Tad the Teen Bodybuilder

By Ken

In the high school gym, Tad, the 17 year old bodybuilder grabbed his black basketball shorts, just above the knees and lifted them up, revealing massive hairy quads. He'd been working out all summer, while taking an abundant amount of a new muscle enhancer his dad, the scientist, was working on. His dad's hard work had paid off and now Tad was bigger than even professional bodybuilders. He flexed and posed his ballooned out quads in the full length mirror, admiring his new huge muscled legs. They were covered in thick dark leg fur; his body had sprouted hair, thick and dark all summer, and in all the right places too. Even through his thick body hair, strands of definition could be seen all over Tad's body but mostly his legs, thick veins ran down his quads and calves just below the coating of leg hairs.

Entranced by his own muscle in the mirror, Tim hadn't noticed the wet spot growing in his crotch, the guys in the gym were noticing though and had all turned to watch Tad as he flexed. The other muscle boys, who'd experimented with steroids over the summer and had grown into little hunks themselves, were no where near Tad's proportions. They could hardly believe how much Tad had grown. No one mentioned Tad's body either, as they'd get too horny and the thought of talking about him would make their crotches swell with cum. They were too afraid of coming across as gay, they were straight after all, who had thought of nothing all summer but getting big and making sure their football team wouldn't suck this year. When they saw Tad trying out for the team today, their cock's stiffened in their uniforms at tryouts. The coach had ordered them all into the gym for a workout after school and all the straight high school jocks had shown up to catch a glimpse of Tad's workout. Each of the boys had wondered how Tad had turned from such a skinny little nerd last year into this enormous muscle boy, huge and hairy and so full of muscle that all the guys in high school swell in the pants at the sight of him walking down the halls, twitching his muscles under all those tight clothes he wears.

The Principal had called a teacher's meeting and brought up the issue of instating a rule against what Tad wares to class. It seems that whenever Tad enters the high school, everyone ended up late for class, having to go to the bathrooms to clean up their wet crotches that had leaked juice and sperm at the sight of Tad. The girls would instantly get wet while the guys would spring boners and leak pre- cum in to their pants. None of the young hormones could withstand the sight of such a mammoth teenage hunk. His bulk caused even the straightest of boys' dicks to stand at attention.

One teacher in particular put up slides of Tad, pictures he had taken in the halls. All the teachers adjusted themselves and positioned for the best seats to see the screen. The principal dimmed the lights while the room began to gawk at the screen as it displayed the boy hunk at school. Each picture was so erotic that the women began fanning themselves, while the men slid file folders or whatever they could find to cover their pants and hide their erections. Up on the screen was Tad, the sex hunk, walking down the halls, in tight little black rubber shorts; pubic hair sprouting from every nook and cranny. On his feet were bright white sports trainers with short ankle socks that framed his thick calves and made them seem to bulge off the screen. His short little tank top barely covered Tad's nipples. As the next slide appeared on the screen, gasps could be heard in the room, immediately followed by clearing throats. Some of the teachers were recalling Tad in class wearing the tank top, constantly raising his hand to answer a question, revealing his thick hairy muscular pecs. The tank top straining to contain anything it could, which wasn't much. The next slide was Tad bent over; his deep crevasse between his huge ass cheeks was unbelievable. The slides stopped and the lights came back on Three of the male teachers hurriedly zipped up their pants, completely embarrassed at being caught masturbating at the imagery. The women looked away and fixed their hair and adjusted their blouses, their tits had swollen and milk had leaked from their breasts from their fantasizing. The Principal wiped his brow, sweating at the though of the boy hunk's physique. They had all quickly agreed to adjourn the meeting until they could figure out what to do. Too flustered to think about anything else, they all left the meeting room to collect themselves.

Tad loved it, he had the entire school horny for him, even the faculty. All that working out and dad's elixir had paid off. Tad's fantasy about making straight boys cum would soon come true. He had purposefully joined the football team so he could shower with all the jocks. He knew they would go crazy for him when they saw him naked!

Tad's body fat was down to around 5% and his young face had become so handsome with a thick 5 o'clock shadow. The next day, Tad left sideburns and a goa-T, his chiseled boyish looks were accentuated with the dark thick face hair. He wore only a jockstrap underneath his ripped cut-offs and the hole in the crotch would reveal his hairy crotch if he spread his legs or bent over. He wore thick work socks and big untied army boots, he topped it off with the grey muscle shirt that his dad had made him. The skimpy shirt had elastic sown vertically down the center and horizontal along the bottom. His enormous pecs snuggled nicely into each chest pocket, while the bottom of the shirt clung tightly just under his tits. It was like he was wearing lycra, it elastised itself to Tad's upper torso, showcasing his freakishly huge set of muscle tits. UCLA displayed prominently across his chest, but most of the C and L were stretched between his cleavage, so only the U and A were visible. Tad's bulging abs were in plain view, with a furry treasure trail that exploded pubic hair out from just above the waist band of his jock strap as it peeked up over the waist of his tight cut-offs. Tad had shaved his head to complete the look and stood in front of the mirror. Good thing he wore a padded jockstrap because he could feel his thick long dick oozing precum at the sight of his reflection. Tod grabbed his books and headed downstairs. Dad greeted him at the bottom of the stairs. Tad knew his dad would want to grope and feel him up before driving him to school. It had become the morning ritual. Being a single gay father had it's privileges for the scientist, his son was gay and his chemical muscle enhancer had created his own plaything. Tad had agreed to let his dad play with him, in exchange for supplemental elixir to maintain his enormous muscles. The giant meaty 17 year stood there as his father rubbed his face into his son's pecs and reached around unable to grab his glutes. You're gonna reck the outfit dad! Tad exclaimed His father pulled away and wiped the drool from his mouth as Tad explained that he got together his clothes in anticipation of making all the other students wet their pants. His father grabbed at his crotch as Tad explained how he wanted to make the straight football jocks at school lust after him in the showers today after football practice. His father grabbed his keys and drove Tad to school in the pickup. Tad had to sit in the flatbed, as he wouldn't fit in the passenger seat. Tad entered the school and his 17 year old ass cheeks bounced and flexed as he made his way down the hall, his giant pecs flexing as he walked,. Stretching the limits of his fitted T shirt. The girls all screamed when they saw himů wet spots appeared suddenly at their crotches as soon as they saw him. A gang of senior football players turned to see what the girls were screaming about but when they saw Tad. They couldn't believe their eyes, this huge 17 year old kid was so freakin' huge they didn't know what to do. They noticed each other's crotches grow to enormous proportions and then one by one their big thick cocks ripped out of their jeans and hung at their crotches twitching and oozing precum into puddles on the floor. Their mouths dropped at the sight of each other's cocks.

