Biological Inheritance

By F.R.Eaky

This is kind of a personal dream. Something that I wish I could have happen to me, even without the extra boost that accidently winds up happening. The ability to reverse time, find that I should have been reall tall and built and what would my life be like now. A dream I think many of us share.

It had been a bad night. The alarm at work wouldn't set right. I arrived at the gym too late for my normal Friday evening workout. And then while I was showering, my girlfriend, Ann Marie, came right on in and started talking to me very gruffly. Didn't she realize where she was? All of a sudden she decides she's not bi any more and neither am I. WE are an item and to prove it she clamps this little ball and chain to my dick and then storms out...with the key! God it was hard trying to get my jeans on with that thing and I couldn't figure any way of pulling it off without ripping off my member. Although I had to admit the constant pulling sensation kind of felt good.

So I got home and took out my aggression by hitting my old weight set. Not a lot of weight, not that I can hoist a grand amount anyway. I'm 5'9" around 175 lbs of exceedingly lean and cut muscle. My hair is blond trying to turn brown with age, I'm twenty-three by the way. My eyes are my best feature being ice blue. I'm pretty much covered with short blond hair all over, except my back, thank God. complexion is good, but it's bone china white, so with this sinewy body I look like a very cut zombie. It's not that I haven't tried to gain more weight and mass. I've been drinking protein shakes and on some of the robogenics stuff for about a two months now. It's just that my body refuses to gain. So not a lot of weight on the set and I was going for stress relief anyway, so I just started crankin' out the reps as much as possible.

After the three hour workout, I showered again and got dressed in some blue jeans, turtleneck and tennies. Kept looking at the ball and chain in the shower trying to figure out how in the hell to get the damn thing off. I was getting furious about this and almost ready for another workout session. As I passed through the hallway to the living room, I could swear I saw someone out the corner of my eye, standing in the kitchen. I paused for a moment. Off work at five. Done at gym around seven. Got home at seven-thirty. Three hour workout makes it around ten thirty. Jae doesn't get off till ten at the VERY earliest and it still takes forty-five minutes to get home from across the river, and I don't see his car out the window!

I slowly reached over to grab an umbrella from its stand in the corner of the hall. Well it'll have to do. I ran for the kitchen, screaming at the top of my lungs and hoping to God the intruder wasn't much bigger than me or have a gun.


What did he sa...... Within an instant I was picked up off the ground and flung back into the hall against the wall. Only no one was holding me there. It was some unseen force? The intruder approached me. He was dressed in odd but very nice clothing. He wore a tux shirt with a white officers mess jacket over it. The shirt was tucked into a nice pair of dark blue jeans which in turn were tucked into a pair of black, leather, ridding boots. And over the whole ensemble, he wore a long black cape. He appeared to be as tall as my roommate/lover Jae, six foot one, and had what looked to be violet eyes and on top salt-n-peppered hair. He looked as if he were Hispanic in origin.

"Are you Sean?"

"Yes. Can I ask what you are doing here?"

"Good" He waved his hand and I fell to the floor. "Make yourself comfortable. We have a lot to discuss."

"Okay. I don't know you. You've broken into my house. What is it we possible could have to talk about."

"Your biological parents...or rather their attributes."

"I don't know my biological parents. Never have. Sorry but I can't be of any help. Have good night and please leave."

I opened the door for him to leave but Jae just walked through.


WHUMP! Jae was now a piece of art on the wall as I had been earlier. "We must not be disturbed.."

"What the hell!"

"No wait! It's okay. Jae's my roomie. If you have something to tell me, he can hear it." I had to admit it was kind of odd seeing Jae's six one, 225 lb frame thrown up against the wall. I mean he's not a heavyweight but there's not many people who just toss him around either and here it was being done by what? The wind?

"So Sean, who's the well dressed friend and what's he doing here? New boy toy?" "No he's not." I punched Jae in the arm. "And, he's just about to tell me what he's doing here."

"Gentleman sit down."

"Now Sean, I am from an order of magickal people. Witches, Wizards, whatever name you'd like to call us. We protected, for many years, people from a group of individuals who used and abused their magickal gifts to hurt others and gain power for themselves."

