Cyclist, The

How it all ends


By Corwin

As Jonny marched, more like ran, us to the lab, I thought about the past couple of hours. They had gone so fast. After the phone call, it was Mark who spoke first.

"We have no choice. Jonny will come for us. It's his MO. He wants power, and you three are the the prime targets."

I exchanged glances with Adam, then Brett. We agreed.

Mark told me to get the beaker of The Weed's seed. He got four glasses, and poured equal amounts from the beaker into each glass.

When we came out, Adam and Brett were naked, kissing. Their hands stroked each other bodies lovingly, caressing the other hard muscle. They were both becoming erect.

"Mind if I join in?" asked Mark, as he took off his clothes. I looked at him inquisitively, and he grinned his white tooth grin. "What are you waiting for, stud?" he asked me as he began to suck on Brett's left pec.

I walked over to Adam and before I could do anything, he grabbed the waist of my pants and ripped them off. Grabbing my dick, he began stroking it as I pinched his right nipple. I felt the lust building within me.

Within minutes, Adam turned his attention to me as Brett took on Mark. Adam was used to being the dominant one, but not when I was around. Like Jonny, the boy liked it when a man took charge, and I was the man to do it. As his lust for me increased and he struggled to control my power, he began to lose control. "Take him," Mark ordered as I slammed inches of his cock down my throat and sucked hard. Seconds later, he delivered his load to me.

Seeing his lover lose control, and Mark's expert love making, this all began to push Brett over the edge. Mark pulled my mouth from Adam's cock and placed it on Brett's. As Brett delivered his load to me, Adam shot a volley into Mark. After Adam finished, Mark returned to Brett. As I removed my mouth from his cock, Mark said, "drink a glass, now."

I always listened to Mark. I was light headed after the encounter I had just had, but nothing could have prepared me for that glass of Jonny's seed. As I drank it, I felt flushed. I felt strong and powerful, like I wanted to grow into something huge and hulking. My massive bulk wasn't enough, and I wanted more. All I wanted was muscle.

I looked at my lover making out with the two studs. As I returned, Mark came over and downed a glass for himself. His eyes glazed over, then he turned to Adam and Brett and ordered, "SUCK US!"

They didn't have to be told twice. Brett was the first to me, and Adam tried to push him away. Brett would have none of it as he devoured inch after inch of my cock. My head reeled from the pleasure of my dick and the intensity of the mutated serum penetrating every fiber of my body. I felt like I was floating in a void and every inch of my skin was on fire. I shot a huge load into Brett.

Mark was having a similar response to Adam, who was flexing and showing off his hot bod for my lover. Mark felt Adam's flexed bis, rubbing his hand from the 28 inch peak over the cannonball shoulder to the massive sheild of his chest. I knew Mark, and within seconds, he shot his load into Adam. As he did, they switched, the other taking the rest of our loads that their partner had left for them. When we finished, Mark told them to take the other two glasses. Like us, they were intoxicated with the effects of the mutated serum we had just injested.

Mark excused himself and went into our bedroom. He returned with the four vials of the serum he had stashed there. He administered one injection to each of us. As he removed the syringe, the person collapsed to the floor.

It was a wild ride. The flush I had felt after drinking Jonny's superseed paled to what I felt now. I felt like electric eels were crawling over my skin, feeding pure power into my muscles. I felt like I was changing, becoming more than I could ever hope to be. My mind could only concentrate on muscle -- size, power, strength, the rush of contracting and flexing massive bellies of hard, strong flesh. Time stood still, and I was changed.

After we came to, it was 1:30. We went to bed, pretending nothing had changed, knowing everything had.

Jonny led us to the gym. He stood outside, making sure he was the last one in.

The door had been crashed in, but the equipment was untouched. I looked toward Mark's lab, and that door too had been crushed in. I could see a chaos of overturned funiture, broken glass and random pieces of paper.

