Ty's Power

A New Spell for Dustin

"Wha--what are you planning ty?" Dustin whimpered

"here, listen, Every time someone says your name from... Now on, you'll grow a little bit."

"taller? bigger? what do you mean Ty?!?"

"Howabout both!"


"yes, both, and every time you'll gain a few pounds of muscle"

"Thats awesome! shit Ty, thats freakin awesome! dude Ty! i whats gonna happen to me? how big will i get? dude, what the hell's gonna happen to me?"

"Well then- lets see how it works, shall we?" Ty mused.

"I---I, do-"

"Dustin!" Ty shouted.

"Wait, I--- I can feel something, odd..." Dustin said calmly. He appeared to squirm in his clothes, as if they were uncomfortable for him... Dustin was feeling a warm sensation overcome his body and it felt good, relaxing even.

"dude, do you think Iím bigger? what does it look like?!?"

"umm... I cant tell... Dustin, you donít look any different"

"then say it again!"

Ty shouted in the bathroom once more: "Dustin!"

Again, Dustin was showing signs of being uncomfortable with his clothes. His arms were feeling his chest and biceps, he was feeling his body all over to see if anything was different.

"dude, i can feel it! I feel bigger, my arms!" Dustin pulled back the long sleeves to his red tee shirt to show his arms, flexing, Ty could see his biceps like a small bulge in his right arm.

"Look at this! Iím bigger! see?" Dustin exclaimed.

"yeah, actually, you might be a little wider or something... I cant tell... Dustin"

"Dude!" Dustin exclaimed, that re-assuring warmth spread over him once again.

"This is frikin awesome, thank you so much, god, this is so cool, i cant..."

Ty stepped back to take a look at his step brother. Come to think of it, his pecs were starting to show from under the draping fabric of his tee shirt, maybe he was a little bigger?

"hey, we gotta get to the next class... what class you have next Dustin?" Ty replied.

"uh.... i have History... yeah, I gotta go... Thank you so much! God Ty thanks so much!"

Dustin turned around and walked out of the bathroom. Ty followed him out, walking off to his next period, English class. As Ty walked out, he got a good look of Dustin for the last time in the hallway. And there, Ty could see it... the fabric hung loosely off of his skinny frame, but it fell over two protruding pecs which were visible to anyone, two pecs which hadn't been there just a moment ago. His sleeves looked shorter... maybe, and his arm was definitely thicker... Dustin was going to have fun with this. •

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