After taunting the teachers and students throughout the day, making a few of the students go home early from embarrassment and stained clothing, Tad made his way to football practice. The coach had called him in early to talk about his position. Tad knew it was really to jack off while looking at him, but he didn't mind, the coach was hot. In his 50's, he was still a muscled hunk of a man with a burly chest and beefy legs. Tad sat down in the coach's office as the coach pulled the blinds and locked the door. Tad noticed the man's crotch was growing quickly. The coach sat behind his desk and admitted to Tad, that he was the biggest muscle freak he had ever seen and was sure he'd bring the school team back up in standings and be the best team in the state. He asked Tad if he wanted to be quarterback and Tad agreed. He stretched in his chair attempting to turn the coach on and that was all it took. The coached gasped at the sight of Tad's stretching teenage muscles and begged him to let him lick his armpits. Tad agreed and the the coach jumped on the boys lap and licked at his armpits as he pulled out his cock and jacked off, getting his cum all over Tad's thick chest hair. Coach stood up and thanked Tad as he left, telling him that he'll meet him and the boys out on the field.

After practice, Tad winked at the jock boys as he walked by them, heading to the showers their heads turning to follow him down the field. They all ran after him, staring at his huge ass bulging with muscles, flexing as he walked those long strides of his. Tad stripped off his gear and entered the showers, he knew the boys would flood the showers now. The team all stripped and had collected at the entrance to the showers and peered inside. Tad wanted to appear coy so he just continued to shower and lather up, bending over for the boys to have a good look at his huge glutes. The team all ran into the showers springing boners as they surrounded him. Tad rinsed off and turned towards the naked and horny football team, grabbed at his big hairy muscle pecs. He pushed them up and together like giant tits, their muscles straining from Tad pulling them further out from his body. Then, suddenly he dropped them and they plopped down, bouncing up and back down then jiggled back into the shape of two big balloons, hanging from Tads chest. Tad was very proud of his new muscle body and loved watch these straight boys grab at their own cocks and pulling at them, drooling as they watched on. Tad flexed a bicep and showed of his hairy armpit, the musk filled the showers and one of the boys dumped his cum onto the floor without even touching himself. "Shit!" he exclaimed all embarrassed but unable to pull his eyes away. A couple of the other boys lunged at Tad, they couldn't help themselves, their big cocks drooling for his hairy muscles. Tad grabbed the two boys by the necks, stopping them dead in their tracks.

You boys want this stud? You want my big hairy muscle body?

They each moaned and stuck out their tongues trying to kiss him in horny admiration for the boy bodybuilder, but Tad pulled them both down in front of his pecs. Huge hard erect nipples capped his giant muscled tits and the boys couldn't stand it anymore. They each took a nipple in their moths and sucked, their hands groping and grabbing his huge pecs. Each boy had both his hands around one of Tad's pecs, Tad loved it so much his dick shot out in between them, 12 inches long and 7 inches thick with a huge purple mushroom head. The remaining boys jumped to grab and suck on it, 4 of them all fighting over each other as they each tried to ram the giant cock head in their mouths, unable to make it fit.

Tad was flexing and heaving as the football team enjoyed him, all of them unable to help themselves, they just had to lick and suck at all that freakish boy muscle on the teenager. Sniffing at every crack and licking at his big body. They smelled his ass and feet and it only made them hornier, their cocks were swollen with boy lust.

Dude, one guy said, we're faggin' out on the biggest muscle kid in high school. Yeah man, another kid said, who knew we were so friggin' gay?

Aw dude, I can't help myself man, gay or not, this muscle is unbelievable!

Tad flexed and twitched his pecs but the two boys wouldn't let up, they couldn't stop sucking on his mountains of hairy pec meat, big solid meaty balloons, their cocks letting out a steady stream of cum as they felt muscle everywhere. After all the boys had no cum left, Tad stood there with all the football jocks twitching, spent, spralled all over the shower floor, their hairy muscular boy legs overlapped all over each other, sitting in a thick layer of cum that covered the floors. Tad stood there still hard and erect bulging in his muscularity. He grabbed at his cock and masturbated at the sight of the straight football team heaped in a horny spent mess on the floor. He groped at his big pecs as he watched them all laying there, still hard but with shrunken balls to the size of peanuts from spewing so much cum. Tad's huge cock exploded in a firehose- like stream of jizm that washed over the football team. He fell onto the group of muscle boys, and all his cum and lay there as the boys caressed him and slid their hands all over his slick wet body.

Tad's fantasy had come true. •

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