Jonny stood in the door to the gym, blocking any possible means of escape. "OK, you boys have been good so far. Now, doc, where are you hiding the rest of the serum? I found some, as you can see," Jonny smurked and bounced his mamouth pecs, muscle rippling over massive muscle, "but I want more."

"Jonny, I'm not sure that's wise," said Mark.

"I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S WISE!" Jonny bellowed. "DOING WHAT I SAY IS WISE!" He took a deep breath, then added, "And not pissing me off is wise. You know this bod is way more powerful than any of yours. Just look at me! I'm the biggest, baddest thing around. It's what I wanted, and it's what I got."

"We know no such thing," I said, taking a step forward.

"Man, I so much want to take you down," Jonny said, contracting his arms and torso as he walked toward my position.

"Wait," cried Mark. "If you hurt any of them, I won't help you."

Jonny stopped. "No doc, you got that backward. You help me or I WILL hurt them."

"You still haven't proven you can, Petunia," I said.

"What'ya call me?" he said, getting angry.

"Well, I know you're such a delicate flower," I said, provoking The Weed.

"I'll show you." Jonny looked around, and focused on the bicep curl machine. "What's your max out routine, man."

"Scott1, daisy." I smurked right back at him.

Jonny walked to the machine and brought up my program. He looked at the numbers. "Pretty impressive. How many you do?"

"Eight, strict."

Jonny got on the machine. He turned to me and flexed his massive right bicep, and pointed to it with his left index finger, nodding his head as he smiled. He turned back into position and placed his hands on the handles. He pumped out rep after rep as fast as he could, counting aloud. "One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eightteen. Nineteen. Twenty." He stopped, turned and flexed again. "Kinda light for THESE," he said.

He got up and walked over to the bench, configuring it for my workout. "How many, old man?"

"Seven or eight, strict."

He bounced his pecs, then flexed them into a crab. Getting into position, he once lifted the bar. As fast as he could, which was pretty damned fast, he did reps, counting aloud. "One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen. Eightteen." He stopped there.

"Getting tired, sweetpea?" I taunted.

"Fuck you, wimp." He walked over to the lat machine, setting it up. He streched his back wide and looked at me.

I yawned. "Nine."

He scowled, and pumped out twenty four, once again counting aloud.

Next, he walked to the squat machine. As he set it up, I said, "Ya know, this is getting tiring."

"Man, heard that you think your legs are so big, being Mr. Superbiker and all. You're the one who wants me to show you what WeedPower is, so enjoy the show." He flexed his legs, showing the deep ridges in the quads and the thickness of his hams.

"Fine. I just did 10 on the squat. Oh, butt to the floor. No cheating."

"Fuck off." Once again, he pumped out rep after rep, nearly jumping off the floor as he powered the massive weight up and down like a piston. Counting aloud, he got to 19 before he stopped.

Jonny reset the machine and walked over to me, putting his face inches from mine. "That's WeedPower!" he bragged. He flexed his thigh, rubbing it against my own. "Feel that redwood-thick muscle. Go ahead, feel how hard it is."

I obeyed. It was like a rock. His slight hair was soft, and the skin was invisible to my touch. All I could feel was string-thick cords of muscle and deep ridges where the muscles joined. "Hard, but still doesn't prove anything."

Jonny grabbed me, but I didn't react. "I should..." he started, then regained his composure.

I snickered. "You want Mark to give you more serum, well here's the deal."

"Man, you really aren't in any position to deal," Jonny interrupted.

"I think we are. You want the serum, and I suspect you want something else from us too. Well, we'll give it to you, anyway you want. You want it voluntarily, fine. You want us to resist, fine. Either way, we'll cooperate. All you have to do is beat any one of us," I challenged him. "Same rules as last time. If any of us win, that person gets some of that sweet weedjuice you're so proud of. But if you beat just one of us, you get all of ours."

"Man, you are so fuck'n stupid. I already beat little Bretty here, and Adam couldn't take me down last time he tried. And look at me now, three times as big as they are. Bigger than you. This will be a cakewalk." Jonny grinned from ear to ear. "Name your game."

