Something was working


By mgt33139

Magnus knew something was working. What kind of results, though?

His appetite had been turned up three notches: he was eating 6-8 high- calorie, high-protein, high-calcium meals a day. He had to start shopping at the warehouse grocery store - he was buying so much food (especially milk). And his strength was increasing almost every day. After two weeks, he measured his height: he had grown a whole inch. And gained 20 pounds. 295 pounds!

His libido had gone through the roof as well. He normally jacked off two, maybe three times a day. Now he was beating it at least four or five times every day. He didn't go out (bars were too smoky) but more and more guys on the street were hitting up on him.

A few weeks after The Day, a guy he had always admired at the gym, Rex, actually came up to him in the locker room and said, "Man, I'd sure like to be on what you're doing! You are looking so tight and huge!"

Magnus wasn't ready to tell anyone about his work, so he just replied, "Pushing the weights and eating as much as I can!" Rex, who at 6'2" and 245, was no slouch himself, but clearly Magnus was much bigger and stronger. Rex shot back, "Yeah, I hear they're ordering 275 and 300 pound dumbbells just for you." It was true, Magnus had asked the manager, a good friend, to get the heavier weights. For dumbbell rows, 250 was too light now.

Magnus looked at Rex, who was trying to hide a boner. Magnus said, "I think you should come home with me." Rex was so excited he almost came right there.

Because Magnus rode a bicycle and Rex drove a car, Magnus gave him directions to his place. Given the city traffic, Magnus made it home much faster, and waited for Rex at the door to his home. "Come on in," Magnus said. Rex entered, Magnus behind him, checking out the muscle man's huge powerful glutes. How he wanted to plow that hot ass!

"Want a protein shake? I have to have one about every two hours now, my metabolism is so high." Rex agreed. Magnus got two blenders going, a half gallon of milk, 4 servings of protein powder and carbo-load in his, and half that for his new fan.

"Here, just drink out of the pitcher - I'm not too formal around here," Magnus explained to Rex, as he got out of his sweaty workout clothes. Magnus wasn't the type to show off his huge muscles, which meant buying XXXL or XXXXL sweats and workout sweats to fit his monster legs. He noticed that they were starting to get tight - already? How could it be? It had only been a few weeks. Then he remembered, he weighed himself that afternoon at the gym and was up to 298.

Rex stared at Magnus as he took off all his clothes, while at the same time chugging on his protein shake, turning on the stereo and reading the mail. "You are looking so fucking huge these days!" Rex mentioned, then noticed something else that was huge. Rex thought, this is the icing on the cake: a monster-thick bodybuilder with a monster thick cock! Even soft, it was about 6 inches long, but at least six inches around. Rex then remembered why he was here, and started taking his clothes off as well. Normally a top, around Magnus he felt so passive. Magnus was one of the few men around who could make Rex feel small. He couldn't hide his own prodigious 8 1/2 incher when he took off his boxer shorts.

When Magnus noticed that Rex was staring at him, not just looking, but staring at him, and at his cock in particular: he felt more assertive and even hornier than before. He noticed some kind of different look in Rex's expression, was he looking submissive? Receptive? (How does such a big man look receptive?) But that was definitely it: each time Magnus looked right at him, he looked away or looked down, especially when Magnus looked directly in his eyes. All his body language said it: the way he held his shoulders forward and drooped. It just made Magnus that much more aggressive. His cock telescoped as he commanded: "Kneel on the floor facing the bed!"

Magnus had a loft: his king-size bed was in one corner of the large room that was his home. It was just a few feet off the ground. Rex had this worried look on his face as he silently complied. Magnus followed him, feeling Rex's furry ass as they both walked to the bed. By the time Rex knelt and faced Magnus, his cock had expanded to 9 inches.

"Suck. Suck my huge cock! Feel my huge thick legs!" Rex complied. Magnus's cock was nearly impossible to take all the way, it was so fat and long. And it felt like it was growing even more, even though it was hard as a rock. Still Rex was an expert, and eventually was able to get almost the whole thing down. The shape helped: rather than curving up as most cocks did, Magnus had a cock that pointed almost straight out, curving down slightly.

While Rex sucked, Magnus felt the man's furry cheeks, and deep within, Rex's tight puckered hole. Magnus massaged the huge cheek muscles and put a wet finger in his hole. It was tight and hot! He said, almost automatically, "My hole. This is my hole now." Rex nodded, and sucked more greedily. This thing was definitely getting bigger, he thought, wondering how he could take it all.

Now Magnus had three fingers in, and then four! He kept repeating, "My hole. What a sweet hole!" Rex was going crazy, wanting that giant dick to fill him. Still he kept sucking.

Magnus seemed to read Rex's mind and grabbed a condom and some lube, pulling his huge thing out out of Rex's throat and mouth. Rex could swear that Magnus's cock was even fatter and longer! Rex turned around and climbed on the bed as Magnus ordered, "Get on the bed! Get on all fours and bend your legs so I can fuck you!"

Magnus put on the condom, (Damn! Are they making these things smaller?) and lubed it up, as well as Rex's ass. He slapped it against Rex's ass, playing with Rex's desire. Rex was almost beside himself. "Put it in!" he begged. "Please put it in! Fuck me now! Hard!"

Magnus grunted and complied. He was so excited, the head was even bigger than usual. And while Rex could take it, his thick glutes meant pushing it hard. "Gonna have my cherry! Gonna fuck my boy!" Rex growled, as the top half of the cockhead went in. Inch by inch he inserted his monster thing into Rex. Rex just snorted with pleasure. Soon Magnus was pounding him. He climbed on the bed, and started jackhammering his huge fat cock into his boy's fuckass.

Magnus always got off on fucking, but this was unusually intense. He was pumping his muscles as he fucked, and could barely believe what he saw in the mirror: he looked truly enormous, on top of this bodybuilder with his ass in the air and a huge smile on his face.

He slowed the tempo down, pulling his cock out almost all the way, and then forcing it back in. Rex got into the tempo. Magnus looked down at his own cock. Was it even fatter than before? Was he pulling it out even further? The thought made him rev the tempo back to the solid pounding. He felt like a jackhammer. His body instinctively fucked - the neuron signals just went from the cock to the hips - just plain hard fast fucking. Rex had already come twice and his knees collapsed as the new position made Magnus insert his dick completely inside. Magnus started screaming, "I'm going to come!" Now he was pounding so fast and hard that Rex could just lie there. Finally, he started coming, spraying his boy. Magnus finally collapsed on top of Rex.

They both rested for a few minutes quietly realizing it was some of the best sex either had had in ages, then said simultaneously, "Wow!" and laughed. "Let me pull out," Magnus said to Rex. Usually, Magnus's erection would go down slowly, especially after intense sex. He was still almost completely hard. Rex replied, "Okay. Then let's shower. I'm soaking wet with sweat."

So Magnus slowly pulled his still mostly hard cock out of Rex's tight but worn ass. And pulled. And pulled. Finally it all came out, the huge snake not even two thirds covered by the condom. It was definitely bigger. When Rex saw it, he asked, "All of that was in me? My God, it's huge!

Magnus just happened to have one of those tailor's cloth measuring tapes nearby, and sure enough, in its softening state it was 9 1/2 inches long, and an enormous 7 inches around at the base.

They showered together in silence. Magnus couldn't believe how intense the sex were, or how unusually dominant he was acting. And the crazy thing was, he was hungry again! •

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