Drug Test


By Also_KnownAs

If the doctor's exam had been thorough, it was nothing compared to the man's ability to fuck. Maybe his intimate knowledge of the human body, and particularly of Stefan's, enabled him to know exactly where to go to get the biggest reaction.

But even that could not explain Stefan's overwhelming orgasmic reaction once it hit. He'd been fucked well and true more than a few times, and done his share of fierce humping to make a guy scream, but when Rich managed to keep bringing him to the edge of release and them pulling him back, applying his lips and hands with expert finesse all over Stefan's naked flash, teasing and rewarding with equal faculty, making Stef's balls hurt with their load until, at last, he was allowed to pump out so much hot cream that he thought he might never come again.

Plus, the doctor's body was everything that Stef's imagination had promised. He was built like a brick shithouse. Intercostals and obliques so well formed and defined that they acted like arrows that pointed to the thick, fat, long tube of sex meat bulging between his legs. And that cock! The man could do things with that hard beauty that Stef never knew was even possible. And the man had to be a yoga expert to get them into the positions they found themselves in. Sideways fucks, legs twisted, back arched, moaning from equal parts pleasure and pain until that final release where his whole body exploded through his prick.

And now he watched the doctor getting dressed as he lay exhausted on the examination table, his body slick with sweat and his soul soothed and satisfied. "Jesus fucking Christ, what the hell was that?"

Rick turned slightly and smiled. "Just a little something I learned from Mitch."

"Fuck. That huge guy can move like that?"

"Mitch can do a lot more that that."

"You did this with him before he took the drug?"

Rich was buttoning up his shirt, masking his beautiful muscular body under the blue button-down oxford. "No, after."

"Have you…," Stef wanted to ask if the doctor had done the drug too, but before he could get the words out, the doctor was shaking his head. "Nope. But I didn't look quite like this before I was with Mitchell. There's something… something happens."

"Why didn't you take it?"

Rich shrugged. "Didn't fit the profile. But I still managed to realize some of the benefits, don't you think?" He winked, picked up the clipboard, and left the exam room.

Stef was putting his shoes back on when the nurse returned. "We should have your blood results back in a couple of days. Stop by the desk to make an appointment for your treatment on Wednesday, if that's convenient."

"Sure, no problem." He stood up, eying the attractive orderly. "So… you've been with Mitch, too?"

The nurse smiled. "I'll walk you out."

After Stef made his next appointment, the receptionist handed him an envelope explaining that it had some instructions for him to follow before the treatments began. "These are important, so please read them thoroughly and follow them to the letter." Stef nodded and left the office with just one thing on his mind – find Mitchell and fuck his brains out.

Unfortunately, the instructions he'd received had other plans for his sex life. `Do not engage in sexual activity for 48 hours prior to your first treatment. Sexual activity is defined as vaginal, oral, anal or other penetration to or from a partner or partners. Other forms of sexual activity not involving penetration with or without a condom may be acceptable but not advisable.' There were other dietary and physical limitations and warnings, some of which would be easier than others to adhere to, but that first point was going to really test Stefan's resolve, particularly when he encountered Mitchell a day before his scheduled appointment.

Stef was sitting on the bleachers at the track, shirtless in the late spring sunshine, studying for his Biology final when something inside him seemed to vibrate. He could feel something in the environment change, though he couldn't tell what lead him to that decision. It was like a feeling of being watched, some innate sensation outside the usual boundaries of everyday life.

He looked up and it was as if his vision was drawn to the shape of a guy entering the track from the far end of the stadium. He was about 200 yards away, but even from where he sat, Stefan could tell it was Mitch – there could be no mistaking that profile.

And if anything, he looked even more impressive than he had earlier.

Stefan found himself staring at the guy. He was stretching his immense frame, twisting his trunk around and over, obviously prepping for a run. He was wearing a very small pair of running shorts and a pair of shoes and that appeared to be all. The shorts were blue with white stripes on the side. They contrasted with his copper skin and the hint of body hair Stef spotted in the doctor's office was revealed here to be a veritable forest that spread across the expanse of his wide, powerful chest and plunged down his rippled belly to disappear into his tiny shorts.

Stefan sat up and turned, watching the small figure pulling his muscled arms wide, stretching his chest. His waist seemed unnaturally small from here, as if he were built like a top, all shoulders and chest and back narrowing to a waist that could not possible hold all that bulk up.

Then he was jogging, starting slowly, running along the track opposite where Stef sat alone in the bleachers, providing a show of unbridled sensuality for this audience of one. His approach was almost painfully slow for Stef, but he was soon rounding the curve and approaching where Stefan sat waiting, watching, and hardly breathing.