"And this has what to do with me?"

"Well you see, one of these 'no goods' had their eye on you and wished to spirit you away, so that when you grew up, he could use your power for protection."

"And what type of magickal power do I supposedly have?"

"You don't have any magickal power. It was physical."

Jae interrupted, "Well you must have the wrong guy here Merlin. Sean's not a wimp, but he's been trying to pack on a little muscle for years and has never been able to do it."

"I know. We are the reason why."

"What do you mean?", I asked.

"You see Sean, one of our members who was sent to protect you, thought that the easiest was to accomplish this was to ensure that you never grew into your physical power. This should never have been done, and now that the bad seeds have finally been rousted, I'm here to set right what our member should never have done in the first place."

"What is it that this member supposedly did?"

"He stopped you from maturing."

"Uh...I've got a beard here and A LOT of chest hair that can prove you wrong."

"Sean you don't understand. You matured early didn't you? Starting around the sixth grade, right?"

"Well yeah, but....."

"You see our member decided to speed up your aging process, and therefore stunt your growth so you would never developed into the physical powerhouse that Eric wanted."

"Eric. Mr. Raden? My old next door neighbor? Why would he think I was going to be a powerhouse?"

"HE knew what you do not. Sean you never knew you biological parents so you don't know what type of physical specimen you should have been. Your biological father was 6'11" tall. This was only because his mother was 4'9", for your paternal Grandfather was 7'5" tall."


"This doesn't even begin to take into account your mother who was 6' 2" and had a mother and father who were 5'11" and 7'8" respectively."

"Whoa, fuck me Sean. You should've been a man who could have played for the Bulls! And if you had any decent mass to ya, take out the entire NFL!"

"Shut up Jae! So that's my background and your 'agent' caused me to...what, hormonally mature faster thus stunting my growth? And now your here to do what precisely?"

"I'm here to give you what is rightfully yours. To make you go backwards in age to when you were eight and then magickally bring you back up to the present but allowing your growth to kick in."

My mind began to real. I was fine with my height and it didn't bother me THAT much that I couldn't gain a lot of weight or size, but THIS? This means I could be tall. Really FUCKING tall! I don't know if I want that. I was trying to think of what to do when Jae started talking.

"Whoa dude. You could be huge! You know if it makes a difference in your decision....I wouldn't mind ya being taller that me. I mean I know we both see the ladies and all, but I've fantasized about getting it on with a guy bigger than me. I'd like to see what it's like to be the small one."

Jae's statement kind of startled me, but got me thinking about what it would be like with us switching places so to speak. And I began to think with everything that went wrong tonight I certainly deserved something to go my way. As for Ann Marie...well with the way she acted earlier...SCREW HER! I'd rather be totally gay than be with her again.

"okay...", I found myself asking. "What do we do?"

"Just stand over there and I shall perform the mystical incantation. When that's done you will de-age and then slowly over the course of the night re-age and grow. It's that simple really. However you must be in as natural a state as possible. Any additives... excessive exercise, steroids, alcohol, even just a health bar could effect your growth one way or another. So I can't perform the magick while there are any altering factors about you. We wish to give you back your potential but not make you overly powerful or freaky. I'll need to ask a few questions."

"He has the potential to be 7'8", if he matches one of his grandparents, and chances are he'll surpass him. You don't call that freaky?"

"I think I need a drink, Jae."

"I'll go get it."

"No alcohol!", said the wizard or whatever.

Jae brought me a glass of lemonade. My it was tart! but, my mind was numb with the thought of what was going to happen. The whole day that had passed before was completely out of my mind when he asked the questions and I answered.

"Have you strenuously worked out this day?"

Let's see got to the gym late. Only did aerobic stuff..."No."

"Have you performed any heavy stretch exercises or hanging exercises or hanging with weights today?"

No just aerobics and the small pre-stretch to that...."No."

"Are you taking any amino acids, steroids or growth enhancement items such as that?"

I can't believe he's going to do this. What will I be like afterwards. How tall? Will my body type change too? Wha?....."Uhm, no."

