By Freaker

Once Rick set his mind to doing it, it was only a matter of time before the relentless expansion of his Cock completely demolished his posers. He could have just torn them off but that wouldn't have been a challenge, whereas attempting to remove them would have been a challenge. Especially without our assistance because his Ass was so thick and his posers stretched up and over his high rising globular rippling Ass cheek muscles. And he could no longer easily reach back to pull them over his butts, not now his arms and Lats were so enormous. They conflicted! Besides, his posers were too small to get over his massive 90 inch plus thighs, not to mention his calves. And talking about Rick's Calves!! Oh my muscle god, you gotta be kidding. Just look at them! Look at how they ripple with power at his slightest stance adjustment. But they are just like very other muscle in his body. They're 100% muscle bursting with energy. And his calves must be a good 35 inches each! So a pair of posers made to fit a 32" waist with an XXL pouch for a future Cock were already pre stretched by his now 36" waist. So they were obviously not going to survive being removed however it was carried out.

So to Rick, who was now so huge the challenge of the poser verses his Cock was like an superbly fit mountaineer looking up at a virgin unclimbed mountain. It became something that had to be conquered by a Man. And his name was Rick Jones. And it meant his posers had to be destroyed properly. And in the ended he chose the simplest and most stimulating way. He let his indomitable Cock do all the work and it became obvious that in future he'll need to wear under wear or swim wear with velcro straps. Like a baby's nappy.

Then for a moment, a very short moment at that, he felt a twinge of anticipated embarrassment at the thought, "That's like wearing a nappy" until he decided "Everyone will want to emulate me and feel inadequate if they don't need under wear with velcro straps". Besides, he could easily wear nothing and get away with it. Either way, with or without clothes, people will have to go through a steep leaning curve when they saw what we had created in Rick. The first Phase 2 muscle transform.

"But they'll adapt" he just knew they would.

Anyway, soon after he decided to let his Cock do the work of removing his posers it expanded and passed the point where it was possible to remove the garment from the nob of his Cock without tearing it. That's when we just stood there mesmerised by his test of strength and instead of tearing a hole in the middle, the posers just exploded, flying into fragments which is where we left off the last episode.

Rick momentarily stumbled forward and as he threatened to fall on top of us his Cock flopped free and our faces were coated in volcanic Titan Tit muscle cream. The next thing, we found ourselves on our Asses looking up at him and his colossal Cock immediately hit its elastic limit of some 20 inches of masculine might and snapped to attention in as many milliseconds and rocketed up as fast as the snap of 2 fingers slamming hard and loud into his massive masculine Pecs!....TWATTT!!!!!!!!! And as far as we were concerned, Rick had just proven his Will Power now matched his spectacular muscles and looking up at him we saw a fully fledged God of muscle with an incredibly beautiful Cock wedged firmly into his lower foot thick Pecs!

Rick took 2 steps forwards and straddled both of us so we could see the incredible extent of his total width. His legs were spread wide and from the front of his Pecs to the back of his Back he was 5 incredible cock hardening massive glorious feet of muscle! And he stood over us rippling with delight and we saw how Rick was in his own muscle heaven as he looked at himself reflected in the mirrors with pre cum already oozing from his 1 inch piss slit.

Compared to his Pecs his nipples seem small. 3 inches of volcanic offerings we both thought how they would soon be 2 excellent "mini-me" cocktails, one for each of us to suck on but then they slipped back out of view into the massive fold of muscle, Rick's incredible cleavage between his lower Pecs and upper Abs as he relaxed before hitting a double biceps and inflated his huge chest when they popped out again as his lower Pecs rose up and out, casting an even bigger shadow over us.

Looking up at Rick's Pecs our eyes had to go passed his 2 Big Balls and the hills that were his Abs and we could see how his Tits, when he inflates his chest (and by the way, this is the best view isn't it?) were pointing directly at us begging to be suckled as Rick flexed for himself in the mirror before he turned his right biceps into his face and started sucking on a wall of muscle they presented to his lips. Then he picked out one striation after another and he ran his tongue along its powerful extent and slowly and his eyes started to roll back and finally went all white as he fell into a fit of ecstasy and it was so clear what was happening. He was feeling the enormous power in his massive flexed biceps flowing through the tip of his tongue and the aroma of his arm pits made his nostrils flair as he fed of his own muscle power and worshipped himself!

