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To continue? Or not to continue!...this story. THAT is the question!................here is part 1.

Ha! And speaking of Shakespeare, here in NSW (New South Wales) the Govt. has re-introduced Shakespeare as a compulsory subject for hi schools. ABOUT FUCK*** time!

Imagine, a mid summer's night. Then, to dream of muscles? Or not to dream, that is the question! Provided that to "not dream" means you are Living your muscles.

But still, just as important, you need a soul mate to share your muscles. And there's the rub! because to be with muscle and not have someone to rub them into and feel them rubbing back, is a hell on earth.


PS: To enjoy or not to enjoy.....the story? BTW, its just me doodling. So I don't care. And maybe someone like me will read it and click. I have a profile at BigMuscle 10889 :D Prefer someone local. Like another New South Welshman and a Sydney Sider? But I doubt there is anyone left my age who still has his MoJo and loves his BBING as much as Rick loves his new muscles.

As they say, muscle makes the world go around, the world go around, etc etc.... stop the world, I'm getting giddy.

First Rick flexed his upper pectorals, then his lower Pecs before moving more to the centre facing the mirror where he flexed all 5 bands of his pectorals. Making them move in a wave pattern of thick muscle from top to bottom, then bottom to top and felt what he could clearly see. Billions of superbly enhanced, highly responsive muscle fibres that he could snap instantly to attention forming thousands of powerful elastic cords and every one of them made an striation 5-10mm thick and those at the surface of his 4 foot wide Pecs 2 foot thick danced and at the surface of his colossal chest they seemed to be competing for precious space so they could exhibit themselves flexing to the world of muscle around. And it felt good. Very good. It was written all across his now incredibly handsome face.

In fact his Pectorals were now so thick and so massive they felt powerful beyond his dreams. They were "titanic" he thought, and he judge their weight to be about 180 lbs, yet at the same time they felt light? But one thing was for sure. They were perfectly counter balanced by the rest of his massive torso and he could see his Upper Back muscles reflected in a side mirror and they were a good 2 feet thick measured from the centre of his neck. And that was solid muscle too!

Then he flexed and felt and saw his outer pectoral fibres contract, last. There was a slight delay as the inner Pecs flexed first and it thrilled him to see this happen as he realised his outer pectoral muscles, especially where they practically exploded and bulged thick near his arm pits, overhanging his indomitable intercostals, had much longer muscle bellies to span the extra distance overlaying his inner pectoral muscles and when he flexed his Pecs they tingled and he saw how his outer muscles snapped with gusto as he fully flexed his chest and that slightly delayed snap? It made him feel even more powerful as his Pecs became a field of interplaying powerful muscle bands!

In other words, his Pecs were now packed with rippling extravaganzas that begged to be kissed and sucked and then he saw how his lower Pecs were being pushed down, right down. Until they pressed firmly against his upper Abs over which they protruded and his Abs seemed to help support the lower Pecs as band upon band of higher Pec muscle pressed down and virtually made the lower Pecs explode outwards and then their own mass took them further as the upper Pecs swelled up and up too making 2 huge symmetrical mounds of muscle that defied the imagination and eventually, as he flexed, pushed hard with striated ripples into his chin. Closing his open mouth!!

"I'll have to be careful where I keep my tongue when I do that again" he thought!!

Then he turned to the side and saw his incredible profile, of his Chest and Back combined etc and layer on layer of Pec muscle fighting for prominence and he counted them. His Pecs were now, 1,2,3,4, 5 distinct bands of solid muscle where previously there had been just 2 like all normal men who have only upper and lower Pecs and each of them was fighting for space and to flex more freely than its neighbours would allow. So they had to compromise by never quite fully contracting, which could only happen if the other bands were relaxed, which was not the present case. Instead, they were behaving like 5 huge Mr. Olympias up on stage in a free-for-all pose down. Jostling for the best position as ropes of muscle danced around like his Pecs were boiling under his thin film of vaporous see-through skin!! So he drew closer to the mirror and looked. Then he picked out a single 5mm thick surface striation band and concentrated it alone, consciously and in a few second he's located it with his mind and it stood steady and hard, unflinching, proud, sexy and fully flexed and suddenly he had what seemed an incredible idea. He realised that in time, he could teach himself to control each and every individual banded striation and he decided. No, more like "knew" he could learn to play his muscles as fast and as perfectly as a concert pianist could strike the keys of a grand piano playing "Rachmaninov"! And he'll do it in front of an audience. Like guest poser at a Mr. Olympia where simply would be too muscular to compete fairly and he realised with a grin that his Pecs could become like a 4000 buttoned Accordion and he could play put each and every muscle cord as somehow the maths was obvious, using the formula for the area of a circle (his Pecs contracted making them pretty nearly a circle) and divide that by the area of an average striation, say 5mm in diameter......... (1000x1000x7/22x4)(4x7/22x5x5) = 4049 cords of muscle...Simple!! (where Pi = 22/7).

