By Freaker

"42" says Rick, reminding me of the number of reps did before getting stuck with a fully loaded Olympic bar. A bar that now hoveres over his massive Chest weighing 1240kgs or almost 2750 lbs! But even that huge weight isn't important if it's equally opposed by incredibly huge Pecs and massively striated Triceps. And Rick has such muscles.

He was attempting to find out how many reps he could manage with a fully loaded bar. A feat of strength? Yes! Yet even now his face remains completely relaxed and in my opinion he's more handsome than yesterday with that straight and perfectly proportioned masculine nose with the nicely flared nostrils and his perfect full sharply defined blush pink lips that look like he is wearing lips stick, but isn't. And his medium sized mouth with strong striated muscular wide jaws that ripple every now and again as he flexes his jaws. And the dimpled chin, perfect teeth and bold smooth forehead topped by a full head of thick dark blond hair cut short. And to finish his face, his cheeks have a red blush that make this 38 year old look a perpetual 18.

And as easy as it is to describe Rick's transformation, it's also hard. Mainly because he has so much going for him. And its not just quantity and detail, but enhancements never seen before that challenges my ability to describe them, unseen by the reader. Like if you haven't seen his Cock, mere words fail to describe it! Its not just a symbol of his manly power. It's more. It's functional.....More on that subject later?!

He is so perfect, both physically and mentally, and again, as for mentality we are yet to test and experience his abilities. But it's all packed into the one person. The one MuscleMan. Rick the 1st who's so handsome, he could be described as a model's model. A paragon of physical perfection, and muscularity and strength. He looks the perfect Angel warrior. Huge, muscular yet so proportioned his agility appears obvious, even when he's not moving. And it too is yet to be tested.

And after 42 reps of incline bench pressing the bar has become stuck but well opposed by the equalising forces cumming from his mighty Pecs and massive Triceps. Muscles that have become hugely pumped so that the former looks like a wall of muscle rising in front of and surrounding his head while his triceps hang like a very thick wall, a veritable curtain of muscles under such immense tension, yet they appear to be a series of controlled explosions. Yet the striations make them look like masses of steel cables that are trying to avoid turning into a tangle of steel, while he drips with sweat as Ron and I stand in awe.

Our Cocks are so hard it bends our minds in ways we find hard to control with me holding, no, more like grasping with both my hands Rick's wonderfully thick Cock and trying to tease it away from what is nothing less than a vice like grip his Pectoral cleavage has of his Dickhead. God, I'd love to get my tongue around his piss slit again as I got so much goodness from it yesterday. In fact we both got all we could consume, yesterday. But now, this morning all I want is for my tongue to be wrapped around his hot hard mushroom and try to induce him to push harder. To get that bar up and then to just suck that enormous pole again by pulling it up into my chest like doing bent over rows until my lips could wrap around his complete corona stuffing his Dickhead into my mouth so I can give him the suck he desires. The suck he deserves. A suck to match his muscles and to tease the volcano and to feel the lava-ous Cum caress my tonsils again. And to tap his constantly growing hyper MuscleMan magma and to see the bar rise again, to prove I can tap into his reserves of power and unleash them for him.

At the other end of Rick, Ron needs to kiss! His need, to kiss and suck on Rick's blush Pink lips is an obsession. Partly because it's his adopted tactic to make the bar rise. But also because he can't help himself. But then who can? Especially if you are a 6 times in a row Mr. Olympia and a man who knows how to kiss. And Ron kisses Rick so hard and with such a passion the bar does rise. But unfortunately, only by 2 inches and only after Ron's tongue reaches deep inside Rick's muscular mouth and sucks that muscular tongue like its a wrestling match that pins Rick to the mat. And it stops rising despite 2 incredible mouths belonging to 2 hugely muscular handsome men, one black the other pink, co-joined in a scene of intense kissing maneuvers too sensuous to describe. And after 10 minutes of passionate kissing when all I could do was kiss and suck the entire exposed length of Rick's enormous Prick, plus suck on his balls, Ron admits defeat. He climbs back down off the bench from where he found a footing to lift himself up and over Rick's 3 feet of thick Back and Neck muscles and stands on a small but necessary box behind Rick. Then he places his hands back over Rick's Pecs.

