Drug Test


By Also_KnownAs

Mitch was shoving off his shoes and socks and pulling down his shorts before Stef had time to reconsider his hasty proposal. Once he saw Mitchell exposed, and all his power and beauty – not to mention the incredible proportions of his now swelling manhood – he was more anxious than ever to be with this man, even though the thought of fitting his hugeness inside his well-worn but still tight little butt was suddenly a fearful thought. The man just kept getting larger and larger, and he didn't seem to be fully erect yet, unless the goddam thing was so fucking heavy that it couldn't lift its own weight.

But that thought was just as suddenly extinguished when he watched it pulse and twitch ever upwards, blooming longer and thicker as it rose, darkened with blood and hot with sex. Mitch petted his cobra with a sort of reverence, as if he was as amazed by his own size at Stef was. "Don't worry," he said softly, looking down at himself so that at firest Stefan thought he may have been talking to own cock, "it looks big but I have amazing capabilities."

"Meaning?" Stef was naked now, too. The sun felt good on his skin, and a cool wind ruffled his blonde hair.

Mitch met his eyes, and that same sudden electrical shock of sex bathed him again. "Meaning bend over."

"Don't I even get a kiss?" Stef teased, but he was already positioning himself.

Mitch was all business. He was stroking his dick as if milking it, the veins bulging, the head growing purple and shiny. A glob of clear precum appeared at the piss slit and Mitch let out a slow, deep moan. "Kiss this," he said, and he grabbed Stef's hips and shoved himself home.

Stef cringed and bit his tongue. Fuck, he was huge! But almost as suddenly as the pain shook his ass, a more soothing warmth was flooding him, a sensual and fulfilling ocean wave of blissful sexual pleasure that swelled within him like a plunge into a warm pool. He closed his eyes as fireworks exploded in his head and his whole body shook with overpowering pulsations of deep and incredible gratification. He could feel Mitchell ramming his ass, feel the immensity of him, his hugeness and hardness pummeling him, but that powerful feeling was accompanied by a feeling of complete and utter sexual satisfaction imploding like a supernova.

He gasped. He gulped in air. He felt himself tighten and swell, energized from within. It went on and on, his vision blinded by pleasure, his body enraptured and his brain numbed by the onslaught of it. Then, another, higher, broader, thicker wave of power and joy and strength exploded with fire deep inside. He felt the orgasm within him building higher and higher, his balls felt huge, flooded with cum, and suddenly he was pumping his load and shouting, screaming, crying from the intensity of the delivery. His whole being, his soul shook and swelled with it, and when it was over, and Mitch was pulling himself free, Stef was filled with an emptiness and a longing for the feeling back. The power and pleasure and incredible satisfaction of Mitchell's prick inside him.

"Shit," he whispered, suddenly feeling the hot gravel of the track digging into his knees and chest as he lay there under the sun, naked and fulfilled and powerful.

Mitch stood over him, his cock dripping, his body pulsing, bulging with power and strength. "You okay, bro?"

"Oh, man." Stef sucked in a deep breath and exhaled it as a chuckle of happiness. "I'm fucking amazing, Mitch. Jesus Christ, what was that?"

Mitch kneeled to gather his shorts and shoes, then stood and slipped the slim material of his jogging togs up his powerful legs. "You'll find out." Stef turned slightly and looked up at the huge perfect man. "Tomorrow. You get your shot tomorrow, right?" Stef nodded. Mitchell smiled. "Make sure and find me after. I can't wait to see what the two of us can do together."

"Better than that?"

Mitch closed his eyes. "You can't even imagine." He opened his eyes and smiled as he tried to manage his enormity back into his shorts. From Stef's angle on the ground, Mitch looked bigger than ever. "Wait until tomorrow, you'll see."

"I can't wait."

"I've noticed." He offered his hand and helped Stef to his feet, scanning his body as if committing it to memory. "It's happening already," he said softly, and he reached over and pinched Stef's right nipple hard.

"Ouch! Fuck, do that again."

Mitch only smiled and said, "See you later, little man." And then he was off, jogging around the track, leaving Stef to collect his shorts and wander back to his dorm room, his ass tingling and his heart racing.

Stefan slept poorly that night. His whole body hurt, as if he'd had one hell of a workout at the gym. When he did manage to drift into a shallow sleep, dreams of Mitch and muscle filled his head, and he would awake over and over to find a huge, hard erection blooming in his grip.

His roommate, Geoff, remarked about Stef's restlessness. "Bad dreams?"

Stef pulled the sheet from over his head. "Actually, the dreams weren't bad at all. I… I'm not feeling quite 100% this morning, is all. Think I'll go see the doctor again."

Geoff shrugged. "Whatever, just don't give it to me."

Stef smiled to himself. Fat chance of that, he thought. Although the thought of nailing Geoff's fine ass had passed through his brain more than once, even though the guy showed no sign of being gay-friendly, even when that meant a free blow job from a rather talented practitioner now and again. "Don't worry," he said instead, "I don't think it's catching."

Stef did not shower, he didn't have time. He stayed abed a bit too long, as usual, and dressed hurriedly and without much thought. His whole body ached, and every stretch of his muscles yielded a new tenderness. He felt a distinct and nearly unavoidable desire to whack off, but he lacked the time even for that. Instead, he wandered tired and bleery-eyed across campus toward the doctor's office.

