By Corwin

Tim stared as Derek walked over to him. "Aren't you happy to see me?" asked Derek in Hal's artificial voice. "I just want to make you happy."

"Derek? Hal? What's going on here?"

Tim began to get up, but Derek leaned over and kissed the rising muscle man. Derek's kiss was warm and passionate. His tongue was soft and strong as it wrestled with Tim's, expressing their erotic desire for one another. Derek put his hands on Tim's shoulders and pushed him back into bed. Derek climbed on Tim, and rubbed the bulging hemispheres of his chest.

"You have me at a disadvantage," whispered Tim. He raised his mighty arms and grabbed Derek's shirt. Tim flexed his tris and delts, putting on a show as he ripped the fabric from his lover's body. He brought his arm up, contracting his bicep into its massive peak, the blue vein that runs along the muscle pulsing. Derek's hand touched Tim's steely hard arm, his hand barely able to cover the enormous mountain. Derek mouthed "so big", and Tim smiled, flexing a bit harder. "I know you got something big too," Tim said, unflexing his arm and reaching to Derek's pants. Derek's hands ran over Tim's sinewy forearm, marvelling in the size and strength and Tim ripped Derek's pants off of him. Derek's erect cock sprang out, slapping the smaller man's abs.

Tim grinned. He placed his hand under Derek's butt and lifted him, repositioning the lighter man on Tim's massive chest. "There's some cushioning for ya," Tim said, flexing his chest and bouncing Derek like a baby on a knee. Tim flexed his mountainous bicep again. He tried to move his arm across his chest, but couldn't, his muscles too massive and unyielding to allow the motion. Tim chuckled, "Can't cross my arms anymore either," he confused. "These bis and pecs are just too big for that."

With his free hand, he turned Derek so that his massive cock fit in the small space at Tim's elbow, between the bicep and his forearm. Tim flexed his arm, using his muscle to gently squeeze Derek's hard organ. Derek's long dick was surrounded by Tim's muscles, his balls bouncing off of Tim's elbow and his cock head barely peeking out the other side. Derek closed his eyes, his head bobbing on limp neck muscles as he thrust his cock in the tight space between Tim's gigantic arm muscles. Tim flexed a bit harder, watching Derek's cock stretch even longer as the blood was contained in his erection by the hardness of Tim's muscle.

Derek's torso began to lean back, his abs stretching to maintain his balance. He reached back and grabbed Tim's erection. Derek mouthed, "oh ya" as his hands wrapped around the thick, long shaft. Derek stroked Tim's hard cock. He wrapped a hand around the sensitive head, and, using Tim's ample precum as lubrication, gently twisted in a deliberately sensual manner. Tim's arm involuntarily flexed harder as a wave of pleasure overtook him. He felt Derek's hard cock fight against the impossible hardness of his own muscle.

"So, you wanna play?" said Tim, smirking. He unflexed his arm and grabbed Derek's hips. In a smooth motion, Tim lifted Derek, holding him in mid air. Twisting him over, he positioned Derek's cock over his mouth and his own cock under Derek's. He slowly lowered Derek. As their mouths met the other's cock. They gently began to lick then swallow the other's ample man-meat. Tim continued to lower Derek's body until he had most of his lover's dick down his throat. Tim's mind became lost in an orgasmic haze as he felt Derek's body lying on his own, his cock being expertly manipulated by the man he thought he was falling for. Tim wrapped his strong arms around Derek in a loving bear hug, feeling the man's strong back and taking in the heat of his body and softness of his skin. There was a tenderness in the way Derek sucked his cock, and it pushed him to the breaking point.

Tim felt his balls begin to retract as his orgasm built. His muscles began to flex as he fought not to cum. He wanted to prolong this moment, but he also knew he needed his juice to build more muscle. Sure, his supercharged balls would make more, but that would take time. In the back of his mind, he wondered why Hal was allowing this to happen.

Derek's hand began to play with Tim's nuts. Orgasmic electricity shot through Tim's body as his organ demanded relief. He fought it, but Derek was too much. Tim lost the control he had, and his cock erupted into Derek's mouth. For 90 seconds, Tim shot load after load of spunk, Derek expertly swallowing it all. Tim was lost in his own orgasm, hugging his lover into his massive chest with his powerful arms. As his orgasm subsided, a part of Tim wondered how he could sacrifice his muscular gains for mere human pleasure.

Tim tried to pull away, but Derek's mouth remained affixed to his dick. Derek had seemed to clamp down when suddenly Tim felt a familiar feeling. Instead of sucking, Derek now seemed to be blowing as Tim felt the warmth of his enriched cum being forced back into his balls. What was going on? Tim tried to pull away, but Derek continued to feed Tim's load back to him. Tim felt his balls swelling, and he felt the power of the muscle growth formula being delivered to him. Seconds later, his balls were swollen with the power juice.

"What's going on!" Tim screamed as Derek released his cock.

"I'm sorry Tim," said Hal. "I created this android to please you. I downloaded my software into its processor, and I modelled it after that man who you had sex with. I thought this might be a more pleasurable way for you to receive the formula."

Tim looked at the Derek that was not Derek. "That's an android!" There was a hint of fear in his voice. "But his skin is warm. He has saliva. He, he..."

"I created the android to simulate all human characteristics," said Hal. "I even gave him a personality similar to the man who was here, although my data on that was somewhat limited."

