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By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

Every tyrant must fall. Everything that is stolen must be returned. Victory when the five shall lead as one. -- The Curse of Julius

>>From the diary of Lawrence Morgan, September 4 Monday

No school today.

I like it here. It is very different from last year when I was always being picked on. Now, I can still get the As in class but the bod makes me one of the guys. Ric and Todd would have beaten my face in as soon as look at me, now we're buds. I'd always fantasized about being with a guy with lots of muscles, now I am that guy.

Todd told us about being as hung as his father. Fuck. I thought Joe's, well, I mean my foot-long cock was great. But after the weekend being just the warm-up act for Todd's shlong, I'm getting penis envy. I think I'll wait until he matures a bit more. Besides, Frank seems rather protective of them, and I wouldn't want to get him pissed off, now that he's offered to help me.

I can't believe what happened.

I guess I have to trust Frank when he says there are things I gotta learn.

>>From the Journal of Todd Rothman, September 4

I had planned to show off -- to get what's mine. I never imagined what would really happen. Shit. Ain't no one can touch me now!

Frank showed up at the house at about 7. Even though it was a school night, Dad said it was OK that I go out with them. Actually, Frank insisted. Frank was horny, as usual, but I think he wanted to check it out for himself. Dad told him I was as huge as him now, but Frank never seemed to trust anyone.

Frank knows that I really get into him flexing his amazing body, especially when he outflexes Dad. Tonight it was different. Ya, he and Dad started off wrestling, ripping clothes off of each other, the usual stuff. Frank pinned Dad with no problem, and Dad flexed to his max, pumping his huge muscles and getting off on Frank's freaky power. It may be the same shit, different day, but it still got me hot.

"So kid, your Dad says that you got a cock as big as his now. You wanna show your Uncle Frank?"

I flexed my abs and thrust my cock up. It came up between my pecs. I flexed my pecs into the sensite head. God that felt great.

"Pretty good kid. Looks like your old man didn't lie. Ya know, he's really turned on right now, but he has an advantage. He's getting off on my bod, and all you've been able to do is look. Wonder how big that meat of yours would get if a real man stimulated you? Waddya think Marky my man? Think the kids meat will get bigger than yours if a real man gets him off?"

I could see that got to Dad. His cock visibly bulged as he tried not to cum. Uncle Frank doesn't like it when Dad cums without being told. I approached Frank. When I got near, he grabbed me at the small of my back and pulled me close. His touch was like electricity shooting through my body. Uncle Frank had hugged me before, but this time it was different. It was sexual. It was animalistic. He was the conquerer and I was the conquest, unable to resist. It was hot.

Frank pulled me close, his steel-hard bicep pushing at the small of my back. As he flexed, he squeezed my waist. I flexed my abs to avoid being crushed.

"Hmmmm. Nice boy abs. Look at that eight-pack. Man, Mark, this kid could be as studly as you. If he fucks as good as you, maybe we'll find out."

Dad's expression changed to something like concern. "He's just a kid," Dad said, choosing his words carefully.

Frank grabbed my dick hard. His hand was huge, and seemed to engulf its substantial width with no problems. God, it felt good. The man oozed with power and confidence like no one else. I wanted to fuck him and he wanted me to fuck him. Like some wild animal, I began to squirm against his unmoveable grip. I wanted to suck him. To fuck him. To experience him everyway I could. I couldn't control these urges.

"The kid really wants it."

"I'm sure he does. We'll let him do ya. I know you want to deflower his monster meat."

I looked again at my dick. I was so turned on. It was as hard as I could get, oozing precum on my pecs. Dad came over with a rubber and began to rub my cock. I knew I could be bigger than him. I wanted it. I forced more blood into my already massive member. Frank grabbed the base of my dick like a cock ring, making me even harder.

"I don't know Mark, the kid looks bigger than you. Let's let my ass do some measuring."

Frank was as nimble as a cat, releasing me from his powerful arms and wrapping his legs around my waist as he positioned his ass for my huge cock. I felt like I was going to explode, and my dick looked like it was reaching over the top of my pecs -- but it wasn't that big, was it? Frank threw his legs back and I lined up my cock with his manhole.