Ron looks at me for a que and I blow him a kiss that makes him smirk and his lips blush. They may be black but I can tell when Ron blushes. His skin takes on an extra soft gloss and I know he love me! So much so, I wonder what I'd do if we ever competed against each other again. We'd take 1st & 2nd as usual, and one of us would have to congratulate the other as the trophy for 1st place is awarded. But what would I do? I now know that I'd have to kiss him! Even in front of everyone, the media, the promoters, the lot! I'd just have to. And I should have kissed him before. 6 times before!! But never again will I cower. Never again will I hesitate to show the world that MuscleMen can marry their heat throbs. Yes! Next time will be different. Next time I will kiss him and show the world I'm a Man with lips and Cock and Muscles made for another MuscleMan!

No. I've changed my mind. Next time, I'll fuck his brains out on stage just like I'd like to now. Then let him fuck my brains!

But right now we have a Phase 2 transform, a real MuscleMan to rescue! The most gorgeous white meat on the planet and god! Rick's so rock solid! Look at him! Feel him! Feel how his whole body is as hard as Marble. And I can't pull his Cock free to suck on it. Not without upsetting the 1240 Kgs poised over his massive chest that is, while Ron starts massaging his Pecs again. Only this time he's kneading them with all the strength available to his fingers using the considerable power of his Mr. Olympia forearms. But its like trying to massage marble and Rick's skin has already absorbed Ron's previous excess Cum as his skin is now like a sponge to Cum! But Ron can't stand just rubbing and rubbing. Even Pecs as huge and as striated and as powerful as Rick's! He has to kiss Rick too. Yes, again! And I have to suck Rick's shaft. 'If only I can get his Dickhead out of his Pecs embrace'!

But I'm obsessed. Wondering what its like to be Rick? To have my Dick clasped so tightly between my vice like huge 2 feet thick powerful Pecs with a foot deep cleavage formed from 5 distinct bands of muscle that can swallow my dickhead and embrace it like that. So I lean forward and close my eyes and suck, sucks, suck on the middle of Rick's solid hot shaft and it feels so good.

I notice Rick's Pecs have stopped trembling. But before I start cumming I pull away. "Rick", I inquire? But they're still kissing! Fuck! "What does it feel like", I insist? And there's a pause as their lips part, and both Ron & Rick groan before Rick finally decides to reply as Ron's stares into his eyes and their groans tells it all.

Then, Fuck! Rick's body starts to orgasm!!! I can feel it. It's just that nothing is cumming out of his clamped up piss slit. But I'm looking at his urethra, watching it as it swells like its being hit by waves of orgasms. Ecstasy wracks Rick's body and his Abs are like a solid set of 10 incredible orbs of polished pink marble. And his huge Pecs are a constant and unbending obstacle to that enormous weight over his chest, along with his twisted tangle of steel cabled triceps.

"If you keep doing this to me I'm gunna cum any second" Rick finally warns and we realised he is seriously not ready for it. Not yet at least so I let go completely and Ron stands down as Rick gives a wonderous sensuous sigh...."Ahhaaaggg".

How Rick didn't Cum in bucket loads amazed us and in seconds Ron was sucking Rick's Traps and getting away with it. Soon, he discovers how Rick has solid vein everywhere and the tip of his tongue winds down and ends up roaming along on continuous vein all the way to the bottom of his Triceps where veins bulge and he starts to suck on massive cords of solid muscle that's fighting to maintain the bar from collapsing on top of him.

Then I notice Rick's thighs are flexing and striations stand out like tree roots unearthed. "But what's it feel like holding this weight up Rick" I persist?.....I needed to know"!....and there was a long pause as Ron sucks on an erogenous vein pulsing with Rick's hot muscleman blood and he drifts off into a world of his own feeling Rick's heart pounding against his lips and as he lingers there......"You have no idea", Rick finally responds with his eyes focused on that Olympic bar overhead.

He looks at it like he is Superman trying to melt it with X-ray vision. "Ron", Rick calls out to his black worshipper, his 6 times in a row Mr. Olympia lover......."Yes my muscle god" Ron replies in a completely serious voice, his tongue against solid triceps muscle?...."Kiss me. Kiss me hard".

Ron already couldn't stand not kissing the blush pink hot lipped musclegod who was the hugest and most handsome pink man on the planet. And Rick knew it as Ron straddles the 3 feet of muscle again that abounds from the padded inclined bench press to his lips and as they kiss the bar starts to climb steadily and reaches the top where, without a pause Rick starts another repetition movement as the most masculine pair of lips and mouths explored each other. And it takes a minute for the bar to descent and rub against Ron's ear.

"Now....the 2 of you, pose for me and watch"!

