Recruit, The


By Richard Jasper

So when DOES your dick stop growing? At 14 or 15? I guess it depends on the guy. For me it was about then, certainly no later than 15, which is when I reached my full height. By that time I was 5'10" tall and my dick was already its man-sized 9 x 6 (a lotta meat for a 15 y.o.!) Now though.

Could it really be bigger? It wasn't really hard but it felt nearly as big and thick as when fully erect. I wondered what it would be like to have a 13-inch monster like Riker's, which got me thinking about his performance in the gym the day before, and "well, I'll be goddamned," I blurted, looking down at my now raging cock. It *was* bigger! If only I had a tape measure!

I went back to my room in the infirmary and whacked off, a process which took all of two minutes to achieve -- and another two minutes to complete! Despite the big, fat dick, I've never been a shooter, so I yelped when the first volley hit me in the eye, and the second round went over my shoulder and *splatted* against the wall. Then my eyes rolled up in my head as the spasms went on and on and I succumbed to the waves of pleasure. How many spasms? 20 or 30? I lost count after 10 and it went on for a long time after that.

I think I was asleep before I ever finished. I woke up hours later feeling sticky. I got up to take a leak and clean myself up, was asleep again the moment my head hit the pillow.

I woke up 10 minute before my 0800 appointment with the doc, staggered to the john where stood peeing for what seemed like five minutes, grabbed a pair of baggy sweats, and then raced down the hall.

Doc looked me up and down, frowning.

"So, how'd it go?" he asked finally.

"Last night? I slept like a baby, doc. Crashed early and didn't wake up except once to use the john, then not again 'til 15 minutes ago."

He was still frowning.

"Nothing out of the ordinary?"

I blushed.

"C'mon, private, I'm a professional. Don't get all prissy on me."

I cleared my throat, then told him briefly, haltingly, about my jack off experience.

"Can't that's TOO surprising," he chuckled. "The increase in testosterone levels is only to be expected."

The next thing he said made ME chuckle.

"Save your spooge, soldier! And, no, I don't mean deny yourself. COLLECT it, OK? There's a specimen cup in your room. Use it!"

I nodded.

"OK," he continued. "Now strip!"

I complied and was taken aback by his sharp intake of breath.

"Uh, everything OK, Doc?"

The researcher took off his glasses and polished them on his lab coat, then put them back on, and looked me up and down again. His mouth hung open.

"Jesus, Corcoran," he said finally, "have you looked at yourself?"

He pointed to the full-length mirror in the alcove behind me. Standing there buck naked, I turned and got my first full glimpse of the nw me.

"Shee-it, Doc! How's that possible?"

You see, I was BIGGER. Not just a little bit bigger, but just as much bigger as I had gotten the day before.

"All I did was sleep!"

He nodded.

"Let's measure."

The results were amazing. I was another inch taller, another 25 lbs. heavier. I was now 6 feet tall and 210 lbs. Before I was a lean, lithe but basically skinny recruit. Now I was a beefy stud, as big as any jock -- save Sgt Riker -- in the unit.

I'd had only ONE injection.

"So how's my recruit?"

Riker strode into the examining room, then stopped dead in his tracks as I turned to face him, wearing nothing but my birthday suit and a big, shit eating grin.

"Corcoran, is that YOU?" •

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