effects on his body and his libido from this incredible formula that the cum stains had become part of the leather's patina, and even now, as he noisily succumbed to his own deeply masculine sexuality and went spontaneously into one of those powerful orgasms, his legs going still, his hands gripping the chair as he watched his magnificent cock, now grown to fifteen inches and, at eight inches around, thicker than his wrist, begin to shoot volley after toe-curling volley into the new, soft, flat hair on his enormous pecs, down his stomach, and over his shoulders onto the back of the chair.

After a full minute or longer of cumming, and, when the ejaculation was spent, of rubbing the sticky, slippery, warm juice of his own manhood all over his torso, feeling his muscle, the hair, smelling himself, feeling the deep satisfaction that came over him every time he allowed himself the pleasure of just a little more, a few barely noticeable pounds of rock hard muscle, a touch more vascularity, inevitable, a touch more body hair on his chest or legs or groin or in his pits. He looked at himself in the mirror as he toweled off and rubbed the many cum spots that had spattered the chair, not so much cleaning them off as rubbing them into it. He was a stud, always had been, and he'd only intended to take a little of this stuff, to enhance his looks, pump his body some, add a little more meat for the ladies. But quickly, his interest in the ladies had faded as the intense attraction of the essence of masculinity began to take him over, and now his work in research and his life had become so entangled that his knew he was obsessed, and he loved the obsession.

This kid had gone under so easily. Some were better subjects than others. They came knowing just that they were to be involved in some kind of experiment, some psychological thing, and they would be hypnotized. Doc, as he called himself with the kids they sent him, told them nothing except to relax them and then put them under. The rest they would discover as the suggestions he'd embedded into their psyches took effect along with the formula that he would infuse into their receptive, pubescent systems. Then, once they were done, they would be returned to the syndicate, and that's all he knew of them. But it didn't matter. All that mattered was here, in his rooms, and as long as he got he tastes, he was satisfied.

"When I count backwards from three to one, you'll wake up feeling refreshed and you will remember nothing. Is that clear?"

The kid did not move as Doc pulled out the IV and held an alcohol soaked cotton swab on the wound to make sure it didn't bleed. "Yes," he answered in a monotone.

"Three. You will remember nothing. You are relaxed and slowing waking up." He sat down in the chair after pulling back on the scrubs he'd worn when the kid came in. "Two, you're relaxed, feeling great, and coming fully awake, and, three."

The kid blinked, opened his eyes, and turned to Doc. He smiled. "Wow. I guess I went under, huh? I remember you telling me I was getting drowsy, and that's it. Huh. I feel great." He stretched his arms, as though he'd had a long nap.

"Good, that's good."

He looked at the kid. This one was a stunner. Doc would have to guess about thirteen or fourteen. He had the beginnings of a mustache and sideburns and a touch of beard on his chin, which he probably shaved very proudly every day whether he needed to or not. Doc would see any minute how far into puberty he'd already progressed. He had black hair and dark brown eyes and the golden skin of island people and just a hint of a Spanish accent. He wondered where they'd got him.

"So, what now?" The boy sat up and pulled at the collar of his T shirt.

"Well, they'll be here to pick you up in about an hour. Are you feeling warm?"

"Yes, I'm feeling very warm. I'd like to take off my clothes."

The words came on cue just as the idea had been fed to him.

"Well, that's fine. Please don't be shy."

The boy stood up and removed all his clothes, dropped them to the floor, and then stood there as though he wasn't sure what to do.

Doc let the awkward silence hang in the air, knowing it would fill itself soon enough. He was about right. The kid had the slightest fringe of darkening fuzz at the base of his penis. His skin had begun to glisten with the sheen of moisture. The formula was working. He was starting to sweat. And then he quickly sat down and clamped his legs onto his genitals, looking at Doc with complete surprise.

"It's all right if you get an erection. It's very natural. You don't have to hide it from me," Doc said.