I focused on Rick's Pecs and they look a few inches larger than when I woke to find him stuck! Had Rick's Pecs been growing all this time? All the time cords of muscle were taking time out, causing his Pecs to ripple as one cord turned off and another took up the strain. And experiments on animals have shown that muscle does grow, even under constant stress. So maybe that's just happened in response to this impossible load? Maybe the cords of muscle were taking time out to grow his Pecs?

So we moved a small posing stage in front of Rick, setting it between his spread eagle feet so he could see us over his mountains of muscle and we could see his deep blue eyes and blush pink lips. His chin was covered and surrounded by his upper Pecs that were fighting the loaded bar and then we started posing for him.

As soon as we hit our first poses Rick started pressing the 1240 Kgs as though he'd only just started. Not 42 reps later that was in fact the case! I started with a one arm biceps, side chest combination pose showing my new 29 inch biceps that felt like they were going to bursting and cupped my Pecs with my free hand so Rick could see my chest and arm development. Ron hit a side chest with his hands folded under his Pecs to emphasise his huge rib cage topped by his mounds of pectoral muscle and the 1240 Kgs started rising and falling like a cork floating on an ocean swell. It all seemed so effortless. Like it was absolutely nothing for Rick to press that weight and I counted each rep out loud.

"45, 46, 47, 48, 49", making sure Rick picked up my enthusiasm and as I was being swept off my feet as "50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56", Rick was not going to stop! Not by the looks. So we kept posing and blew Rick an occassional kiss that at first he returned but eventually he was groaning loudly and constantly and our beautiful thick black luscious lips met for our mutual enjoyment and we kissed each other in total awe of what Rick was doing. And then embraced, and looked at Rick who whose muscles were amazing us! Our Cocks glistened with excitement and thick veins popped out all over them and we were about to burst the veins as our hearts pounded and for a moment we gazed into each others eyes and kissed and listened to a succession of Rick's groanings. And each groan lasted as long as it took to lift the bar, which was 2 seconds, and still I kept counting.

We stopped kissing and I continued counting out loud,"114, 115, 116, 117, 118,119, 120" and Rick slowed down. Taking 3 second up and 3 seconds to lower the bar and as he groaned he did so through his teeth and a widening smile! Fuck! Rick was actually enjoying this. Where's the pain? Where's the pain, as the bar rose slowly but relentlessly?

We were now wrapped in each other's arms! 2 Mr. Olympias displaying all their muscles and affection for the most massive handsome white musclegod in the world. A god whose face was now expressing the biggest happiest smile we had ever seen and when we turned to face each other and stare and kiss, Rick groaned louder. And we sensed he was becoming stronger the more we embraced and Ron and I stared into each other's eyes and inflated our chest causing our embrace to slip apart as we expanded. Though we tried to keep ourselves embraced as tight as we could and our veins popped all over our bodies. We then felt waves of muscle awesomeness sweeping us off our feet, and out the side of my eyes I continued to count, "147, 148, 149, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158, 159, 160' and we then turn to face Rick and hit a double biceps each only we knocked each other off the platform and made Rick start to laugh and Cum at the same time!

But Rick didn't explode with cum going everywhere as I expeced. Fucking hell, no! Rick was too in control for that. Instead, his Cum started oozing out in waves from out of his massively thick pectoral cleavages! It filled a large pool between his chin and his 2nd upper Pecs and his urethra pulsed like a fire hose! Cups of hot Cum oozed, flowed and ran steamily down from and over his Pectorals like tooth paste squeezed from a tube bing hit by a hammer. It dripped from his overhanging Pecs and ran down his Abs and dribbling over his Balls and w couldn't stand such an erotic display so we turned our back to him and did rear Lat spreads and heard Rick let out an unusual groan?

When we turn back we saw Ron's eyes rolling into their sockets and he slippeed into an orgasmic trance! And the bar started to speed up. FUCK!!!! Ron was soon doing 1 rep per second and by something like repetition 160 the bar hits its natural frequency of oscillation with 2 nodes of vibration. One in each of his hands and the bend multiplied many times over until his body and the bar became one single oscillating mass!! Then large gobs of his thick Cum roll down his Abs and dripped from his Balls and as his face became covered in his thick cream suddenly the bar snapped clean in both hands leaving Rick holding just a single piece of solid Olympic bar, his hands extend up with nowhere to go and some damaged concrete floor.......Damn! I lost count.

Then I realise Rick's nipples have been so much out of the scene. Hidden inside the cleavage of his lower Pecs and Upper Abs. •

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