By Freaker

I woke to the sound of a barbell rattling and laying on the floor of the gym. Opening my eyes I saw sunshine and the clock said 7:12 and the room felt hot! Boy I needed a piss.

Then a voice said, "Morn...ing.uugghh..K..e..v". It was strained but still, it was richly masculine and man-textured and I put 2 & 2 together and figured Rick was in the middle of a set. I propped myself up and immediately saw a magnificent Rick. A Rick bursting with muscles doing incline bench presses with an enormous amount of weight and I was staring straight up into his crotch only 10 feet away and saw his 2 massive 90 inch (plus) thighs and 35 inch diamond studded calves spread eagle! And atop of those massive legs was a wonderful pair of large oval shaped glistening nuts covered in a tight hairless crinkly scrotum that tucked tightly its contents against the root of his mainmast. And what an erection! It was enough to make a grown man cry the way it oozed the essence of his strength, his manliness and my eyes could not but follow its thick urethra running like a path until it disappeared, along with his DickHead into the middle of 2 collided walls of corded muscles and then

enwrapped it.

Those walls were his 2 shoulders and his Pecs that stretched for 6 feet! From shoulder cap to shoulder cap. And somewhere on the other side of this wall of muscle I assumed I could find Rick's handsome face staring up at the heavy duty Olympic bar filled with plates of steel. No! I tell a lie. I could just see some of his dark blond hair in the deep central valley,

formed from his massive Pectorals and it appeared he was stuck with the bar half way up. Unable to get it up and unable to lower it to the floor without doing some damage.

But oh my muscle god! Look at what he had hold of. A bar loaded it the max using every 50 Kg plate we had, by the looks. And it was bending! Even though it was the new extra heavy duty bar we ordered a month ago. The one with the special built-in arch so it could straddle a Phase 2 Transform's anticipated Pectoral development.

My guess was there was enough weight to break a one tonne truck axil! And oh my muscle god, Rick was so huge my erection instantly began hammering because it couldn't get any harder. But Rick didn't seem to be in a panic or anything and I noticed 2 things that calmed me.

1.. He was sweating profusely. That's ok, I thought. And his face was relaxed. And, 2.. The bar was rising, albeit very slowly. And now I could see how his Cock had terminated itself inside his lower Pecs. And his Pecs seemed to have a hold. A sort of lock! So I thought "Rick's enjoying it that'! And perhaps he was giving his Dick a good squeeze when the bar got to the top. 'A sort of built-in incentive' I wondered? Maybe. But I couldn't see what he was really doing, if you get my drift and as I sprung to my feet feeling pretty good for first thing in the morning I noticed Ron laying next to me.

He was still asleep and his Abs were incredible! More compact and narrow than yesterday. And more muscular. Yet smaller! I mean they looked smaller. But they seemed more massively muscled, somehow. No, its his taper.No, its his Lats. They're thicker and wider. Or?..Ok. He was smaller, yet more massive. Yet..yet his taper was? Fuck it! He was just plain awesome. And his shoulders? They were wider and thicker and his lats were thicker and wider? But Ron's Cock was definitely bigger. Bigger than last time I grabbed it and sucked it. Which was yesterday. And a funny thing is, he was laying on his Back with his hands behind his head, legs spread. And he was dreaming? So it appeared, and he had a sort of smile on his face. And he looked happy. And he was as handsome as ever, maybe more!

Then I distracted myself to look at the even bigger Man. I looked over to Rick and saw he was still doing ok. The bar was definitely an inch higher. But that bend was a worry as it looked like those locking collars could slip off and then he'd be in real shit. Or, at least the floor would be. So I quickly check him out. And when I got close enough to see Rick's face I saw a dollop of fresh cum sitting in the middle of his forehead and it continued over his head covering his thick straight short cut dark blond hair and he had a dead pan face that looked angelic. No sign of strain. Yet he had over a tonne (1000kgs) loaded on that bent bar! And through his sweat covered face, ok, angelic face, though sweat and angelic usually don't go together, but on Rick the combination was fascinating, he gave me a rye smile and thru a kiss at me! That made my heart pound a little faster. Was it love? Ok, he liked me.

"I'm worried about the collars, Rick". He replied, "This is rep forty.two", implying the assumption that if anything was going to go wrong, it should have by now. "Don't be" he addded, "I gave them a good hard turn..before I started.....Figured I didn't want anything...to wake you".

He didn't sound at all worried about injuring himself, so I kissed him good morning instead of tampering with the bar. "Gotta take a piss real bad", I said as my hands roamed his colossal Pecs incidentally feeling how they were as hot as his core temperature. Then, I gave them a good slap and felt how they were as solid as granite and as I left him he added "Do one for me too".. "OK. I will", I said, thinking how easily I could.

