Project William


By Also_KnownAs

I was always oversexed. Or maybe not, maybe all guys my age have so much testosterone and hormones and fuck-all simmering in their blood that they'd be fucking every minute of the day if they could. For those three days with William, I was allowed to let my body have everything it wanted and William was more than amply equipped to feed my hunger. Nothing hurt, amazingly, even after swallowing that man's girth and length down my throat and up my ass several times a day. A little test on my favorite (though temporarily ignored) rubber playmate showed that I was as tight as ever, in fact if anything it felt like I could have squeezed the dildo in two pieces if I tensed enough.

Nope, everything was shipshape and in working order, and my morning mirror gazing made me think that missing a couple of workouts actually did my muscles more good than shoving a few hundreds pounds of iron around. If I didn't know better, I'd have wagered I was bigger in some areas than before, but I knew that was just wishful thinking. Still, the peak of my bicep felt a little tighter, looked a little higher, and my belly rippled a little deeper than I remembered.

To my eyes, anyway. William wasn't around to tease me about my posing routine in the foggy mirror after my shower. I missed him in there with me, even though we barely fit. I missed everything about that guy. He seemed like everything I ever wanted put all together. He was master and slave, forceful and loving, strong and tender, and he seemed to know when I wanted to be touched -- which, admittedly, was always -- and where and how to touch me, suck me, fuck me. I missed his smell, I missed his eyes, his hands, his mouth on mine.

But he wasn't there. And I assumed he was just going to get his clothes and CDs and shit and get his tight, round ass back in bed with me where he belonged.

So, sighing, I opened my drawers and picked out a pair of shorts and stepped into them and pulled them up my legs -- and the legs felt a little tight getting over my thighs, but whatever -- and tucked myself into them and I looked, well, pretty fucking weird in them because my dick was just, sort of, too big.

Okay, these things were really tiny. Little sexy black things but I was feeling sexy and wanted to think about them in class under my jeans hugging my ass. Like William would cup my ass and caress me in his rough and silky grip. And, being small, they really made me feel big. I mean, bigger. I was already big. So I'd tuck myself in and feel sexy as fuck.

But they must have shrunk in the laundry or something. My dick was bulging almost clean out of the pouch. The head was almost pushed over to my hip, and the shaft was so fat I was popping over the waist. I tightened my ass to force a little extra growth in me and I actually found myself popping over the edge and falling completely out of them. My big dick was just too big for them. Shee-it! I was pissed. I really liked that pair.

So I stripped them back off and decided to go Commando, leaving the underwear behind and living free and easy inside my pants. Then came my next surprise. My pants wouldn't fit either.

Just like my shorts, my pants got up to my thighs and just... stopped. Had everything shrunk? What the hell was this?

So I thought, fuck it, I'll wear my sweatpants to school and leave the tight jeans home. The too-tight jeans, I mean. I figured I'd just advertise my wares from the waist up, show off the guns that looked a little bigger and my muscle-fat chest. My fingers traced down the separation, feeling the deep cut between the globes of my chest. My thumb circled my nipple and my cock jerked with a sudden, deep thrill. I wished for William, but maybe a quick hand-job wouldn't make me too late.

I felt horny just thinking about him. I could almost feel his tongue at my asshole. I could feel him squeezing me, feel his eyes gazing on my body with lust and desire. I started to slowly stroke myself, closing my eyes. The morning sun was pouring through the window on my skin, a slice of heat warming me as I started to jerk off. Maybe someone was watching me through my window. I sort of hoped so, I looked fucking hot. My nipples seemed to be super sensitized, and my dick, too. It felt so fucking good, and my hand was suddenly coated with a thick gob of precum, lending its slickness to my strokes.

I felt huge in my hand. Fucking huge! And so warm and hard and right. So good, that morning, to just fuck off. My dick was hungry for William, but it seemed to be okay with just me. I smiled, wondering how I was going to make it through an entire day at school with my hungry dick constantly begging for attention. I rubbed my thumb on my tip, then worked down my length slowly and grabbed my balls and pulled as my other hand dropped to continue the slow stroking. I wanted to keep from cumming. I was so excited, so overheated I felt like I was going to blow my load so I tugged hard on my balls but let the pleasure build in the inches of my prick, stroking and stroking myself, faster and harder.

