A BIG New Man Now

Bens baby body soon begins to swell , passing time in moments.

3 years old now ,4,6,7...

Ben looks at his new kids body walking over to the mirror , to find out somethings now right. His face was different but he couldnt put his finger on what was different about ut. He also seemed tall for a 8 year old or so...

but now he was passing his kid years. 9,10, 12, 13...

finally a teen! at least he was looking more like a 13 year old kid , than a 8 year old that he was before. Now looking at his pubecent body he DID notice something was different! his face was more handsome than it was when he was younger and he now knew he was WAY taller than he had been at 13. His pubic hair quickly growing out. his voice deepening. Testosterone was now pumping into his young body , making him grow larger, rapidly becoming a man. Ben was really getting horny now , he could feel the effects of these new hormones. Hair begain to sprout from his armpits, thickening and growing darker. He was really getting tall too, standing some 6 feet now.


More and more testosterone flooding into his young body causing his dick and testicles to swell to new man sized proportions. he was hitting a massive growth spurt too... "jeeezus, i must be 6'4"or 6'5" now... and im still growing" his voice now deeper, more masculine. hair speading down his long thin legs, thickening and darkening. Then growing up from his pubes -crawling up his stomach , forming a thickening treasure trail. Ben watched almost orgamisming at the sight of his growing body,his hormones going into overdrive. his face was now very handsome, he looked like a jock that those girls would swoon over.

17, or 18 now.

His body was still taller near 6'7" now, muscles quickly growing under his skin. His pecs began to push out, his abs forming a six-pack, his bicepts and tricepts becoming large and defined. " i was never this buff, tall, or for that matter handsome, at this age!" shouded Ben in a deep baritone voice. He was a definate babe magnet now, one huge jock. Only now did Ben notice his inflated package. Way bigger than average , and way bigger than the package he had before.


Hair on his chest expanded outwards, growing up towards his thick neck, and across his enormous shoulders."im old enough to drink... " he thought to himself. still at this age his testosterone levels were quickly rising, higher and higher. Causing his body to bulk up even more.

Suddenly Ben felt the rushes of pleasure stop, his aging had stoped leaving him in the body of a 24 year old super jock, handsome, hairy, and with way too much testosterone flowing through his body, and a package to match. Towering at 6'10" he knew he could easily intimidate anyone with his size. Overgrown and bulky muscles pushing out everywhere on his body....

looking in the mirror at his new body made him finally let it go, and it was a while before Ben could get up again...ben's hormones now way higher than any normal man... and he needed a girl in order to get himself under control.

walking over to the computer in his beefed out body made him want to see what other things he could change on him. or for that matter, who he could change! •

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