New York Interlude


By mgt33139

Magnus loved taking the train to New York - comfortable seats, no hassle. Well the seats used to be comfortable. He just had breakfast - a dozen jumbo eggs (9 egg whites, 3 yolks) a quart of vanilla yogurt, just about double what he was eating three weeks earlier. Now the seat on the Amtrak was tight. The train wasn't crowded, so he lifted the armrest between his seat and the aisle seat. He immediately got out his laptop, and started working.

After about an hour of finetuning his presentation, he decided to take a break. Besides, he was hungry. He looked up, and all around him were men. Most were just average business types, but quite a few had nice bods under all those clothes. He got up and went to the dining car, got a ham sandwich and some yogurts. He ate them right there. As he went back to his car, he felt the urge to piss. One guy, a fairly big looking dude, definitely a bodybuilder, was just standing in the breezeway near the head. Staring at Magnus (and his crotch), Magnus suddenly got hard. He opened the door and the guy slipped in before Magnus.

The guy spoke: "Few guys are bigger than me, but when I see a hot one like you, all I want is to get fucked! Fuck me now!" He pulled his pants down and showed a huge furry round muscle ass. Magnus grabbed it greedily, slapping it until it was red all over. The guy handed him a condom and lube. Magnus had the condom on in no time over his now huge cock. He sprayed the lube on his cock and his fuck's hole. He felt as strong as a horse, a bear and an ox combined when he forced his huge fat cock up the man's ass. Looking in the mirror, Magnus noticed how this big guy looked SMALL next to Magnus. Magnus pounded him and after ten minutes came and came - the man had come three times already.

Two hours later, he did it all over again. But this time, he ate three sandwiches and has four yogurts.

In New York, Magnus was pretty much all business. The gym was nice enough, except it didn't have any really heavy weights. That Thursday, he went to weigh himself - but the scale only went up to 300 pounds.

Every few hours, he would just go down to the hotel lobby and sit in one of those big overstuffed chairs. Within minutes some big muscle guy would show up, as if Magnus had a scent that attracted them. Magnus wouldn't say anything, just go to the elevator, the man would follow, right into his room. Sometimes he would just pump and show his muscles and the guy would come. Then he would fuck him. The guy would always want to stay…

Magnus did that about thirty times during his week in New York. Between all the meals and watching himself pump and grow. •

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