When I got to the toilet I was literally bursting! And when I took that piss it was like I had a horse Dick! My cock was difficult to push down enough to take aim, but I could have sworn it was 3 inches longer! And definitely thicker. And of course to perform a piss I had to stand well back and aim at just inside the rim of the bowl so that when my solid stream hit the target I managed to deliver my whole load just under the rim of the bowl so that as it splashed, it went up the rim and didn't splash out. Of course, not a drop did, but then Transforms tend to be hygiene freaks, and I left the toilet feeling a lot better, having evacuated my bladder in less than 6 seconds! And wondered 'how high can I piss now'? A question to be answered later perhaps.

First, I joined Ron who was also sleeping on the floor like I had been. And not wanting to wake him, but finding it difficult to ignore him, I knelt between his spread eagle legs and sized up his big inviting black balls! I placing them in the palms of my hands and figured they were 3 inches long or 75mm. 2 nice egg shaped beauties. '2 Nuts to nibble on all day', I thought and imagined him flexing for me, 'And he smells so good too'! His sweat was fresh with a muscular body odour, all over, and it was so obvious feeling those balls in the palms of my hands how they and his occasional period of roids had helped him win so many Mr. O. titles. Six times in fact, from 2006 thru 2011 and each time I came 2nd or 3rd. But I forgave him for that a long time ago. After all, he couldn't help himself, could he? He had to win, because he loves turning himself into an ever greater, freakier, more massive, dense powerhouse of muscular perfection than anyone else on this planet. Or is that turn himself into muscular confection?

And look where it's led him. Right into my hands.

He even dreams about muscle. Probably in colour. After all, he's a man of colour. Big, bold and black as the ace of spades. Dreaming? Yes! Because he was flexing his arms and rocking his head side to side, albeit in an awkward and hesitant way of a dreamer, and kneeling there I arched my back and gave myself an overdue stretch, like a cat for a good morning stretch and leant right back letting my back feal to the floor and gave my thighs a great stretch. They felt wicked and massive and I slapped them feeling how solid they get when stretched like this. And how my thigh muscles separate so sharply. Then as my thighs stretched and stretched I gave my Cock a few lifts letting slap hard into my Abs then contracted my thighs and pulled myself back up and let my eyes move along my up stretched arms..Aaaagggggg" I yelled. "I'm bigger!..Fuck look at my biceps" I suddenly noticed, saying it so Rick could hear my thoughts and I jumped back up and grabbed the tape measure moving to where Rick could see me and tried to measure my arms.

"Yesterday I had 26 inch arms", I stated. Phase 1 mother fucker arms. But now I couldn't work the tape over my right arm. 'Fuck', 'Calm down' I said to myself! And noticed I could feel a difference just holding my right biceps in the flexed position. They were tingling, and it was like my whole arm was an erogenous zone as I flexed my arm into the measuring position, maximising my size. Then I flexed real hard and made my arm boil with striations! Another Phase 1 consequence. And finally the tape ends meet and I was able to take a reading and saw I was now, overnight, 3 whole mother fucker inches bigger! "Fuck, yeah! 29 inches" I exclaimed to at Rick and took a deep breath.

I realised how my Cum filled bloated gut that Rick gave me yesterday had disappeared. All of Rick's gallon or more of rich, creamy, nutritious, vitamins packed, protein enhanced, sweet tasting CUM had completely absorbed into my body! Every ounce of his Cock Juice was now gone and my arms were awesomer than ever. Incredible 29 inches and "Fu.ck" I stuttered as I sucked in a complete lung full of air making my lungs expand to huge to impress Rick who re-assured me with a, "Looking good, Kevin" compliment.

I gave Rick a smile and a wink and saw his Pecs were so ripped and huge n powerful! They were awesome, and so tight and rippling! And then I notice what was happening. Occasional cords of muscle in his Pecs were taking time out to relax and recover. Then, in their place other ones took over after having recovered. And as they switched off and on to maintain the strain against all that weight the surface of his Pecs rippled. I imagined even his inner cords were doing the same and the net result was a shimmering sea of muscles that were on the boil.

Then I noticed my waist. My hands were covering them and they felt so tight and I slapped them and heard the sound of fleshy palms slapping marble. I had to measure myself again. So, I fitted the tape across my navel. But to do so I had to insert it deep inside a cleavage of muscle and it disappeared. Then, I had to work the tape measure back and forth until it found my navel and then use the mirror to read the result to one side where the tape measure reappeared.

