Books of Prophecy

The Hunt


By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

>>From the Diary of Eric Washowitz, Sept 3

I want you to remember something, Mr Van Dyke. My muscles can crack you in two before you knew what hit ya. I'm one strong mother fucker and I love snuffin assholes on power trips. Guys like you and the other teachers.

I used to be the strongest kid in school, until Larry came into the neighborhood. What a bod on him. I let him fuck me. The only other person I let fuck me is Todd. I love huge cocks, and Todd's is the biggest. Larry only measures in at a foot, but Todd beats that by more than 3 inches. I also found out Todd is like Uncle Frank, maybe even stronger than Uncle Frank. That would be way cool -- Todd having a bigger dick than anyone else and Larry being strongest -- and me fucking both of them.

Todd invited Larry to our guys weekend. That's where I let him fuck me. He had just shown off his muscles, and been taught a lesson by Uncle Frank. That's when Todd and I went over and rescued our friend. By rescue, I mean we wanted his hot muscles and cock for our pleasure, not theirs. I think Uncle Mark knew that, but he didn't let on. He and Frank went off to his room, and left us boys alone.

Larry had just come down Mark's throat, but his dick was still steely hard and erect. I had been sucking Todd's horsedick, but I didn't let him find relief. I wanted Todd to save his milk for later.

When Mark announced, "Frank, let's let the boys play by themselves for a while," I made my move on Larry. I'm use to being the big stud at school, so I walked over to him and grabbed his dick. My forearm tensed as I squeezed. I expected him to yelp, but instead it was me who was surprised. Even though he had just squirted a pint of cum down Todd's dad's throat, his dick was harder than steel. I squeezed as hard as I could, and Larry only smiled. I also felt that tingle like when Uncle Frank and I fuck -- like we're sharing the same essense -- the same power.

"Fuck Ric, that feels good. Stroke it a little, OK?"

Hey, why not. I began to stroke that pipe, and kissed Larry, thrusting my tongue into his mouth and probing his throat. We began to tongue wrestle. Larry was a fantastic kisser -- even better than Todd. We tongue wrestled, and he forced his tongue into my mouth and down my throat. I felt his hands rubbing my chest and feeling my eight-pack. I began to flex and harden my muscles under his touch. He found my right nipple and began to squeeze it, hard. I nearly came. My nipples are real sensitive, and Larry zoomed in on them like a pro.

While my mind was becoming numb from the sensations Larry was causing, Todd came on my back. I felt his huge organ run along my ass as his arms wrapped around me and he began to squeeze Larry's pecs and nips. Larry must have liked that cause I felt his dick jerk and stiffen even more.

"Hey man, relax and let me fuck you," Todd finally said.

I broke the tongue wrestling session to say, "oh, but you're so big and I'm scared. Maybe I should start with something smaller and harder." I squeezed as hard as I could on Larry's cock and it didn't budge.

Todd knew I was joking. I had taken his meat since we were small weak kids. I loved being fucked by his big dick, and when smaller guys fucked me, they could never get me off. I needed Todd's monster meat, and he knew it. But Todd is cool, so he played along.

"Well, if you're not man enough, maybe you'd better take a small girly cock like Larry's."

Larry flexed both his biceps, "Do these look girly to you?" He then put both his hands behind his head. His bis nearly touched his ears. He made his pecs dance. Todd almost lost it at the sight. "I'm probably too manly for Ric's pansy ass anyway. Let's see."

Larry spit on his hand and rubbed it on his cock. He put his hands on my shoulders, turned me around, then pushed. I fought, not bending over. "Bend over, fucker," Larry said urgently then put some power into his muscles. God, he's one strong dude. I struggled, but over I went like a rag doll. I flexed my ass, but his dick spread it apart and jabbed into my hole. With a single thrust, his fat head entered me. He felt as fat as Todd!

