Project William


By Also_KnownAs

Larry had a car. On the way to my place, William went down on me in the back seat and I came in his mouth. Then I returned the favor, while Larry kept yelling how unfair the whole thing was until William promised that he would fuck Larry the minute we got inside and closed the door.

"You're going to wait until we close the door?" Larry complained.

William's hand was digging down Larry's pants as we walked up the stairs to my place. Larry was bent over and William started pumping him almost before I got the key in the lock.

Larry wasn't quite prepared for William's ample surprise even though I tried to warn him in the car. Of course it was probably hard to understand me when I kept saying "Fuck, oh fuck," after every other word and kept sucking in deep breaths because of William's attentions.

And William, the fucker, smoothed over everything I told Larry with his usual blunt charm, saying, "Don't believe what this fucker tells you Larry. I'm just an average guy like you." I nearly choked, but as I had his cock down my throat at the time that's probably not all that surprising. But if William was `just an average guy' than I wanted to visit whatever town he came from. You could describe William in a lot of ways, but `average' was not one of them.

But Larry was so ready to be fucked that the size of that monster only made him want it more. If the look on his face when I unveiled myself in the locker room was surprise, then what he displayed as William's true magnitude became apparent was nothing short of shock.

And truthfully? I think William is bigger than he looks because he's built like a brick shithouse, so that monster cock looks smaller in comparison.

Larry's ass was plowed good and full that afternoon. Me? I sat on the couch with a hard-on watching William's sweet ass as the guy fucked my best bud. William's ass is a sight to behold just as it is, but watching him in action -- a view not previously available to me -- was something else altogether. The way his cheeks flexed and moved, the deep dimples of his muscular butt pumping in and out, the way his thighs stretched and bulged, and just the overwhelming taper of his back and all its thick masses of muscle was making me crazy. I was stroking my stiffy with glee as I watched, splattering myself in more hot spunk, cumming for the third time that day with another heavy load of cream.

And I gotta say that William is right. I do taste good.

My body was performing well past peak performance levels. Sure, Larry's reaction to me was over the top, but I gotta say that the more I noticed my own physique, the more I was beginning to wonder just what the hell was going on.

I mean, I looked bigger, I felt bigger, but I couldn't actually be bigger, could I? In three days, could I have changed so much that it was noticeable? Was my chest really showing a nicer set of plates? Was my belly rippled a little deeper? And my cock sure looked bigger now that I really studied it, and it sure felt bigger in my grip. Maybe I was just high on something, some sex-drive chemicals my body was making, which would also explain how I could be continually hard and cum not a couple of times a day, but several! Sometimes three or four times an hour!

This wasn't anything they taught us in sex ed, but maybe I was just some special case, some abnormal sex freak with a body that had finally matured enough to start really showing what it could do, and William just happened to be around to help out, as it were.

I was thinking about going to weigh myself (and clean up the jizz on my chest and stomach) and see if what appeared to be happening actually was -- don't ask me why, I still didn't believe it for a second but I mean if you saw a before and after of yours truly you'd start wondering, too -- but as I started to get up, William was suddenly all over me.

Larry was on the rug collapsed on his back with a smile on his face that pretty clearly indicated what he was feeling. His prick was slowly subsiding and lay across his hip. His belly rose and fell with each of his contented breaths, and I saw some definition there that I never noticed before. The guy was looking pretty fucking sexy there in the afterglow, but William was making me very aware that he was the one who wanted me, kissing me hard and shoving his tongue into a wrestling match with mine. I was sticky but he didn't apparently mind that one bit. In fact, he started licking my chest like a man who hadn't eaten in days and it wasn't long before I was at full attention again and he was attentively Hoovering my boner and playing with my fuzzy nuts.

Then I felt Larry at my back door, or more accurately I felt Larry's tongue shoving between my cheeks to get at my rosy butthole and my undercarriage started feeling as close to heaven as a guy could get.

I wanted to be doing something with my hands and mouth, too. I mean, I sure didn't mind being the center of attention but I needed to get fully engaged fucking quick. My body still felt all revved up from watching William and Larry go at it. I needed to be a participant, not just the target.

Then William was on his feet and kissing my mouth, and my hunger hit hard. I wanted to suck the guy inside, practically, I wanted to fuck his brains out.

So, as Larry ate me from behind, I fucked William's muscled ass, my body bent over his, shoving inside his tight hole like a man possessed. I came again, and again it was another full load. I pulled out as I was still cumming and Larry sucked down my seed, not choking on me this time, drinking every drop with a hand on my cock so I couldn't pull out if I wanted to.

