Rex gets hooked


By mgt33139

Rex and Magnus's schedule hooked up only every Thursday, so a week later, as Rex enters the free weight room, he sees Magnus on the incline bench. Another big bodybuilder is spotting him, and Rex waits silently and watches as Magnus pumps out rep after rep, sweating and making noises. Finally he finishes the set and roars, "That feels good!"

Magnus quickly stands up to help the spotter remove the weights, and doesn't even notice Rex nearby, staring at him. That's when Rex notices, he's not only bigger, but this dude is taller too! He could swear that Magnus is at least two inches taller.

Rex greets his new idol, "Hey stud! That was some pump you got there!" Magnus replies, "Wanna do chest with me? I just got started." They agree, and as the workout progresses, Rex notices that Magnus is doing much more weight than Rex ever could.

An hour and a half later, Rex and Magnus are panting but grinning: both pushed the other to do probably the hardest chest workout of their lives. They go to the locker room to shower. Magnus sees the scales, and climbs on, having some difficulty in keeping both feet on the platform, as his legs are so big. He moves the weight to the 250 on the balance beam, and then slides the other guide up past 35, 40, then 45, and still the weight doesn't balance. He moves it all the way to 50, and it's still too light. Frustrated, he moved the first weight to 300, and starts again. It finally balances at 308 pounds!

Rex watches and realizes that his god, who was always about 30 pounds bigger, was now over 60 pounds bigger than him! And he looked tighter and thicker than ever!

Magnus pulls him into the shower, and whispers in his ear, "Suck my big fat dick!" It is already half hard and fat and Magnus has this animal look of lust in his eyes. Rex is hungry to serve his muscle man! As Rex sucks on his master's cock, he starts playing with his own big dick. Magnus sees him doing this, and again whispers, "Service ME! Don't touch your cock! I'm the man here!"

"Feel me! Feel my muscles! Feel how thick I am!" Magnus wasn't normally into this kind of role play, but he couldn't help his desires. Rex grabs his thick waist, then feels his pecs and big heavy nipples.

Rex looked up at Magnus, and concentrated on his master's ever fattening cock. Magnus was towering over him, pecs pumped full and heavy with muscle from the workout.

Rex sucked and sucked, and the cock just kept growing. Rex realized he had to deep throat, and did so. Still four or five inches are outside his lips! As Magnus stuffed it all in, he sprayed and sprayed! Without even touching himself, Rex blew his load all over the shower wall. They both finished showering without saying a word.

In the locker room, as they dressed, Magnus told Rex that he can't come home with him tonight - Magnus is really busy with work and is going to bed as soon as he gets home. Also, Magnus won't see him next week - he'll be on a business trip to New York. For the next fourteen days, Rex beats off thinking of Magnus fucking him

Magnus continued to eat like crazy. "Thank God diners in New York know how to serve bodybuilder meals," he thought to himself right before going to bed. Painfully erect, Magnus measured his meat: 10 1/4 x 7 1/2 inches. •

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