And so this magician, wizard or whatever, waved his hands in the air and said some words that I think were in Latin and a beam of light shot from his hands and came straight at me. The glow seemed to get steadily brighter for a while, but then it began to change colors from white to yellow to orange to red and the brightness began to intensify greatly to a blinding point. The man began to shout as a wind began to blow violently through the house.

"The spell is trying to mix with something in your system! You must have had some type of vitamins or something for it to react to. This could effect your growth! I will have to stop the spell and I'll need to leave in order to do so. I'll come back lat...ahhhghhhh!"

The light seemed to get as bright as the sun and then it seemed there was an explosion of some kind. Jae and I were sent sprawling to the floor on other sides of the room. The wizard disappeared and then.....silence. Jae and I looked at one another. I glanced at the clock. It was 11:45 so I knew we weren't knocked out, just knocked around.

"Well it's just as well it didn't happen, Sean."

"Why's that?"

"Well you see. There was this stuff advertised on the web. It's supposed to help you body grow to its full potential. Supposed to work on ya all the way up to age thirty. I figured you wouldn't mind being taller so I order some packets of it and was gonna put it you food over a course of time and see if it did anything. If it did I'd tell ya about it as sort of a present ya know. Anyhow....I...uh."

"That's what made the lemonade so tart! Jae!"

"I know! Look he realized it was in there and stopped the spell. No harm done. let's just get the room cleaned up."

So we picked up the room which only took about fifteen minutes or so. Then we heard the bells of the church down the street chime.

"It's midnight, Jae. Ann Marie pissed me off and I'm in the mood to abandon her memory. What say we make some magick of our oOown."

"What did you say?"

"I said, let's make some mAaAgick of our oOown."

"Sean, your voice is cracking. Holy shit!"


I looked in the living room mirror. My hair on top, which had just started to thin a little, was getting thicker. My beard was shrinking so to speak back into my face. I felt itchy all over and pulled out my shit collar and looked down to see that all my chest hair was retreating back into my skin. I glanced back in the mirror to see my muscles getting smaller and very soft.

"Jae what the hell is voice! I sound like a girl!"

"You're not a girl. You're an eight year old kid!"

And then it hit me. The spell was going to work after all, and I forgot the whole day...I HAD worked out excessively, I WAS taking that robogenics stuff, I had a ball and chain attached to my dick, and Jae loaded me up with some growth formula. Oh shit! What was going to happen to me?

My body wasted no time in giving me an answer. Suddenly I felt a pain in both my feet like they were being pulled apart. Then they were being squeezed by shoes. My God! My shoes are to tight. Another minute remedied that as Jae and I heard the sound of shredding fabric. Jae looked down.

"Fuck! Sean your feet are growing outta your shoes!"

He placed his feet next to mine. "Looks like you could wear my size twelves.", he said. But as we watched the toes of my foot slowly grow past where his would be...."No not any more. Damn those feet are becoming huge! S'a good thing I work in a shoe department. Be right back."

Jae left to get something out of his car. While he was gone the pulling sensation started in my hands and then my legs. When Jae came back I was almost in tears from the pain. When he walked over to me his mouth dropped and I looked at him realizing we were now looking eye to eye and slowly I was beginning to look down on him.

"Sean, you're six one and getting taller..."

"I know...but my voice doesn't sound any different yet..."

"Your feet seem to have stopped growing for now. Damn they're huge! Let's see what size those puppies are."

With that Jae pulled out one of those devices you place you feet in to find your shoe size.

"Good Knight! Sean, you wear a size 19 and a half!"

"I don't feel like I'm being pulled on right now. I think I might have stopped growing. Take my measurement."

Jae ran and grabbed the yard stick from the garage. He carefully started making marks along the twelve foot tall wall. If I was going to grow very tall it was a good thing we were living in an old Victorian style house.

Jae whistled and looked up to me, "Wow. seven foot even."

I looked down at Jae surprised that the top of his head only came up to the top of my chest and shoulders. "Seven foot even. Do you think I'm stopping here?"

