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By FanTCMan

Okay, this is so hot I can't even believe it. Do you know what it feels like to be seventeen and turning into a big hairy bodybuilder guy so fast that I keep looking in the mirrors and seeing what I look like and I'm freaked because I never wanted to be one of those guys and now I'm so totally turned on by what I see it's like it's some other guy that I'm totally queer for and I wish I was him, but I am him, and I'm SO totally queer for his masculinity, my masculinity, all so right out there and getting more intense looking every day. My whole shape is changing. It's so fucking hot. I look myself from the side, and my butt is sticking out more, sitting higher, turning into a real bubble butt, and my pecs are starting to stick out more and more, getting that folded over look, and I'm just getting thicker all the time, and I can't stop thinking about how they're making me change, what I'm changing into, big seventeen year old muscle stud, big bulging package. Makes me feel so fucking hot.

Russ and Ken don't give me much time to think about anything, though. They're always making me flex for them or other guys, and I'm boning up all the time over my muscles and my big cock, and everyone wants to have sex with me, and I know I gotta do it, and I want to do it, and it's about all I can think about except my muscles and how much I love getting bigger and feeling so thick, and how my cock and balls are getting really huge, too, and that I have a kind of masculinity in me that is so strong from that stuff they're giving me that it's totally taking me over and making me grow bigger and get more hair on me and get huge fuckin' balls all the time, and even though I know I'm a seventeen year old guy, I'm getting more and more of this man stuff about me all the time, and there's something about it that makes me feel so hot and so sexy that I'm just completely turned on all the time. And not just sexy, it makes me feel totally sexual, you know, so much that guys keep saying I'm like this totally seductive sexual dude, just pouring masculine sexuality out of every pore, and I know what they mean because I feel just like that.

For a little while, the feeling is kind of strange to get used to, as if I can even get used to feeling all this, really, but I mean after the first three days, after my first shot, when they had me call in sick, and then after three days when they said they thought I was reoriented, in their words, enough to go out in public, they have me go to the store and resign so I can just stay at their place and be their houseboy. For those whole three days, I never put any clothes on, and I'm just running around naked with a big boner and doing whatever they want, like flexing for them and getting myself so turned on that I'm jacking off looking at myself while they watch me just loving my cut up muscles and my jock cock, even my balls, loving my fuckin' balls because they're pumping out stuff that's making me feel like some kind of super jock stud, and look like a total jock stud. Then they have me put on some shorts they have, because after all it is summer, and these shorts are those cotton Lycra kind that they wore into the store, and they don't give me any underwear, and they give me a wifebeater, so I'm dressed just like they were, not huge like they were, but I'm looking at myself and seeing, really for the first time, that I'm already a lot more muscular, after just three days, that shot is so much stronger than the shit they put in my beer, and my package is looking big, too, really big, and every detail of me shows, my cockhead and all. I mean, you can see two big nuts and a fat, coiled up snake wearing a helmet all scrunched in there up front, and now my legs are really rubbing together so my stuff can't, like, drop down between them, and the way the shorts fit and hold my meat like a pouch, it just sits there up front and center. My beater doesn't even come down to my belly button, and my shorts only come up to almost the top of my pubes, which are all the fuck over the place now, and I've got all this hard, cut up muscle belly showing, with this thick line of hair coming out of the bottom of the beater and down to the shorts, all spreading out and looking hot as shit, and it fits so tight my nips are sticking out, way bigger than they were, my pecs are all swollen up with muscle, so hard and thick, with my nips sticking out right at the bottom outside corners of them, and all over my pecs, after only three days, there's already short dark hairs growing out to my delts and up to my neck, over my collar bones. Damn, I look hot, but I look so different, and the people at the store only saw me three days ago, but I don't even give a shit. I can't wait. My lats are starting to push out my guns, those pipes are getting all thick and muscled, and I got stubble all over my jaw. Man. Even my arms got this dark, flat hair growing from below my wrists to above my elbows, and my legs, which were always pretty hairy, are seriously hairy by then, all the way up to my goin and my butt. And they drive me to the store and wait in the car while I go in to tell the manager on duty that I can't come back. I have another job and it needs me to start right then.

Meanwhile, I see everyone staring at me, poking each other to look, pointing when they think I don't see, so I just let them know I know they're looking, give them the big ol' Tony the Tiger smile. One guy comes over and says dude, what happened to you man, and I tell him I'm just taking this stuff these guys have but I can't really talk about it, and he says but bro you're getting all muscled up and stuff, and he glances down at my crotch, and I can tell he's embarrassed because I saw him look and he couldn't help it, and I just smile and say yeah, they're going to get me really huge, they're going to see how big the can get me, and I kind of flex for him, and all he can say is fuck, man, and I'm feeling so turned on and hot being out like that that I'm starting to bone, and there's no way it won't totally show in those shorts, so I tell him I'll see him around, and I go back out to the car.