I looked down and almost laughed. My dick was huge! So big and red. I pulled on my balls and made my prick stick straight out. It looked nine inched long. I cupped the shaft in my hand, it almost filled my palm. I said, "Shit," and gathered the clear honey at the glistening tip and started stroking again, slowly now. My balls churned in my other hand. I felt them moving, retracting and expanding, like pumps inside my nutsack.

My whole body was now trying to keep the dam from bursting. My belly tightened up, the muscles defining themselves. Were the veins on my pelvis throbbing? It almost looked that way. I was feeling so fucking hot, and so fucking huge.

I tugged at my balls again and felt my need subside slightly, but the stroking brought it back stronger than ever and I couldn't hold it anymore. I was turned on by myself, by the size of my hard prick, by my chest and belly all rippled with muscle, and I let loose of my balls and felt the electric rush release itself.

It was like the feeling started in my cock and exploded out. So much sex in that ejaculation, friends, power like I never felt before. I pumped out a thick, hot fountain that shot a good six feet high and then another, and another. The cum soaked my hand and I stroked myself to another strong shot, and another, another again. My shots were thick and full and kept coming. My balls never managed to do this before.

I must have pumped off over a dozen strong shots and another half a dozen ones that would've matched anything I'd ever managed before and realized that William hadn't let me cum like this all the while he was here. I came in his ass or his mouth, he never jerked me off. And I was shooting with more power than ever. And it felt twice as good as before. Strong orgasms along with every pump. I came and came and then felt great! It was fucking unbelievable!

I just hoped that would sustain me until he got back, or until I hooked up at school or some damn place. I still felt fucking horny after that, believe it or not. It was insane.

My sweatpants had shrunk, too, but I could pull them on. They just rode higher on my legs than usual and clung to my ass. I must have washed all the cotton in hot water or something, that's what I was thinking.

After all, what else could it be?

I pulled a sky blue tank top over my head and smiled. My shoulders stuck out a yard and the fibers of muscle looked powerful and sexy. Damn! I looked so fucking hot I just wanted to fuck my own ass. I almost started trying to figure out how when I noticed it was time to hit the road and get to class. So I stuck my feet in some flip-flops, grabbed my bike and planted my fuckable ass on its seat and pedaled off.

Everything felt great. Fucking everything! The wind on my skin and in my hair, the feeling of my muscles on that bike stretching and flexing. I know I smiled all the way to school and when I got there, late as usual, and walked into homeroom every pair of eyes turned my way and more than half of them scanned down and got stuck looking at the thick tube of manflesh hanging fat and hungry under my sweats. The pants were loose enough up front after the bike ride that it lay there like a coiled snake. I mean it was way too obvious that I wasn't wearing underwear and that if anyone doubted I owned the biggest cock in school I managed to erase all doubt that morning.

So me, my shit-eating grin and my monster dick ambled over to my desk and lounged there. I shoved my ass forward on the seat so my crotch was presented in all its abundant glory. I folded my meaty arms over my muscled chest and started thinking about the weekend.

I had a wet spot on my crotch before the bell rang.

I beat off twice in between classes sitting on the toilet in the stalls. This was getting fucking ridiculous. I couldn't stop, and I didn't want to. Each time I came another gallon of cum, shooting so hard that I was splattering the stall door each time. My clothes felt so tight on me that I was super-aware of my body. It was like I was being caressed by William's capable hands all morning. The material of the tank rubbed against my nips and my sweats were riding up my ass crack. If I didn't know better, I would`ve sworn that everything was shrinking on me as the day progressed.

By the time P.E. class rolled around just before lunch, I was randy all over again, but this time I thought I could have someone else helping me with my urgent problem. Larry was already down to his jock when I got to the lockers. He wasn't paying attention and when I ass- grabbed him, he nearly jumped as high as my cum shots. "What the fuck are you... holy shit, Jackson!"

I was grinning, of course. "Hey, Lar. How they hanging?" I looked down. "Mmm, hanging mighty fine."

"What did you do, work out all fucking weekend?"