"28 inches" I called out. "Awesome" Rick replied watching me. "2 inches smaller than yesterday" I was gleeful as I took the outside measurement placing the tape across the top of my Abdominals. "37" I added. "Fantastic" Rick added. "And I feel so flexible and strong" I addded. Yet to me, my Abs looked a bit smaller, even though 36 was now 37 inches.

I looked at Rick again and saw he was still going well. 'Bar might be beating him', I thought and smirked. Smirked that is, at the prospects of how I could make him do better. Then I wrapped the tape around Ron's waist as he lay there sleeping with his huge thick upper Back muscles making his lower Back arch off the floor, helped by his muscly Ass and giving me plenty of access to feed the tape through. After I threaded the tape under his Cock as well, like I had to do for my own measurement, "Ron's 27"! Again, I worked the tape measure back and forth several time to ensure it fitted well inside his centre abdominal cleavage. The outside measurement was "And 40" I called out and I heard Rick groaning! I prized open Ron's magnificent cleavage, located his navel and l inserted my tongue and licked it. He's such a spunk! Then I let it close back up and blew a raspberry into the middle of Ron's Abs. He didn't wake. Just as I thought as he was obviously engrossed in a world of his own. Besides, Phase 1 transforms sleep like a log!

I left Ron to his dreams, though I had something in mind for him. But first I went over to Rick whose angelic expression hadn't changed and roamed his body with my tongue. I sucked his huhe huge pink balls but they were too big to swallow. 'Oh well, can't have everything', I thought. He groaned again, obviously like that and then sucked his lower Pecs savouring the clean sparp cut between them and every other muscle. I used the tip of my tongue to explore is tight hard Pecs and occasionally the full length and by that means I could taste him. He was delicious and I slurped up several pools of his sweat as I cam e upon them accumulated across his inclined abdominals. His hard Cock got a quick tug to see if it was possible to prize it from his Pecs. It didn't want to move, so I slapped him on both Pecs and pushed myself off him and returned to Ron on the floor. Rick said "Thanks". I said "Oh, you're welcome".

I started slowly sucking Ron's big bold black balls and they were blacker and bigger than mine. But we can't all be so perfect. At least, not yet. And I had his big right one deep inside my mouth, gently massaging it with my smooth muscular tongue and modulating it in and out of my mouth, sucking it with my lips and watching a dream unfold across his face. His head started turning more, from side to side and he was smiling more too as I turned to sucking his left testicle. It was almost as big as his right one, and he started rubbing his face into his huge arms he had clasped behind his head. I wished I could measuring those arms! They look almost 40 inches and 'fuck' he then starts kissing his own biceps in an awkward sleep walking way. An air kiss. So I give his ball a slight yank and O, ho, his face winched and I do it again and again! "Yeah Ron, my muscle man. Look at you" I mutter through my teeth and across his testicle. "Lookin good".

Then, as I switch his balls he winces some more and I yank on the new one gently watching his eyes roll slowly under his eyelids and his lips purse. Like he was dreaming he was kissing and I wondered who? Maybe me? Maybe Rick. Yes. Of course. Who could not want to kiss Rick. Who could not fall in love at first sight? I got under his legs and lifted them over my shoulders and he automatically shifted his arms and grabs hold of his middle Abs pack. He sunk his fingers deep inside his Abs' cleavage. And still he was asleep. 'Yes'! And I couldn't imagine a more cooperative awake partner and he starts doing some Abs crunches for muscle god sake! And his fingers get wedged between his Abs packs when the crunch cums. He starts to cum! And a load of cum flies forth and hits him in the face. Then 2 more outbursts before even larger loads start to flow and hit him, surprised and confused and as he starts to wake I slip my dick straight up his black beautiful hot Ass experiencing how tight and muscular he is. How hot and self lubricated and incredibly black and beautifully striated his Ass with its pink sphincters! Oh my muscle god, Ron may be surprised but he knows how to enjoy sex. He starts bucking his hips, and with every thrust of my crotch against his muscular Ass I help him BUCK harder as his loads grow bigger, larger, and more explosive.

I can't believe what I'm seeing. Something has improved in the area of seminal fluid capacity! And the white, the sperm! They are so white, so alive its like his sperm is effervescent the wiggle their tails like there is no race they could loose. And his loads seem sustainable, for the long term as they also start to slow down and now go straight down his opened and surprised mouth hitting his tonsils and initiating a swallow reflex. Oh my muscle god, 'Go for it Ron'!! yet the first 2 loads choke him! But he's in the middle of his ejaculating and can't stop even though he's awake. Besides, his startled expression is replaced by a smile when he recognises me and what I'm up to. Then suddenly he gasps for more air, but it gets displaced by another and another simultaneous volley of his own cum and he can't stop cumming, and in no time flat his faces is covered in his super white creaminess that's such a wonderful contrast to his own super black and beautiful complexion. And his Cum is so thick it sticks to anything it hits and soon one eye socket is completely filled and the other is half filled and he looks me through half an eye with beautifully, full and thick puckered lips.

