Mama's Little Darlings Go To Computer Camp


By johnd7102000

Hi. My name's John. I want to tell you about a real weird experience I had this summer when I was a counselor at the Computer Camp. First a little about me. I'm an 18 year old computer nerd. I'm gay. I just graduated from high school and will be attending college this fall. Majoring in computer science, of course. I'm about six feet tall, so I'm pretty tall, but I only weigh 145 pounds. And some of that weight is fat. I've never been into physical things, so my body is both skinny and flabby, just like a lot of computer nerds like me. This summer I worked as a counselor at the Computer Camp. It's a camp for little computer nerds like me, boys age 13 to 16, who want to get away from their parents for a few weeks or a few months but aren't into sports or hiking or anything like that. The "Camp" is actually at the local university, right here in town. The Camp takes over one of the freshman dorms and a computer room for the summer and the campers live in the dorm rooms. The program basically consists of learning programming languages, playing computer games and watching TV. No physical exercise required. Computer nerd nirvana. I should know. I was a camper for four years, ages 13 to 16

Since I had so much experience at the camp, and I'm pretty good with computers, I got hired right away as a counselor. I was responsible for 23 guys who lived on the second floor of the dorm, three to a room. There were eight three-man rooms per floor. I had to share a room with two of the campers. When I arrived for my first day on the job, I found out that my floor was going to have the full range of guys from 13 to 16. As counselor, I was going to be sharing my room with two 14 year old twins named Blake and Brandon. Their mother specifically asked for them to live with a counselor because she was very concerned that they not get hurt while they were at Computer Camp. The owner of the camp said that she referred to her sons as "my little darlings" and that she seemed to be paranoid that they might somehow get hurt. Lord knows how they might get hurt at a computer camp, but she was still very concerned. She was a single mother---there was no father's name on the applications----so that might explain it. She told the owner of the camp that she had always been very protective of her two sons, never letting them play any sports or do anything else that might get them hurt. She said they had been born prematurely. They only weighed four pounds at birth. And they had always been shorter than other boys their age. So she never wanted to take any chances with her little darlings. I thought to myself that with a mother like that, these poor kids must be total wimps.

Well, on that first day, the campers started being dropped off by their parents at the dorm. True to form, all the guys who were checking in on my floor looked like classic computer geeks. Short, tall, fat, thin, but all as geeky as you can get. Finally near the end of the afternoon a middle aged woman and two boys walked into my room. My eyes immediately fixated on the boys. They were obviously identical twins. They looked alike in every way. They were way shorter than me, probably about a foot shorter. So I figured they were about five feet tall. I guess they were shorter than most 14 year olds, but they didn't really look that little. I guess I was expecting two tiny midgets or something. They were wearing identical baggy sweatshirts and identical long baggy shorts, so I couldn't see their bodies, which I assumed were very small and fragile. They had blond hair, which they had cut in a buzz cut, pretty unusual for computer nerds. They were very good looking, with sparkling blue eyes, small noses and high cheek bones. And their faces were quite tan, again very unusual for computer nerds, who spent most of their time indoors. And they didn't look very happy. So these are mama's fragile little wimps, I thought to myself.

Their mother introduced herself to me and then she introduced Blake and Brandon. The only way I could tell the difference between them is that Brandon had a little scar on his chin. Probably got punched by a tall bully, I thought. The boys shook my hand. I was surprised at how firm their grip was. They must have used every ounce of strength to do that, I thought. She repeated all the stuff she told my boss, like how their father deserted her before they were even born, how small her boys were when they were growing up, how worried she was that her little darlings were going to get hurt, and how she never let them play sports for fear they would get injured. She had decided they should go to Computer Camp so they could meet other small boys like themselves. She made me promise to take good care of her "little darlings" and not let them get hurt. All the time she was talking, Blake and Brandon were kind of rolling their eyes. Finally, she was finished. She kissed her two sons goodbye, walked out and closed the door behind her. I was now alone with the little darlings.

"Fuck, what a bunch of crap!" yelled Blake. "Yeah!" agreed Brandon. "Fuckin' Computer Camp! How lame can you get!" I looked at the boys in shock. "I thought you wanted to come to Computer Camp," I said. "There are lots of great kids here." Blake looked at me with a look of total contempt. "A bunch of wimps, I'll bet. A bunch of wimps just like you!" He looked me up and down. I was wearing a t-shirt and shorts and it was pretty clear I was a wimp. "We didn't want to go to computer camp with a bunch of wimps. We wanted to go to wrestling camp, but our mama wouldn't let us. She never lets us do anything fun. She's always worried that we'll hurt ourselves." Brandon looked at his brother and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, just because we were preemies and were small when we were kids, she thinks we're fragile little wimps. We used to be small, but we were never wimps. And then we both hit a growth spurt six months ago and now we're really growin'. See for yourself." At that, Brandon reached for his sweatshirt and at the very same moment his brother did the same thing. Simultaneously they ripped their sweatshirts over their heads, exposing their upper bodies. My eyes almost popped out of my head. These boys were buff! Their tan bodies just oozed of muscle. They had wide shoulders capped with thick, striated delts. It looked like someone had slapped a thick piece of clay on their shoulders and then molded it to perfection. Every fiber was visible, twitching and flexing as they moved their arms. Their arms were very muscular, not just for boys their age but also for boys several years older. Both their biceps and triceps were bulging under their thin skin even when they were relaxed as their arms hung at their sides. Their forearms were thick and muscular. Their lats flared out under their wide shoulders, tapering down to narrow, athletic hips. They had bulging pec muscles, also striated with fibers, which slashed up perfectly from the round firmness under their erect nipples to meet their striated delts. Then my eyes became fixated on their abs. Talk about shredded. They each had a washboard six-pack, taut muscle that looked like corrugated iron. They packed an incredible amount of muscle on their short bodies.

