Growing Time


By Corwin

Tim allowed Derek to please him. He turned off his mind, permitting his emotions and senses to control him. This was not an android, it was his lover who was satisfying him. Tim wanted to hold Derek, but the restraints held him down. There was something erotic in his helplessness.

Derek sat on top of Tim, rubbing his huge pecs and kissing him passionately. Derek's hands felt Tim flex the huge hemispheres that were his pecs. Derek pushed and pinched into their hardness. He moved down and sucked on Tim's nipples, sending shivvers through the big man. Derek's hands moved to Tim's delts, feeling their roundness and the divides between each of the three heads. Next they slid to Tim's biceps.

Tim pressed hard against the unyielding restraints, causing his arms to pump huge. He felt Derek coo and whisper, "so big... so strong." Tim liked hearing that.

Derek's soft tongue licked down Tim's washboard stomach and found his erect manhood.

Derek rubbed his hands along Tim's magnificent legs as he teased Tim's cock with his tongue. He circled the thick head, lapping it at it like a puppy dog at his master's hand. Derek's hand reached between Tim's thighs and found his hard glutes. While he wrapped his mouth around Tim's left nut, his hands spread his lover's ass muscles apart. Derek tugged on Tim's left nut then the right as he massaged the sensitive area of his butt.

Tim's brain was on fire as Derek expertly stimulated Tim's erogenous zones. A firestorm swept through his body Derek thrust his mouth over Tim's cock, and his finger penetrated, thrusting into his butt and massaging his pituitary. He felt his orgasm begin to grow as Derek's other's hand tugged on his nuts, fighting to keep them from retracting into firing position. Tim twisted and bucked as his orgasm grew, fighting a losing battle against the restraints that held him -- fighting to give back the love he was so expertly receiving.

Tim fought the eruption, allowing it to grow inside him. He tried to relax as Derek pushed him closer and closer. Tim writhed as the lust he was feeling demanded release. Derek inhaled Tim's cock, rubbing his face in the pubic hair at its base while he rubbed his index finger between Tim's big nuts. They were pressed hard into Tim's muscular body. It was too much. Tim moaned loudly then exploded.

Derek's mouth was forced to open wider as Tim's cock expanded with the explosion of cum. Derek's head forced inches up the long shaft by it's power. Tim was lost in the orgasm, as he muttered expressions of love to Derek. He felt his juices flow into Derek's wanting mouth. Seconds passed as Tim shot load after load, and then seconds became minutes. Tim imagined himself growing larger, getting bigger and stronger for Derek. The more he shot, the bigger he would grow. His desire for muscle fed the passion he felt which he expressed through his orgasm. Derek took it all.

When the flow finally subsided, Derek sat up. "I love you," Tim said, tears running down his cheeks.

"I," started Derek, "love..." the android started. He never completed the sentence. Instead, his lips moved to Tim's and he kissed him. When the kiss ended, the android returned to Tim's cock. "Tim, you produced an over abundance of semen. My primary reciptical has overflowed, and the two overflow recipticals are also filled. I have finished injecting them with the 14 day supply of the serum. Are you ready for the transfer?"

Tim nodded yes. His cock was still hard and very sensitive. Derek placed his mouth over it. Tim bucked from the sensation, forcing it deeper into the android. The procedure began as normal, but as it proceeded, Tim felt the change. His nuts hurt as they were forced to take more and more of the serum. When they felt like they would burst, a rush of energy shot through his body. Every muscle began to cramp as the massive amounts of growth juice filtered into his system. Tim's body was flooded with pain as his mind became lost in images of his body growing bigger and stronger. The process lasted for five minutes as more and more serum was forced into Tim's body. Tears of joy were replaced by tears from pain as Tim's body cramped and spasmed. By the time the last of the serum had entered Tim's system, he had lost consciousness.

Outside the room, Sargent Detrick walked passed the guards. "All quiet here boys?"

"Yes Sargent. Both prisoners are sleeping quietly," the guard said, quickly scanning the monitors.


"Late night for you Sargent?" the guard asked.

"Yes. Dr. Perkins asked me to get the lab ready for tomorrow," Detrick said as he walked away.

Detrick turned the lights on in the lab and looked at the equipment, recalling his earlier humiliation. Two of the machines were destroyed, but they could be replaced. He walked over to one of the working barbell curl machines. He set it up for a maximum strength test. He failed on the third rep. His face twisted into anger and jealousy as he recalled how the civilian had beaten the machine, flexing his massive arms in triumph afterward.

"Fuck him!" Detrick screamed. He walked over to closet where Perkins kept the growth formula. 'All necessary force,' were Perkins's order. Detrick knew what was necessary. He took out a box of serum.