I felt Larry's huge pecs and solid stomach lie on my back as he began to suck on my neck and ears. Slowly -- damned slowly -- he began to shove inch after inch of rigid cock into me. I flexed my ass, but to no effect. Larry's cock was like a steel rod, relentless in its drive into me. As it rubbed against my prostate, a shivver went through my body. I loved the feeling of his dick. It may not be as long as Todd's, but it was as thick and it was a lot harder, and that was no mean feat. Todd's dick was like steel. Larry's though was like titanium.

Todd positioned himself in front of me, and I began to suck on his cock. He was obviously really turned on seeing Larry and me fuck, and he shoved his monster down my throat. I loved having two huge man-cocks inside me. The both thrust in unison, slowly at first, but with more urgency as time went on. Todd was the first to come. Ever muscle in his body tightened as he exploded his huge orgasm into my mouth. The taste of salty-sweetness hit the back of my throat with the force of a canon.

Almost simultaneously, I felt Larry begin to tense. I suddenly felt myself being lifted off the ground as his cock stiffened even harder and his body became as hard as marble. The explosion in my guts was more powerful than any Todd had ever done. My battered prostate couldn't take anymore, and I joined the frey with my own orgasm, dumping a good pint of my male juice.

The three of us collased on the floor. Larry had pulled out, but he remained hard. We lay there for three minutes, Larry playing with his still hard dick and Todd and I kissing, when Frank came in.

"Have fun playing you two?" He seemed to be ignoring Todd. "Todd, you're dad wants to see you and I want to take these two out for a few minutes."

Cool. I felt like a little exertion right then. After a great fuck, Frank would sometime take me out while he hunted. That's what he called it. I guess since Larry was so strong, Frank had decided to train him too. Well, the guy might be strong, but no one is as brutal as me.

Frank walked to a chest and pulled out three sets of spandex shorts. He tossed on to me and one to Larry. Larry looked hot, those shorts stretching to contain his ample everything. God I wanted to fuck him again, but first I wanted to impress him.

Frank signaled us to his car. I got in the front seat with him while Larry got in the back. Frank didn't say a word. When Larry began to ask questions, I just shot him a look and he shut up. He actually looked a little intimidated by me! Fuck, doesn't he know that strength rules? He could beat me to a pulp -- I should be fuckn afraid of him!

Frank drove for about ten minutes, then pulled into a construction site. "OK little morph, time for your second lesson." He was talking to Larry. Larry's a morph. That explains it!

"What was the first lesson?" Larry asked stupidly.

"That you can't take me. My power protects me. Hell, I bet it would even work on that fuck Wayne."


"Nevermind. The second lesson is we do what we want to whoever we want."



"The word is whomever, not whoever."

Frank walked up to Larry and slugged him hard in the gut. Then again. And again. Larry tried to flex his abs, but Frank was a lot stronger. Larry buckled over. "Lesson 3. Don't correct me." Frank walked away. My dick got hard watching him. Larry deserved it.

Frank gestured to me and we walked toward a construction site. "Dude here is strong. Works as a security guard. Saw him showing off in my gym today. Said some pretty nasty things to my friends. Even bent one of the gyms bars showing off. I don't want the attention there, so I decided to teach him a lesson."

"Can I help?" I wanted to impress Larry. He may be a dweeb about what it means to be a morph, but Frank will show him. Larry had struggled to his feet and was catching up to us.

"No. This little trip is to inaugurate Larry."

We approached a stack of steel beams. Frank walked over and picked one up. His back swelled into incredible definition and his biceps exploded into veiny power. He looked at Larry. "Bend it." Frank tossed the beam to Larry, a good 15 feet way, like it was a pencil. Larry, the fool, dodged it. Frank was mad.

"Pick it up and bend it. And next time I toss something to you, you catch it. Now that damn security guard is gonna come, and what happens is all your fault."

I almost said something, but Frank looked at me. I guess he didn't want Larry to know it was his plan to play with the guard.