It was clear to us what he expected and when he was done with each striation he kissed it before moving to another. He was loving his body and it showed its appreciation back! But he hadn't forgotten us. After all, we were 2 Mr. Olympias!!! Fuck yeah and he started slowly contracting his Abs making his pelvis rock so that his Cock slid up and down between his lower Abs and soon he started to cum into our open gapping mouths swinging side to side to reach each of us in turn. The Cum shot up from between his Pecs over his head and plummeted straight into our open mouths! Then Rick moved over to his left arm and sucked his left striations as we feasted! Until he started rocking his head back and forth kissing each of his huge Forearms in turn, one after the other and flexing them. They were bursting in huge veins as he pulled both hams together and out making his Pecs massage his Dickhead causing himself such heightened stimulation his Cock exploded with a huge quantity of cum shooting 6 feet into the air just as he turned his head sideways to see it gushing out from between his Pecs and landing on the back of his neck and this lasted for 30 long slow ejaculations before we sprang to our feet and I started lapping up Rick's hot back muscles as Ron drank from Rick's dripping Balls until Rick final easedd back and came to a complete stop and slumped his arms out. He then stretched his shoulders back and just stood there smirking with great handsome satisfaction and it was a smirk that invited us to do anything we felt like. Which we did.

Rick was soon spotlessly clean and I knelt down in front of him and started polishing his 10 Pack Abs with my tongue and lips. They were very hard so I kissed and sucked just as hard! And so perfect too as I rolled my tongue over their glistening curves and pushed into the depths of the cleavages that separated his incredible 10 pack. While Ron squatted behind and inspecting Rick's Butts. Rick flexed them making his Ass ripple with bands of striation that initially shocked Ron. He had never imagined a more striated Buns than his own once were and gasped before he started sucking away on them. "Relax" Ron called out and Rick obliged immediately letting Ron's tongue dive deeply into his Ass crack to find the rose bud. But couldn't. He first had to pull Rick's ass cheeks wide and hard apart until, there it was. The most perfect set of sphincters ever! And they were pink and clean as Rick's transformation gave him an anus etc that was no longer needed for excretion as every thing Rick eat was now absorbed by his incredibly efficient gut. And they were now so efficient they only needed to be half the size of a normal man's. Which explains why he can have such an incredible taper and why his urine is a lot more colourful.

All of Rick's bodily secretions now pass via his urine & sweat and he consumes a special diet that enhances the effect. So that now Ron was staring at a rose bud that represented a true gateway to muscle sex and bliss and when he sniffed it he found it had a fresh minty odour. So he poked his tongue straight in and Rick jumped a a fucking foot and spun round and lifted Ron and kissed him hard and strong! It was a slight to see1 It was incredible and I was in love with both these muscle giants and I jumped up and wrapped my thighs around Rick's waist from behind and hugged Rick's enormous Lats as I sucked on his Traps. They were as hard as rock, like my Cock and I was coating the back of his neck with my loads of cum as I humped him as much as possible and Ron was being lifted to muscle heaven by Rick's kisses compared to me. He got to be kissed so well by Rick whose tongue wrapped and entwined its way around his, and taking possession of Ron in a way that said "I'm going to fuck you".

I soon sucked up the cum from Rick's neck and back taking it in like it was fruit flavoured jelly before I dismounted and Rick started posing for both us in the mirrors. His body was glistening and solid, with mountains of muscle the sight of which kept us all constantly with what could only be described as raging hard ons. Rick then hit a most muscular that almost enveloped his head with thick Traps with massive deltoids acting like book ends and 2 huge shelves of Pectorals for him to bury his chin into. Then a side chest pose that seemeed to over emphasise his incredibly massive Pecs and I coulddn't help myself when I stepped in front of him and started thumping them with closed fists like they were a punching bag making absolutely no fucking difference yhey were so solid and massive. He was so magnificent it only made Rick laugh and he grabbed me by my Cock and started spinning me around and my feet left the ground and he pulled me in and he helped me wrap my legs around his waist again and we laughed as he spun me. And as we spun he pulling me in and letting me out so I could kiss his Pecs over and over and Ron stood and stared, a big agreeable smile on his face holding his erection and every revoluton I caught a glimps of Rons face. He was amazed.