"You could say that." I opened my locker and stripped off the tank top. He practically gasped. So I was like, "What the fuck is up with you?" His mouth was hanging open. "Earth to Larry." His eyes moved up and down my skin. "Come in Larry." I waved my hand in front of his eyes. "Dude? You in there?"

"Man, what did you do this weekend?" He was sort of whispering. Looking at his crotch, he was also showing exactly what he was feeling.

"William came over," I said, tossing my shirt in my locker and I started untying my pants. "We spent the whole weekend together." I put my thumbs under the waistband. "He's moving in with me." I moved them off my hips. "He left this morning to get his shit." I gotta admit that his undivided attention was turning me on harder than ever. I also gotta admit that my simple undressing to get ready for P.E. was becoming more of a strip show for one of my favorite fuck buddies. I moved my pants lower on my hips. I sort of pulled them open and let some cool air down in the heat of my basement, flashing him a touch of the dick he should already be so familiar with.


"Yeah," I said. Or maybe I growled. I reached down into my pants and grabbed myself, rubbing the head against the warm, moist material. A strong scent of myself rose from my sweats, the musk of sweat and cum. I knew he must have smelled it too. "All weekend." I was teasing the shit out of the poor guy. He was practically drooling on me. My hands were winding back and forth around my waistband, pushing it lower then raising it back up. Showing the dark shadow of my pubes, maybe even the root of my dick. Just playing with the dude.

"Jesus, Jackson, you look..."

"Yeah?" I took a step toward him, my hands inside my pants again, shoving the front down to expose my crotch but managing to keep myself covered. "How do I look?" I made my muscles bulge, flexing my strength. His lips twisted into a smile.

"Good enough to eat." Same thing William said. Weird.

I looked around before I kissed his lips. I couldn't help myself. It was pretty stupid, there were more than a few other guys in there getting changed and I knew of at least a dozen who would've kicked our asses just for standing that close. But I wanted him really bad. I wanted his lips on mine, I was feeling super horny all over again.

By that time the day before, William and I probably managed to fuck each other half a dozen times over. All I'd been managing were my hand-jobs, and although that seemed to tame the beast for an hour or so, Larry's closeness and his near nudity was driving me crazy. His tight little bod was looking primed and ready. My dick bulged under my grip, feeling thick and hard and hot. Man, I wanted him. "Where can we go?"

He was looking down into my pants. I flashed him a look at the monster. He swallowed hard. I could smell myself, my stink. I was rank with the scent of mansex. Jesus I was horny. I wanted to fuck him right there. He looked around then, too. "Why don't we hit the showers early, miss calisthenics, catch up to the guys on the track?"

"You don't want to do a few push ups?" I licked my lips. I bent to kiss his again. My blood was on fire. I was hot and bothered everywhere. My dick was starting to stretch and throb.

"Stop," he whispered. "Someone will see."

"I'll fuck them, too." My voice was a husky whisper. "I'll fuck them so good they'll never go back." I lifted my hands away and my hard-on stretched over my pants. The head was red and shiny. My cock pulsed against my skin, growing higher and harder with every heartbeat. "I'll fuck them deep and hard and true." I plucked my nipple with my fingernail. A thrill of erotic bliss coursed through my body. "But first I'm going to fuck you into heaven, Larry. I'm going to fuck you into paradise." I kissed him again, and we heard the gym door slam shut and everything was quiet. "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked."

Suddenly we were alone in the locker room. Just us, the smell of sweat and testosterone, and the sound of his anxious breathing. All bets were off.

I shoved my pants off and he gasped. Literally, he gasped. Was my body that great? It wasn't like he'd never seen me naked before, but the look on his face made me feel like this was the first time he'd ever seen a naked guy and he was just discovering how much he loved that. I felt a rush of heat go through me, like my blood had caught fire. "Fuck the showers," he said, and he dropped to his knees and started sucking.

The boy was going to town, let me tell you. I started moving my hips and face fucking him, driving myself in deeper and deeper and he started to choke on me. Shit, what was this? The guy could deep throat like a pro, and suddenly he's so anxious that he's choking on it?

He pulled his mouth off me and looked up and had this weird look on his face and he goes, "You're too big."

"What? Shit, dude, I'm the same as I ever..."

He was shaking his head, but his smile was wide and beautiful. "I remember your dick, dude. And you're bigger." He looked down, grabbed my hard on and squeezed. "You're a lot bigger."