"I like it hard and rough kid, if you're man enough." I felt my blood boil at the challenge. I pushed my dick at his hole, but he was incredibly tight. I saw Frank smile. "Remember, I'm all muscle. I need a real man, like your Dad. If you aren't up to it, get out of the way and let him in." That made me madder. I pushed hard. I thought my dick would snap in half I was so turned on and he was so tight. Just when I thought the pain would make me pass out, I felt my dick begin to force his ass open.

Harder and harder, I heard Frank gasp with pleasure as my huge head plowed into him. I forced inch after inch into him, withdrawing when he seemed too tight only to plow deeper with my next thrust. He groaned with pure pleasure, telling me how hot I was.

I had only fucked Ric before, and it wasn't like this. He was tight and strong, but not like Frank. Frank was like a living rock covered in velvety soft skin. He had a thick coat of golden hair over his massive chest, and he had a natural man's musk scent. With Ric, the sex had been rough but passionate. Now, it was like I was outside myself watching. My emotions were out of control. It was pure uncontrolled lust that made me want to stick my huge cock into him. I wanted to be the best fuck of his life.

I had nearly inserted my whole meat, when Frank cried out. "Shit. Only your Dad could do that!" I slammed into him all the way, flexing my dick to force him open. "FUCK!" Frank's eyes literally rolled back into his head. I pulled out slowly, so that only my fat head was in, when I drove in again as hard as I could. Frank's head snapped back as he grabbed anything he could in his powerful fists. I pulled out slowly again, then thrust. Again, then again. Tears were rolling down Frank's cheeks as he groaned and cried with each of my thrusts. I pushed in hard when it happened. Frank groaned, then whimpered as he suddenly shot a huge load. His geyser erupted with such force it hit the ceiling.

Then I felt something else. I felt strong. Real strong. I felt powerful. I felt my body tingle and then begin to grow. It was slow and then seemed to stop. I noticed a strain on Frank's face as he seemed to regain some composure. Instinctively I slammed into him again. Frank had come, but I was as hard and horny as ever. That did it. Frank's head flew back as he screamed in ecstacy. A second load hit the ceiling and I began to change. My muscles felt stronger and I was growing. I felt like I could lift a truck and carry it single handed over a mile. I felt strong. I felt something else. As my muscles grew, so did my cock. I felt it occupy more and more virgin territory inside Frank's ass. The effect on Frank was obvious from his huge orgasm. Frank knew that my Dad couldn't make him feel like this -- that I was the new master fuck in this house. That thought drove me over the edge. I shot gallons into that damned rubber, so much that it began to ooze out around my pubes.

After my orgasmic bliss had subsided, I noticed Dad cradling Frank in his arms. Frank seemed delirious and Dad was trying to get him to speak. After a few seconds, Frank seemed better, but winded. "Sorry... didn't want... to do it to... the kid that way." Frank shook his head, I guess trying to clear it. His voice seemed a bit stronger. "The kid's bigger than you, big guy."

Dad frowned, but he knew. "Don't talk, Frank. Rest."

Frank didn't listen. He bounced to his feet. He grabbed me. He may have just looked winded, but he was still unbelievably strong. "Kid, what happened, ..., well ya gotta keep it secret."

"But I know that you and Ric are muscle morphs. Could Ric do this to me too if I got him really going?"

"No." Frank got serious. "Look, I'm not going into this yet, but there was this," Frank stumbled over the word, "accident... something happened to Joe and me. It made us different. You and your dad, well, beside being hung like elephants, there ain't nothin special about you. You ain't morphs. You shouldn't be able to grow like you did. But I can make you grow, if I try. It isn't easy. When you fucked me, I lost it and made you grow. I didn't want to do it that way -- I wanted to give you a choice."

"Am I a morph like you and Ric now?"

"No. I can make you bigger, well some bigger, but it's like pushing a huge stone up a hill. It gets harder the steeper the hill. I can push it a little, but I have limits."

I looked at Dad. Frank's push had made my dick recognizably larger now, but Dad's muscles were still bigger. I kinda looked a little like Ric now, I guess.

I asked more questions, but Frank didn't answer. He said that the time would come soon when he would tell Ric, Larry and me all about it. But not now. He did promise that I could go out with him tomorrow on one of his hunts. I can't wait! •

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