"No. You still look way to boyish and you voice hasn't changed. The only way you can tell you've changed your stats is that you have some remarkable high waters on.....And there's this cute little ball and chain hanging down from the cuff...."

"Long story." I looked down my now small in length shirt. "Nope no hair yet either. I wonder how....Aaaaagghhh!"

I winced in pain as that sensation started in my feet again only this time it was intense with a capital 'I'. Jae and I watched as my feet grew to fill the shoe size thingy and then over flow it. Jae came over and place his feet next to mine.

"God Sean! they're at least twice as big as mine and still growing!"

"NNgggguhhhhh!" A gutteral scream came out of me as I felt my body being stretched now in a few directions, but there also came this new pain. The sensation of my muscles being worked to complete exhaustion. I don't know how I was standing up! I watched as Jae started to get smaller and the room close in on me and the ripping of fabric became so loud you couldn't hear.

I could see it happening in the living room mirror. It started with my shirt collar. My expanding and lengthening neck popped it open. Then the seams under my arms gave way as my arms began to lift up, almost parallel to the floor, while my lats flared out. The back of the shirt was next to blow as in perfect time with my lats my back expanded ever thicker and wider. I'm not sure I was gonna be able to stand back far enough to see all of this in the mirror. Then the buttons on the shirt began to strain. The fabric just barely holding, creating little windows so you could see my bunching abs and mounding pecs which were getting thicker, wider, almost shelf like... pop. pop pop...popopopopopopop All the buttons gave at once almost crying in agony from the strain of holding in my chest. But you didn't have time to hear them for instantly on top of that there came a tearing sound from the shoulder seams as my traps joined my back and lats in increasing size. Prodding my neck that it need to further join them. My delts helped out too for they grew into some, basketballs...not too bad of a si...bowling b....cannon balls! Good God! when are they gonna stop?!?

They weren't gonna stop. They weren't because my biceps and triceps hadn't joined it yet, but they announced their arrival by the ripping of my sleeves. The only part of my shirt still left intact; still left with its dignity and now it wouldn't have that. Suddenly the fabric gave way to reveal that my arm had been replaced with a football and that was fast become to small of a description for the mound of flesh that was rising like a mountain peak from my upper arm. I would have loved to have stayed focused on it, but my right arm suddenly screamed in pain. Something was cutting off the circulation to my hand. I pulled my arm up just in time to behold my expanding wrist and forearm snap the metallic band on my wristwatch.

I heard Jae counting and looked down. Good grief! Jae was now only up to just underneath my chest!

"..two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight! My god Sean, you've got an eight back and boy are they developing. Forget about bouncing quarters. You could probably bounce a five pound weight of your abs!"

"I can't voice it's still not changed?"

"Yeah....and you haven't sprouted even a love trail yet. Damn how big are you gonna grow?"

I didn't know, but my body responded with my legs playing catch up to the torso. My waist remained small, but due to my height it was still to large for the average sized pants and shortly blew off the button. My quads started expanding and easily ripped out the seam of the jeans as well as creating other splits around my thigh. The left leg especially blew because it contained my dick which seemed to be ever lengthening and thickening, but I couldn't yet see til the last of the jeans would fall away. I'd love to say that my calves blew the cuffs of my jeans out, but I was growing so fast that that job went to my thighs. Damn I was getting tall! But the calves we getting monsterous and beautiful. Huge pulsating diamonds expanding ever larger to keep up with my quads.

Finally the denim couldn't take it any longer and neither could my fruit of the looms in a final rip they both fluttered to the floor and I stood completely naked. I could now see my penis which was surprisingly flaccid. Between the pulling sensation and my body growing I figured I'd be rock hard by now but not yet. I watched it getting incredibly thick and it hung about three-fourths the way down my thigh and still it grows!

Jae stammered, "Oh that're becoming my fantasy but quick. I wanna take you right now!"

"Why don't we wait til I'm done. Hey my voice! It's finally beginning to lower."

"And you're starting to develop the old love trail too."