"No. What? No way, dude. Larry? Me? How can I...? Bigger?" I was looking down into his eyes. He was looking up into mine. "I can't be bigger." We'd done this not a week earlier, though the circumstances were less rushed. Maybe that was it. He was overexcited. The situation, us in the boy's locker room, late for class, the coach or some dude could be walking in any minute and catch us like this, my sweats around my ankles, his mouth on my dick head, both of us on our way to heaven.

His hands reached up to my chest. He was caressing my flesh, his thumbs rubbed my erect nipples. His boner pressed at the elastic cage of his jock, stretching the waistband. He licked my throbbing cock, his eyes never leaving mine. I was going to explode and then we would have to hit the showers to get the cream rinse out of his hair. "Larry, oh fuck, oh man."

He smiled again and put his lips against the hard heat of my shaft, sucking a kiss on my skin. I felt it keenly, like a shock. I wanted him to suck me off so bad. I felt like I was getting bigger and harder just standing there.

As luck would have it, guess who showed up at that particular moment?

"Looks like someone's having a party," I heard William's deep growl say behind me, "and someone forgot to invite me."

How he'd managed to sneak up so silently was beyond me. The dude was so big I would've thought I could feel him coming. And it wasn't until he spoke that his familiar scent filled my head, almost as if he had appeared magically from nowhere all at once.

Larry sat back on his heels and looked decidedly deflated. His eyes goggled and his mouth hung open as he looked past me, and I think he mouthed the word "fuck" looking at my roommate. I felt William's body press against mine from behind. By this point I was pretty intimate with the feeling, and it was like slipping my hand into a glove. It just felt perfect. His broad, hairy chest pressed against my back and I felt his bulging meat between my ass cheeks. He was wearing those shorts again, it felt like, the same ones he was wearing the first time I laid eyes on him.

His hands wrapped me up and pulled me against him. He was caressing my flesh in his strong, capable grip. I almost came again, just having him touch me. I must have moaned, because he chuckled and said, "I'm happy to see you again too, Jackson." His chin rested on my shoulder and his deep baritone passed through my whole body as he spoke. He was looking down at Larry, who was looking up at him. I wonder what we looked like, William's impossibly beautiful and thickly muscled body behind mine, parts of him flaring wide like a cape behind me. "Hello, Larry. Were you just giving head to my boyfriend?"

Larry gulped, but he also nodded. William chuckled again. He looked down my body, I turned to see his face, the squared jaw, the shadow of a beard, the bright green eyes. God, how could I have forgotten how beautiful he was? He was looking at my red and angry dick, at the shiny helmet gleaming with precum. He let out an amused sigh and said, "Looks like you know what you're doing, too." He licked his lips, his gaze shifting sideways to meet mine. "You're not going to toss me over for the first beautiful boy to suck your big, fat cock, are you?" He tensed his mighty muscles, and they bulged against me. I could even feel that magical growing prick of his swell against my ass crack. "I might get jealous."

Larry started to stammer an apology or something, but William laughed softly and squatted down to be at his height, stretched his muscled arm forward and held Larry's chin in his fingertips. Then he leaned forward and placed his lips to my best friend's lips and they kissed for a pretty long time. But rather than feel my own jealous nature, which was pretty strong normally, all I felt was lust. Watching the two guys kissing under the shadow of my cock was totally hot for some reason, and the fact that it was Larry and William made me even hotter, because I knew what it was like to be in a lip lock with both of them, so it was almost like we were all kissing. William's broad back was rippling as his neck twisted, his lips and Larry's locked in one hot kiss that it was apparent was pretty fucking hot for Larry, too.

Then William pulled away and straightened, standing next to me. He put his hand on my dick, rubbing his palm across the slick tip and then pulled that hand to his face, inhaling deeply before licking me off his skin. "Damn," he growled, "how come you taste so good?" Then he was kissing me, and I tasted myself in his mouth. He placed one hand on my chest as the other slowly stroked my hardness. I needed to explode.

After that, he lay his heavy arm across my shoulder and said, "So, you guys wanna go run some laps, or would you rather we went over to Jackson's and got our physical fitness with a three-way?" •

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