"Fine," I said. "I'll go first. Let's rastle." I grinned.

"Anytime, old man. Now you get to experience WeedPower first hand!"

We began to circle each other, arms by our sides, ready to pounce. I was the first to make a move, grabbing Jonny by the waist, lifting him from the ground and throwing him on his back. I dove on him, pinning his arms to the ground above his head.

Jonny laughed. I felt his body tense. It became steely hard as his muscles contracting powering up his body. My body tensed as I tried to absorb his power and hold his hands to the ground, but he was fighting me. Slowly, his hands began to rise as I was unable to contain Jonny's WeedPower.

Then I felt it, a sudden strength like I could take on anything. I saw the muscle fibers in my arms change from threads to strings then to cord and finally to ropes.

Jonny must have felt something two, as he quickly stood up and threw me off of him. Like lightning, he grabbed my arm and twisted it around my back. I strained, but his muscle and superior position had me pinned. At least, he had me pinned for the moment.

I fought, and again I felt a surge of power. My arms felt stronger and stronger, and very slowly, I began to move my arm. Jonny grabbed it with both hands, stopping the movement momentarily, but my strength was increasing. My hand began to move, slowly at first, then faster, overpowering Jonny's two arms as I forced my arm out. Jonny's thick arms flexed and strained, unable to stop my arm as I raised it to his neck. Grabbing the thick bull neck, I lifted Jonny up as he tried to break my grip. Again, I threw him to the ground, pinning his arms. This time, he was unable to move them.

"Looks like WeedPower loses to BikerPower once more, Petunia. Give?"

Jonny's arms flexed and contracted, trying to break my mighty grip. I felt his whole body tense, so I sqeezed my now stronger legs into his torso. Jonny was finding it difficult to exhale. I heard a bone pop. "Give!" he finally cried.

His massive cock had broken through the shorts that were unable to contain his erection. I held him down, and placed my mouth over the large head. Jonny squirmed. I pulled back, "Remember our deal," I said before I placed my mouth on his cock again. I sucked, but Jonny continued to struggle, testing his strength against mine. His balls went tight in his sack as he was unable to defy my strength. Within minutes, he erupted in my mouth. He was right, his cum was now hotter than the sun.

I felt light headed as I lifted my mouth from his cock. I felt a burning as his cum travelled to my stomach, then seemed to spread to every muscle in my body. My cock became erect as I felt orgasmic euphoria. I felt myself begin to grow again. My muscles began to expand. My back pushed my arms further from my sides. My arms became thicker and my pecs pushed at my chin. My legs thickened, pushing my knees further apart and my balls further out.

"Whoa!" I head Adam say. "I gotta get me some of that! I'm next."

"In your dreams, skinny. The old man might have been in my league, but I'm way stronger than you'll ever be." Through my daze, I remember Jonny flexing his bicep and kissing it. "Name your game."

"Let's see you bring these mighty arms down," Adam said, flexing his 28 inch bicep. It was smaller a lot smaller than Jonny's.

"You're kidding right?"

It was like watching them in slow motion, through my peaceful, muscle daze. Adam raised his hands, and Jonny grabbed them. They held them still for a second, then I saw Jonny's ripped forearm burst into tensing muscle fibers as he sqeezed hard on Adam's hand. Adam grimaced, his own grip unable to match the power in Jonny's. Through my daze, it seemed like Adam fought for years, then he began to change. Every fiber in his arm thickened, as mine had. His muscle became denser, stronger, gaining power from the fight with Jonny. Adam's strength surged as his grimace became a grin then a smile. Jonny's self-assured smile changed in the opposite direction, to a grin, then a grimace as he felt the pressure reverse and his hand being squeezed mercilessly.

