Sons of Hercules, The



By John

According to the movies, there were several "Sons of Hercules". It's time to meet another one of the those inspirational hero figures . Isn't it odd how they always seem to find themselves entwined in erotically wonderful situations of jeopardy? More to follow in coming weeks. Enjoy. Respectfully submitted comments are always welcomed.

The wall of water descended upon its' waiting victim. Lin stood shocked and helpless as the magnificently muscled body that had been his friend and brother, Ursus, disappeared under the wet avalanche almost as suddenly as it had appeared in the first place. . Indeed, only the son of a God could have dreamed of possessing such a body and, now, it seemed certain that Lin would never have the chance to taste of or marvel over the impossible muscle specimen his friend had become for even so brief a time.

Lin remembered the story from his adopted mother of those many long years ago when he and Ursus were small boys. And now, the day she had foretold in that story had come to pass.

The rumbling from down the gorge shortly before dawn this morning had promised that this day would not be like any other. It was not long before the people of the small village that had grown in the tiny stretch of rich soil on the wide bend in the rushing stream knew that something disastrous had happened at the base of the gorge where their canyon walls surrendered it's rushing stream to the mighty Yangtze River in the middle of the Three Gorges Canyon.

By daybreak, the stream had risen almost a third of the way to the narrow wooden plank roadway that hung suspended from the canyon walls just above the normal flood elevation. Ursus and Lin, as part of the group that normally took care of this precious route serving as the only connection to the rest of their world were collected up early. They embarked with several other of the road workers on the journey toward Wooshan to discover the cause of the threat of the rising water. At the pace it was rising, it was certain that by nightfall the entire village would be submerged or destroyed.

They were both active young men. Because life was based on a subsistence existence, neither was particularly big. Lin was the younger and more athletically aesthetic of the two. His crisp cut oriental features had turned the heads of many young women in the village in his direction. He knew that, one day, he would be forced to take a wife, but his heart would always belong to Ursus. Lin had been unable to define the feelings that had drawn him to Ursus in their childhood but, when the changes of manhood had set in, he knew it was pure, passionate love.

Ursus was a half a head taller and leaner than Lin. His bone structure was very large, especially for one of oriental origins. However, it was his skin and face that told the viewer that Ursus was not of pure blood. His complexion was more of a golden tan than a creamy yellow and his face was rounder and smoother. Then there were his sharp blue eyes - like the color of the winter sky. In his younger days, this had been the cause of much ridicule from other village children.

Ursus's mother had been a very special and loving person. She, after all, had taken in Lin as her own son after the death of his parents in the collapse of the upper end of the plank road. That was almost 16 years ago now when Lin was only 4. She had remained steadfast in her claim that her natural son, Ursus, was the son of a God name Hercules who had come to her out in the fields one day and anointed her with the gift of carrying his offspring. Ultimately, the ridicule they received for her tale forced them to move to the edge of the small village and they avoided too much contact.

One day, she said, Ursus would be challenged to prove her claim and would become a God among men. On that day, as she had told them, he would be called to give up the life that had been his for the sake of the town and he would be part of this world no more as he would be called to dwell at the foot of his father.

Today had also marked the twenty-third year of Ursus's birth. The two young men had pledged to celebrate at their favorite cave alcove this evening. It was a special place, high up one of the many cliff walls that defined their chasm and protected their village. Few went to these places because it was in the area where the bodies of the revered dead were lowered. Someday, they swore, it would be the nook where the wooden boxes with their bodies would be lowered so they could spend eternity together. For now, it was a safe place for two healthy young men to explore each other away from those who would disapprove of such activity.

Now, it seemed certain that Ursus, if that astounding body of his that had appeared today were found in the aftermath of the flood, would be placed to final rest to await the time when Lin would join him.

On this morning they had had to travel almost all the way down to where the stream emptied into the Yangtze. There must have been a quake or something in the night because much of the top part of one cliff had tumbled down to block the stream at a very narrow point between two high vertical rock walls. The top of the crumbled rock was at least the height of four men above the point where the plank road had hung on the side of the cliff. The blocked flow of water would, indeed, force the stream to rise much too high for the village to be spared.

Eight of the men, including Lin and Ursus got to work immediately to do what they could to loosen the rocks in the blocked passage. One other headed back to gather more help but it would be well into the afternoon before he would be able to get back. The situation certainly looked hopeless.