"Do we look like fragile little computer nerds to you?" asked Blake as he came up to me and flexed his arm in my face. I stared at the bulging bicep that was six inches from my face. I had never seen a muscle like that in my life. It looked like a baseball, a hardball, with fibers and veins everywhere. My mouth dropped open. "Feel it," he ordered. I wrapped my hand around the bulging muscle and pressed in with my fingers. A jolt went through my body. I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach like I had never felt before. Instinctively, I jerked my hand away. I was in shock. The muscle was so hard it didn't feel like human flesh. "Pretty hard, huh?" said Blake as he saw the shock on my face. "Yeah," I said, almost unable to speak. "Our muscles are fuckin' hard and fuckin' strong," said Brandon as he looked approvingly at his brother's flexed bicep. "Six months ago we were little shrimps. We were only four feet eight and weighed a fucking 75 pounds. Then we went through puberty and our bodies just took off. We've gained four inches in height and 45 pounds of muscle in that six months. Now we're five feet tall and weigh 120 pounds, 120 pounds of shit-kickin' muscle. One of our friends got a weight set for his birthday six months ago and we started workin' out with him after school in his garage. We never told our mama, `cause she'd just freak out at the thought of her two little darlings liftin' weights. Well right from the start we started packing on muscle. Our friend Danny with the weight set didn't gain a fuckin' pound in the first month but we gained 15 pounds each. And it was all muscle. We doubled our strength in one month! After the first month Danny had to ask his parents for more weights but he couldn't bench 5 pounds more than when he started, a shitty little 55 pounds. Fuck, we started out with more than that. During the same month our bench went from 60 to 125 pounds. Danny couldn't believe it. After getting so strong, we needed the extra weights so we made him get `em for us. Now we bench 240. That's double our weight! Now Danny's garage has got hundreds of pounds of weights but he can still only bench 70 pounds. He's a fuckin' wimp. He should be here at Computer Camp, not us!"

Blake nodded his head. "Yeah, but our mama still thinks we're little wimps. She won't let us do anything." He put his arms to his side and started curling them up and down. I watched his biceps contract into balls of muscle and then extend into coiled springs as he lifted his arms up and down, like he was curling a barbell. "How much can you curl, John?" he asked as he watched the muscles bulge in his arms. "Uh, I don't really know," I replied. "It's been a year or so since I tried to lift any weights." I remembered the time I went into the school gym and tried to lift some weights. I lasted only one workout. What a disaster. The weights felt real heavy and real awkward. The other kids laughed at my feeble attempts. I hated lifting weights. "I'm having a hard time remembering how much I could curl." That answer obviously was not good enough for these twins. Brandon came over to me and grabbed my upper arm. He squeezed hard and drove his strong fingers into my flabby flesh. Pain shot through my body as the strong little twin squeezed my flesh like bread dough. "Try harder, dweeb. How much was it?" he demanded. "I guess it was about 30 pounds," I said sheepishly. "I've never been very athletic." The twins looked at each other and broke out laughing. "Thirty pounds?" yelled Brandon. "You're a big 18 year old high school grad-u-ate---he pronounced every syllable in a mocking way--- and you can only curl 30 pounds? Fuck, you're even more of a wimp than I thought!" He dug his fingers even further into my upper arm. I could see his thick forearm muscles flexing as they powered the kid's big fingers. The pain was almost unbearable. "You know what we can curl, wimp-boy?" I stood there numb with fear and wracked with pain, unable to speak. Slowly I shook my head. "We can curl 100 pounds, almost as much as we weigh. Fuck, we're three times stronger than you and we're only 14! Let's try another lift. How much can you bench?" I tried to remember my one attempt at a bench press in gym class last year. I barely made one rep and then gave up. "Sixty pounds," I said. "Fucking Jesus Christ," yelled Brandon. "That's the puny little weight we started with when we only weighed 75 pounds! Now these big muscles can push up 240 no sweat. That's twice what we weigh." He flexed his pecs proudly and ran his hands over the bulging muscles. "We're not just three times stronger than you, we're FOUR times stronger than you! Does that make you feel a little scared, John? Are you scared having two 14 year old twin brothers who are each four times stronger than you sharing this room?" I just stood there looking at the bodies of these two muscle kids, unable to speak.

