No pain, no gain


By Corwin

Hal watched as the servant hung the second bag of IV nutrient above Tim. Tim was sleeping restlessly, even with the sedative Hal's drone had administered. Hal listened as the servant stabilized Tim's arm and inserted the needle, strapping his muscular arm to the bed so the needle would not pull out. Tim thrashed a bit, muttering words in his sleep. Many of the noises were incoherent, but there was one word Hal could decipher: Derek.

In the repair shop, machines came to life as Hal began to construct yet another robot. If computer's could hope, Hal hoped that this one would please Tim.


Tim opened his eyes. It was still dark out, and he felt kinda groggy from the sedative. He lay there for a second, and realized his arm was strapped to the bed. There were two empty IV bags hanging above him, and a bandaid on his arm. As he moved, he thought his body felt strange, like it was heavier. He realized that it was. He had put on a substantial amount of muscle in the past day. He also realized something else. Like the day before, he had a monster of an erection. Today, though, he knew not to try and relieve it.

He got up and walked over to put on a pair of workout shorts. From the corner of his eye, he saw a massive shape in the mirror. It was him. He turned and looked at himself. He was certainly more muscular, but he also seemed a bit taller. He struck a most muscular pose, marvelling in the size of each muscle belly, the ripped mass and the great symmetry he had. He doubted any pro bodybuilder could match him now, and after his workout, he knew he'd be even bigger. Tim grinned, placing his hands behind his head and flexing his body. Tim loved his huge arms and the shear mass they had. He flexed and revelled in his power. His balls seemed to be even larger than yesterday, and his cock stood complete vertical, pressing into the deep gap formed by his abs.

"I know the procedure is painful," Hal had told him yesterday. "The original procedure injected the formula directly into the blood stream or the testicles. I analyzed the chemical interactions, and found that this technique actually produced a chemical that inhibited muscular growth, limiting the effect of the dominant chemical reaction. I tailored my new chemical to your specific genetic code. By collecting your semen and activating the drug outside the body, the inhibiting factor is eliminated, allowing the full effect to be achieved."

'In other word,' Tim thought, 'these big nuts are gonna make me the biggest fucking stud in the world. And once I get out of here to go to work, I can share this massive masculine flesh with Derek.' Tim smiled at this thought. He pulled on his shorts and walked downstairs to the gym.

"Good morning, Tim," greeted Hal. The robots were at the squat rack. "I'd like to mix the exercises up today. We'll be starting with legs."

"How much weight?" asked Tim.

"Let's start with 1500 pounds."

Tim got under the bar, lifted it with ease, and did twelve reps, butt to the ground, as fast as he could. Each rep seemed easier. He felt his skin tighten as his muscles pushed outward, growing larger and larger. He felt a charge, a source of power as he knew he was growing and getting stronger. It was electric and exhilarating, a feeling deep in each muscle both painful and pleasurable. It was the feeling of riding a bucking bronco, then dominating the wild animal by sheer will alone.

With each rep, the rush of this feeling got stronger, causing Tim to push harder. It was addictive. He was jumping at the end he lifted so fast, his feet raising inches from the floor and the weights bouncing on his back, his massive leg muscles rippling as they eagerly absorbed the shock of his landing.

"Too light," he announced at the end. "Make it a ton." The robots obeyed. Tim felt strong and he wanted to grow.

Tim lowered the weight as easily has he had done before. On the third rep, he felt his shorts begin to rip, unable to contain the size his legs were putting on. The flow of power in his body seemed to be getting stronger the more reps Tim did. With each heartbeat, he felt his blood deliver new strength to his muscles, and his muscles ate up that strength by growing. His body seemed to be surging with might, his muscles demanding to grow more. The power surges seemed to short out any inhibitions he had, and he pushed himself harder and harder to satisfy his need to grow. Again, he did 12 reps, jumping off the ground for the last three reps.

"Still too light. Go for another half ton."

"Tim, that may be too much," warned Hal.

"Just do it!" Hal wasn't pushing him hard enough, Tim realized. Tim needed to push himself. He needed to grow, and nothing would stop him.

Tim was stoked. The third set was a challenge. He barely lifted the bar. His face turned beet red as he screamed, forcing himself to do the first rep. But he felt it! He felt the power enter his muscles, making him stronger, making him grow. His mind told him he was capable of doing more. It was his only thought now, the need to grow. He was more in control of the second rep, and totally in control of the third. The fabric of his shorts continued to rip with each rep, unable to contain the hard muscle that was packing onto his frame. Seams gave way as his size increased. By the seventh rep, much of the fabric could take no more and fell from his body, leaving only meshed tatters that barely covered his crotch. He did ten reps, jumping an inch from the floor on the last rep, just to show that he could.