At first, they worked furiously to clear away smaller rocks from the sides and top. By working in teams they were able to move some of the racks as large as small pig. However, most of the strewn boulders were many times bigger and heavier than that. Ursus, as always, threw himself into the task at hand and did more himself than any of the others. Lin tried to keep up with Ursus's pace, but it was impossible. It was as if Ursus was possessed with an untiring power. The more Ursus worked, the more he lifted. But there was just too much to move this way.

For a while they worked at removing a piling of material from under an area where several of the larger boulders rested in the hopes of undermining them and causing them to tumble down and away. Ursus, again, hauled out heavier and heavier pieces. Some of them appeared to Lin to be twice or more what one man could normally carry. They were partially successful but, in the end, all the group had done was to lodge the rocks tighter, though lower, and almost get several of themselves killed when the pile gave way suddenly..

It was then that Lin, who was always very practical in his thinking, suggested that the men fashion lever handles out of several of the larger plank supports from the destroyed portion of the road they had dug out. Using these in combination with some of the larger movable boulders as fulcrums, they were able to make much more progress. Ursus hoisted the largest lever and moved the biggest pieces by far but was getting visibly frustrated with the work. Soon, a body length of upper rubble had disappeared from the top of the blockage.

The water was already half way to the flood lines on the canyon walls and it was already past high sun.

Ursus, always restless and more of a loner, decided that he was going to climb over to the down-stream side and see if he could use his lever to dislodge any of the rock down lower on that side. The others warned him of the stupidity of that idea as it would, if successful, put him in the line of the released water flow. The challenge and ridicule itself was enough to cause Ursus to harden his mind. After all, he pointed out, if they did not get the wall of rock out of the way, they would all drown anyway.

Ursus tied his heavy lever to his narrow waist and began to climb the piled rocks, dragging the wooden tool with him. Lin hated when Ursus got this way. While he agreed with the others, Ursus was his friend, his brother and, secretly, his lover. Reluctantly but convincingly, Lin called out after Ursus and began the climb, post tethered to his waist, to join Ursus on the other side in this dangerous and silly folly.

Soon, the two tired and sweaty young men were over and down far enough to challenge the wall of rubble behind them. Ursus found a spot toward one of the cliff sides that showed promise of being more loosely packed and told Lin to start work removing as much debris as possible there while he, Ursus, would go find a similar opportunity nearer the other cliff wall.

It was a hot day. The ragged clothes of both men were drenched in moisture from the morning work and covered with the grime of their efforts so far. Being alone now, they took a moment to cast off their upper body coverings. The sweat glistened off of their lean, lined muscles. The site of his half naked lover took affect as Lin instantly felt himself drawn to Ursus more than ever.

It had been hard work all morning but something was different now. Lin knew every inch of Ursus's long lean body. He loved the flat hard muscles and how the total lack of any bodyfat made each line of division clear and sharp. He reached out instinctively toward his lover and brought his rough hands in contact with the smooth tight skin. The sweat served as a wonderful lubricant letting Lin's hands slide over the thin covering on Ursus' pronounced muscles.

Lin's hands reinforced what his eyes had surmised. The muscles felt larger, too. They were not as flat as he remembered them being. In spite of his restless streak, Ursus was probably the hardest worker in the village and had showed that all morning. But all the hard work of this morning alone could not explain the obvious increase in the size of the exposed muscles.

They felt as hot and wonderful to Lin as always but, now, they also felt fuller and, yes, even harder than usual. Ursus brought a hand up to catch Lin's as it crossed his chest. Immediately, the biceps rolled into a crisp ball and a string of small sharp veins added to the visual image of solidity. The ball was the size of a large ripe plum but as hard as one not yet ripe.

Lin's hand slipped over to the delectable fruit protruding from the front of Ursus's upper arm and massaged the heated flesh passionately. Ursus rolled the other arm into the same position. Lin's other hand traced the deep lines that separated the pleasurable ball from the fanning lines of the equally sharp pectorals and shoulder. Lin's fingers explored deeper and deeper around the rock- like protuberance.

He tried to force his fingers around to the underside of the meaty ball between the muscle and the bone upon which it rested. Ursus clasped his fist harder and let the meat of the hardened muscle push the penetrating fingers back out. As he did so, both men could actually feel as the muscle grew into a larger, denser ball. Ursus clasped hard with the other fist and both men sensed the same result in the other arm.

