Drug Test


By Also_KnownAs

Stefan had a hard time not looking at the guy. Normally, a trip to the doctor's office was an exercise in a perverse sort of game he played with himself – what was wrong with the others in the waiting room. VD? Bulimia? Usually, the other patients at the office were college age, like him, because the doctor was located just off campus. But this time he was the only one waiting.

He was here answering one of those ads about getting extra money to be in some drug test or something. Seems like he never had any spending cash, and the offer seemed innocent and easy enough.

But he never counted on encountering anyone like the guy who had just entered the waiting room from the doctor's offices. Stef had come out in high school, so scoping out other guys, particularly at this rather liberal college, came second nature to him. He didn't try to conceal his interest in some guy, and most guys were either open to his scrutiny or, sometimes, ended up in his bed with him for a little action. He knew he was a good looking guy, and he dressed to accentuate his better assets, including an ample cock that was now pulsing and swelling in his Calvins.

This guy... how could he have ever missed him before? As he entered the room, he filled the doorway. Stefan had a special place in his pants for muscled beauties, and the more masculine the guy the better he liked it. And this guy practically defined masculinity.

First off, he was wearing a tank top that had to be about two sizes too small for him, so tight on his torso that he might as well have just left it off. Every well-defined muscle that bulged along his upper body pressed insistently against the heather gray material. It was stretched to the point of tearing – in fact it looked like his thick lats were doing just that! The guy turned slightly to close the door and gave Stef a view of a back so wide and powerful that his breath caught.

Everything about this guy screamed MAN. There even seemed to be some scent that accompanied his presence, or maybe that was merely in Stefan's imagination. The lines of the guy's amazing body, the dark curls that erupted over the low scoop of the neckline from between pecs of death, the way his butt filled his jeans, not to mention that something monstrous was pushing eagerly at the guy's bulging crotch – Stefan could practically feel the guy's dickhead pushing against his hungry asshole.

When the beautiful young man turned back, their eyes met and a sudden surprising shock seemed to pass all through Stefan's body. He had heard the term animal magnetism before but had never actually felt it until now. It was like electricity and lava. Then the guy smiled, a smile that Stefan knew the meaning of quite intimately, and the shock built up a couple more notches and he felt himself blush from the sheer sexual frankness of the guy's glance.

The guy paused at the doorway and licked his lips, and his body seemed to swell slightly with even more muscular might. The tear under his arm opened more and the sound of it echoed across the room. The guy's smile increased and he winked at Stefan before walking across the carpet to the exit, Stefan watching the guy's amazing and firm ass moving with an inviting swagger, and then the muscles of his arm flexed and bulged as he turned the doorknob and flashed another smiling glance back at Stef's gawking gaze before leaving.

"Stefan Haupt? Mr. Haupt?"

Stefan's world re-aligned and he tried to subtly adjust his hardened dick before standing up and going into the offices himself. The nurse, a not-bad-looking fellow with red hair and a well-trimmed goatee (Man, thought Stef, how did I miss that guy's thick and powerful neck before? He wished he'd stand up so he could take in the whole package), arched a knowing brow and seemed to slightly laugh. Stef smiled back and went through the door.

A smell of antiseptic and ammonia assaulted him, erasing the gorgeous guy's manly musk from his head. He was met by another young guy – he wondered, idly, where the women nurses were – who touched him lightly on the shoulder. This guy was pretty nice looking too. Evidently he worked out, and when Stefan glanced over to look at his face, their eyes met and he felt that same little jolt in his loins again, though far less powerful and overt than the guy in the lobby had delivered.

On the other hand, although this guy was certainly attractive, he could never hope to measure up to the overwhelming masculine beauty of the mystery man. The nurse said, "First time here," and it was a statement, but Stefan answered anyway.

"Yeah, I'm answering the ad. The one about the..."

The nurse interrupted. "Yeah, I know." He smiled and slightly squeezed Stef's shoulder. "You're lucky, I think you're one of the last guys accepted. You're... Polish?"

Stefan shook his head. "Austrian. Not by birth, but my mom and dad are both from Salzberg."

The nurse unlocked a door and opened it, gesturing for Stefan to enter. "The doctor will be here in a moment, Mr. Haupt. Please disrobe and have a seat on the table."

Stefan was already unbuttoning his shirt. "Naked?"

The nurse smiled and nodded. "As the day you were born, Stefan." The door closed and Stefan continued to remove his clothes, carefully folding his pants and setting them on a chair. Once he was nude, he checked himself out in a full-length mirror on the back of the door. He killed an itch above his dick, digging into his wealth of rough blonde curls and making his ample cock wag. It was still semi-hard and he closed his eyes and tried to recall a memory of the guy in the lobby, smiling with satisfaction and feeling the familiar surge of blood into his member. He sucked in a deep breath and opened his eyes, taking in his whole naked self in the reflection.

He was no prize specimen like that huge guy, but he was damn good looking if he did say so himself. He hit the gym three or four times a week, enjoyed volleyball and baseball in season, and ran the indoor track most mornings. Consequently he had a tight, firm, powerful body. Not huge, certainly, but good enough to get lingering glances from both sexes when he walked across the quad. He had a dusting of more golden curls on his chest and peaking out from his pits, his hair was cut very short and he shaved his chin close because he'd always had trouble really getting a beard to grow.