"More weight," Tim demanded. Tim did six sets like this, squatting nearly two tons when Hal said to stop.

"One more. Two tons even!" Tim said, shaking his enormous thigh and demanding more growth. Getting bigger and stronger is all that mattered to him.

"Tim, I'm not..."

"Shut up, Hal! Do you want me to grow huge or what! I've got this power buzz running through me and I KNOW I can do it," Tim demanded. Hal complied.

Every exercise was like this, with Tim pushing himself beyond Hal's exercise routine. And Tim was right. He pushed out rep after rep, set after set with ever increasing weight, feeling the power travel through his body. On the last exercise, he forced set after set until he felt the power begin to wane, the drug being depleted from his system. Only when he knew he could force no more growth did he finally stop.

As he finished four hours of gruelling weight training, his body had pumped and grown enormously. Tim looked at himself, knowing that no other bodybulder could now match his mass, size or strength. Tim also knew something else -- he was only going to get bigger. He slowly raised his arm and forced up his huge bicep. A voice in his mind said, 'make it bigger, wimp.' He flexed harder. He liked what he saw but still wanted more.

"Measure me," he ordered Hal. There was a new authority in his voice. "Unflexed first."

Laser beams once again scanned Tim. When they stopped, Tim said, "Now flexed." He struck a double bicep, contracting his arms with all his might and forcing them to be as big as possible. He flared his lats and hardened his chest, feeling the shelf pushing against his chin. He contracted his waist, his abs jutting in two rows of five bricks from his solid intercostals. The deep divided ended at his semi-turgid cock. Finally, he forced his thighs to be rivers of super-striated muscle. Each muscle belly in his quads, hamstrings and calves displayed inflated to uncanny size.

"Tim, have grown substantially since yesterday," Hal reported matter-of-factly. "Your height is now six foot one inch." So, Tim was getting taller. "Unflexed, your upper arms are 26 1/8 inches and your forearms are 19 1/32. Flexed, your upper arm is 28 29/32 inches. Your unflexed chest is 65 inches and flexed it grows to 72 3/16. Your waist is 29 27/32 inches. Your unflexed thighs are 37 inches, and flexed they are just shy of 41 inches."

Something inside Tim demanded that he get bigger. "Well, after tomorrow I'll be even bigger. I'll get the next treatment after work, right?"

"No, Tim. The next treatment is at noon, just like yesterday." Hal's artifical voice had no emotion, but Tim imagined that there was some secret he was keeping.

"Hal, I have to go too work."

"No, you don't Tim. You are quitting your job. Your time away from here interferes with your training. You don't need to work anymore. I can take care of everything."

Tim's mind began to clear. His intense desire for growth and muscle pushed aside by the realization that he won't be able to talk to Derek as he had planned. He heard a voice from upstairs.

"Hi, Paul. This is Tim. I'm sorry for the short notice, but something has come up and I'm afraid I won't be coming in." Pause. "No, not ever again. I'm sorry, but I won't be working for you any more." Pause. "Yes, I understand the position this puts you in, but my life circumstances have changed and I can't be at work anymore. I'm sorry, but my decision is final." Pause. "That's fine, I don't need the money. That is all taken care of. Goodbye."

Tim looked at himself. He was essentially naked, with only a few tatters of too small clothes covering him. "Hal, I have to leave the house. I need clothes and food and..."

"Don't worry about that Tim. I have ordered fabric and will make clothes for you until your body stabilizes on a new size. The grocery is sending food over, and I have put several million dollars into your bank account. I have also ordered more weights and special heavy-duty lifting equipment for the gym. I have computed all probabilities and everything is under control. You should shower, eat and relax until your next treatment."

Tim walked upstairs, somewhat dazed. Was he to be trapped here for the rest of his life? Was he to be ruled by the whims of a computer? He ripped off the tattered remains of his shorts from his body and walked into the bathroom. He turned the water on and stepped in.

A cascade of water poured from his massive pecs like a water fall. Tim rubbed his hand over his chest, splashing the water. He felt the density of the muscle, and his mind began to recall the sensations of his growth. He imagined the feeling of the power surging through him and his cells converting that energy to strong muscle. He wanted to feel that again. He longed to build more muscle. He fantasized growing into a superhuman machine of muscle and power. But what about Derek?

The conflict raged within him, knowing that to defy Hal would mean an abrupt end to his transformations. Then again, he also knew that if he stayed, his chances of reconciling with Derek became slimmer. He wanted both, but could he have both?