Suddenly Blake stripped off his shorts and without a moment of delay Brandon did the same thing. The two buff blond little darlings were standing in front of me in just their jockey shorts. On the waistbands it said "Joe Boxer." Very appropriate, I thought to myself. Underneath the waistbands I saw very ample bulges in their crotches. Then I looked down at their legs and my jaw dropped open. Just standing there relaxed, their legs looked incredibly big and muscular. Their quads were dense with solid muscle and their calves bulged with the two heads of muscle clearly showing. Then at exactly the same moment the twins flexed their quads. The big muscles sprang to attention, forming slabs of rock, striated with fibers and covered with veins. "How much can you squat with?" asked Blake, looking at his quads flex and unflex at his will. I again searched my memory for my one disastrous episode last year in gym class. "Seventy pounds," I said, now really feeling like a total wimp next to these young muscle kids. "Seventy fucking pounds," said Blake with a tone of disgust in his voice. "I'd be ashamed of myself if I was an 18 year old high school grad-u-ate and I could only squat with 70 pounds. Jesus, Brandon and me aren't even in 9th grade yet and we can do reps with 275. These mothers are fuckin' STRONG!" Brandon walked over to me, put my two hands on his two upper legs and then flexed his quads. "How'd you like havin' these big mothers crushing your little wimp chest, John? I bet that wouldn't feel so good to you. But these big mothers would have a great time doin' it. They love to crush things. And ya know, they don't give a fuck how the crushee feels about it. Hey Blake, I'll bet it would be lots of fun taking turns crushin' the shit out of the wimp counselor here with our big quads." Blake came over, grabbed my right arm and put it between his legs. Then he squeezed. My arm felt like it was being crushed by a steel vise. The warm muscle felt as hard as rock. "Yeah," he said. "Tons of fun." Then he flexed his quads again, squeezing harder. My arm was totally crushed between the bulging muscles. Only the bone remained intact. The he let go and stood proudly in front of me next to his brother.

I was dumbfounded by the dominant arrogance of these two 14 year olds. Within a matter of five minutes, they had completely taken over. I was just their plaything. "It's fun being strong," said Blake. "Brandon and me were in gym class a few weeks ago. We took off our shirts so all the other kids could see how much our muscles had grown. We did tons of push-ups and pull-ups and other shit and the other kids just couldn't believe how strong we had gotten. It was totally different from a year ago when we were little shrimps and nobody paid any attention to us. And all the tall guys treated us like shit and picked on us and stuff. So we were standin' around in the locker room after gym class kinda flexing our muscles in the mirror and stuff and these six tall guys kept looking at us. These were some of the same guys who picked on us the year before. So after I saw `em looking at us for awhile, I turned around and yelled `You lookin' at me?' They were all kind of stunned and then one of them said "Yeah, I guess. You and your brother. Looks like you little shrimps put on some muscle. Too bad you're still such little twerps.' His friends laughed. Then they started walking toward us in a very threatening way. `You two really think you're hot shits, don't you,' he said. `Me and my buddies think we should put you two little twerps back in your place. We're the ones in charge around here.' I'm sure they thought that with six of them coming at us, there wasn't anything we could do and we'd just run, like we always did before. I looked at Brandon right in the eye. He knew what I was thinking. `How'd you like a taste of this twerp muscle, asshole?' I yelled. `We may still be short but we're fuckin' strong!' Then we both charged at the six tall dudes before they could land a punch. We smashed them with our fists and we twisted their arms like pretzels and we wrapped our legs around their tall bodies and squeezed the life out of `em. We just pulverized those six guys in a matter of a few short minutes. They tried to fight back, but their tall, weak little bodies were nothing to our strong muscles. The strongest of `em can only bench 120. We were twice as strong as that tall motherfucker, and he was the strongest of the bunch.. Our big muscles fucked up those assholes real good. God, that felt great. It felt real good to be so strong. We could have beat up 12 of `em just as easy. Shit, last fall we couldn't beat up anyone in our grade. Now we can beat up everybody. We can beat up older kids too. Anybody who picks a fight with us now gets the shit kicked out of him. And it ain't even hard for us `cause we're so fuckin' strong."

I gulped as I heard this tale of total muscle superiority and aggressiveness. These were mama's fragile little darlings! Brandon looked at my six foot body. "How much do you weigh?" he asked. "About 145," I said. "Hey, you're fuckin' six feet tall and you outweigh us by 25 pounds. Lets wrestle! I'll let you have the 25 pound advantage. I haven't wrestled an 18 year old yet." I looked at the kid's compact, muscular, superstrong body. Some 25 pound advantage, I thought to myself. He's all muscle and I'm all skin and bone and flab. "No, I don't think so," I said. "I'm not really much of a wrestler." In fact, I had never wrestled in my life. Blake came over and pulled up my shirt, literally ripping it off my head. "Hey, when my brother says he wants to wrestle, you gotta wrestle. You ain't got no choice. You got that?." Then he looked over at his twin brother and grinned. "I get to wrestle the winner," he said, flexing his muscles at his brother in a mock-threatening most muscular pose. They both knew who the winner was going to be. He turned back to me. "Take off your shoes and shorts. We wrestle in only our underwear."

