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By Also_KnownAs

Stefan's hungry ass was being filled with hard, full, deep thrusts of Mitchell's now amplified prick, swollen to mammoth proportions like the rest of his hyper masculine and super muscular body by Stefan's earlier attentions. Mitch had grown nearly as large as Stefan now, but Stefan was also still growing larger so neither knew, nor cared at the moment, whether Mitch would ever catch up to Stefan's dimensions.

They were both simply fucking huge. The muscles that bulged along every line and angle of their bodies were shredded and fat with power. Every fiber twisted and flexed in clear, utter detail beneath the skin. Veins pulsed and pumped hot blood into the brawn, feeding them to grow larger still, drawing on what seemed like an endless supply of whatever was making them become the behemoth sexual gods of non-stop fucking they were now.

No one had seen a back like these men possessed. The muscles not merely distinct and bulging, but perfectly formed and fat with strength. Their shoulders were colossal displays of male supremacy. And those backs spread wider, growing even bigger, unfolding like wings leading to impossibly narrow waists. It appeared, now, that they were made of nothing but muscle. It pushed against the flesh, each muscle bulging against its neighbor, the bodies flexing and moving in a sexual harmony of pure male fucking.

Every once in a while, something like a tremor could be heard from the men. Their deep, satisfying groans of animal lust and continuous development escaping their massive bodies as deep rumbles that resonated through any man within earshot, pumping from him another load of his own hot cream, his balls already screaming to be left alone. But these men were made of pure sex, and it pumped from them like the unending flood of cum each could produce.

Jason was sucking cooling breaths into his overheated body. His fingers dug into the moist ground and his head hung forward. Then he threw his head back, his eyes pinched shut, his body suddenly tight and tense as another flashing rush of orgasmic bliss shook him and his cock, hard and red, overwhelmed with veins, the helmet shiny and firm, pumped out another flow of cream. It splashed hotly on his chest and dripped down his skin.

He was naked now, having stripped himself of his clothes as he walked across the campus, literally ripping himself out of them, unable to control what was happening to him. The orgasms were much stronger now, he could feel them coming and tried to prepare for them but they were too powerful to overcome. His balls ached and his cock felt like it was on fire and his whole body felt energized and electrified, and it would not stop.

This one passed. He dipped his hand to the fresh load and licked it from his fingers. He smiled and breathed easier for the moments before the pounding draw began in his chest again, the sense of something physically pulling him toward someplace. He didn't know why or what awaited him there, only that as he approached, his uncontrollable orgasms came closer together and he had a feeling of swelling masculine power surging through him.

He stretched his wiry frame and got to his feet, thinking that if he got to the place faster, maybe this would stop. Because as much as he enjoyed it, it was rather an inconvenient lifestyle to have to wander the world naked and constantly experiencing mind-blowing orgasms. It made conversation difficult and he rather enjoyed wearing clothes now and again.

He jogged toward the pulling place. He got several yards closer when he could feel another shove of perfect male sexual pleasure swelling inside him. This is how it started, a feeling of warmth and weight inside his body, like he had eaten a full meal and felt satisfied by it. But it would shift, subtly, and move lower in his body, pushing into his loins and growing insistent and hungry and powerful.

He stumbled as a sudden tingle or erotic bliss erupted through him and he could feel his cock growing heavy and urgent. It was coming again, harder than ever, faster now. A wave of heat washed over his whole body, all the exposed skin on his nude form. His nipples tingled and seemed to throb, his limbs felt hard and muscular, his belly tightened and he fell to his knees again, falling forward onto the soft lawn. The sun beat down on his overheated flesh and the feeling inside swelled like a balloon growing deeper and stronger until his cock was hard as steel and his balls seized up and he sucked in a deep breath and came again, lost to an orgasmic rush even stronger than before. He could hear himself come, he was jetting so hard.

Then it was over again, and the pull was back, and he rose slowly to his feet again, his dick dripping cum, and moved closer to the heart of whatever was calling him.

Stefan felt him approach. Mitch, less strongly, but the same feeling of something coming closer was within him. Stef met his lover's gaze and they both smiled broadly, their angular, masculine faces reflecting the innate knowledge that another was coming.

Neither knew how they knew, or cared. Mitchell's thrusting hips slowed and he pulled his huge tool from Stefan's hot and hungry hole, still spurting his unending load. "Can you feel it?" he asked, the voice emerging from the giant man as deep as an earthquake.

