Ty's Power

Big Boy Dustin

Ty walks into the kitchen with Mark and june still under his wish, the two still in wild estasy. Little Dustin then walked in to the kitchen, seeing ty he asked: "hey , umm, ty, umm , whats that noise?!?" then dustin walked over to Mark and Junes bedroom with Ty still smiling.

"WHAT the FUCK! what the hell happen to dad?!?! oh my god , what the fuck did you do to him?!?! Hes fucking HUGE!!!" dustin screamed. "they cant even hear me!, oh my god, i cant look at this shit, god, ty what the hell!?!"

Ty just grinned. "jesus christ!, what did you do to them , they cant hear me, thats our parents you know, god, thats sick." Dustin cried. But then before saying any more he restrained himself fearing the consequences. Then the little guy walked over to the counter, picked up a box of cereal and began to pour it into a large bowl. The got the milk and dustin had his cereal, sitting down at the dinner table

"i wish with every bite of cereal Dustin would gain 4 pounds of pure muscle, grow a half an inch taller, and get a little more manly " Ty said quietly under his breath. Dustin didnt notice and quicky slurped up his cereal, watching this, ty noticed with each bite dustin was changing... now around 5 bites after the wish, his body was a little taller, maybe... dustin squirmed around in his seat, meanwhile his muscles were becomeing more noticesable. His body began to get taller in his seat, and after some 10 bites his mucles were starting to buldge out a bit. About then Dustin began to notice the changes too, the two didnt say a word, and Dustin continued to grow while enjoying his large breakfast... •

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