His steps on the track seemed to echo through Stefan's body and he watched the golden God approach. Mitch's massive chest bounced as he moved, and his ample package shifted and heaved in his shorts, looking like two eggs and a sausage bouncing in a latex sack. He wasn't wearing anything under the shorts, obviously, and they were the kind that were cut all the way to the waistband so his powerful, heavy thigh muscles, each one thickly defined and flexing under his glowing skin, had room to move.

He came ever closer, the lines of his powerful form shaping themselves in Stefan's eyes into the ultimate definition of what a man should be with each step. His face was angular and masculine, with a heavy brow and high cheeks. His chin was square and shadowed with a growth of beard. His chest was amazing. Stef could see each band of his pectorals as he moved, but it was the fascinating and amazing bulge between his legs that really made Stef feel hot all over.

He had a huge cock. It was blatantly obvious. And huge balls. Thos shorts wanted to split open under the onslaught of his heavy equipment. Closer he came, his skin lustrous and bronzed, and then he passed and Stefan watched his powerful ass carry him away. The diamonds of his calves looked firm and hard, and his back was a map of power, bulging with more muscle than Stefan had ever seen.

Stef remembered to breathe as Mitch passed again to the far side of the track and he realized he had not moved while the God passed by. But now he stood up, adjusting his hard-on in his shorts and walked to the front row of the bleachers, to a spot where Mitch could not miss him.

Again he rounded the turn, and he looked bigger still, as if his upper body was expanding outward with muscle, making his waist look even smaller, and that prick was fat and firm and pushing against the seams of his tiny shorts. Stefan, a runner in his own right, took the opportunity to step down onto the track and go into his own stretching routine, turning his back to the approaching god and bending over, leaving very little to the imagination concerning his intentions.

He heard Mitch approaching, then slowing. His straightened, his back still to the man, when he felt him behind him, heard his soft breathing, felt the heat of his powerful body, and then a voice, deep and as powerful as the man who owned it, said, "I saw you in the doctor's office." The voice seemed to move through him, washing Stef in waves of masculine energy. He felt it in his balls.

He turned and… looked up. He hadn't realized just how large Mitch was before. He looked huge. And amazing. And when their gaze met, Stefan felt that same overwhelming shock of sexual heat infuse him. It was stronger now, almost too much to bear. He felt his mouth go dry and his dick start to swell. "Yes," he answered. "A couple of days ago."

Mitch smiled. Jesus he was too gorgeous to look directly at, like the sun, or a total eclipse. "I'm Mitch."

"I know," Stef answered, "Dr. Carmichael told me about you." He felt like he was falling into a pit of ultimate pleasure. His heart was racing and his cock felt like it weighed a ton.

"He fuck you?" Mitch was just standing there, looking perfect. He defined masculine power. It came off him in waves.

Stef nodded. "We fucked each other."

"You getting the treatment?" He was confident and perfect. His muscles swelled as Stef watched him. He seemed to be growing bigger and stronger with each breath.


Mitch nodded. "Okay. You want to fuck after?"

"I want to fuck you now."

"No, little man. You want me to fuck you." He reached down and tucked his thumb into his waistband and tugged the slim, shiny, elastic fabric of his shorts down, plunging his other hand into his crotch and pulling out the ample fullness of himself, revealing his cock to be even larger than Stef imagined it to be. It spilled over the lip of his shorts and dangled in fat abundance, the thickly veined shaft bigger than any prick Stef ever saw, the plum of the head wrapped in a tight cowl of foreskin. "You want me to pump your ass hard and fast and forever. You want this inside you. You want me to fuck you, right?"

"Well, since you put it that way."

Mitch rumbled a laugh. It felt like boulders moving against each other. "You know the rules, bro. No play until after the day."

"Or what?" Stef wanted to tempt fate for just a touch of that monster inside him.

Mitch shrugged his mountain range of shoulders. "Them's the rules."

"You always play by the rules?"

Mitch arched his dark brow. "You know what happens to guys I fuck?"

"Like I said, Dr. Carmichael told me about you." Stef reached down and moved his touch along the inches of Mitchell's cock. It was hot and smooth and firm.

"You can't wait one day?" Mitch sounded amused. But his cock was swelling, lengthening, getting hotter and harder. His whole body seemed to magnify, the muscles of his chest pushing against his tanned skin, his nipples expanding.

"No," Stef answered truthfully, "I can't." Mitchell was a force of nature, more than a mere man, the essence of sex encased in perfect masculine beauty and power.

Mitch smiled. "Okay. Your place or mine?" He tucked his cock back in his shorts. It was so big now it pushed the fabric down and out, exposing an ample shining forest of pubes.

"My roommate's in my dorm, studying for finals."

Mitch's eyes narrowed. "Same here. I came out to get some air."

Stef swallowed hard. "What about right here? Right now?"

Mitch shrugged again. "Whatever you say, little man." •

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