5 guys named Moe


By mgt33139

This was the morning he'd been waiting for all these months. He finally figured it out. After all these years, Magnus had discovered what he'd been looking for. If it worked, his dream would come true.

Magnus always prided himself on his huge, muscular body. At 45 years of age, he was in his top form. Working out at the gym for the last 25 years had paid off: 5 feet 10 inches and 275 enormous muscular pounds. 56 inch chest, 23 inch arms, 32 inch waist, 30 inch legs, a heft fat 8 inch cock: the dude was a freak. He was truly at his physical peak - there was no way his frame could hold any more muscle. Until today.

He had discovered a way to become even bigger. The possible result was so amazing, just thinking about it made his fat shlong get hard. He squeezed it i his hand could barely fit around it.

It was really quite simple. The only limit to Magnus (or any other man) getting any more muscle on his body was the frame it grew on: his skeletal structure. Like every other adult, he had stopped growing when he was a teenager. Why didn't bones grow any more after adolescence? Basically, the body told them to stop by getting the growth plates in the bone to close. If that could be reversed, then the body would start growing again. Basically, it would be telling the body that it was pre-pubescent, and has to become an adult.

Being the independent type that he was, he just researched it himself. First the web, then Medlink, then some emails with some researchers in the field of bone regeneration. Then some research on his own. It was not that complicated - testosterone, human growth hormone, thyroid hormones, insulin, and growth factors were all that were involved.

Two months ago, he got on-line and bought several of the latest "model" of a modified JLS-V9 mouse commonly used in bone regeneration studies. There were five guys, No Moe - who was a little contrary, Little Moe - the runt, Eat Moe - always hungry, Big Moe - a little on the heavy side, at least for a mouse, and Four-Eyed Moe, who just had a hard time seeing.

These guys were little: Big Moe came in at 40 grams, Little Moe was only 20. At least when he got them they were little. He found out quickly the composition of the hormone that "tells" the human body's growth plates to close. It was the same in the mouse. But how to undo that? After several tries, he found a compound that made sense. It was basically the bio-chemical opposite of the growth factor that worked with testosterone to close the growth plates.

It was a two step process: first testosterone levels would have to be low - to the level of prepubescent boy's. Then when the reversing factor is added, voila, your body thinks it's 11 or so. Of course, because adult growth hormone levels are lower than in teenagers, they would have to be supplemented to get the optimal effect.

The work on the mice took some time - getting their testosterone levels to drop took several weeks. When they were at the right level, he gave them the reversing factor, some hormone to rev up natural testosterone production, growth hormone, and fed them.

The results were impressive. In about three months, Little Moe was Little Moe no more: he more than doubled in length and tripled in size. Magnus figured he just may have been malnourished when he first went through this. The other gained anywhere from 20% in length to almost half again longer. All gained 100% or more in weight.

The question was, what would the result be on a human, 5'10" 275 pound muscle monster child become? (Who had been using various hormone supplements and factors on his own for the past decade or so ) He looked to his own youth to try to get an answer. He started beating his meat when he was around 12, and at that time he was maybe 4'10. From 58 inches to 70 inches, a 20% increase in height. But because the bones were already adult-sized and adult thickness, what effect would "growing up" have on them?

He had just finished a 12-week series with a supplement that he knew reduced his testosterone levels. He did a blood sample on himself the day before, and they were right where they should be.

There was no time to wait - in a flash he filled a glass with water and poured the powder in and gulped it down. And then he went to eat breakfast. Typical bodybuilder breakfast: 6 egg whites, 2 containers of yogurt, coffee, vitamins, fresh orange juice, two slices of toast, 6 ounces low-fat ham, 16 oz glass of skim milk.

Because of his low testosterone levels, Magnus was a little tired. He always felt that way for a week or so after the supplement series. One would think that such a big breakfast would make his tiredness even worse. Just the opposite, he always got energized after eating. After breakfast, he went to the gym.

He didn't care for the boutique gyms, or where all the queer boys would just pose and talk and cruise. He didn't care for that "buff" body type anyway. He wanted huge, and he wanted to see huge around him. He went to Atlas Gym, just a few miles from his home. It was the only bodybuilder gym in the city.

Even though he just ate, he rode his bicycle to the gym. That and a 10 minute fast walk on the treadmill was enough time to let him digest. It was back day. Lat pulldowns, pullups, seated cable rows, bent over dumbbell rows, dead lifts. Like he'd been doing for years. Same routine: done in that order. The only variation was which one he would "push" that day with extra heavy weights. His lats were so thick already even before his "experiment," he had to push himself.

He decided on the dumbbell rows. This was the only gym in town that had dumbbells up to 250. His max was only 3 reps. Today he was going to go for 5. It was easily the most difficult exercise of all five back exercises. He put on his handgrip and started with his right arm. Lift one - breathe in - let down slowly and exhale. Lift two - breathe in - let down slowly and exhale. Sweat was pouring off his face and chest, drops falling on the bench and floor. Three. Four. Five. He still had some energy, still some strength. Six! Seven! He got his eighth rep in, dropping the dumbbell with a loud thud on the padded floor.

His left arm: the same thing. It was no fluke. He was able to lift the 250 8 times. Some of the other men working out noticed this achievement, but no one said anything more than "good workout." That's the gym rat version of "great job, fucking fantastic!"

He rode his bicycle home. Even though he was nearly the size of an ultra-heavy weight bodybuilder, he was still an excellent bicyclist. And his bulk worked in his favor on the road: most drivers gave him plenty of room. As soon as he got home, he had the strangest craving, and knowing his body pretty well, went for it. He drank a whole half gallon of milk, all at once.

By that afternoon, he was ravenous, even though it was just three hours since he ate lunch. He went and poached two chicken breasts, his regular between-meal meal. And, feeding his craving, drank another half gallon of milk. "What's with me?" he asked himself and then immediately remembered that this was the first day of his new life. He realized it had already started. The milk craving was just his body's way of telling him he needs all the calcium he can get now. He rushed into his bedroom to his posing mirror. He didn't look any different from yesterday. He did a quick double bicep pose - and when he held his arms out before pulling his forearms together, he could swear they looked longer. Was that possible already? While he had measured his arms, quads, chest, even neck, he had no measurement of the length of his arms. He quickly did so - 73 inches. Three inches more than his height. Magnus always thought that your reach equaled your height. Did his back exercises somehow hasten growth in his arms?

He went back to work after eating his chicken. By 6 that evening, he was starving again. He made more spaghetti than usual - ate it all. (He usually made enough for two or three meals.) By 9 he was ravished: three chicken breasts, another half gallon of milk. Before going to bed that night at 11, he made a protein shake and weighed himself. 278 pounds -- 3 pounds more than yesterday. •

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