Then Larry fucked William's ass as I fucked his. The guy was going batshit. Hell, so was I, and William was a sweaty grunting fuckpig, his huge body bucking as his tight hole held me inside like a vice. When we finally took a breather and headed into the kitchen for some beers, I was behind the other two and the sight of those prime pieces of ass and their heavy swinging dicks was keeping my libido in overdrive. I started wishing for a bigger shower.

Larry was swigging his Coors and he asked William the questions I never got around to. Larry was always a relaxed little dude. Real friendly like that. Me, I just wanted to grab some ass and split.

"Where you from William?"

He shrugged. I watched the thick cables of power on his shoulders swell and relax. "Here and there. I move around quite a lot."

"Because of your dad's job or something?"

"Or something," he answered, smiling.

"What brings you to our neck of the woods?"

"Just the next stop on a long road, I guess."

"I hope it's a long stop," I said, and Larry toasted the sentiment. Apparently he'd never been fucked so good, either. Even by me. "Where'd you disappear to this morning? I thought I'd come home to find your stuff here, but I don't see anything new."

He took a deep swallow before answering. I watched his Adam's Apple bob among the cords of muscle on his neck. Everything about this guy was sexy. "Had to take care of a few things. Don't really have anything worth bringing over, Jackson." He tilted his head, narrowing those sea green eyes. "Why, were you hoping I'd have more clothes to wear?"

"Fuck no!" I said it so fast that we all laughed. "I mean, if it's up to me I don't give a shit if you never wear a stitch of clothes, ever."

"The feeling is mutual," he purred, and the way his gaze painted my naked form made me feel a flash of heat all over my skin.

Larry was looking over at me too when I looked at him, and his gaze had the same hungry quality to it. "So, what did you guys do, really?"

"Do?" I asked. William set his beer down and folded his arms over his chest. He was looking at me, not at Larry.

Who was nodding as he drank from his bottle. Then he repeated, "What did you guys do, to get you looking like that, Jackson? What, did William feed you some super supplements or something, then you went all out at the gym to get so pumped?" I looked at William with a furrowed brow wondering what the hell Larry was on about. He was just standing there, smiling at me. "And your dick, Jackson. Judging from William's massive beast, I assume he told you some secret to penis enlargement or something. Some Oriental massage method or secret Inca exercises or an ointment made from the sperm of dead Greek gods or something?"

William chuckled.

"What the fuck are you drinking, Larry, because whatever's causing these hallucinations, I want some." I shook my head and looked down at myself. "I'm exactly the same as..."

"No," said William, "you're not."

You saw this coming, didn't you? Yeah, I dropped enough hints before we got here, but I have to tell you that I was still blind to what Larry was on about. I mean, to me, I was just the same. More horny, definitely, and I never felt better in my life, but I had convinced myself that I was the same dude as I was on Friday. Like I told you up front, I was a big guy. Nowhere as big as William, of course, but I was big. I stood 6-feet 2 inches high, I weighed about 195, I had a decent set of muscles on me and I looked pretty fucking cute, and I wasn't the only one who thought so.

I was a big, handsome dude. So what the fuck was William talking about? Which is, more or less, what I asked him.

It was hard to concentrate on his words looking at him, though. He was just... so incredibly amazingly great looking. Like, everything about him. And so huge. Standing there naked talking to me, to Larry and me, with his darkly shadowed jaw and sculpted face, that forest of curls stretching across his wide bulging chest, the six tightly packed muscled on his belly separated by more of his soft, black body hair. The thick, glistening triangle of pubes above what I can only describe as the biggest fucking prick in the world accompanied by two low hangers that seemed, even now, to be plump with that sweet cream he delivered in abundance. His long, powerful legs and the overwhelming sexual potency and power that seemed to come off him in waves. William was sex in the flesh. And he was leaning against my kitchen counter across the floor from me, looking at me with his bright green eyes as his mouth was saying things that were unbelievable.

His explanation was typically blunt, but also free of his usual innuendo and banter. "You're not the same as you were when we met, Jackson. Larry, you're a little different now, too. You can probably feel it. You feel... better. Stronger. More satisfied but still... I guess, hungry is the word."

"I'm fucking horny as hell," Larry explained.

William smiled a little secretive smile. It made him look damned sexy. "That's another way of putting it," he rumbled. "And that's a major part of what's happening to you. It's happening to you right now. And it will keep happening to you."

"And what is it?"

"Jackson. Larry. I'm not exactly... like you." •

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