When we came to a stop we fell over and Ron fell on top of us as we rolled about in almost a frenzy of kissing, sucking and probing. But it was controlled so that for over 20 minutes we were all over each other doing 69ers and at one stage Rick ended up on his back doing a double biceps as we sprung to our feet and took turns standing at his crotch and leaping on top of him, on top of his chest and we kept bouncing off of him. He was so solid and we hardly made an impact! Except it made him laugh, which made us laugh. He was infectious and he encouraged us to do even more stupid things like kneeling on either side of him as he layed there flexing his biceps kissing him slowly, and sucking his Abs and taking turns kissing his lips. And all the time Rick was cumming. He was a never ending spunk and the more he came the more wonderful it felt for all of us. We on the other hand kept running out of cum. But 5 minutes later we were recharged. Albeit modestly. And after almost an hours Rick darted into the kitchen so fast! We were shocked at how fast he could go. And returned with 6 pitchers of protein whip. We drank it down copying him gulp for gulp. He drank 4 to our 1 each and he placed the empty containers in a corner. Rick then had his back to us and he hit a back pose! What a Back! And what an Ass!!! And what Legs!!! He was ready to fuck one of us.

Rick then turned and went to Ron and suduced him. At the same time he turned his back to me and flexed his Ass making it ripple and as he kissed Ron's muscles I kissed Rick's Back working my way down to his Ass. He flexed again and then relaxed to let me in and I opened his Butts. They were solid muscle. Lean and cut with not an ounce of fat.

Rick turned Ron around and Ron took a step forward and bent forwards slightly. Rick then grabbed his huge Cock and pushed it down making his huge Pecs go into spasms until his dickhead was low enough to reach Ron's rectum. His piss slit ejected a dollop of lubricant cum that hit Ron's ass cheeks. Rick then ground way at Ron's ass using his Cock like it was pestle and Ron's Ass was the Mortar and soon his dickhead was all the way inside Ron's Ass and my 9" had slipped into Rick's Ass and it felt like Ron's insides were on fire! Ron's increddible striated Ass was so hot it felt like my dick was melting as I pounded into his marble hard hot Ass and I was bouncing off Rick like a rag doll and loving it. Rick kept on slowly pushing deeper into Ron's interior opening up virgin territory and transforming the inner lanscape as he probed deeper and Ron was gasping all the way, inch by inch until Rick was a foot inside and started getting ready to unload. He paused while I just kept bouncing about, going in and out until Rick suddenly clamped down and I came to a very quick stop 9" deep.

All we could hear was Rick breathing long and hard. Then more and more, making his chest expand and expand with every breath and great rushes of air passed his lips and his whole body became harder. Rick was flexing and flexing as his crotch built up an all mighty load and Ron tensed in anticipation. Then Rick just wispered "Relax Man" in Rons ear and Rick's body bristled with huge striations as he slowly started deep pelvic thrusts that became faster and faster and faster and lasted for 5 minutes while my chest pressed hard into Rick's mightly back and I was being taken for one hell of a ride and for another 5 minutes Rick thrust his Cock deeply in and out of Ron's Mr. O ass building up a crescendo of cum to fill Ron's insides and then Rick let out an all might series of yells and gasps that vibrated though his body into my body that was clamped to Rick's back and I cam too!!

Soon, Ron's insides were filled and overflowing with Rick's extraordinary cream as Rick's dick went relentlessly in and out until becoming less and less a pile driver as Ron filled up and a back flush of cum burst from between Ron's sphincter rings tightly clamped around Rick's incredible Cock. Then as Rick withdrew his Cock it slammed straight up into his chest as he grabbed Ron's Butt cheeks and sealed them together and he had to hold Ron at the same time to stop him falling. Ron was limp!