As much out of curiosity as pleasure, Ursus took one of Lin's hands and placed it over one of his own sharply defined chest muscles. Ursus crunched down with all his will power bringing the muscle to the greatest state of contraction to which he could force it. Again, both men felt and sensed the instant increase in thickness and sharpness. Ursus flexed both pecs hard and felt the same response yet again. The long, lean muscle had definitely swelled into a discernible curved plate of solid meat.

Lin could feel the individual fibers within Ursus's chest muscle twitching and vibrating under the force of the contraction. With each pulsing crunch, the flesh swelled a bit more and did not give back the gain with each release between flexes. Lin leaned into the flesh now filling the frame of his lover as Ursus let Lin nibble lightly at the new rigid masses of pecs and on down to the small tight nipples. Then Lin's mouth moved over to the still growing plum of an arm and tried to bite into the hard, hard fruit. The muscle was so dense that not even a teeth mark remained after attempting the tasty treat.

Lin reached up to the visibly broader shoulders and began to massage the lined capping muscles that stood more pronounced than he could ever have imagined possible on a man. Ursus continued his flexing movement shifting so that first one side of his upper body was flexed and then the other. With each rhythmic gyration the constricted muscles swelled. And, now the swelling was visible to Lin's knowing eyes.

Lin reached his hands down and slipped them into the space between Ursus's arms and torso. Ursus flexed his upper back and lat muscles as he had done with his upper front muscles. Lin found that there was enough mass now for him to grab onto the protruding thickness of each lat with ease. These writhing fanlike snakes exuded a new power and heat that Lin had not felt before. Ursus continued to stiffen and grow.

The sensations of all of this animal activity pushed Lin to a level of excitement that was new and wonderful for him. Ursus could sense this response as one of his hands slipped down and into the tied cord holding Lin's pants in place. Soon the hand found its goal. Lin's cock was rock hard with excitement. Ursus knew the cock well. The extended hand-span length of the rigid shaft was fully inflated with the blood of arousal. The unsheathed cap was exposed by Ursus's knowing fingers. Ursus toyed with the loose skin that surrounded the inflamed head and gently moved into position on the upper section of the rod-like shaft.

Ursus continued to flex for his adopted brother. This caused Lin to experience ever increasing levels of personal arousal. He groaned joyfully at the combination of the experienced hand manipulations on his youthfully hard cock and the erotic stimulation of the pumping growth of muscle under his grasp.

Moving back once again to the ball of biceps muscle, Lin was astounded to feel that it had grown to the size of two interlocked fists. This was as astonishing as it was impossible - but it was happening and he could feel it! This was erotic beyond belief or description. Lin's eyes also told him that with each burst of growth came an equal increase in muscle density and definition. He had no idea how or why this was happening but it was just way too much for his healthy manhood to stand.

Ursus felt the sudden explosion of hardness within Lin's cock shaft followed by the vibration of achieved male orgasm. A rush of wetness splashed back against Ursus's embedded hand as the cum first wetted the front of Lin's pants and then spread back down the length of the throbbing cock. Ursus could feel it as the Lin's cock pulsed out shot after shot of rich, hot cum.

Ursus kept flexing harder and harder to force his lover to keep pushing as much cum out through his excited cock as possible. When it seemed that Lin had exhausted his stored load, Ursus removed his cum soaked hand and they both licked it to a clean shine ending with lips against lips in as passionate a kiss as either had ever felt.

The spent younger man reluctantly stepped back and away from his now shredded muscular lover. His stained wet pants of no concern anymore, he stood in awe at the vision that had grown before him and under his touch. Ursus must have added the weight of four farm pigs ready for slaughter to his body in just this morning. And every iota of mass gain was beautiful, sharply defined dense muscle. The man who stood before Lin right now would be the epitome of lustful desire for any sexually stimulated human being - female or male.

Lin could feel his arousal growing again within his pants and went to move back in on the new body of his lover. Ursus immediately stopped the advance by taking a step back and, turning, pointed to the task before them.

"Soon, my brother, we can enjoy more of the passion that makes us one." He stated. "But right now, we have a task more important than our lust to take care of and I, for one, feel that I am ready to beat down this pile of rock in the name of our village and our ancestors."

"You stay and continue to work here." Ursus added. " I will be right around behind these boulders working on the other side. Now we need to work - hard and fast."