I couldn't believe it. I was just now coming into the last stages of maturity. I watched as the hair came in on my crotch and little by little worked its way up to my abs and then my chest and under my arms, getting thicker and curlier. Down my arms and my legs... Finally I began to see my goatee come in. I looked at it and then gasped in amazement when I realized what was cascading down next to it. My hair. My head of hair! For whatever reason I wasn't thinning this time. No not at all! Instead my hair was as thick as a lion's mane and now was almost platinum blond! And it hung down to the middle of my back or the bottom of my chest depending on which side you saw me from.

I felt the pain start to subside, but I was still getting a little taller. I looked up at the ceiling and thought, "How close am I gonna get? Am I gonna grow through it?"

I stood transfixed at my reflection in the mirror as I was watched it continue to grow for just a little while and then watched as my bulbous mounds of muscles got even larger. My neck as wide as my head. My shoulders so wide they extended past the mirrored reflection. A chest that looked as big and round as a barrel, no a culvert pipe. My thighs ballooned so that my stance was ever increasing. wider. Wider..WIDER... I swear I think I'm standing with my legs six fucking feet apart! I thought my muscles couldn't get any bigger, but they did! Making my skin almost transparent. And then I got even freakier. All over my body these snakes started coiling around my biceps and delts. My calves and thighs. And then I realized they weren't snakes but huge veins poppin' out and snaking up and down my gigantic body providing the pump for my massive muscles. By the time I stopped looking and exploring myself Jae walked over and I noticed he came up to me somewhere between my crotch and my belly button!

Jae placed his hands on me and began to rub up and down my abs and my thighs. "I wanna have fun with this, but first I'd like to know what I'm messing with. I think your done growing. You haven't gotten any larger now for about thirty minutes, so I think it's safe to measure." And with that he got out the tape measure.

"I'll start on the bottom and work my way up.", he smiled.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Oh shit. Who the fuck is that?" Jae went over and looked through the peephole. "It's David."

David was a good friend of ours, who was a closet bi to keep it a secret from his wife. He worked for a stockyard company auctioning and weighing cattle. "Let him in.", I said. "He's bound to see me sometime."

So Jae opened up the door. David came in said hi to Jae and then turned and saw me.

"Howdy lads. Hey Jae how ya doin'? I came over cause Sean and I were gonna go loo......holy shit! Sean, what the hell happened to you?"

"It's a long story, David."

"God Sean. How big are you?"

"I don't know. Jae was just getting ready to measure me."

"I tell ya what. We can skip what was on the agenda for today. Let me take you to the auction house. No one's there and there'll be more room for you to move around to be measured."

"Yeah but how will Sean get there?", Jae asked. "He can't fit in a car. I'm sure."

"We can put him in the back of my pickup truck and cover him up so no one will seem him on the way there. Besides it's 6:00 o'clock not a lot of people up and out anyway."

We decided this was best so I grabbed some sheets and blankets, climbed into the pickup and while we drove off to the auction house, Jae filled David in on what happened.

We got to the auction house just barely. Some of the back roads are quite hilly and with me in the back, David's shocks didn't do a damn thing. Sparks flew every three feet. We entered into the auction barn.

"Damn Sean, you barely fit through the tractor doors of the barn. I'm surprised you could get through the doors of your house!"

"Twelve foot ceilings have eight foot doors. Love those Victorian houses. Although, I did have to lay down and scoot out sideways."

"Okay go stand over there on that metal plate and you'll have enough room to be measured. I'll find a ladder for Jae."

I walked over and stood on the metal plate as Jae started from the bottom and worked his way up measuring me again with a smile on his face.

"Your feet are huge! I don't have anything to accurately measure them right now but with what I've got I say you have wear at least a size 52 or so shoe."

"Woo," David whistled as he came in with a ladder. "Your cowboy boots are gonna cost you plenty."

"Calves are 45". That's just under four feet around. Damn! Thighs are 64.25". Waist is 52" Abs are 60.75" Lower arm is 41" upper arm is 50" Talk about some big guns! Chest is 132.5" Shoulder span is 150" damn Sean! I think you're thicker than you are tall."

"Well how tall am I?"

"Hold on....120" or shit. Your ten feet tall!"

