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By Also_KnownAs

Okay guys, this whole next part? This is where we learn (meaning you learn, since I already know this story, remember? I'm living it, as you'll recall) who William is and a little more about what's going on. So if you just want to get to the hot sex parts, skip on down a ways. But, you know, I gotta cover this part because then what comes after will make more sense.

And it gets better, friends. Believe me.

So I said, "Well, that was pretty fucking apparent when you walked up to me in the locker room."

And William went, "No, I mean... You guys are like 17? 18?"

"Seventeen," I said, indicating Larry and me both.

"Guess how old I am," he asked.

My eyebrow went up. "Eighteen? Nineteen? So you were held back a grade or two. So what?"

"No, that's not quite it. What if I told you I look good for my age?" I looked at Larry, and I think the look on his face was the same as the one on mine. "Okay, what if I told you I look very good for my age. Very, very good."

"What, you're some old lecher with an excellent plastic surgeon? There's no plastic surgeon who's that good."

"No shit, Sherlock. Besides, you've felt just about every inch of me inside and out, I think you'd know if something on me was plastic, wouldn't you?" I snickered. "Okay, so..."

"Well, give me a fucking hint here."

"Uh, wine."


He nodded, smiling. "Wine. What does that tell you?"

"You're not a lech, you're a drunk."

"Jesus, don't they teach you kids anything anymore?"

"You're getting pissed off because you give me one word and I'm supposed to fucking guess who you are? Give me a break here, William. How about a little more?"


"Grease and wine? You're a short order cook with excellent taste?"

"Not oil, the country. Greece. Grecian." His face was displaying more than a tad of annoyance with me. I looked at Larry, and he was as confused as I was. "Fuck it. I'm sort of a god, does that help?"

"God? You're God?"

"Oh, fuck no. I said I'm sort of a god, I didn't say I was a god. Or the god. Or whatever. But I've been around for about 2500 years old. So you have to admit I look pretty fucking dazzling." He did a little twirl on the tile like he was Michael Jackson or something. And, yes, I did have to admit he was pretty fucking dazzling. I just wasn't going to say it out loud.

Larry goes, "You're Bacchus?"

William shook his head. "Wrong civilization. That's Roman. I'm Greek, remember?"

Larry was snapping his fingers. "You're... fuck, what's his name? Di... something. Starts with a D, right?" I just looked at them like they were crazy. Which they probably were. But so was I, so who was I to be judging anybody?

"The name you're checking the memory banks for is Dionysus. But, no, I'm not him. Like I keep saying, I'm sort of like a god, but I'm not an actual god. I can't do all that miracle shit like he could. And if you think I look good, you should get a load of his ass someday. Fuck, that dude'll make you cum just to look at him."

"So you're not a god, but you're like a god."

He nodded as he sucked the last of his beer back and set the bottle on the counter. "I was a disciple. Guess I still am, only I haven't seen him for, what, I guess it's been... 20 years? 30? I lost count." He scratched his chin, looking for all the world like some 19-year- old dude telling us about his first fuck. He was so cool, you could serve drinks off him. "But it goes like this. I was called Lyaios. Now, if run your fine little asses over to the library and look that up -- or I guess everyone uses the Internet for these sorts of things now, don't they? Whatever. Anyway, depending on what source you choose to read, I was either a giant or an undefeated gladiator or any number of amazing and heroic tales. Look, back then? We were all too drunk or too fucked up to write anything down. It's all full of lies or at the very least extreme exaggeration. I mean, you know, who was going to give a fuck what we were doing in this sylvan glade or that orgy?

"So, Dionysus, he's got all these followers, right? He's got the satyrs, which were these sort of, uh, goatmen I guess, and the maenads, who were these raving bitches who really knew how to get a party started if you know what I'm sayin', and they were always all hot and bothered when he was around because, I think I mentioned, he's a fucking god, right? He may be a god, but he still needs a change of scene now and again. I'm sure you've been there.

"So he was in the habit of going into town as a human, which is to say in the guise of someone you or I could actually look at without going into ecstatic bliss and blowing a nut, and picking up whoever caught his eye. And he was a total size queen, I mean the dude would not look at you unless you could part your toga without using your hands, right? And even before I met him I was not too shabby. In fact, Jackson, I have to say that I looked almost exactly like you do, right down to those damn fine little dimples on your ass. And I was pretty fair hung, as they say now.

"So I'm minding my own business on my father's farm and this dude comes along the road and what do you know, before you can say ludus sanae mentis, I'm getting the ass fuck of my young life in the stables and it turns out that I'm giving head to a god damn god! I mean, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

"Now, I don't know if you've ever met a god, but they have a rather sizable impact on you. Having been fucked by a god, I became a minor deity of sorts. That don't mean I can wave my hand and make apples dance. What it means is that, in my case, I became super-sexed. I mean, I was amazing. I was perpetually hard, I was cumming an embarrassing amount, my body was growing more and more attractive, stronger, more beautiful, it was great. And the more I hung around with D, the better I got, until I guess he sort of got sick of me strutting around all cocky and full of shit and he goes off and leaves me.

"Well, technically he banished me, and I couldn't blame him. Oh, sure, at the time I was fucking pissed off! I mean, one day I'm in his graces, receiving his blessings, guest at all his orgies, having sex every which way. That went on for a long time, I later figured out. Time is sort of meaningless when you live with a god, bet you didn't know that. And I had stopped aging, which was another nice benefit. And when he left I was a lot bigger and even better looking than I am now. The longer you're separated from a god -- here's another bit of trivia for your next party -- the longer you're away from him or her, the less you experience their affects. For a good many years after he left, I could fuck a guy and he'd receive a good deal of the god's power through me and he'd just explode with muscle and power and beauty.