As he washed himself, he marvelled at his size. When he bent to wash his legs, the water splashed loudly as it fell from the pools at the top of his mighty shoulders and traps. The water fell across the topography of his body as if he were the land in a storm. His muscle bellies were mountains, and the running water formed creeks in the striations as they searched for low-points to escape the heights. The creeks became rivers in the valleys where the muscles met, pooling in wider areas and where bulging muscle would not let the water escape. As he moved and flexed, he felt like a god with the power to reshape landscapes to his whims and desires. He liked it. He wanted more power.

Tim wondered: did the power and size mean anything without someone to appreciate it? Someone to appreciate him? Hal could never satisfy that need. Just when he settled on an answer, new doubts arose.

When Tim finished the shower, he returned to his room. Hal had pieced together shorts for him to wear. 'Have to rip through these tomorrow,' Tim thought as he put them over his massive legs. Then he thought, 'bet Derek would love to see that.' The conflicting thoughts continued as he ate, and then when he relaxed. Only when the drone came to administer the procedure did the desire for more power and growth overwhelm his longing for human companionship.

Hal had Tim follow this general routine for the rest of the week. Each day, Tim would wake up and there would be empty IV bags of nutritional supplements hanging above his bed, and every day his body required more and more bags. Tim noticed other changes. Every day, his ejaculation produced more and more cum. Hal had to modify the drone's collection device to accomidate his output. Tim's workout lengthened as it took him longer to deplete the growth serum in his body. Tim's dick also seemed to be getting slightly bigger, though not like his height. By Saturday, he had grown to six feet six inches, while his cock was only 10 inches.

Of course, the biggest change was in Tim's muscularity. His legs had broken the 60 inch mark, and his arms were close to 45. His chest was a massive 90 inches, and his waist was only 32. He could curl a ton, and squat ten times that much. Hal said that his growth had begun to slow as his body was reaching the limits of the formula, but it hadn't gotten there yet. Tim was determined to get to that maximum size, and beyond it if possible.

With each treatment, Tim's desire for muscle grew more intense. No longer would he allow Hal to dictate how much he should lift or when to stop. He constantly pushed himself harder and harder than the machine wanted. On Friday, as he was receiving his treatment, he heard the hydraulics of the drone strain, barely able to contain his muscular power as he instinctively tensed and flexed. Tim knew that soon he would be too powerful for Hal's robots to control. He had finally figured out that the key to his freedom would be his own super sized body and all the power it contained.

What Tim hadn't planned on was the unexpected, and that happened on Saturday morning. Tim had just finished his gruelling workout and was relaxing. Some men much smaller than he were on television in something called The World's Strongest Man competition. Tim watched them struggle to lift cars or rocks or move massive amounts of weights. He involuntarily flexed knowing that the weights that dominated these men were nothing for his massive muscle. Once the treatments were over, maybe he'd have a competition where he'd take on all these guys and show them what real muscle was. Maybe tug of war or something where it is all of them against him. Tim knew he'd win.

Tim's show was interrupted by the door bell. Hal was programmed to interrupt the tv with video of the person at the door, and he did that. It was Derek. The sound of the video camera must have drawn his attention, because he looked up at it.

"Tim? Are you there?" Pause. "Look, Tim. I know that you said you didn't want to see me, but, well," Derek hesitated, then bluted out "I can't get you out of my mind." Tim thought Derek might have been crying. "I've tried, but I really hit it off with you. Damn. I've never done anything like this before, and, uhmm. Damn. I'm sorry, maybe this was a mistake, but I needed to try. Tim are you there?"

Tim ran to the front door, his massive body pushing past unprepared robots. Tim began screaming and knocking, "Derek! Derek! Can you hear me?" Tim heard a muffled response behind the door. "Derek! Help me!" Tim heard robots approaching, and Hal switched on a video showing him.

"Derek, I'm busy right now. You shouldn't have come," said the avatar that was not Tim.

Tim ran upstairs, avoiding the bigger robots. He went to his bedroom and grabbed paper. Tim scribbled incoherenly, "Help me. Computer out of control. Can't get out. Miss you. Want to see you. Don't believe the video screens." Tim ran back to the door. In front of the door was the big drone, blocking it. From the top of the stairs, Tim jumped, propelling himself feet first into the robot. Tim's 800 pounds of muscle mass crashed into the machine, sending it into the wall. Before it could recover, Tim slipped the paper under the door. He could only hope Derek would get it.

The drone grabbed Tim's arms and injected him with a mild sedative. Tim felt his consciousness slipping away as he heard Derek say, "If that is how it has to be..."

Tim woke up several hours later in his bed. As the haze lifted, his eyes focussed on somethings standing in the doorway. Tim rubbed his eyes. When he opened them, he saw Hal's drone. Standing next to him was Derek.

"Tim, I hope this makes you happy," said Derek in Hal's artificial voice. "I just want to make you happy." •

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