The red-haired receptionist looked slightly surprised, even though he knew perfectly well that Stef had an appointment. As Stef signed in, the receptionist said, "You did read your instructions, right?" Stef sniffed and nodded, "Of course," he answered, but a flush of red colored his face nonetheless as the memory of the previous day's track work-out returned fully.

He waited only a few minutes before the other nurse opened the office door and escorted him again to the same exam room. "Should I get naked again," Stef asked, almost hopefully.

"If you want to," came the reply, "but it's not necessary." He smiled, winked, and left.

Stef saw his reflection in the mirror on the door and blinked hard. He narrowed his eyes and leaned forward, looking closely at himself, and a shock ran through him. He moved his hand against his chest, feeling the hard bulge of muscle there. It pressed against his skin, and he flexed it, feeling the bands of power move.

With a suddenness that startled him, the door opened, wiping his reflection away, and Dr. Carmichael was there. As he looked up from his clipboard, the smile faded from his face and his left eyebrow arched. He scanned the figure in front of him and a knowing understanding slowly crept into his face. "Good morning, Stefan."

"Morning, Rich."

"Been busy, have we?"

"No, just studying for finals and…"

"You know what I mean."


"Mitchell." The doctor closed the door. "You read the instructions, I presume."

Stef sighed and nodded. "Yeah. But.. c'mon, you know what he's like! Fuck, that dude is everything anyone could ever dream of! And when he's fucking you, it's like… like…"

"I know what it's like, remember?" He consulted his clipboard and tapped a pen against it. "This really should disqualify you, I'm afraid."

"Huh? I just thought… I though maybe we'd have to put off the treatment or something, but not that I couldn't…"

"You've been partially exposed, you see. It invalidates the test. The results will be skewed. And… I'm not entirely sure it's safe for you now. You could receive an overdose. Hell, you may already have one, from the looks of you."

Stef tilted his head. "You mean the…?"

The doctor set down his clipboard and reached over, tugging Stef's shirt over his head. He clicked his tongue and then started unbuckling Stef's belt and pulling his button fly open. Stefan's semi- rigid prick popped out, pulsing dully and, now exposed, inflating to fullness, engorging with blood at a surprising pace and shoving itself upwards inch by amazing inch. "This is what I'm talking about. Get your clothes off and get on the scale, please."

Stef did so, seeing now in the wakefulness of accusation just how different he was. His muscles were fuller, harder, rounder. He felt heavier, too, and his dick, he would swear it was bigger. The doctor shifted the little weights around and frowned. "You've gained 20 pounds, Stef. Since two days ago."

"Shit." Stef was amazed, ashamed and little excited all at once. "So…"

"So, another treatment would…"

"But this isn't another treatment. This is a first treatment! I haven't had any shots, so how would anyone know?" He wanted this badly. He wanted what Mitchell had. That innate and overpowering masculinity that swelled and bulged and flexed in every muscle. He wanted the killer cock, the electric glance, the brick shithouse body and the ability to fuck a guy to heaven and back. "Please, Rich? This is my decision. I want to do it."

"But the tests…"

"Fuck it. You want to see what happens to, I know you do. You saw Mitch go from me to what he is now. What happens when a guy goes from this," he paused, throwing his bicep into relief, watching it rise hard and fat under the skin, bigger already than a day ago, "to… whatever comes next?"

"I'm a doctor, Stef, I can't just…"

"I signed the release. It's my body. My life. I want this."

Rich stood there looking into Stef's eyes, then down his improved body, at his fat, hard, thick dick and a smile crossed his face. "What the fuck," he said at last, "let's go for it."

Dr. Carmichael pulled a syringe from the pocket of his smock and removed the cover from the needle. Whatever was inside was clear, like water or vodka, and filled the vial. "Here it is. Phase 3." He swallowed, maybe having second thoughts. "What Mitch got was Phase 2. This is the next revision. More concentrated, more powerful. The pure stuff."

Stef was already excited. "How does it work?"

Rich shrugged. "It's pretty advanced. Viagra provides a temporary solution to a problem. This is a more permanent alternative. It works at a more basic level, and as you've seen for yourself, the changes seem to be transferable."

"How quick does it work?"

"Mitch changed in about two hours. This is twice as strong."

"An hour? I could be like Mitch in an hour?"

"Well, Mitch took Phase 2, which took two hours. Phase One took 24 hours. So… if that rate continues, we're talking…"

"Give me the shot, Rich." He came around the scale and stood next to Dr. Carmichael.

"Okay. Well, this part's gonna hurt some." He shot a bit through the needle to removed the air bubbles, turned the syringe over, grabbed Stefan's nutsack and shoved the solution into Stef's balls."

Immediately, he felt a heat like lava in his groin. It was overbearing and he nearly collapsed. The heat built like a furnace that suddenly exploded outward into his whole body. He started to sweat and breath in short, sharp intakes. He clenched his teeth against the building pain and heat as it swelled outward to his fingertips and until it felt like the hair on his arms and legs and head was on fire.

He couldn't speak, and time seemed to stop. His vision went white, then black, and his whole body went rigid. He could hear someone calling his name, felt hands on his body, the heat building even hotter until he thought he would die from it, or explode.

Then the growth kicked in, and everything changed. •

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