The Arcade

A Wish of Change

By Changes

"Let's see, I would like to age 5 years to 17; be 6'4" tall; have a nice build and good looks; be smart, rich and a star member of the basketball and wrestling teams. Ya I think that will do it, stupid machine."

Andrew headed today the door out of the room when it suddenly closed locking him in alone.

"Hey, let me out!"

All of a sudden Andrew started to feel very hot. He became so hot he found himself stripping out of his clothes. He immediately began to cool down as he stripped off his underwear.

"What the hell was that about?" Andrew said as he tried picking some clothes up, which he quickly dropped when the heat came back.

Andrew started to feel strange, but he didn't know exactly what was wrong. It felt like something was pulling on his body from every direction. Looking down his eyes grew wide as he watched his legs and feet lengthen; he was getting taller.

Andrew was drawn away from his growing legs when he saw his light patch of blond pubic hair begin to expand and grow. His scrotum lowered and ballooned sending testosterone through his body. His penis began to grow inch by inch.

Andrew glanced back down at his legs; his feet had already grown a few inches and he watched as blond hairs grew around his ankles and thickened up to his knees.

"Holy shit" Andrew said in a deepening voice.

Andrew could hear his shoulders expanding and looked at his chest just in time to see his pecs tighten and grow outward. A few hairs grew up to his navel as his flabby stomach thinned into a 6 pack. Andrew could feel the strength growing in his arms and flexed as they peaked.

Andrew then felt his face being changed, molded into an older look. He touched his hand to his new face and could feel his new sideburns and light coat of hair on his chin.

Changes complete Andrew spoke in awe, "Wow, that machine actually granted my wish!"

"But how in the hell am I going to get out of here with those small clothes." He said as he reached down to fetch his now terribly small briefs. Holding them up he watched as they suddenly began to change, growing larger and changing shape. Before long Andrew was pulling on a pair of boxer briefs that fit him perfectly.


Andrew picked up his shorts next, watching them expand into a larger pair of cargo shorts. Touching his shirt he watched as it too changed, but not much, since it was now a tight fitting muscle shirt. His socks changed into a pair of ankle socks and Andrew watched in amazement as his small shoes expanded into a pair of size 14 basketball shoes.

After getting dressed, Andrew began checking his pockets. He pulled a wallet out of his back pocket. Opening it up he saw a license, which appeared to be his. Seeing his picture he was amazed at how good he looked.

"I can drive!" Andrew said putting his wallet back. Checking his front pocket he found a pair of keys. "I have a car!"

Finding the door to the room unlocked Andrew quickly headed outside to find his car and take his first drive, thinking of what he will do nextů •

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