With that he turned and Lin watched with increasing lust as the well muscled body of a man cut into beautifully muscled proportions moved out of his immediate view. At first, Lin's mind pondered the wonder of this inexplicable growth as he resumed his work but to no avail. There simply was no logical explanation. But there was still the image of the marvelously muscled man that Lin had just experienced.

Lin relived the past moments over and over again in his mind as he toiled away at the unyielding pile of rubble and rock. The heat and hardness of Ursus's body had been unbelievable. It had been as if Ursus were made out of the same rock that they were seeking to conquer right now. Only the rock that existed under Ursus's skin was alive and, with each passing minute, the volume of rock sliding and undulating under Lin's very own hands had continued to increase with each maddening constriction.

The thoughts of the experience replayed over and over again. Through his glorious daydreaming, Lin completely lost track of the movement of time. All this was brought back into sudden focus when he both heard and felt the sudden rumble of the piled rock wall in front of him. The startled young man instinctively jumped away as the movements within the rubble caused streams of dirt to cascade down the steeply banked sides.

Thinking suddenly of his hidden lover, Lin glanced toward the side where Ursus was working. Just as he looked over, he saw a boulder the size of a man literally fly a whole body length in the air before crashing to the steep ground. The resulting contact caused a second rumbling of the pile of blockage as more dirt poured out and slid down toward the bottom. All to soon, another boulder, just as big, sprung into view in the air and crashed down yet again. This time Lin was forced to jump back as several large chunks of rock bounced down from right above where he had been standing.

"Ursus! Ursus! The wall is crumbling" Lin shouted loudly. "Come, we best get away until it resettles."

As he shouted, Lin began to dart toward the side to which his lover had disappeared. As he did so, yet another rock soared across the air around the bend. This one had to have been almost the size of two men. Lin, fearing for the safety of Ursus, putting caution aside, he continued his hopping stride to get to his lover. Finally, Lin rounded the huge protruding boulder that had separated the two men from each other's view. The site he came upon stopped Lin dead in his tracks!

Ursus was not only OK, but he was no longer the same Ursus that had left Lin not so long ago after their last moments of passion. In fact, Ursus resembled no man that Lin could ever have imagined.

The image before him was no longer a man. He was a God! It was the body of a man, but the body of a man who belonged to the heavens. It was a creature of pure muscle and, yet, of astounding beauty. Ursus, if it still was him, had multiplied his massiveness many fold. He was no taller, nor was his midsection any larger. But everything else about him was gargantuan.

Sweat and sun combined to reflect the inhuman power showing in the unbelievably dense and striated musculature on this heavenly creature. Each disproportionately large body of muscle moved with unimaginable smoothness as their amazing bulk twisted forward holding a boulder twice it's size over its head. With one mighty heave, a rock many times heavier than the weight of a man soared two body lengths away and crashed into several shattered pieces as it erupted onto the ground below.

The site of Lin brought Ursus to a stop as the magnificent body rotated back toward the remaining rock wall. The body was totally naked. While the waist size had not changed, the sheer mass of the lower body must have destroyed what was left of Ursus's garments. Only the rope and part of the fabric that had been his waistband remain secured to the muscular behemoth.

"God's in heaven! What has happened to you?" Shouted an obviously excited Lin. "Look at you! You are amazing!"

"I don't know." Ursus called back. "It just kept happening. I kept digging and digging and, the more I did, the bigger I got. I cannot explain it but, I can tell you it feels wonderful. I feel as if there is no limit to what I can accomplish."

"Just look at this!" Ursus continued as he brought both exceptional arms into a double biceps position.

The visual result nearly knocked Lin completely off balance. He tread cautiously toward the flexing giant as his gaze locked in on a volume of muscle that had previously been beyond the possibility of imagination. Ursus held both arms locked in place as Lin moved in close enough to touch the mountainous projections in front of him. Each biceps muscle was larger than Lin's whole head - and that was just the front part! On top and behind, defined by a split in the overall mass, was another full head-sized section that appeared to be wedged into the front part. The complete muscle reached almost up to the bottom of Ursus' clenched fist.

Both of Lin's uncontrollable exploring hands focused in on just one of these peaked balls of striated desire. As soon as they encountered the pumped flesh, Lin recognized the sheer hardness and absorbed the life-flowing heat from within. The skin covering was nothing more than a sheathing encasement as the very fibers were virtually visible from within the tanned yellow coating. Veins, some as large as giant earth worms, writhed over the surface and shifted as the rockened meat demanded. There was no give, no yield under the touch. Lin grasped and pinched what little of the massiveness he could with both hand but the fibrous giant remained unaffected.

