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By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

>>From the Journal of Todd Rothman

Sunday, September 3

Larry and Ric just left. We had a man's weekend -- lots of sex, muscles, and lifting. I think Larry liked my Dad and Uncle Frank. Uncle Frank took Larry out on one of his and Ric "hunts". Ric won't talk to me about them, but he's always real happy when he gets back. Larry didn't seem to like the hunt. I asked him about it, and all he did was start to cry. Damn sissy.

I've never seen Uncle Frank take to anyone the way he took to Larry. Mostly, Uncle Frank is quiet -- a loner. Ya, he sometimes mentions his friend Joe, but then only in passing. On the other hand, he and Dad also go out "hunting" sometime. Says he needs the biggest dick on the planet, and that would be Dad. That's what Uncle Frank says.

After the others left, dad called me into the basement. My brother had spent the weekend looking at colleges in Ohio, and was due back any time. Dad was getting the chart out.

"Time to measure up, Todd."

"What about Jake? Shouldn't we wait til he gets back?" If Dad wanted to do this, I wanted Jake to see his reaction.

"He'll be home any time now, no need to wait. I'll go first, if you want."

Dad took out his tool and began to jerk off. "Ya know, that friend Larry of yours is hot. Damned strong too. I'd love to see him and Frank go at it sometime. Bet that would be real hot!"

Dad was getting excited, and his tool was getting huge. His face turned red as he forced himself to get bigger and harder. He walked up to the chart and his 15 1/4 inch dick fit the outline perfectly. He struck a double bicep pose, showing his huge arms. "Ya. Nice and studly, like normal."

Just then, Jake came in. "Oh, time to measure up again. Gee, I had gotten use to being the biggest over the weekend."

"Really, what happened?" I asked.

"I stayed in this guy's dorm. He was a jock, playing both football and soccer. He had huge legs and his body was just like them. He bragged about winning a couple of body building contests, but he wanted to get bigger while he was in college. He complimented my bod, so I took off my shirt and started to flex. We had a posedown for a while, when he suggested we strip down to our undershorts. I asked him why we needed those. He agreed, and I noticed he was hard. His dick was only about 7 inches, but pretty fat. I pulled my shorts down slowly, letting my 14 incher come into view reluctantly. I loved watching his eyes open wide. Well, we posed a bit more before he began to suck me off. We fucked for a while, then he invited a few of his gay jock friends over and we had a few orgies. One guy had a 10 inch cock, but I was the biggest. I liked the school."

"Well, Jake, I'm glad your weekend was fun, but time to measure up against your brother and me. You ready."

Jake was stripped and hard in no time. His cock had really grown since our last measurement session. He was 13 and 7/8 inches this time. He grinned, knowing that he was now bigger than I was last time. Or so he thought.

OK Todd, your turn. I had been jerking off, getting huge, but hiding it's true size until now. I walked up to the chart and put my dick on it. They couldn't believe what we saw. I was as big as Dad! My cock now fit his outline perfectly. No difference. I was 15 1/4 inches long! The outline was identical to Dad's!

Dad looked shocked. In his eyes, I could see fear, disappointment and envy. If the chart was true, and it was, I'm as huge as he is now. And I'm still a growing stud! The first part of my goal was coming true -- putting Dad back in his place.

Grandpa had always been bigger than Dad. If Dad ever got uppity over his dick, Grandpa would whoop out his masterpiece and Dad would have to back down. After Grandpa died, Dad really was the biggest. He held it over us kids, his superior size, and bragged about his conquests, especially Uncle Frank. He bragged that no man had been able to satisfy Uncle Frank until him, and little dicks just couldn't bring him to climax. That's why us kids could never fuck him -- there just wasn't anything in it for Frank. Now, maybe there will be for me! I wonder how Uncle Frank will like my dick when I'm 15 and a half or 16 inches long!

Dad came over. He needed to make sure. He grabbed my cock, hard, and put his meat below it. Always, he had pushed the other guy away with his length. This time, he couldn't. Dad's dick touched my abs as mine touched his. I was his equal, and he knew it. My dick was as fat as his, and now as long. And I would be getting bigger, while he hadn't grown in decades. Dad's dick began to squirt involuntarily and he didn't seem able to stop himself. He knew. It was his way of passing the mantel to the new number one.

I loved it. I was huge. I knew that soon I'd be the big man. I struck a double bicep pose, like Dad had done, and screamed "Ya, who's the stud!" Jake was creaming now too, and I even lost it. My goal of being the biggest was in reach. I knew it. Jake knew it. And so did Dad.

I bet your even jerking off thinking of my huge cock, aren't you Mr. van Dick. It's OK. We know that wimps like you get turned on by a real man like me. Just wait til we're measured next time and I'm grow the biggest cock in our family. Maybe I'll draw its outline here so you know what you missed. Heh!

After we cleaned up, Dad called Uncle Frank. He's coming over tomorrow. Dad said he wanted both of us to go out with him. Dad looked a little sad, but I think this is wild. Uncle Frank had always said the hunts were only for men, and now that I was the number one man, I guess I got to go. Now I'll see what Ric and Frank have been hiding from me. •

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