"OK" he thought. "Make that an even 4000 striations per Pectoral and then he pressed his Pecs into a mirror being careful not to press too hard and break it, until he remembered the mirrors were glued against concrete without voids using mastic giving a sold backing and he could press his Pecs against the mirror as much as he liked! And he did and he liked it and he felt the initial cold glass warm rapidly under his thick hot moist Pecs and then he noticed how he had not previously noticed his nipples! But he could feel them!! They tingled with an almost slow pulse that modulated the tingles. And he thought "They used to point downwards at the floor. So now they must be pointing backwards towards my Abs"?! So he stepped back to take a fresh look and relaxed his Pecs and yes!! They were completely hidden at the back of the bottom of his Pecs protruding a foot from his Abs. "Massive huge and wonderful Pecs" he thought as he slowly flexed his lower Pecs only. Lifting them up and rolling the bottoms outwards and yes! There at the bottom were 2 thumb thick half inch Tits set in the middle of 2 two inch round nipple plates and they rolled forwards as his Pecs rolled up and then his Tits separated from the top of his upper Abs with a flick! "Fuck"!!!!! he shouted as he felt his muscular Tits spring free of the entrapment between his Pecs and upper Abs. It felt fucking orgasmic when they flicked free to be sucked after being compressed between lower Pecs and upper Abs!! And he could have sworn he saw something flick away as they sprung free?

Then he fully flexed his lower Pecs over and over and watched and felt his nipples rubbing back and forth across the top of his 10 pack of polished granite muscle and they were like boulders so he flexed his Abs as well and crunched them over and over as he flexed his Pecs at the same time and this manoeuvre delayed the Tits flick building the tension so when it finally came it was like the spring was now ten times as strong and it felt awesome! "Huhhhhh"!!! and his posing pouch fucking exploded suddenly!!!! It doubling in size? Well, he imagined it had as he couldn't see his posers directly. Not that far down and then he raised his massive huge arms up high and rested them on top of his huge Pecs. Because? Because he felt like it! Besides, he wanted to see if it was possible. And it was. But only just, and he could feel tension in all of his muscles but this position also obliterated his view in every direction as he crunched his Abs some more to feel his slippery nipples slide hard and sensuously over the top of his Abs but his posers suddenly went from tight to very tight and he lowered his arms and then grabbed his Pecs with outstretched arms squeezing and bouncing them!! And it felt fabulous!! Then he flexed them as he held them cupped in his hot hands making hard immovable huge balls of muscle that stretching his fingers apart and then had an idea and as he turned sideways to the mirror, noticing how incredible he had become he felt a quiver in his crotch as he relaxed his Pecs and lifted them up with his hands until he found he had pushed a wall of pure gristly Pec muscle into his face!!! He was shocked! To realise! He was kissing and sucking on his own preposterous Pecs and it felt amazing!! Over the moon but it also made his nipples bulge as they fill up like they wanted to be Cocks too! And he grabbed them and somehow this also made him noticed how smooth his skin was! He could feel his Tits were full like 3 inch Cocks. Like 2 hot volcanoes and they were hard. But his chest was 2 feet of solid muscle so they were small by comparison and he let out a deep "sighhhhhhh" of satisfaction. It all looked so perfect to Rick's eyes!! His skin was moist and smooth. It was so glossy he could see distorted images of himself reflected in the mirror cumming from his bulging Pecs and he blew a kiss to himself using his Pecs to send it! Then, when he fully, maximally, flexed his Pecs once more, his skin became extremely ripply as powerful hard striations surfaced and he became covered in prominent pulsing veins that imitated his heart beat, once every 3 seconds for a 20 beats per minute pulse that was now trying to pump blood into his ever wanting-to-expand Cock! But it was being held back by his thin but strong nylon posers and he could feel the fabric stretching and stretching with half pain and total pleasure each and every heart beat. It was like his Cock was a sore thumb on an anvil being hit by a hammer and it felt good. It felt good because he knew he was now practically invincible. And he knew, beyond any doubt that he could break free of this lower constriction if he liked. And looking sideways he saw his crotch bulging and decided, "Why not"! Beside his Cock was going wild held back by this thin film of nylon poser, wreathing about, struggling to escape like a wild caged animal he suddenly applied the force of his will and his posers were being pushed beyond their tensile strength! They burst open and the masssive Rick staggered and almost fell over as the nylon was literally obliterated in a sharp explosion sending it into hundreds of fragments and a magnificent semi erect 20 inches long and 9 inches round salubrious meat sprung forth like a Jack-in-the-Box and Rick screamed "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" like a human had never been able to before and we heard, but only recalled later, windows shattering. What we did notice was 2 thin but strong jets of white hot muscle cream that shot from his nipples like they were blunderbusses going off spraying each of us worshippers all over our faces and chests and watched amazed as it just as quickly disappeared through our skin like we were absorbing it as fast as we could to become part of us and we soon felt a tremendous Rush surging deep inside us starting in our guts and spreading. It was like Rick had just given us some of his power!!!! and we spent the next few days worshipping him and working out building our muscles like we were on super dooper steroids and Rick loved every moment of it just as much as we did. •

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