Home Again


By mgt33139

Back home at last! Magnus loved working out at his home gym. He tried the new 275 pound dumbbells for his back workout, and they were already too light! Up to the 300s, he thought to himself. Most all of the machines he used were no longer challenging - he could do all the weight for 20 reps or more. The manager was ordering new weights to place on them all …

After a not-so-challenging workout, he went to the locker room. As usual, about ten guys were in there, just waiting, hoping that they could see or smell him. Magnus was still pretty respectful of propriety and would quickly undress and get in the shower. His shlong, which was apparently way out ahead of the rest of him on growth, was now almost eight inches soft.

After showering, Magnus got on the scales. 327 pounds - another 20 pounds in less than a week! Magnus noticed that his 10 1/2 EEE shoes were way too small. Before going home, we went to the mall nearby. Nordstrom can fix this in a jiffy. He breezed to the Men's shoe department, and sat down. A salesman came to him quickly.

"I need new work shoes and gym shoes, but I think my feet have grown."

"Let's see here," the salesman replied. "Put your heel here. Now stand up. Says here you're a 13 1/2 5-E!"

A few hundred dollars later, Magnus had on his new Adidas workouts. He had forgotten how good they felt - his shoes must've been way too small for a few weeks now…

Thursday came and Magnus couldn't wait to get to the gym! Neither could Rex! Rex always came in a little later than Magnus, and this time, he could barely believe it. Magnus was doing chest again - benching almost double Rex's max. "7 - 8 - 9 - 10!" Magnus roared out the reps, and stood up to meet his boy. His voice was deeper and richer, Rex thought! When Magnus stood up, he looked straight into Rex's eyes! He was as tall as Rex - he had grown four inches in a month! Magnus growled, "Come with me now!"

Magnus was so horny for his boy he left right there. He had Rex get on his bike, and Magnus stood on the pedals in front of him and pumped out the three miles home faster than he ever had. (Thank God he just bought a new custom-built bike… the craftsman said it could hold 800 pounds …)

When Magnus got home, he drank a gallon of milk and three pre-cooked chicken breasts. Rex made a shake and took off his clothes. He rubbed his hands all over his master's muscles, all so pumped from the workout and the bike ride. Magnus's giant cock smelled so good - sweat and man and workout and more man - Magnus just put on a condom and fucked him right there in the kitchen. Then in the bedroom. Then in the shower. They both ate more. Magnus fucked him again in the bedroom. •

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