Ten feet tall? Ten feet tall! "I'm the tallest man in the history of the world. Damn."

"Well I wanna know how long your member is!"

"I'd like to know that too.", said David "It looks like quite a pony ride! But, would you like to know how much you weigh?"

"How much I weigh? My god I never thought about that."

"No prob, Bob. That's why I had you stand over here. It's a scale for weighing cattle. If Jae would just get off for second... Okay and we see...Sweet Mother Macree!"

"So what's the tally?"

"One thousand, eight-hundred, sixty-five pounds."

"Damn Sean, you almost weigh on ton! May if you pack on a bit more muscle...."

"Don' think that's possible Jae."

"Yeah, well, now for your member."

"I'm glad that cuff on the ball and chain finally broke off."

"But look what that weight did for your member....let's see. God! It's twenty five and one fourth inches long flaccid."

"I wonder what it is erect."

"Well I bet ol' Jae and I could help you figure that out."

"What?" David looked at Jae and winked. In a second Jae was jumping up and sliding down my huge prong.

"Whuuu. Hey now! Stop. Someone..."

"No one's coming in today. I checked the schedule when we came in. Just lie back on those granary bags there."

And with that David stood on my waist then laid down and started rubbing his arms and torso all over my abdomen.

"Jeez. You feel like a brick wall. A warm, pulsing, erotic brick wall, but solid none the less."

"Oh God guys...mnnn. stop."

"Oh no Sean. I told you this was my fantasy."

"Jesus, look at that thing grow..."

And We did. I watched as my dick grew to stand up. Then to point to my abs....just below my chest....mid chin....and soon I was staring head to head with my own member.

"Who-ee, Jae tell me how many hands high that pony is before I ride it!"

"Unh-uh! Me first! But let's see."

And Jae placed the tape measure at the end of my shaft, near my bowling ball sized balls....

"Good Lord! How does fifty four inches sound to you, Sean?"

"Fifty-fo....that's over four feet long!"

"Four and half feet to be exact there buddy." And winking again at Jae, David jumped upon my throbbing rod and slid down. This was followed by Jae doing the same thing. Finally, David stripped his clothes off revealing all of his 200lb 5'11" baby smooth but olive skinned frame not to mention his now solid 12" horse meat which now looked very small to mine. David walked over to a spicket and wet him self down and slid down my pole again. Jae followed suit revealing his very thick eight and half inch cock and dowsing himself in water. They kept sliding down my shaft until Jae a little tired of the game began groping, rubbing,and licking my balls while David kept the pace up. After what seemed like hours, I began to shake, almost convulse.

"No....not....not yet..."

"Come on we've been at this for at least an hour. How long do you wanna hold out!" Cried David and he jumped one last time clinging as tightly as he could so he slid down s...l....o....w....l...y...... That did it. I spasmed in orgasm and my balls went into pumping overdrive. David jumped down and Jae stood up and they ran over and stood behind my head and received a protein bath the likes we've never seen before. I swear I must have released gallons.

Jae winked at David this time, covered with cream and walking back jumped on my chest and slid down to my crotch. David caught on to the idea and played follow the leader.

"We're gonna slip and slide all over you till you do that again!", screamed Jae.

"Oh no I'm not. I'm being your fantasy remember...." and with that I picked Jae up and bench pressed him to my face. I began licking every part of his body till he was clean and I even lingered a while on his butt. Then I dipped his stick in my mouth and sucked long and hard till he began to flop and jump in orgasm and attempt to fill me with his essence. I set him down next to me and grabbed David. "Oh, I've got to do it to you now. Jae's to small to fill me up...."

David played the little fighter but I eventually wore him down and did him the same. As we all lie there breathless, in ecstasy of this new life....this fantasy made real. Jae turned around and asked.

"So we can have all sort of fun playing games, but what about real sex. I mean I don't know if I could handle that up my butt..."

"Oh I think we'll find a way. I even have a few ideas for your fantasy, myself. But that will be for another time. Right now I want you guys to play firemen again."

"Where's the fire there partner?"

"I think you know David.....I think you know." •

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