"Need some help Sargent?" asked the tall blonde soldier that entered the gym. "Late night workout?"

"Hello Petrowski," said Detrick. "No, I'm fine. Just thinking about our prisoner."

"Ya, me too. Thought you looked upset," said the big man as he walked over to the sargent and looked at the formula. "You're going to need syringes."

Detrick looked Petrowski. The man was one of the biggest. Only he and Lewis were bigger, and Lewis was out with a broken arm.

"Didn't Dr. Perkins say he had 10 times the formula in his system? I figure it will take 12 vials to beat him," said Petrowski. "Looks like there are 3 dozen here."

"Solider, I can't ask you..."

"You aren't asking Sargent. I'm volunteering. One of us with his strength can take him, but two? Ain't no way he could hurt us then. It's for the good of the company, Sargent," said Petrowski, getting out eight large syringes. He filled each with three vials, then laid four out in front of the sargent and four in front of him. The sargent got six jugs of protein drink.

Detrick removed his shirt and dropped his pants and shorts. Petrowski had seen the big black man naked before, but always marvelled at the size of his huge balls and thick, long dick. Detrick wasn't shy about letting his men know that his cock was over 13 inches long, having gained an additional two inches since the experiment began. Petrowski had to admit to pangs of jealousy over his sargent's more abundant endowement. It only made matters worse that he was also stronger and more muscular.

Petrowski stripped off his clothes while he watched the sargent give himself the first syringe. The blonde hunk had never been attractive. He was always the butt of jokes from the school jocks. His father told him joining the Army would make him a man. He barely made it through basic training, and when he was given the opportunity to volunteer for this experiment, he jumped at the chance. He looked at his body now, his rippling chest, thin waist and thick thighs. He had never been endowed, but his dick was now three inches bigger than when he started. The scale in the gym said he weighed 300 pounds, but Detrick told him to multiply that by 4. The scale in the gym lied.

Detrick looked at the syringes. He tossed his clothes, hitting the box of serum. He moved his clothes, hiding three vials in the cloth. Detrick put an empty syringe on the counter and grabbed his second. Petrowski took his first. He hefted his nine incher and stuck the needled in his balls. It had hurt the first time, but now he liked the rush he got as the growth serum filled his system.

Detrick's balls were growing huge, as were Petrowski's. Both men's minds began to cloud as the desire for growth overwhelmed them. They wanted to lift, knew they could lift anything. Images of their muscles growing and their strength increasing overwhelmed them. The urge to grow grew with each push of the syringe.

When Detrick finished all four syninges, he was sweating and his balls were massive, filled with growth juice. As he walked over to the curling machine, his balls rubbed against his thighs. The erotic charge caused his massive schlong to grow, its hefty size bouncing in front of him like a divining rod. "Hurry up over there," he told Petrowski.

Petrowski finished his forth shot, and refilled the syringe with the three vials he had secreted from the box. "Just one more shot, Sarge," he called back. He emptied the syringe into his nuts. Checking himself out in the mirror, his balls were noticeably more inflated than the sargent's. His cock got hard at the thought of getting as big, or bigger, than Detrick.

Detrick was at the curling machine he had modified to test his maximum strength. As he lifted, he became light headed as he felt his body begin to change. After six reps, he felt currents of power eminate from his swollen nuts. Instead of slowing down, each rep was getting faster as it seemed easier for him to handle the weight. He marvelled at the way his bis were expanding, ballooning up with new size and strength. At nine reps there was a small amount of smoke coming from the machine. At ten, he heard the grinding like he had when the civilian broke the machine. Now, it was Detrick breaking it.

Detrick jumped from the machine and flexed. His arms were massive, as big as Tim's had been. He sauntered to the counter and chugged a jug of protein formula. As he put the empty jug down, he heard another machine give out. He saw Petrowski flexing his massive arms. "Way to go soldier!" He threw him a jug of protein.

No machine in the gym was any match for the two soliders. As they worked pecs, tris, delts, traps, quads, hams, abs, calves, each muscle group grew. Machines where they would max out after two or three reps fell to their power. In this battle of man verses machine, the machines always lost. As each became useless, the soldiers felt a rush of pride and energy. Detrick never noticed that Petrowski was growing as huge as he, equalling his mass. Nor did he notice that Petrowski's balls were always larger, never quite as depleted as his after the rush of growth juice.

Detrick looked at his body as he posed in the mirror. His pecs were massive, larger than the civilians by inches. His quads were ripped and showed every muscle fiber as he flexed. Unflexed, he shook the muscle and watched inches deep ripples appear in the massive muscle. Detrick was turned on by the way he could transform his muscle from a fluid mass to solid iron on command.