Then his gaze shifted slowly to the two global protrusions that were now Ursus's pectoral muscles. They gave no size or space away in comparison to the flexed arm muscles. Nor were they any less ridged or refined. The same lined fibers danced across the breadth of the upper chest as if two giant clam shells had been embedded under the sweat-soaked skin and polished to glisten like lined pearls. Lin's hands confirmed that these two head-thick volumes were equally as hard and pulsated as alive as the two mooned arms.

Abdominals like cut and polished yellow jade rolled down the front of the torso well hidden under the overhang of the pectoral masses. These culminated in a waist only as large as one of the biceps without including the equally sized triceps. Yet the tiny waist looked no less impenetrable than any other part of the amazing body. Tracing over the hills of the abdominals, Lin's hand came to finally rest on the top of Ursus' solidly erect cock.

The cock that Lin had know as well as his own was no longer there. The one he now felt had multiplied in size and richness to the same extent as the rest of Ursus' mighty body. Reluctantly at first, Lin had to step a bit away from the heat of the extraordinary upper torso in order to get a better view of the promise projecting from Ursus' crotch. But the ultimate view was as fulfilling as the feel promised.

The body of this God did, indeed, possess a cock belonging to it. Lin placed his elbow in Ursus' groin next to the column of man-flesh and let his forearm extend along the side. It took his hand extending out flat over the glowing cap at the end of the giant poll for the tip of his middle finger to reach the smiling slit at the end. The growth had been so great that all the foreskin had become part of the tightly stretched skin running along the forearm thick shaft. Two inviting round testicles sat proudly below the main pipe, each as large as the biceps that Lin had felt earlier today.

Leaning lightly at first against the iron hard pole, there was no discernible movement. As Lin pushed down with more and more of his own weight on the cantilevered beam of a cock, Ursus began to groan in the pleasure and pressure of the action. Lin let both cupping hands drift roughly back and forth along the vein-bumped surface as he continued the downward application of his body weight. Ursus groaned louder with each pass.

As the passions stirred deeper and deeper within the loins of the new muscle giant, he pushed his weighty pecs forward into Lin's shifting face. Lin responded by turning his head and beginning his own combination of a mouth and tongue massage of the pumping rocks of cleavage. Moving down toward the underside of one of the ledges of muscular protrusions, Lin's mouth found that the nipples, too, had grown in size and erotic stature.

The resulting spasmodic flexion response advised Lin of his successful furtherance of stimulation. Lin could begin to feel the pounding of the heat within the enraged cock and thought he heard the rumble of the cream in Ursus' testicles as it prepared to explode out from within. Then, suddenly, Lin realized that this was no internal rumbling at all. Looking up and around the array of muscle before him, Lin saw the mound of unstable rock begin to crumble.

Apparently, by removing as much material as Ursus had with his amazing strength, combined with the growing pressure of the rising water from behind, the blockage (or a good part of it) was ready to break away. Lin screamed to his lover, breaking through the last throws of erotic passion. Ursus reacted quickly. He darted toward the largest of the boulders near where he had been working and threw his magnificent body against it using his vast leg muscles as braces and anchors.

Ursus yelled to Lin to climb quickly and warn the others on the other side to get out of the way. He, Ursus, would hold the mountain of rubble in place until he was sure they were safe. The last all too quick view of the marvel of clenched muscle at work caused Lin to shoot another load into his stained pants as, at the same time, he climbed up and over the top. Lin shouted down to the seven men below who had already begun to evacuate.

Just as soon as it appeared they would be clear of the area. Lin raced over toward the nearest cliff wall and started back toward Ursus. Safely anchored on the cliff wall, Lin shouted down toward where he had last left Ursus for him to join him in safety quickly. Lin was relived when he saw the colossal body appear waving from below. Then came the ear-shattering sound of the rock finally giving way.

Lin watched helplessly from above as Ursus turned with his back toward the cliff wall, mighty cock still proudly proclaiming his seemingly invincible manhood. Then, in a split second of time, the weakened wall gave way to the pressure of the water behind it. All at once there was nothing but the swelling rush of water where the magnificently muscled giant, clasping the granite wall, had stood. •

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