I did as ordered and Brandon took off his shoes as well. He and I stood on the dorm room floor looking at each other, him dressed in his cool Joe Boxer jockey shorts and me dressed in my dweeb J.C. Penney boxer shorts. I never felt so afraid in my life. I knew this kid could rip me apart without even breaking a sweat. All the muscles in his buff 120 pound body just bulged with raw power. "You say go," he said. After waiting as long as I could, I said go. In a fraction of a second, Brandon charged at my body and threw me on the floor like I was a feather. I tried to get up but he was immediately on top of me, spinning me around so my back was on the floor and forcing my arms down with his strong hands. Within five seconds he was lying on top of me with my arms totally pinned. He had won the match in five seconds. "Try to get up," he said as he looked me in the eyes with his sparkling blue eyes. I strained as hard as I could, but I was nowhere near strong enough to lift his weight off my body. He smiled as he saw and felt my puny effort. "Wow, you are really weak," he said. Then he let go and fell to the floor beside me, kind of limp. "Now you try to pin me," he said. I knew there was no way I could do this, but I tried anyway. I grabbed onto Brandon's muscular arms and tried to spin him around. As I felt his muscles, bolts of lightening shot through my body. I had never felt muscles like that in my life. As I got close to pinning him, he easily spun free and let me try to do it again. He let me try to pin him over and over again, toying with my weakness like a tiger toying with a little lamb. And each time I almost pinned him I got to feel more and more of his incredible body-- -his arms, his delts, his pecs, his lats, his abs, his legs and his butt. Every part of Brandon's body was solid muscle and it felt so, so good to the touch.

Finally, he let me pin his arms all the way to the floor. I lay there on top of him, holding his wrists to the floor and feeling his hot sweaty skin and the bulges of his pec muscles underneath me. "You think you got me pinned?" he asked with a grin. "Yeah, I do you little shrimp. Whaddya gonna do about it?" I hoped he knew I was kidding calling him a shrimp. He was anything but. He smiled, his bright blue eyes flashing. "Ya wanna feel some shrimp kid muscle?" he said, looking at me intently. "You wanna see what this shrimp kid's muscles can do?" I kind of gulped and nodded my head. Then he started lifting his arms. They were stretched out above and to the side his body with the weight of my whole body on top of them but he still lifted them up easily with my whole body along for the ride. Sort of like dumbbell flyes with my two hands as the dumbbells. "Fuckin' strong," he yelled as he pushed his arms all the way up with me holding on for dear life. Then to my astonishment he slowly lowered his arms to the floor and pushed them and me back up again. He did this for five reps. I darted my eyes between the bulging muscles of his arms and chest and his handsome face and sky blue eyes. Wow this kid is strong, I thought to myself. And very good looking too. "Nice pump," he said as he pushed my little body up for the fifth rep. Then he ripped his wrists out of my hands, letting me crash down on his muscular chest. I rubbed my hands on his pecs, which were now totally pumped and bulging with hot, rock- hard muscle. "Yeah, nice pump," I said, marveling at the size and hardness of the kid's muscles.

"I ain't done yet," he said. He spun around and started really wrestling me. I said wrestling me rather than wrestling with me, because he was doing all the wrestling. I was just like a rag doll to him. He put me in full nelsons and half nelsons and all sorts of wrestling holds that I didn't even know existed. "Kill the little wimp," yelled his brother. "Pull his fuckin' arms off his fuckin' wimp body. Tear the little wuss to shreds!" Blake was really getting into his identical twin brother totally thrashing me. But even though Brandon could have easily broken my bones or torn my ligaments with his overpowering muscles, he knew his own strength and only applied enough force to demonstrate his total domination over my pathetic 18 year old six foot body. I was his toy and he was playing with me. I was in constant pain, pain being inflicted by the enormous strength of his big 14 year old muscles, but I wasn't getting permanently injured. Finally, after about five minutes of this "play", he wrapped his legs around my chest and locked his ankles. Then he gently flexed his big, muscular quads. I felt the hard muscle squeeze against my flabby little chest. "Squeeze the little fucker," yelled Blake. "I wanna see your big pythons squeeze the life out of the little dork." I looked down at Brandon's thick legs and over at his incredibly muscular body. Then I looked at his face. He wasn't smiling anymore. He looked real mean. "Get ready to die, punk," he said as he started flexing his huge quads. Those big muscles that could squat with 275 pounds started contracting at the command of their young master.