Detrick walked over to the curling machines again. He moved two back so that they faced each other, and set them up for max test. He signalled Petrowski to do the same. Positioning himself between the machines, Detrick grabbed the weights and began doing dumbell curls. It took only two reps for the haze of muscle growth to envelop his mind. He loved the feeling. It meant he was growing, he felt the power grow as he forced his bis to be bigger and stronger. It was power he wanted. Power he deserved. As he finished the tenth rep, the machines exploded. Petrowski was right behind him.

"Soldier, get a tape!" Detrick ordered. The handsome blonde walked to the counter, opened a drawer and pulled out a tape measure. Detrick watched the naked man move, admiring his size and proportions. 'Damn fine whiteboy' he thought. Detrick flexed his right bicep. It was obviously much bigger than Tim's had been. The civilian had used both arms to destroy the machine -- he and Petrowski had done it with one.

"Damn Sarge, look at that peak!" Petrowski had trouble getting the tape around the mountainous arm, but finally read off, "65!"

"Ya. Brag about a foot difference. Let's see that wimp take this arm on!" Detrick grinned. "Your turn soldier."

It was truth time for Petrowski. He removed the tape measure as Detrick relaxed his arm. Petrowski flexed. His ripped peak rose high.

"Looking good," said Detrick as he wrapped the tape around. "Hey!" he exclaimed with a bit of surprise and anger, "Didn't you say I was 65? You're fuckin 66. What the fuck is goin' on."

Petrowski's heart skipped a beat. He grinned. "Better look in the mirror, Sarge. I think there's a new big boy in town."

Petrowski struck a double bicep pose, and Detrick followed. They compared, and Detrick was smaller. Side chest next, and Petrowski's massive shelves dwarfed the once-larger black man's. It was the posedown from the Armed Forces Bodybuilding show all over again, but this time, Petrowski wasn't third, he was first. His lats were wider, abs denser, legs bigger. Petrowski's overdose had worked.

"What the fuck!" Detrick began to walk to the counter. He saw that some of the vials were missing. "Damn you. Well, I can fix that," he said.

Petrowski was there. He grabbed Detrick's arm and with his strength, turned him around. Detrick struggled. He was nearly as big and strong as Petrowski. He threw a punch into the blonde's chest, causing him to stagger back. Another hit his abs, bunching him over. Petrowski recovered enough to block the third.

Petrowski felt a familiar feeling as he battled Detrick. The dilerium of muscle growth clouded his thoughts. Each punch felt weaker as his muscles strengthened to counter them. Petrowski experienced the familiar feeling of his skin stretching to accomidate his new strength, his larger muscles. Detrick swung, but Petrowski caught the punch, stopping it. Petrowski muscled the sargent's arm down, his arm and shoulders getting larger as he exerted himself against the other man. His growth wasn't being fed by weights or machines, it was being fed by the Sargent's own massive power. Petrowski was growing larger from this battle of the titans.

As Detrick's arm was forced down, he compared it to Petrowski's. Petrowski was growing. Detrick was no longer feeling the effect of the serum, but Petrowski obviously still had some in reserve. Detrick continued to struggle, but the fight only made Petrowski bigger.

Petrowski got Detrick in a bear hug and lifted him from the ground. He was so strong now, nothing Detrick could do could hurt him. Detrick flexed, but the blonde superman began to crush him with his larger muscles. Detrick finally surrendered.

"Most muscular. Flex!' Petrowski ordered as Detrick fought to regain his breath. He complied. Petrowski posed next to him, displaying his bigger muscles. He was tighter, more vascular, more ripped and much more massive. Petrowski grinned and slapped the sargent on the back, sending him stumbling forward.

"Here's the deal. Sarge you can have another dose of three vials. I get six, though. Then we go and see the prisoner. Deal?" asked Petrowski.

"Ya," said Detrick. He'd deal with the big man later. Right now, they had another enemy to bring down. Detrick took one more shot, and Petrowski took two.

Both men put on shorts, which were now skin tight against their much larger bodies. They walked to the door, but it was locked. Detrick turned to the keypad.

"Computer lock down," he says. "I'll override." He typed something into the pad. "It won't recongnize my codes. Damn computers!"

"Sarge, we don't need codes," said Petrowski shaking his head and rubbing his hands over his arms. He placed his palms on the door and pushed. His forearms burst into a cords of muscle and veins, and his tris became huge horseshoes. For seconds, nothing happened. Then there was the sound of gears breaking as the door jerked open an inch. Petrowski reached around the opening, grabbing the door. Bracing himself with his powerful legs, he pushed. No metal could withstand such force as gears broke and the door bent. The door was opened. "There," he said. "No problem. Now, let's go show that asshole what real military muscle is."

They began to walk to Tim's cell. •

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