Stef nodded. His body pulsed and throbbed with unrestrained power. His arms were overwhelmed with muscle, his chest too broad to see over, his entire body grown wider and taller to hang all that brawn off of. "Yes," he answered, getting up and slowly stroking his own huge cock, slick with honey. "Who is it?"

Mitch's mountainous shoulders shrugged. "I felt you like this," he answered. "He's another one."


"Doesn't feel like it. Remember?" He looked at Stef and they had an unvoiced connection and Stefan did remember what he had felt as he drew near to Mitchell. He looked at the man now, grown several times larger than before, and wondered what he himself looked like. Was he so beautiful? So powerful? So perfect? "He's almost here," Mitch rumbled, his smile growing wide.

"Bigger," said Stef, softly. "We can get bigger." He bent his arm to watch the bicep bulge. It was a tight sphere of power, big as a bowling ball. He could smell his stink rising from his pit. He was filthy from fucking Mitch on the lawn, they'd worn a huge hole in the ground at the base of the tree. The tree itself had been shoved forcibly over, leaning now precariously, its limbs still adorned with thick strings of his cum.

"Bigger," echoed Mitch, wondering how it was possible.

Jason saw them from across the quad. You couldn't miss them, they were the only things standing. All around him, young men had stripped themselves naked and were fucking and jerking off or simply lying on their backs writhing in some erotic ecstasy.

But across the lawn, next to a rather oddly planted tree, stood two mighty giants. They were naked as well, and even from a distance of 100 yards, their unbelievable dimensions were clearly detailed. They had huge upper bodies that glistened with sweat, chests so large that they seemed almost comical, but the power of them was undeniable. These colossal upper bodies narrowed to impossibly small waists, then their bodies suddenly exploded outward again with legs large enough to hold all that muscle upright.

One of them was stroking his meat slowly, his cock like a third arm, rising from between those monster thighs with obvious potency, the shiny helmet seemingly lodged between the rounded hemispheres of his chest. The other's dick was no less impressive, hanging slightly limp above balls he could see distinctly even from here.

He started moving toward them, and the waves of male erotic power grew thicker and stronger as he approached.

"That's him," Stefan said. He was slowly, patiently stroking his fat prick. It was hot in his grip, hot and rock solid hard. He grabbed it and squeezed it and tensed his ass and felt his balls rise. The head swelled and reddened and a thick pump of cream unloaded and poured down the sides. It was heavy with his power, thick with the ultimate masculine energy he produced in such abundance now that it permeated the very air and reached out its touch to stroke the hard cocks of guys in a wide radius. Farther than a football field, and growing stronger by the minute.

He could come when he wanted, come as strong and as much as he wanted, or simply pump out thick tides of his seed, warm and sticky and smooth. Or create this, this essence, this powerful, powerful transforming flow.

So much strength. So much power.

"We'll rip him open," Mitchell estimated, looking down at his own monstrous appendage and chuckling softly. "This is a problem."

"No problem," Stef corrected. "We won't have to fuck him." Another heavy flood erupted up his dick and spilled down its vein rippled sides.

Jason was nearly there, his body was charged with the presence of the two sex gods, he felt like he was being fucked as he walked, that every inch of his naked flesh was being pleasured, his dick was being sucked and stroked and he was coming, coming constantly. He could feel their power.

They were looking at him. The ground was soaked with their cum. The larger of the two was streaming a thick flow. He felt himself irresistibly drawn to it. He wanted it. He needed it. It would feed his desires and quench his needs and complete him.

"Hi," said the smaller god. Jason felt the word move through him. He nearly swooned, but the draw was too powerful. He looked at the larger god, the lines of his massive form, his unbelievably beautiful face, the purest essence of masculine magnificence. The god pulled his hand from the flow of his cock and sucked his fingers into his mouth, licking his own cum from his hand. The muscles and tendons of his arm twisted and bulged.

Jason came closer, overshadowed by the two, feeling small and powerless. The larger reached out his huge hand and placed it behind Jason's head and pulled them together, pulled the slim, athletic frame of the boy to the huge muscled structure of the god and fed him from the source.

Jason drank deeply. Nothing ever tasted so purely wonderful. He felt a heat inside as he swallowed, a heat that swam though his blood and reached to the tips of his fingers and toes. He sucked down Stefan's salty cum and began, quickly, to change. •

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