As though by command, the kid dropped his legs apart and watched as his cock grew stiffer and harder until it was slapping his belly. He just looked at Doc.

"I feel funny."

"Like what? By the way, what's your name?"

"Diego. I feel all tingly and weird. I . . . I . . ."

"What? What is it, Diego?"

"My dick hurts."

"What if I told you that was because it was growing? Would you like to have a large penis, Diego?"

"Oh, yes, sir, I would."

"A very large one?"

"Ahh, oh shit, sir. It really hurts. Yes, sir, I would."

"That's good, Diego."

"Oh, sir, oh my God, something really weird is happening."

"It's okay, Diego, it's just an ejaculation. You know what that is, don't you?"

"Yes, sir."

"Go ahead, it will make you grow."

"Oh, ohhh, awww," his voice began to deepen, "Awww, fuck, sir."

He began to spurt thick cream, shooting into the air, landing on his legs, running down his cock, and he went rigid as his orgasm took over and continued and grew stronger. His eyes glazed and retreated into the ecstasy of his sexual sensations as the contractions grew stronger with each volley that shot out of his cock. As the orgasm continued his cock began to grow, and his balls swelled and their sac grew bigger and hung lower and then, as if force by the sheer power of his own sexuality, his body began to change, and his muscles started to swell with hard mass. Rapidly, he began to grow pubic hair that spread and thickened even as hair began to show from under his arms and up his legs and arms. At first he watched his cock, with fascination, and then he began to rub his body, using his cum as lubrication, sliding his hands over his body and feeling it change. He lifted his balls as if to feel their weight and size, then let them drop and flexed his arms and felt his pecs and abs.

Doc watched the transformation. It got him every time, seeing a young, barely pubescent teen suddenly begin to show the signs of maturing at warp speed. He loved seeing the hair grow, spread, finally climbing up their stomachs, creeping across their pecs to cover their chests, and filling into full, thick beards on their young faces. His own cock grew hard in his scrubs and soon had them tented. Doc had seen this often enough to guess, the kid's arms were probably nineteen already now, and then twenty, and would be about twenty-two inches by the time he finished. He watched the boy's legs grow thick with striated muscle as he flexed them stiff with his contractions. He watched as his torso thickened and lifted his heavy arms out, while his chest mounded thicker and thicker until the muscle rolled his enlarged nipples under, forcing them to point down. He watched as the kid realized his cock was so long that he could suck on it, and he watched the boy begin to drink the cum as it shot out of his jerking organ, adding to the strength of his transformation. Soon the cum was running out of his mouth, down his cock, pooling on the floor, but the kid didn't care any more. He held his cock in his mouth while he felt his hairy muscles with both hands.


No answer.

"Diego, show me your muscles."

Now Diego looked up, and stood up. His cock jutted straight out and he stood with his legs apart and struck a double biceps pose. The hair covered his legs running up over his massive glutes to cover his butt, running thicker as it reached his groin and became the thick, luxuriant pubic hair of a fully mature hirsute male, continuing up his abs in a dark, spreading trail, and flowing out and up, filling the deep crease under his heavily overhanging pecs, continuing to flow upward in swirls and eddies across his chest and up onto his neck, almost reaching the short, dark, heavy beard that covered his jaw and cheeks and upper lip. Only his back and his upper arms were still free of hair. The boy was more massive than a competitive heavyweight bodybuilder with balls that hung heavy and low, big as mangoes, and the cock that stuck straight out was thicker than his wrist and nearly two feet long. He looked at his muscles as he flexed them, fascinated, aroused, excited. His dark eyes, now fringed with heavier brows and lashes, darted from muscle to muscle as he admired himself, but their brightness was that of an eager pet, not of intelligence.

"Do you like your muscles?"

"Yeah. Big muscles," was all said, grinning with dumb enthusiasm

"What's your name, boy?"

"Uhhh . . ." the kid continued to flex and feel his pecs, looking vaguely puzzled at the question. "Uhhh . . . " •

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