Russ is driving, Ken's in the back seat, and when I get in, I'm really boning, and when they pull out of the parking lot, Ken leans up and reaches around me on both sides over the seat, just feeling my pecs, down inside my beater, and it feels so hot, my pecs in his hands, feeling so thick, feeling how his hands kind of roll over them because of how they're starting to cut under, feeling the hair on them, and he keeps going, down my abs, rubbing my new hair right down my trail, till he pulls my cock out of my shorts, and we're riding along the street and I'm just leaning back with his head right next to my ear so I can feel his breath and feel his whiskers on my face, and I'm so horned and turned on I don't even care where we are, and he tells me I'm going to be a great fuckin' muscle boy, and he starts stroking my cock and just jacks me real slow till I'm cumming like a quart of jock juice all over myself, man, all over my belly, and it's running down onto the car seat, and they don't even care, and I'm just so fucking hot, and Ken rubs my cum into my belly hair and tells me how hot I am, and Russ rubs some in too, and I cum again, just cum, without them even jacking me, I'm feeling so hot.

Around the house when they don't have me naked, they only let me wear these posers that are so incredibly skimpy that they just hold my stuff, which is getting bigger all the time so the posers are pulling down lower all the time and pretty soon don't even cover my pubes, but I'm getting so much more hair down there spreading all over my groin that it wouldn't matter anyway. So they're starting to set up a business or something, having to do with the stuff they're giving me, and some guys come over now and then, like a lawyer, and an accountant, and some guy that's going to be in charge of the grounds, and they tell them all that I'm their muscleboy but I'm also their houseboy and their major domo, whatever the fuck that is, and they'll be meeting with me to find out what to do and stuff, and when these guys see me, they're like all freaking out because I'm so good looking and hot looking and built and hung and so sexual, and they have me flex and get naked and they feel my muscles and suck my cock and fuck my ass and some of them get me to fuck them, and I'm so fuckin' horny all the time it's all cool because all I want to do is get off on my body and have sex, and I know I'm supposed to have sex with anyone that wants to have sex with me anyway. Everybody's total slut pig muscleboy.

Then they give me another shot after a week, and it makes me feel even more of that deep intense masculine feeling, like I have so much masculine juice in me it's just making me feel jacked all the time. I can feel how all that feeling of masculinity is not just mental, it's an intensely strong physical thing, making my body change and grow even more, and I love the feeling so much I would do anything they want. I start seeing how much I'm changing, and I'm fucking falling totally in love with my body and myself, how I feel, how I look. My dick is getting so big it feels real heavy hanging from me, just swinging around and flopping when I walk around naked, and my balls are getting bigger, almost like big eggs, hanging lower, making my dick stick out more, and one morning when I go to piss, I notice that when I'm soft, besides my cock being really big and fat, I mean hanging almost a foot totally soft, there's skin starting to grow over the rim of my cockhead. At first I'm not sure, I think maybe it's just that the skin is growing faster than my cock, but after a few days, I have more skin growing over my cockhead, hugging it pretty tight, and there's a little more every day, and this keeps happening, even more when I get my next shot, and I realize, I think, I'm growing a foreskin back again. At first it's really weird, since I've been a cut dude all my life, this skin covering half my cockhead, and when I bone up, it goes back, but when I jack off, there's more skin on my dick, and I can slide it over the rim of my cockhead, and it feels amazingly hot. So I ask them if this stuff is making me grow foreskin or something, and they tell me that it is, that it's the power of how masculine the stuff is making me, and I ask them how come I'm getting an uncut dick when they're both cut, and they tell me because they can, because they think I would be even more hot as a totally masculine uncut jock, did I have a problem with that, and even though I was always glad I was cut and thought cut dicks looked better, now all of a sudden I think it's really cool that I get to see what it's like to be an uncut dude, and I ask them would matter if I did have a problem with it, and they tell me not really, that I basically signed over my body to them, and I say, well, I guess I'm your muscleboy to make however you think is hot, and I'm even more turned on now that they are changing me like they want, that what I want doesn't matter, and they can even do something like this to my body whether I want it or not, and they can even make me want it whether I want it or not. And little by little, even though all the time my cock is getting bigger and bigger, the head is disappearing inside the skin that's growing over it, and somehow now it feels totally exciting to me, and I can't wait until my whole cockhead is covered with skin, when I can watch it kind of slide out when I bone up, that I can slide my foreskin over the head, pull it out, play with it. And other guys love to play with it, too, and pretty soon, I've got this big fuckin' totally uncut cock, man, all covered with foreskin, man, I've got foreskin, and there's something so hot and masculine about it, I'm loving it like I can't believe.