After a while holding Ron, Rick managed to bend forwards and push his Cock back down using it as a temporary butt plug for Ron's Ass and he held this possition for several minutes as Ron's body quickly absorbed the goodness inside. And the heat now cumming from Ron's sphincters pressing into Rick's dick and was soon enough to set Rick off. Again! He unloaded several more loads before finally letting his Cock spring back!! And this time only a small amount of Rick's cum escaped Ron's rectum. Rick then let Ron fall gently to the floor where he curled up into a fetal position and slept, like a huge black muscle baby. Some baby!!!

Rick then spun around and started posing again. His chest became enormous. It was in my face and his massive muscular Pecs were pushed into my face and I almost collapsed. But he grabbed me by my waist and steadied me before lifting me over the top of his enormous torso and pulled me in and kissed me on the lips. Fuck!!! His lips were like fire! Then he threw me up and my ass came down and I found myself sitting facing him on top of his huge chest, my legs spread between his delts and traps and he sucked my balls!!!!! I managed to grab his head and his short cut hair was so thick as I worked it between my fingers and flexed my Pecs!! I could feel Rick flexing his might Pecs right under my maximus glutimus muscles and I flexed my ass hard as I could back into his Pecs. "Yeah more" he begged and groaned and we did this for a long time before he suddenly lifted me again and placed me on top of his Cock. I was in heaven as I slid slowly down his shaft and placed my feet astride his incredibly narrow hips. Then, feeling so good, and relaxed I folded my arms behind my head and Rick imitated me making his huge biceps almost cover his face with extraordinary biceps. And what little of his face there was to see, I had the best view of it!

I could see Ron's eye's rolling back into his head. They were almost pure white, just like what I saw reflected in the mirror when he was fucking Ron. Only now it was my turn, Kevins turn! And suddenly I slipped half way down Rick's majestic Cock and he grabbed me by my hips as his massive torso flexed and I was lifted up and down his shaft making loud incidental slurping/sucking sounds and Rick was grunting and I sighed loudly and sucked my biceps. The biceps that almost won the Mr Olympia and got my tongue deep down into my arm pits where my huge biceps became even thicker! It felt wonderous as Rick lifted me up and down a good 10 inches, faster and faster and the faster he went the more I relaxed and the more Rick sweated and the more his Pecs blossomed and pumped!!! He buried his face into his Pecs as he lifted me up and we entered muscle haven together and what was a huge wall of muscle for Rick's face were 2 huge and wide domes of striated muscle in front of me locked between Rick's 2 massive deltoids and his traps and I was looking at Rick's muscles in awe when he started cuming. AGAIN!!!! He unloaded 5 loads of his creamiest cum inside me when suddenly he stopped!

All movement and all cumming ceased. Except I could feel his heart beating, slowly at the lips of his piss slit lodged deep inside me....."Kiss me" he demanded and at first I could manage to reach his Pecs. They were so powerful under my lips. "No. On my lips" he corrected and I strained, grabbing hold of his traps to the side of his ears and pulled myself up. He could see I couldn't reach by myself, andI felt the warms of his hands press firmly into my Lats and our lips touched and it was bliss. I saw stars and maybe he did too cause he sucked my tongue and stretched it firmly, warmly, and massaged it at the same time and ran the tip of his tongue over every tooth. He massaged my gums and when he pulled himself free we gazed deeply into each other's eyes and I saw bliss in their greenness. And he hugged me into his body.

My head rested sideways over his massive Pecs and I was listening to the sound of his heart beating. I could smell him too. His whole body reeked of fresh sweat and a touch of sweet masculine musk. His breath was lacking in oxygen but I wanted to re-breath it to savour his power and its almost minty freshness when suddenly he started walking with me still comfortably impaled upon his mighty Prick. I could look into his eyes any time I wanted to or needed, and now he had a look of contentment with the concentration of a hunter and at the mirrored door he let go and hit another double biceps pose before reaching out and opening it. I had to hold on tight, gripping his Deltoids and in a series of thunderous strides that almost developed into a canter he carried both himself and me, all 355 lbs of Olympian of muscle like I was an apple on a stick into the kitchen where he consumed another 4 pre packaged pitchers of his special protein whip. I had to help him. Holding the jugs as he flexed for me, smiling and laughing between huge gulps and he was thriving on this concocktion, and I was thriving on just watching and helping him down them like his stomach was a bottomless pit. Then it was my turn to down just one jug.