Larry walked over to the beam. He hesistated, unsure of himself. He bent over and (lifting with his legs), lifted the beam. He looked confused, and balanced the beam in one hand. His muscles were beautiful, flexing to lift the weight of the beam. Then Larry smiled. His body flexed, hard, as the beam bent like rubber. Larry's forearms were super defined as he easily twisted the metal into a knot, then a second and third til no steel was left. He bounced the twisted metal in one hand, his bicep bouncing up and down. Larry grinned a kinda self assured grin I've never seen on him before. Maybe there is some hope for him.

He turned to Frank. "That was easy. How about something challenging?"

"What about me?" Behind Larry was a huge black man. He was about 7 feet tall and looked about twice as wide as Larry. The man was dressed as a security guard, but I doubt the look was regulation. His shirt was unbuttoned revealing massive pecs, perfectly square and super defined. The pecs were massive slabs, extending a good 6 iches out from his abs, which were equally massive. The sleeves on the shirt were ripped off, revealing cannon ball deltoids and arms that were easily 30 inches around, though they looked like they had been recently pumped up. He didn't wear regulation pants, but spandex tights. His legs were as large as his upper body -- massive and defined. The calves were huge diamonds above huge feet. There was a bulge in his pants that displayed two huge nuts, and his soft dick clearly travelled halfway to his knees. I bet he'd give Mark a run for his money when it came to dick size.

The black man stood arms akimbo. I got that same feeling that I get around Uncle Frank and now Larry. The guy was a morph.

Larry looked scared, the dumb dork. Frank wasn't scared. He knew he could beat this guy. I wonder if he even cared if Larry lived or died. To him, it was a matter of survival of the strongest. Nothing more.

Larry began to apologize and back away from the guard. The guard laughed. That's when Frank picked up a couple of steel beams and threw them at the guard like multi-ton javalins. Frank's aim was perfect, but the guard saw the metal flying at him. He seemed to instantly understand where the beams would hit him, and positioned his chest and body accordingly. He flexed his pecs and lats. Even though the shirt was open, it showed the strain. Clothing simply was not made for a man with as much muscle as him.

The beams hit his flexed chest, and his muscle won. His pecs were thickly chorded, and the muscle armor was at least a foot deep where his pecs came together. The steel didn't have a chance.

Neither did the guard's clothes. The beams hit hard, and the thrust was absorbed by the huge man's back and legs. As the steel shattered against the man's muscles, the shirt exploded as lats flared to keep his chest motionless as the steel hit. His legs, slightly bent to absorb the impact, flexed as the energy of tons of steel flying at miles per hour hit his body. As the dust cleared, the man's toothy smile against his ebony flesh and grey smoke was quite a sight.

"That the best you can do? Maybe you better send the sissy boy back to fight, if all you can do is toss a couple of toothpicks like a girl." The guy was trying to get to Frank, but he'd have none of it. Frank was barely trying when he tossed those beams. If he'd wanted, the guy would be toast now.

That's when Larry spoke up. I couldn't believe it. I'd half expected him to have pissed himself or something when he saw the guard's display of muscle. Instead, Larry started screaming. Someone might have even taken him seriously if his voice didn't crack.

"Who are you calling a sissy, yo-ou bully. I've been called sissy and fairy and faggot and everything else since I was in first grade. Would a sissy have arms like these?" Larry struck a double biceps pose.

The response from the black guy was a fist which flew at supersonic speeds and hit Larry smack in the chin. That was the guy's mistake. Larry's body exploded, muscles bulging to beyond anything. And Larry grew. The other guy seemed to get larger too, but not like Larry. Larry was now the black guard's equal.

I can barely remember what Larry use to look like. I don't like that, but Frank said that it made Larry special like Frank's ability to block other morph's. Morph's don't all have the same abilities, and some like Frank and Larry are special I guess.

"You fucker." Larry's face was red, he charged the guy forcing him back. His arms were easily 6 inches bigger than the guard's now. In fact, Larry was bigger everywhere. His pecs were beyond huge, and his lats formed perfect wings. As Larry charged, he actually hid the black guy from my view. Now that's big.