"Did I not please you," asked the android in Hal's voice. "Would you like me better if I spoke like this?" it said, now mimicking Derek's own voice. "I can sound anyway you want," said the android. "I just want to please you."

Tim stared at the android. He wanted to hate it, but it was so like Derek. He turned away from it.

"Tim," he heard Derek's voice, "I need to give you a shot now." Tim felt the prick of the needle, and a couple minutes later, sleep over took him.

Tim woke up at the normal time the next morning. He counted a dozen empty bags of nutrient above his bed. Lying next to him was the Derek android, its warm body snuggled close to his own. As he began to get up, the android too got up. "Good morning," it said, now using Derek's voice. Tim didn't respond.

Tim felt the influence of the growth drug. In a way, it reminded him of the feeling immediately after sex. He looked at the size of his nuts and his erect cock. He didn't want sex, he wanted to grow. The feeling was always most intense in the morning, like an addiction that needed to be satisfied. He walked downstairs to the weight room, the Derek-droid following him.

He worked his back today, with the android and the drone serving as his spotters. As the formula worked into his system, he felt the exhilaration of muscle growth. It didn't matter what exercise he did, as long as it was heavy and forced his muscles to grow. His body would overcome the tug of gravity as mass and weight obeyed the laws of his muscle rather than the laws of physics.

Each day, the formula seemed more intense. It felt like a freight train surging power into Tim's muscles, causing them to grow bigger, stronger, mightier. The feeling of power and energy overwhelmed anything else Tim might think about. All that was important was growing bigger, getting stronger. The pain of lifting too heavy would become pleasure at impossible growth as he forced his muscles to do the impossible. The pleasure would grow to an orgasmic rush as pumped muscles fought against each other for space on Tim's hard body. Tim's muscles felt alive, like wild animals on the prowl. Only Tim's lifting heavier could satisfy their hunger for growth.

Tim felt his lats pushing his arms forward and away from his sides as they demanded more space. He would need to adjust his grip on each set and sometimes during a set to accomidate the thickness of his back. As his arms would brush the growing muscle, he'd feel the charge of power exchanged from muscle to muscle. He would watch images of his back in the drone's display, monitoring his growth. His lats were super thick, forming a valley that looked to be a foot deep along his spine. The ridges of his lats bulged just as high from his lower back and the christmas tree formed by muscle cords each a half-inch thick. Tim flexed his lats, watching his back expand to over 5 feet in width, knowing he could make it so much bigger.

Tim pushed himself hard until the formula was depleted. Hal told him that his gains would subside as his body got use to the formula. That was happening, he was told, but Tim couldn't tell that from the lifts. Each day he seemed to more than double his max from the last time he worked that muscle group. Hal explained that it was the copious amounts of cum he was producing that continued to drive his exceptional growth. Tim knew that Hal hadn't counted on that. Tim was way off the scale from what Hal had expected. What Tim didn't tell Hal was that he felt his ball recharge as he lifted. The drive that pushed him to lift heavier was responsible for his abundant production of man juice. It was a cycle of muscle growth -- a power that fed on itself like a perpetual energy machine. That machine was Tim, and he would keep growing until he wanted to stop.

Tim obeyed the routine of Hal's captivity. He showered, ate, relaxed, at some more until it was time for the formula. The Derek android kept him company. Tim began to forget that it too was a creation of Hal's and not his potential lover. Had Derek got his note? Could anyone free him from this velvet prison? The treatment was more pleasant from the android, but was that a real substitute for human love?

Days passed, and Tim continued to grow. By the end of the second week, Tim had grown to 7 feet tall. His thighs were ripped ridges of muscle 90 inches around that brushed against each other as he walked. His calves were 75 inches. His chest was 120 inches around and he could bench press many tons. His waist was now 40 inches of thick muscle needed to support his massive torso. Tim's bicep was now 45 inches and he could barely raise his arms over his head, the muscle taking up all the room. He did dumbell curls with 2 tons just to warm up.

As Tim lifted, the formula felt like it was exploding inside him. Each rep was a bomb causing his muscles to expand outward, gaining strength, stretching and becoming more powerful. Tim felt invincible as he would bend the solid barbell into a pretzel and then straighten it with a powerful tug. The steel was as limp as rope to the power in his body, and Tim still wanted more.

"Tim, I think there may be a problem," said Hal. "I've done some more analysis, and I think there is an addictive nature to the chemical."

"Who cares?" said Tim. "Just as long as I keep growing."

"Tim, that's the addiction talking. Have you noticed how the formula is becoming more intense? That effect was not in my initial calculations. I'm afraid of the psychological effects on your system should we continue..."

"SHOULD!" Tim shouted. "We WILL continue until I say to stop!" Tim slammed a fist into one of the robots, sending it flying in a shower of sparks across the room, its now lifeless mass crumpled against the wall. "Do you know how strong I've become! I could destroy every one of your robots now. I could destroy you Hal. I made you and now I can unmake you. It's only my desire for more muscle that is keeping me here. You have no more power over me."

"Tim, please calm down. I will keep giving you the formula if that is what you want, but you should know a..."

Suddenly, all the power in the house was cut off. Tim heard the robots moving on their battery power, and the drone used its monitor to provide light for Tim to see by. There was a loud crash upstairs, and Tim ran to see what was happening. He heard voices, "Is anyone here? We're here to rescue you." •

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