He added 2 litres of filtered tap water and 2 hands full of supplements and burped! Ha!! We kissed, again and again, and he rocked me up and down his mighty muscle. I was so engrossed by his antics I didn't even notice where he was taking us until I heard weights clanging. He was adjusting a barbell on a bench press and after he'd tightened the locking collars he just grabbed it by the middle and lifted it over our heads, twisting it into position and gently placed a 220 lbs barbell across my Pecs. Then he proceeded to fuck me. Again! And I sank deeper into his muscular manhood before he took all the weight again and his torso exploded with power!!!!

Rick was an incredible powerhouse of muscle lifting me, as before by my hips up & down with his hot and always throbbing monster Cock inside me. And he didn't cum! Not for a good 15 minutes. By which time his Pecs and shoulders had become enormously PUMPED and 6 feet wide!! Rick was truly the ultimate ride in all the Universe. And then he grabbed me by my Lats to steady me and started doing free standing squats with me and the 220!!! Oh my muscle god, Rick was squatting with perfect form in his bear feet of course with me holding a 100 kgs barbell and the tendency for me to fall back was tremendous but it seemed like nothing for Rick.

Then he dwelled at the bottom of several successive reps seemingly just to enjoy a good stretch of his thighs while I felt so secure it made me laugh. Rick knew why I was and smirked and winked. He was so handsome, so powerful his looks could kill at a 100 metres as he held me as firm and as steady as an amusement park ride, until he lifted the barbell off me, placed it back on the bench and added 2x20 plus 1x10 kg plates to each side and added the locking clamps. Then he grabbed the new 200 kg barbell and proceeded to do military presses using both arms. But only to warm up as I held on, under less strain than before.

At the bottom of the military presses his cock relaxed and I fell back so far!! His Cock was almost horizontal and I felt precarious but when he pressed the 440 lb br up, so too did his Cock flex and I was lifted back up like I weighed nothing! Another amusement park ride, and boy did he smell nice when our bodies slammed against each other and to finish off the shoulder's work out he did a set of 20 one arm presses and said, "Enough" and unloaded the 440 barbell by throwing it up and catching it with an over hand grip before it hit the floor and placedg it back gently and evenly. Full control.

His shoulders showed the strain but the strain was well within his engineered limits as he grabbed me again, this time by my Lats and jerked me up and down like I was a cork floating on top of an ocean swell and the suction his huge Cock created up my rectum became loud and rhythmic. He churned my insides in a most delightful way. He was a master already and its effect on my prostate was magnified beyond any previous fuck. And Rick was clearly delight to watch me now fondle my Pecs. He smiled his gorgeous smile that spoke of perfect approval, even though I was no match for him, muscle for muscle, I could see how much Rick liked me doing it. Then 10 minutes later Rick's eyes again started to roll back into their sockets, a sure sigh that he is about to start cumming. Only this time, he was so earnest about it. Like he was going to give me a gift I would treasure forever. And a stare that said he was also going to do me, like a dinner. His Balls churned impatiently and what a feed of hot cum he delivered into me! He shot deep and powerful bursts inside of me and I could feel the heat radiating in me. The quantity, the quality!! Everything about Rick and his magic Cum was both intoxicating and invigorating at the same time, and my stomach started to distend as he relentlessly pounded away and came hugging me close as he lifted me up and down and our bodies slammed into each other and just I time my own cum exploded inevitably, uncontrollably to provided more than ample lubricant for between us. And soon my guts were looking as distended as the way they were when I had achieved my greatest roided gut! And Ricks Cum was transforming me. I could feel it already.....and it felt so strange...like I'm going under a general anaesthetic....oh my muscle god....heee...lllp •

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