He was about to turn around and check out his proudest asset – the tightest little ass this side of the Mississippi, when the knob started to turn and Stefan found himself face to face with the handsomest doctor he'd ever dreamed of.

"Well, hello," the man in the long white smock said. His voice was a deep rumble and his eyes were as dark as coal. He had jet black hair, straight and unkempt, the locks sliding forward across his gaze as his head dropped slightly so his dark eyes could take in all of Stefan's overt naked beauty, head to toe and everything in between.

"Hello yourself," Stef answered, rarely taken aback by anyone's attention, even so close and unexpected as this. "You're the doctor?"

The man smiled and offered his hand. "Dr. Carmichael, at your service." They shook hands. The doctor's grip was firm and assured. He wasn't the sort to test another man's strength, no macho posturing necessary. Stefan couldn't help but notice hoe the man's bicep swelled as his arm pumped. "Take a seat, Mr. Haupt. I need to do a physical before we discuss the procedure, just to see if you're... suitable for the drug."

"What is it, by the way?"

Dr. Carmichael grinned slightly. "I'm afraid I can't discuss it before you sign the release, and you can't sign the release until I've certified your fitness. So the sooner we get this part over, the sooner your questions will be answered."

"Cool." Stef hopped up on the table and the doctor got to work. Stefan had a hard time controlling his impulses while the man's hands explored his body. Dr. Carmichael, like seemingly every other man in this building, was an exceptionally attractive and more than usually muscular man. It was a little hard to tell under the gown of his smock, but as the exam continued it became evident to Stef that here was another built hunk with bulging power lining his limbs and pecs that begged to be worshipped. He couldn't see the guy's ass, but he would have bet all the money for next year's tuition that it was fir and round and ready to be humped.

While Carmichael checked him out stem to stern, they shared pleasantries and discussed his health history and sexual practices. "Isn't this a little unusual, the sex stuff? I mean, unless I have something, like VD or AIDS or something, what's the difference?"

"Some… side effects from the treatment may alter certain… um, let's just say that based on what you've told me about yourself, there should be no surprises for you." Stef wanted to ask a lot more questions suddenly, but the one he really wanted to know was, "Who was that guy who left just before I came in?"

The doctor laughed. "Mitchell? Yeah, he's something else, isn't he?"

"Is he a student?"

Carmichael nodded. "Same year as you. Mitch is having an exceptional reaction to the treatment. Although he's also getting the new prescription so maybe that's not totally unexpected." He met Stef's curious gaze. "So, you found him… attractive?"

"That's not the phrase I was thinking of. More like, incredibly fucking totally hot. I'm amazed I haven't seen him before around campus, a guy like that would be hard to miss."

"Maybe you have and you just didn't know it."

"No, I think I'd know it."

"Okay, I just need a blood sample and we're done."

"Am I a good candidate?"

"Excellent, Stefan. Practically perfect, actually."

"So, now can you tell me what this is all about?"

"After a simple signature right here, I can answer all your questions." Stef eagerly scribed his name on the line and sat back. "You can also get dressed now, if you like."

"I'm comfortable if you are," he answered, grinning. Stef allowed his eyes to really check out his doctor's body and found himself becoming aroused yet again. Jesus, what was floating around in this place that got his dick throbbing every five minutes? "So, what's this miracle drug I'm testing?"

The doctor smiled and set the clipboard aside, leaning back against the door and folding his hands behind his head, his folded arms bulging against the seams of his lab coat. In that position, his smock fell open and his crotch was pushed forward, offering Stef an explicit and lingering view of a bulge that seemed ungodly. He could tell that the doctor's torso tapered to a tight, slim waist, creating a V-shape that suggested he was both much larger and stronger than he first appeared. "Yes," the doctor purred, "I'd say you're a perfect candidate."

Stef leaned forward a little. "I'm all ears."

The doctor eyed Stef's prick, watching it becoming slowly engorged and pushing across his thigh. "Not all, certainly," he said. "You mentioned Mitch earlier. Maybe the shortest answer is that the drug we're testing turns men into Mitch." Stef's wrinkled brow told Carmichael that more explanation was needed. He pushed himself off the door and took a couple of steps toward Stefan as he spoke. "It was developed primarily as a sort of Viagra alternative, but with much broader capabilities. The little blue pill, it just, well, plumps when you cook it. It doesn't do much for the rest of the body. Have you ever tried it?" He looked at Stef's still burgeoning hard-on and smiled. "No, I doubt you've ever needed it. Well, Viagra affects the penis specifically allowing longer erections even in the absence of sexual enticement. The rest of the body is unaffected. This new drug is somewhat more powerful and is designed to enhance, well, everything."

"So Mitch..."

"I'll put it this way; when Mitch walked in here, he didn't look too different from you."

Stef's eyes widened. "How many treatments did that take?"

"As I said, when he walked in here... today... he looked like you."


The doctor began to take off his smock. "I thought you'd never ask."

Stef grinned and leaned back on the table. "Why Dr. Carmichael!"

"Call me Rich," he answered, as he unzipped and released his drooling monster from its cage. •

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