"Because see, D? He's the god of pleasure. Not just wine, which is kind of paltry. And someone else got love, some chick, never met her. But D was the god of pleasure, and what's the greatest pleasure?"

"Fucking," I answered. It was automatic, and my own voice kind of surprised me.

"Exactly! So when he fucked you, you became the ultimate fuck machine. Everyone wanted to fuck you, and you wanted to fuck everyone. I mean, it was non-stop. You think we've been busy this weekend, Jackson? Back then, you'd be dead by now. I was amazing. I could fuck you until you died. I could fuck you for days, weeks, years! And I'd know exactly what you wanted, and I'd deliver it in spades. I can still do that, sorta." He sighed, smiling. "But that was along time ago. And I don't have the same affect anymore."

He looked at us. "But once you've been touched by a god, it never leaves you completely. So, yes, Jackson, you're better than you were three days ago. Because you've been with me. You're bigger, stronger, more beautiful, all that. And now you have some of that power, too. You weren't touched by the god, but you've been blessed, as it were, by his disciple.

"And I wasn't lying about anything I've said. I want to be with you, now. I've been wandering a long time. I've been with lots of men. Thousands, probably. And I never told one of them what I just told you. Because I really like you, Jackson. Maybe it's love, maybe it's something else." He shrugged.

"And me?"

"You? Larry, you're just too cute for words. How could I not fuck your ass?" His smile grew wider. "So, that's it. Jackson, you look like a trout. Close your mouth or fucking say something."

"You said... you said your time with Di-what's-his-name lasted a long time, but time was relative. So how long, in Earth time, were you with him and how long have you been out, so to speak?"

"Out in the gay sense or outside?"

"Both," said Larry.

William grinned at Larry. "You have to remember that in my day, it didn't matter who you fucked. Your whole civilization is so screwed up, so hung up on gender and superstition. Not that we didn't have our own, but in this area I think we were way ahead of you. So there was no closet to be in. I was always out. I loved who I loved, I fucked who I fucked. No one gave a shit. And I still don't. If someone's got a bug up thier butt about who I choose to allow up mine, that's their problem. Frankly, I think it's their loss, as well. Why limit yourself?

"As far as how long I was with D, I think it was about 1500 years off and on. I took some breaks, stepped out to see what was going on but always went back. I found out pretty quick that I could be gone for months and not an hour had passed back with D. When he finally cast me out, Europe was a bloody mess. It was not pretty. So I roamed around spreading good cheer, as it were. Remember that I still was pretty juiced up on D's power, so I was unstoppable. I needed to fuck almost constantly, and I was very, very good at it."

"You still are," I volunteered.

His eyebrows wiggled. "And I've been taking it easy on you so far, so don't get all smug on me just yet. You and I have a lot of new places to go." Larry whimpered. "Yes, you can come, too."

"So you've been wandering around since 1000 AD?"

"No, I met up with D once or twice since. He just shows up, we renew our acquaintance. I think he likes me better now that I've got a little seasoning under my belt. So there were a few centuries I missed out on. From what I hear, I didn't miss much."

"He just pops up out of nowhere?"

He nodded. "He's a god, he does what he wants."

"What's he look like?"

"To you? I would guess he'd be the handsomest fucking man you ever dreamed of. I mean, I recognize the looks you gave me and I know I'm hot shit, but I'm like a shadow of what D is. Even in his human form, there's no mistaking him. He'll look in your eyes and you are his, body and soul. You'll do anything, and I mean anything, to be with him. Plus, he's funny as hell." He smiled and rubbed a knuckle against his soft, full lips. "Damn, I miss him."

Larry asked, "And why are you pretending to be a high school student? You're old enough to be everyone's great great et cetera grandpa!"

"Guys your age are at the sexual peak. My appetite hasn't subsided, and even before my special talents affect you, you guys are Energizer bunnies. And I'm the battery charger. I still look -- and feel -- about eighteen years old. I'm sort of stuck here perpetually. In that sense, I'm the same age as you, regardless of how long I've been around."

There was a long silence. I was letting all this sink in. I didn't quite believe it, still. William seemed to believe what he was saying, so he was either insane or I was, because I was starting to believe him, too. "How big?" It was Larry's voice that broke the silence.

"Um, not sure. Twelve inches, at least. Maybe more for Jackson, he's already got an ample..."

"No, I mean, overall. How big will I get? As big as you?" Larry looked William up and down, all six and a half feet of him. I was staring at my dick trying to picture twelve inches of meat between my legs.

William shrugged. "Truthfully? I never stuck around long enough to see the finished product. I know I never got as big as D, but then he was a god."

"How big were you?"

"Well, the giant story was well earned. I stood close to eight feet high at one point. Had a fucking third leg under my breaches. Chest out to here, arms that could crush rocks. When D comes knocking, I almost immediately get that big again. Then I get a good deal of control over my body back. Another nice little side effect. It takes about a dozen years or so for me to get to here."

"So you saw him...?"

"About 20 years ago. Yeah, something like that. Disco? When was that?"

"How often does he make an appearance?"

"You sure ask a lot of questions Larry. Wouldn't you rather fuck?" His hand was brushing his chest, enflaming those large nipples of his. I was trying to imagine this guy bigger than he was, more beautiful, more everything. I was trying to imagine what I would look like if all this turned out to be true.

I looked at Larry and he looked at me. I checked him out as he checked me out. Now that I had heard William's story, whether it was true or not, there did seem to be something different about my best friend. He looked fucking hot. He always did, but there was something even sexier about him, something I couldn't put my finger on. But it was there. And it was getting stronger.

"Yes," I answered for everyone. "Let's fuck." I walked across the kitchen to William and kissed his mouth. "Let's go to one of those new places you mentioned. Larry? You up for a little trip to heaven?"

I didn't have to ask twice. •

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