All of a sudden an enormous feeling of fear surged through my body. My heart started beating so hard and so fast it wanted to jump out of my chest. Adrenaline was shooting through my veins and my fight or flee instincts were at full arousal. Except I could neither fight nor flee. I was trapped between the rock-hard legs of this muscular superboy and there was nothing I could do about it. He was in total control. And he was going to crush my little wimp chest into smithereens with the devastating power of his big, thick thighs. I felt so helpless and so weak. "Crush him," yelled Blake. "Crush the little nerd's bones until they break like twigs. Your legs are so strong you can smash his weak little chest into a pile of bloody pulp." I started trembling as Blake said this. I knew it was probably true. Slowly Brandon contracted his quads. I looked down and watched the big muscles ripple and bulge under his thin skin. God those muscles were huge. And they were strong. As he flexed, it felt like a steel vise was closing in on my chest. Suddenly all the air was forced out of my lungs. I couldn't breathe. His squeeze was incredibly hard. I could just imagine what it would feel like to be crushed to death by the solid muscle of a thick, 30 foot long python snake. That's what it felt like to be crushed by Brandon's legs. "Flex harder. Flex harder," yelled Blake. "I can't hear any bone snapping yet." Brandon took a deep breath and flexed even harder. My face turned beet red and saliva started dripping out of my mouth. My whole chest was wracked with pain as the muscles of this 14 year old superboy applied even more crushing force. I didn't think I could take any more. I was almost passed out. I couldn't speak at all. I couldn't even croak. I just looked over at the boy who was crushing the life out of me with a pleading look in my eyes, a look of total surrender. He saw my look of total despair, smiled, and cranked up the power of his squeeze one more notch. He was enjoying this! Strength against weakness. The strong kid conquering the weak counselor. The strong kids love showing off their strength. It's fun.

Then I heard a loud SNAP! Omygod, I thought. Brandon had just snapped one of my ribs. The kid's muscles were so strong they were going to flatten my chest like a pancake. I started to totally panic. Then, all of a sudden Brandon began to loosen his iron grip. I took in a breath of air. God that air felt good. Then I heard another SNAP! A jolt of panic went up my spine. I looked over at Blake and saw him holding a ruler from my desk. He gripped the ruler with his strong hands and twisted it. SNAP! He had broken the ruler into little pieces. Then both he and Brandon erupted into uproarious laughter. Brandon jumped to his feet and the two young studs gave each other high fives. "Had you goin' there, didn't we, wimp. You really thought Brandon snapped one of your bones. I could tell by the look on your face. He could have done it, ya know. These fuckers are really strong." Blake reached over and felt Brandon's sweaty, pumped thighs. "We let you off easy this time. You better be good or we won't be so nice." They laughed and giggled at the joke they had just played on me and the fun they had had.

Then Blake looked at his brother and said "OK, I get to wrestle the winner. Get ready, bro. I'm gonna kick your little musclebutt." I was still lying on the floor trying to get my senses. Blake walked over, picked me up and threw me on my bed. He didn't even strain as he lifted my body. "We need the whole floor," he said. Then he stood there looking at his brother. The two boys looked like young Greek gods, blond and muscular, dressed only in their briefs. "Say go," Blake said to me. I looked at the twins. There were looking intently at each other, their muscles twitching and ready to fight. They looked like two young animals, tigers I thought, ready for battle. "Go!" I yelled. Immediately, Blake charged at his brother, grabbing him by the waist and pushing him to the floor. He tried to pin his brothers arms down with the weight of his body, but those arms were much too strong and easily pushed Blake's 120 pounds away. From that point on, the two muscular boys thrashed around with wild abandon. They were both exactly evenly matched----identical in every way-----so neither boy could get the advantage over the other. And they were both incredibly strong, so the weight of their bodies was nothing to either one of them. During the fight, they threw each other around the room. Their muscular bodies crashed into the furniture again and again. Their hard bodies weren't hurt in the least, but the furniture took a beating. The chest of drawers got smashed and both of the front legs of the desk got broken in little pieces. The desk came crashing down on the floor. Brandon just lifted it up with one hand and threw it on a bed like a piece of trash. So much for the desk. They got each other in various wrestling holds, but they could never make a pin because their brother was too strong and managed to get out of the hold. Sweat started pouring off their tan skin. They both had golden brown tans except for their upper legs where their baggy shorts covered their quads down to the knees. Those quads were pure white. They wore their briefs and shorts so low that their tans ran all the way down past their asscracks in the back and almost to their crotches in front. They really wore their shorts low, just held up by the firm bulges of their round musclebutts. And their tans showed it. The muscular young athletes wrestled with each other for about 10 minutes-----it seemed to me to be about an hour because there was so much fury and energy bursting from their buff bodies. I couldn't believe how much endurance these boys had. Their muscles were totally pumped and their bodies were dripping with sweat Finally Blake threw Brandon right on top of me. His hot, sweaty body came crashing down on my chest. It felt like hot wet steel had just landed on top of me. Instinctively I reached up and put my hands on his muscles. They were rock hard, red hot and covered with sweat. Then Blake jumped on top of both of us, covering us with his own pumped, rock hard sweaty body. I was covered by the hot sweaty rock- hard bodies of the two superstrong muscle twins. They were both breathing hard. Their white Joe Boxer briefs were dripping wet. "That was fun," yelled Blake. "Yeah," said Brandon. "One of these days I'm gonna beat you." Blake punched his twin hard on his muscular shoulder. "You gonna beat these?" he said, grinning "No way!". Then he flexed his biceps as he sat atop us both. The huge baseball biceps and rippling triceps bulged with incredible mass and hardness. I reached up and felt his flexed right arm. It felt like warm rock. Blake could tell I was overwhelmed by his muscles. "Fuckin' hard and fuckin' strong," he said, looking over approvingly at the bulging muscle. Then Brandon jerked his muscular torso up and sat next to his brother. He flexed his right arm too. I felt his arm with my left hand and Blake's arm with my right hand. "My arm's just as big and hard as his is," said Brandon. "This little fucker's got nothin' on me." He jammed his elbow into Blake's muscular chest. I felt both flexed arms simultaneously. They were identical. The same size, the same hardness, the same feel of fibers flexing right underneath the thin skin, the same veins surging with blood on top of the muscle. Identical. "You are both exactly the same," I said. "You are both incredibly muscular." The two boys looked at each other and smiled. Then they gave each other high fives. "Yeah!" they yelled in unison.