And the whole time, I'm getting more and more muscular. Everything about me is changing. Even my face is changing. Just like my body is getting more cut as it gets bigger, my face is getting more cut, more angular. My eyes look different, the brown color is darker, my eyebrows get thicker, they look more deep-set, my cheekbones are getting more prominent, my lips are getting fuller, almost thick, and a dimple starts to show on my chin, and my whiskers are getting so heavy that I should be shaving twice a day, but who could bother, and besides, they like me all scruffy. After about a month, I guess maybe four shots, they measure up my arms, and I'm at twenty and a half inches, cold. My chest is up to like fifty-six, almost fifty-seven, my quads are thirty-one, which really turns me on because my waist is also thirty-one. I've got this massive V shape now, with my lats so thick that totally relaxed they look like fuckin' cobra-hood lats and make my arms hang way out. I can't get my arms down to my sides at all, just like I can't get my knees together, and I know I don't just look like a bodybuilder, now, I look like a really massive bodybuilder.

I'm past roidboy. Total muscleboy. And they just keep telling me it ain't over till it's over, they're going to grow me till I won't grow anymore, which makes me cum hearing them tell me stuff like that.

They love to tease me by turning me on talking about my body until I just cum, but I know they love that, and I have to cum about once an hour at least, anyway. If I have to go much longer than that, I just cum anyway, can't stop it. Sometimes when they dress me up in muscle gear and take me out, like to the mall, to show me off, they'll keep me walking around until they know I'm getting to that point, where I'm starting to need to cum, getting so hot my hands just have to feel my muscles and I can't help it, I'm just walking along the mall not even caring where I am because I'm so horned and so sexual and feeling how I walk with my huge muscles that they're making get bigger and showing off, and I'm starting to bone and just feeling my pecs they feel so thick and hot I can't help it, so then they'll take me to the bathroom after they've had a laugh, seeing my Lycra start to stretch out in the crotch, where my bulge is already obscene, and I can barely hold it till I get in there and whip out my big fuckin' uncut snake and just cum. Sometimes I'll just do it at a urinal with some guy right there thinking I'm taking a leak, except I usually can't be that quiet, and I can't not jerk some, so they usually catch on, but they guess about me, just from looking at me, and from the fact that some other guys are taking the stuff, too, so I'm not the only guy muscling up real big and showing a freaky basket.

Also, they got me pierced and inked. I've got rings in my ears, my eyebrow, my nips, my bellybutton, even a stud in my tongue for when I blow them or their buddies, to really tease their cocks. I've got designs on my back, my arms, my ankles. They're always doing something to me so I know I'm their muscleboy. They even totally shaved me a couple times, just to make me like a total boy, then to watch my hair grow back in. My hair is darker, too, almost black now. I liked being shaved, but I like being hairy better. But what I like best is having them do whatever they want to me and with me. They trust me to take care of everything around the house, now. They think it's great that their muscleboy is smart enough to be their major domo, which I understand now. I even meet with the lawyer and the accountant, and we always do business before pleasure. But pleasure always gets in there, and they want to see me naked, watch my big cock bone up, watch me flex my huge muscles. Bu this time my guns are over twenty-two. The lawyer, this real Ralph Lauren Polo looking dude, likes to watch me fuck myself with this huge fucking dildo while I flex and he jacks me off. The accountant is younger, more A&F, and he likes to have me just flex and talk about my body until I cum without ever touching my dick and then fuck his hot ass. Yeah, they're all hot. Ken and Russ only have hot guys work for them. And they all get some of their stuff, even if it's only the teaser doses, like they put in my beer at first. Makes them so horned they lose any control or inhibitions. They do that with the gardeners a lot, get them all horned, then send me out in a poser to check up on them. They're all over my ass like flies on honey. But the best is late in the afternoon, when everyone else is gone, and they'll have me cleaning up around the pool or something, naked, of course, and we'll all have a beer, spiked, of course, and they we all get totally into our muscles and being huge muscle dudes together with huge meat hanging between our huge, hard legs, hanging from thick bushes of man hair, and they both fuck me at the same time, like a pretzel puzzle to get both their big cocks together in my ass, and when they're filling me with their man juice, they're telling me how they're gonna make me grow, and grow, and grow, and get so uncontrollably turned on all the time that my body and sex will be what drives me every minute of every day, never out of my head, that they won't be finished with me until I'm the biggest, hottest, most handsome, outrageously hung, totally sex-obsessed muscle-obsessed stud jock boy in the world, and I'm thinking, as they're fucking my young muscle ass, two huge cocks in me, ramming my big muscle ass and I could take more if they wanted me to, and I'm sucking my own huge cock, playing with my foreskin, sticking my own tongue inside it to tease the head, pulling it back, sliding it with my hands, spitting down in it, pulling it with my teeth, loving my fucking stud huge cock foreskin till I start to shoot and shoot and shoot, drinking down my own cum, I'm thinking, dudes, I am so already there. •

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