Larry used his muscle to deliver a series of punches to the guard's face, stomach, chest, and groin. His legs kicked the guard's knees and groin and crushed his feet. The guard was stunned. His morphing power was failing him. Larry was the superior morph -- faster, stronger, more powerful. The guard couldn't keep up, he was being overpowered. The look in his eyes said it all -- he didn't believe he could be beat. Asshole.

Larry was going ballistic. "No..." a punch hit the guard's face, shattering his nose. "one..." another punch hits his abs, causing him to double over. "is..." Larry thrusts his huge thigh and knee into the guard's face. "ever going..." the guard flies backward, his teeth falling from his mouth. "call me ..." Larry reaches out and grabs the man by his pecs. His fingers rip into the muscle. "a sissy..." he pulls the guard toward him. "or a wimp..." Larry digs his other hand into the man's other pec and lifts him from the ground. "or a faggot..." Larry tosses the guard with all his strength into a piece of steel and concrete foundation. The sound of the guard's spine breaking was drowned out by Larry finishing "ever again."

The guard lay on the ground, bleeding, unable to move. He obviously had several broken bones in addition to his shattered spine.

"Finish him off." Frank was coming near. While Larry was venting on the guard, Frank just stood in the background, smiling.

Larry looked at Frank like he didn't understand.

"It's the right thing to do. Look at him. His body is useless. A heap of flesh that can no longer move. You destroyed him. He had it coming. You were the stronger, so he was yours to do with. But now you got to finish the job."

Larry whined. I shoulda known he would. He said killing was wrong. Like breaking some guys spine is right I guess. What a pussy.

The guard made a noise that might have been a chuckle. "Knew the prick didn't have what it takes. I shoulda been able to take 'em."

Larry had this dumb blank look on his face. Uncle Frank didn't move, but he didn't look all that happy anymore. Larry needed some of my experience, and I was going to be there to support my new bro. I knew how to kill him, how to make him feel more pain than he thought possible. Even now, with a broken spine, I can imagine how to compound the pain. I walked over and put my arm around Larry.

Uncle Frank screamed at me, but it was too late. I guess I shoulda thought first. I don't know exactly what happened to Larry, but I felt the transfer start when we first touched. The morph using the battery. I felt Larry's body grow harder as our energies merged -- Larry's already formidible strength growing exponentially through our synergetic contact. Maybe it was the pulse of strength, or maybe some of my determination got through, but Larry turned suddenly and grabbed my wrist. He pulled me to where the guard lay wheezing. With each step, his quads seemed to grow larger, like Larry was willing all his strength into his legs. Veins seemed to fill with blood, growing larger to feed the ripped hard quads. Larry's knees pushed further apart as his hamstrings swelled. His calves split into distinct sections as the grew more defined with each step. When we got to the guard, Larry finally spoke.

"You are a pathetic piece of shit." His right leg pulsed with power as he drew it back and kicked. I've never seen or felt anything like what happened next. Larry's foot seemed to move in slow motion, and I felt weak. As his foot moved forward, I felt weaker. I nearly passed out when Larry's foot finally made contact with the right side of the guard's face. The force of the blast of skin hitting skin sent a shower of blood outward.

I don't know if Larry planned it, but his aim was incredible. The guy's whole body shot through the air. It was travelling with such speed and force that it ripped through not one, but three support beams for the building. Without supports on opposite corners nor in the center, the remaining supports began to strain. That's when Frank said to get out of here. I don't know what eventually happened to the guy, I think he might be in orbit. But my senses were coming back to me, and Larry let me go. The three of us left, but I could hear the building crumble behind us. Guess the guy didn't do such a good job protecting that building.

Uncle Frank was real happy with Larry, but Larry was kinda quiet. The two of them talked for most of the night. Me, I went to sleep and dreamed of tearing down buildings. •

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