Then they stood up next to my bed. Blake lifted his arm and smelled his armpit. "Wow, that stinks," he said. "We always get real sweaty when we wrestle. We're gonna go take a shower." At that, the two sweaty musclekids ripped off their Joe Boxer briefs and threw them in my face. I breathed in and smelled the pungent fresh crotch sweat that had been produced by their straining muscular bodies as they fought. Wow, what a smell of male athleticism. That sweat smelled real good. I didn't take the briefs off my nose for several moments. I just breathed in that muscle-jock sweat. The two twin jocks were now standing nude in front of me, dripping wet. They were very well endowed and their crotches were covered by a light coating of blond pubic hair. "Where's the towels?" said Brandon. "I only have one. It's over there," I said pointing to the top of the smashed-in chest of drawers. "OK, we'll share," he said. He walked over and picked up my towel. "Where's the shower?" said Blake. "Down the hall on the right," I said. "OK, see ya later," he said. He and Brandon started towards the door. "Don't you want to put on some clothes?," I asked. "What the fuck for?" said Blake. Then he opened the door, and he and Brandon started strutting down the hall buck naked, Brandon holding my towel over his shoulder.

I rushed to the door to see what would happen. I was still holding those sweaty briefs to my nose. The smell of the muscle twins' fresh sweat smelled like so good me, the smell of pure male muscle athlete superiority. There were six or seven nerdy campers hanging out in the hallway talking, with the doors to their rooms open. When they looked up and saw Blake and Brandon, all conversation immediately stopped. Their mouths dropped open. They just stood there and stared. Blake and Brandon walked up to two of the taller campers. "Whadya lookin' at, dweeb?" said Blake, his hot, sweaty, muscular body just inches from the pathetic flabbiness of the nerdy camper. "Ain't you ever seen a naked dude before?" The tall nerd was so stunned by what he was seeing that he couldn't speak. Blake smiled and flexed his arm right in front of the nerd's face. "Yeah, a naked dude with muscles," he laughed as the kid stared at his big, bulging bicep.

Brandon looked at the eyes of the tall nerdy camper he was standing in front of. I recognized the kid as one of the 16 year olds, the oldest of the group. The kid was tall and skinny. He was wearing just a T-shirt and shorts. He was staring down at Brandon's body, his eyes rolling up and down, transfixed by all the rippling muscle. I thought to myself how strange this looked, a six foot tall 16 year old looking down at a five foot tall 14 year old, a 14 year old whose body was thick with hard muscle and who was undoubtedly four times stronger than the tall, thin dweeb. Brandon's body just bulged with muscle as he stood next to the skinny nerd. From my angle, his chest looked like it was at least twice as thick as the nerd's chest and his arms and shoulders looked three times as big. "Ain't you seen a kid with muscles either, dweeb?" asked Brandon as he moved his chest right up next to the nerd's body. Only about a half inch separated the hot muscle of Brandon's pecs from the skin and bone of the dweeb's rail-thin body. The dweeb slowly shook his head. He was having a hard time comprehending what he was seeing. Suddenly Brandon grabbed the nerd's hand and put it on top of his right pec. Then he flexed the muscle. The hot, sweaty muscle bulged in the kid's hand. The kid couldn't believe what he was feeling. He pushed in with his fingers but it felt like he was pushing in on solid rock. Hot, sweaty, solid rock. "You never felt muscle like that before, have you dweeb," said Brandon, stating the obvious. "You little dweebs don't have any muscle. Here, let me feel your pec." He reached his hand over and rubbed it over the flat, bony chest of the computer nerd. "Fuck, you ain't got no muscle there at all. I got inches of solid muscle in my chest and you ain't got shit! You just sit around all day in front of your fuckin' computer while Blake and me are pumpin' iron and gettin' huge." The kid was still rubbing his fingers over Brandon's bulging pec, still not comprehending the enormity of what he was feeling.

Suddenly Brandon took a step back. "Go ahead. Punch that muscle. Lets see if you can hurt it." The nerd looked at Brandon's bulging pecs and his drop-dead handsome face. "Uh, I don't think so," he said. He had never punched another kid in his life. Brandon grabbed the kid's upper arm and squeezed. I was astonished at how big and bulging his forearm got when it was powering his thick fingers into the kid's arm. It looked like a bowling pin, writhing with muscle. The poor kid winced in pain. "I said punch me in the chest," he said. "Me and my brother don't take no lip." The kid knew he had no choice. He nodded and Brandon released his iron grip. The kid made a fist, pulled back his arm and drove it as hard as he could at Brandon's right pec. Smack. The punch sounded like it hit a steel plate. It bounced off harmlessly and the kid held his hand in pain. "Shit I couldn't even feel that," said Brandon, rubbing his hand over his bulging pec muscle. "These muscles are so big and hard they couldn't even feel your little punch." The kid looked at Brandon's bulging pec in awe.