Jonny changed strategies. His delts burst into three heads as he began to lower Adam's smaller arms. Adam's body, however, was already adapting to the challenge. His strength was increasing, matching the bigger man. Half way down, Adam's arms stopped. They wobbled for a second, going slightly up then back down, neither man having an advantage. Then the arms began to rise slowly as Adam's strength overtook Jonny's. Jonny's arms bulged and pumped huge, his face showing disbelief and contempt as Adam moved his arms to the starting position and held them there. Using the power in his wrists, he twisted Jonny's wrists backwards til Jonny cried, "I give."

"How?" Jonny muttered. "Can't be."

"Can!" Adam said, "and with these." He flexed his arms. They were pumped huge, but still much smaller in size than Jonny's. "Now come here Weed, I want some of that fertilizer so I can grow."

Slowly I felt the fog lift as Adam sucked Jonny's once-again hard manmeat. Jonny whispered something to Adam, then Adam made a bicep. Jonny began to feel it, sqeezing it hard, unable to dent the super-dense muscle. "Jonny's eyes glazed over and his head flipped back as he shot another super load into Adam's eager mouth.

Suddenly Adam stood up. He looked drunk. "Oh, fuck ya!" he screamed as his body shuddered then started to expand. He needed to adjust his footing to accomidate his growing thighs. Adam's growth rivaled my own, as his lats forced his arms further from his sides. His biceps looked like hams, thick and meaty. He raised his arms to his expanding chest, feeling the muscle grow. His erection exploded upward toward his face. Jonny reached for it, but Adam back slapped him, sending him reeling. "You know the rules, cheater!" Adam screamed. "Try that again and this powerbod," and flexed his bi, which extended inches higher than the top of his fist, his tri hanging down equally as far, "will crush you."

Jonny backed away. "It's you guys that are cheating. I'm not dumb. Ain't no way Adam could have beaten me unless he got some help. Brett, you're going down! Then, I'm gonna get my reward AND my revenge," Jonny boasted.

Brett looked shaken. He shook out his 27+ inch arms. "Arm wrestling," he said, wary of his choice.

Jonny smiled. He got on the floor, and raised his massive arm. His forearm bunched, muscle rolling over muscle as he flexed his fingers. Brett got down facing him, preparing for the battle. Jonny moved is forearm toward Brett's bicep, shadowing Brett's upper arm with his lower.

Jonny moved his hand back and gripped Brett's. "Call it!" Jonny ordered.

I took their hands in my grip. "Ready. Go." I released their arms, and Jonny surged with sudden power, driving Brett's weaker arm toward the floor with lightning speed. Brett was taken off guard, but slowed Jonny's arm halfway down. Jonny continued to use his superior strength, pushing Brett closer and closer to a loss. Brett screamed, searching for more power to stop Jonny. His arm was three-quarters of the way down. Brett's face was red, and sweat was beading on his forehead. Jonny continued to take his arm down.

Brett's arm was less than an inch from the floor when it stopped moving. Brett's eyes were closed as he strained to find the strength to win. Jonny pushed harder, his face reddening as he too began to strain to get his win. Brett's arm dropped a millimeter, then he recovered. Jonny put more power into his arm, the muscle bulging, becoming larger with the pump he was now getting from Brett. Like Adam and me before, Brett's arm seemed to thicken, each striation growing rounder and more pronounced. It seemed like time stood still as the two struggled, Jonny tasting victory and Brett fighting against defeat.

Brett let out a primal scream, and things began to change. His arm raised up a millimeter at a time. As it did, Jonny would push harder, putting his all into it and, at times, stopping the ascent, only to have Brett push harder and force his arm up more. Jonny was clearly showing the strain now as Brett's arm returned to the neutral position. Jonny tried to stop him, but it was now too late. Brett's body was powering up with new strength. Jonny's arm slipped into the losing position. Nothing he could do could stop Brett from taking him down. In less than a minute, it was over. There were tears in Jonny's eyes as he rubbed his pumped, sore, defeated arm and stood up. Again, feeling the might of someone stronger turned the boy on.