Ron is clearly weathering the cumming storm but he has to clear his lungs, even though the sperm tingle and could, if he wanted stay there in his lungs comfortably. But he coughs and clears his chest with a strong reflex that expells his Cum through his soft puckered lips and shoots a heady mixture of Ron's lung juice and Cum into my waiting mouth and this makes me start to cum. 'Oh my muscle god', I was already ramming my Balls against his tight muscular Ass as hard as he deserved. Going all the way in and belting my nuts into his bucking Ass, thrusting in and out and making Ron's whole body get pushed back across the floor and I pull him back into me so I can pound his tight black as spades Ass again. As light reflectes off of his Abs in a shimmering display of golden black orbs, not to mention his Pecs and shoulders way out in the distance! And his biceps, pumped already by his dreaming, drip with his dream sweat.

Finally we stopped cumming and I lunged forwards to fill his hot pink mouth with my equally hot pink tongue. "HELP"!!! As I continued to ram Ron's big black beautiful ass in the after burn of thrusted sex and our huge Pecs rub together in a display of muscle orgy at its muscle best.

For a time I felt like a pile driver. Fuck! And Ron's hot Ass was the most delectable, magnificent muscled ass in the world, apart from mine and undoubtedly Rick's over there."HELP"!!!!...'I should have beat him more often', I thought. Many other BBERs said I should have won the 2008 Mr. O". But what the heck. His Ass, as well as the rest of him, his soul included was destined to be all mine anyway. 'yes, all mine'.."HELP". Who needs help" as Ron coughs up some more cum hitting me on the chin. My fingers gather it and it tastes even better than Cum alone and as I swallow, it reminds me of a strawberry marsh mellow filled with his particular masculinity and it makes my Cock twitch like his muscles do.

Then I continue kissing Ron and suck the very air from his lungs before I jump to my feet and hear him gasp back the air I took from his lungs. The I finish inflating my huge fucking wonderful lungs and thump my chest! "God, look at me", I command as I hit a double biceps meant to impress them both and flick my Prick into my Abs, making 3 loud "THWATT" impacting THUDS like I was the king of the gym. And it felt so good. I feel like I am a modern day Tarzan as I bend over and grab the happy looking Ron by his tiny waist and throw him over my shoulders letting his big delicious cock fall comfortably between my Delts and Traps and he feels like the most delicious muscle man as I slap his solid muscly Ass and take him over to Rick to say "good morning".

We found Rick's perfectly smooth white hard body covered in beads of sweat. And according to the amount of sweat on the floor, he's been there quite a while. "Ron, you ready for a dismount" I asked Ron over my shoulders? "Yep" he replied. So I toss him over my shoulder and he did a complete somersault and landed on his agile toes and does a pirouette without letting his heals touch the floor...Ron's becoming a bit of a show off since his phase 1 Transform. "Like that", he begs?."Perfect" and we kiss. "Now, how's Rick" I ask.

"I can't get it up" he complains."You ok", sounding not at all worried and Rick just replies slowly, "Well" as he looks at me and then the bar and back again. "Hold on" I say and I start counting the weights. "Lets see, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12, 50 Kg plates, times 2, plus 40 for the XL Olympic bar, Hhhhhmmmm, that's 1200 plus 40 equals 1240 Kg! Times 2.2 equals...2728 pounds, I think..."...And I look at Rick as his composure starts to deteriorate.

So Ron goes up to him, leans in and kisses him good morning too and 2 man mouths, one pitch black on the outside and pink on the inside kisses the other blush pink on the outside and pink on the inside and then 2 hot pink tongues stick out and play against each other and Rick seems to forgot how much weight was pressing down on his shoulders. Ron flexes his right arm and lifts it over rick's afce and rubs it in, then stands behind him and places his paws on top of his flexed, pumped, very hard and very striated Pecs and they start to tremble slightly and I walk up to his spread eagle incline bench pressing legs and grab hold of the middle of his Cock and try to pull his mighty prick free of the vice that grips it. But it won't cum free. But I keep on janking it and say "You can do it! PUSH! Cum on, PUSH"! and squeeze his hard cock hard and Ron whips some of his previous cum from his face and massages it into Rick's Pecs. I keep on encouraging Rick, even though he'd been stuck here for more than 10 minutes. I wasn't going to let him be defeated. I squeezed harder and the only thing that happened was Rick's Pecs stopped trembling.

"How many reps so far". "42, remember" Rick replies? •

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