Then Brandon made a fist with his right hand and looked at the lethal weapon. His forearm bulged again and his upper arm, pec and delt muscles twitched and flexed with raw power. "Now it's my turn," he said, looking at his big fist and at the kid's flat little chest. The kid's eyes grew wide with fear. "No, no," he cried out. "Please don't hit me with those big muscles." Brandon flexed his bicep and twisted his wrist back and forth, flexing his forearm. "Fuck you!" Brandon yelled as he pulled back his arm and thrust it forward toward the kid's chest. The kid closed his eyes, thinking he would soon be dead. Then he felt a little touch on his shirt. A little tap. He opened his eyes and saw Brandon smiling. He had pulled his punch at just the right time. He never meant to hurt the kid, just to have a little fun with him. He turned towards Blake and gave him a high five. "Fuckin' fun!" yelled Brandon. Then the two muscle twins strutted towards the shower, laughing uproariously. The kid almost fell over, there was such a feeling of relief and so much adrenaline surging through his body. All of the other nerds looked in complete awe at the tight round white muscle butts and broad tan backs and shoulders of the 14 year old twins as they swaggered to the shower. They knew they ruled all these geeks.

I went out into the hall and consoled the campers. I told them what the muscle twins had done to me, the big 18 year old counselor, and how they had trashed my room with their wild and powerful wrestling. All the kids came in and surveyed the damage. I told them how their mother was so concerned that her little darlings not get injured at Computer Camp so that's why they were staying in my room. Then I told them how strong they were. The kids' mouths dropped open as they heard about 240 pound bench presses, 275 pound squats and 100 pound curls. Shit, these kids were weaker than me. They were overwhelmed when they heard about that kind of strength. They could tell by looking at them that the good looking twins were strong, but they had no idea they were that strong. The kids couldn't believe that these musclekids were only 14 years old and that their mother was concerned about their getting injured. Shit, they were the ones who could inflict injury on anyone they chose. And they could do it to these little wimps without even breaking a sweat.

After about 10 minutes the door to the bathroom opened and Blake and Jake came out. They were still buck naked. Blake was holding my wet towel in his right hand. They looked radiant. They looked like young fitness models. Their faces were gorgeous, their tan skin clear and clean and their blond hair perfectly straight up in their buzz cuts. Their bodies looked like they had been carved out of marble. Their torsos, arms and lower legs were very tan and their crotches and upper legs totally white from wearing their long shorts. Their tan lines were about as low as you could go without exposing some of their light blond pubic hair. Their abs were shredded, their pecs were bulging, their striated delts were flexing atop their wide shoulders, their lats were flaring out like thick wings, and their big arms were hanging like muscular hams at their sides. Their legs looked like big oak tree trunks. "Wow," I said to myself as I looked at my muscular young roommates.

The hallway was now filled with over 30 campers. The word had spread fast about these two buff young studs who for some inexplicable reason had come to Computer Camp. All eyes were on the incredibly muscular bodies of Blake and Brandon. When the twins saw all the guys looking at them they smiled. They knew they looked great. They knew all the nerds had come to look at their incredible young bodies. "You like our muscles?" said Blake. "Yeah, I guess you do! Well, Brandon, what do you think? Why don't we give these dweebs a free show! The Blake and Brandon muscle show!" Brandon grinned and nodded his head. Then two muscular 14 year olds simultaneously hit a double biceps pose. The 30 nerds gasped as they saw the big, hard muscles of their arms. Peaked, baseball sized biceps, thick football shaped triceps, vein-covered bulging forearms. These twins were built! Next they put their arms on their hips and flexed their lats. BAM! Those big slabs of muscle sprang out and bulged like wings. The dweebs were incredulous. They had never seen lats like that before. They sure didn't have any lats. Next came the abs. While still showing off their huge lats, the twins flexed their abs. The shredded muscles looked like corrugated steel under their tan skin, two washboards of solid muscle. Jaws dropped. More gasps from the audience. The two musclekids smiled and started hitting more poses. It was like they were doing a posing routing on stage at a bodybuilding contest. They had obviously practiced this before. They looked fantastic. The geeks were quiet at first, just gasping and soaking in the amazing display of muscular size and beauty. Then some of them started yelling their approval as they watched the musclekids' quads bulge into masses of shredded tree- trunk muscle, their biceps flex into big baseballs of rock hard fibers covered with veins, their thick pecs bulge with striated glory, their slab-like lats flare out like wings of muscle, their big delts thicken and flex on their incredibly broad shoulders and their washboard abs undulate under their paper thin skin like moving corrugated steel.