"Jonny," Brett said. "Remember what you tried to do to me. Well, now it's MY payback time." Jonny started to back away, but Adam stood behind him, his monster arms crossed. Brett grabbed Jonny, throwing him back to the ground. "You hurt me." Brett stood over Jonny, one foot on his chest. "You scared me." Jonny tried to get up, but Brett held him in place. "Are you scared Jonny? You should be!" Brett dropped, his knee landing on Jonny's perfect 8-pack. Brett grabbed Jonny's cock in his mighty grip and sqeezed. Jonny moaned and began to struggle. Brett fought to contain him, his body becoming more powerful as he controlled the struggling strongman.

Brett was rough with Jonny. I almost felt sorry for him, but then I remembered how Jonny wanted to rape Brett. Jonny had consented to the rules, and he wasn't saying 'no' now. I guessed he was enjoying himself. Like the two other times, he erupted quickly in Brett.

Adam walked over to Brett as he stood up. Like us, he was now in a daze. Adam hugged him, then began to kiss his neck as Brett began to grow. Adam had to take a step back as Brett's pecs swelled. He loosened his hug to give Brett's lats room to grow. All the time, Adam kissed and held his lover. I heard him whisper, "I love you," in Brett's ear as Brett began to return Adam's hug.

Jonny stood up. He looked scared. Mark was the last one left, and Jonny backed away from him, heading toward the door.

Mark ran and grabbed Jonny in a bear hug as he tried to leave. Jonny flexed, pushing Mark's hands apart, but Mark wouldn't let go. Jonny began to carry Mark away, as Mark struggled to keep Jonny from leaving. For the fourth time, Jonny felt a combatant strengthen. Mark's back flared into massive relief, the muscles bulging and becoming extremely defined. His lats spread into B2-bomber shaped wings, triangular and steely hard. Jonny continued to struggle, but Mark slowed him, then stopped him. Mark's arms came back together and he began to squeeze into Jonny's massive flex. Jonny's hard muscles wouldn't give, but Mark continued to become more powerful. Slowly, Jonny's pecs and lats dented, giving way to Mark's now superior strength. Jonny began having trouble breathing. "I give," he said. Mark didn't relent.

"What?" Mark said. "I didn't hear you?"

"I," Jonny gagged, searching for breath, "".

Mark lifted Jonny from the ground and tossed him back into the gym area. Jonny stroked his cock, getting ready for Mark's onslaught. As before, Jonny lived up to his end of the bargain. He erupted into Mark's mouth.

Within minutes, Jonny was confronted by four behemoths. We were men with indescrible amounts of muscle. The scale said I weighed near 1500 pounds. Adam was 100 pounds lighter. Mark and Brett were both 30 pounds lighter than that.

I walked over to Mark. Placing my hand on his chest, I looked deeply into his eyes. "Feels damn nice, stud," I said. He kissed me.

Jonny was sitting on the ground, arms wrapped around his legs, rocking. He kept repeating one word, "please" as he sobbed to himself.

Finally, Adam walked over to him and lifted him off the floor, forcing him to stand. "Please what?" he asked.

"Please, don't hurt me. Please, I just wanted to be strong, the strongest," he sobbed.

"So you could hurt people," said Brett.

"They promised. They said I could have anything I wanted. I wanted strength and to be envied," he cried.

"We don't always get what we want," Mark said. "With power comes responsibility."

"How cliche." I whispered to him. Mark glared at me, and I grinned.

"Jonny, maybe when you grow up a little more, you'll understand. For now, well, you'll still be the football star next year. Nobody can stop that, will all the muscle you got now. But no more," said Mark. "I'm sorry, but I'm cutting off your supply of serum. You're through growing for now."

Jonny nodded and walked from the gym.

The team won it's post-season games. Another undefeated season. Brett and Adam graduated, and Brett entered graduate school. He wants to be a scientist. I guess Mark was a bad influence on him. Me, I got a new bike, one that can deal with 1500 pounds of muscle. And what happened to Jonny? Well, that's another story.

The End. •

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