The cheers grew louder. This just encouraged Blake and Brandon to flex harder. They flexed their quads again and the massive muscles sprang to attention in striated, vein-covered glory.. They flexed their big calves, showing the heads of muscle in full relief. They turned around and flexed their glutes. Their round white musclebutts actually showed striations of solid muscle under their skin as the twins flexed their tight asses. The crowd went berserk. After about five minutes of incredible flexing, the bodies of the two young studs were covered with sweat again. And their cocks were rock hard and standing straight up against their abs. They had obviously gotten aroused from flexing their muscles and hearing all the cheering. Finally they stopped their posing and stood in front of their admirers, listening to the wild applause. Their cocks twitched. Even relaxed, their muscles looked fantastic. "I'm glad you liked the Blake and Brandon muscle show," said Blake "You'll be seein' these muscles all the time from now on." I could see some of the kids almost panting as they watched the bodies of these buff, super-muscular twins. Then Blake and Jake walked towards my room, laughing and snapping the towel at a few of the nerds along the way.

"That was fun," yelled Blake as he slammed the door. "But this is gonna be even funner. We always get a hard-on when we pose. We get turned on by watching each other's big muscles flexing." Blake and Brandon then stood facing each other, their muscular bodies sweaty and pumped. Their cocks were rock hard and twitching. They started stroking those stiff cocks as they watched each other's hot body. While stroking with their right hands, they flexed their muscles at each other. First their left arm, then their lats, then their abs, then their legs. They got into a wild frenzy of flexing and stroking. They started breathing hard and their cocks got more and more aroused as they watched each other's identical muscles flex and bulge. They were totally getting off on each other's muscular body. Finally they each simultaneously let out a loud grunt, like an animal, and started spurting white cum out of their rock hard cocks onto each other's rippling abs. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," they yelled as their stroked their surging cocks. They each spurted at least 10 huge bursts of thick jism. Then they reached over with one hand and rubbed the cum all over each other's hot abs, feeling the hard, washboard muscles undulate underneath and still stroking their own cock with their other hand. Got what bliss that must be, I thought to myself. . Finally, they flopped down on a bed, almost on top of each other, still stroking their hard cocks. I couldn't believe what I had just witnessed. God it must be great to be a muscle twin, I thought to myself.

They looked up at me and smiled. They were obviously very happy. Then Brandon looked down and saw the big bulge in my crotch under my boxer shorts. I was still only wearing my boxer shorts and my erect cock was pretty obvious underneath. "Looks like someone besides us got turned on by our muscles," said Brandon. "Yeah," said Blake. "I think we should put on a private Blake and Brandon muscle show for John so he can really get his rocks off." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Could this really be true? The two boys jumped off the bed and Brandon reached over and pulled down my boxer shorts. My hard cock sprang up and hit my waist. I kicked off the shorts and stood in front of the two naked muscle twins. Then the blond, blue eyed twins simultaneously flexed their incredible biceps right before my eyes. They were giving me a private posing show! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Never in my life had I experienced such a thrill. I stared at the four mountainous biceps as they bulged inches from my eyes. My mouth dropped open and my cock twitched with excitement. The blue eyes of the twins flashed with glee. "You can touch `em if you want," said Blake. "You get the all-seeing, all-touching Blake and Brandon muscle show." I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Not only was I going to get to watch their beautiful muscles flex, but I was going to get to feel them as well. I almost came right then, I was so excited. I reached over and felt the incredible size and hardness of their biceps. The big balls of muscle were as hard as rocks. Then I started feeling all their other muscles as they did all kinds of other poses for me.

They moved around me as they flexed, circling my wimpy little body with their masses of teen muscle. I grabbed and touched and felt the big and hard muscles of these two blond 14 year olds as they flexed for me. It was like they were dancing around me, flexing the whole time. They were so athletic and graceful as they moved. As I saw and felt their bulging muscles, I couldn't help thinking about the phenomenal strength their bodies possessed. Each one of those bodies was four times stronger than mine. I had eight times more strength than I possessed within inches of my pathetic skinny body. The bulging pecs I was feeling with my little fingers could bench 240 pounds, an amount of weight I couldn't even comprehend. Each bicep that bulged in my hand could curl more than I could bench. One of their biceps had more muscle than my whole chest. Each of their huge quads, which felt like huge tree trunks to my groping fingers, had more muscle in them than my whole body. These muscular twins could have beat me to a pulp with their big muscles without even trying hard. But instead of beating me up, their rippling muscles were flexing and bulging for my pleasure. They were giving me all the pleasures of the Blake and Brandon muscle show. And those pleasures were overwhelming all of my senses. Finally I was so excited I couldn't take it any more. I grabbed their big arms and moved their bodies in front of me. They could tell I was ready to cum. They flexed their abs and pecs and legs in front of me as I grabbed my rock-hard, throbbing cock. Instantly I blasted spurt after spurt of cum on their chests and abs, moving my cock back and forth between the two muscle twins as I spurted. I had never had such an incredible orgasm in my life. I only spurted about half as much jism as each of the twins had, but it was more than I had ever produced before. I was in total ecstasy. After I was done I reached over and rubbed my cum all over their rippling abs and their bulging pecs. The twins smiled. "You really got off," said Blake. "Yeah," I said. "That was the best I've ever had,." The twins looked at each other and gave themselves high fives. Another triumph for their muscular bodies. •

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