Superboy gets Drained

By Keith LeBeauxe

"Finally," said Lex Luthor to himself, "I believe that I have perfected my machine." Lex had spent the last nine months creating a device that is capable of draining the strength from other people and transferring it into his own body - in theory.

He had gotten the idea about a year ago when he had inadvertently seen Clark Kent lift the front of his father's pick-up truck with one hand. Lex was driving up to the Kent farm, but had pulled over to make a phone call. He was only about 100 yards away and in the middle of his conversation when he saw Clark lift the truck and made it look effortless. He was astounded and speechless.

For the months that followed, Lex had followed Clark, watching him perform several amazing feats of strength without Clark knowing he was being watched. Clark lifted six bales of hay over his head and moved them to the barn and never even broke a sweat. He lifted the back of the tractor to remove the tire that was stuck in the mud, smiling and chatting with his Dad all the while.

Lex had figured that somehow Clark had the strength of several men and that got him thinking. After all, Clark was only 17 years old and, sure, he had a nice muscular body, but not kind of muscle that warrants the kinds of astonishing things he was doing. Lex thought that if Clark could somehow have more than his share of power, why couldn't he? After all, Lex has a far superior brain to Clark's, doesn't he? Surely, he could figure something out. So he spent many sleepless nights and seemingly endless days trying to work out how he could absorb the strength of others into his body. After nine months, he believed that his creation, The Power Puller, as he was calling it, was completed. Now he just need to test it.

He realized that he would need a human guinea pig to try it out on. Lex did not want Clark to be the first because if it failed, Clark might get scared off and Lex might not get a second chance at all of that fantastic strength. So, Lex went driving. He remembered several times seeing hitchhikers on the deserted roads between Smallville and Metropolis.

Driving for almost an hour with the convertible top down, he had finally seen a hitchhiker that he thought should work just fine. The hitchhiker was on the opposite side of the road thumbing from Metropolis toward Smallville. So, Lex kept driving until he was over the horizon and then waited five minutes. Turning the car around, he headed back.

A few moments later he pulled up in front of the hitchhiker, skidded to a stop, blowing road dust everywhere. Lex pulled his sunglasses down slightly on the bridge of his nose. In front of him stood a kid who couldn't be over seventeen he thought. The boy was blond haired and blue eyed and thanks to the unseasonable heat was just wearing a pair of jeans and boots. Without a shirt on, Lex could see that this boy worked out quite often. He was 6'1" tall and weighed 190 pounds of solid muscle. His broad, squared chest stood massively over his tiny, ripped waist. Without meaning to, the kid flexed his abs, forming a flawless eight-pack.

"How ya doing,?" Lex said, giving his head a nod of approval.

"Great. Thanks for pulling over. My name's Derek. How far you going?," he said, flashing a wide genuine white-toothed smile.

"Heading just outside of Smallville. You?"

"That's cool. Mind if I get in? You running the AC cause it's hot out and I've been walking for about three hours and you're the first car I've seen?," Derek said without taking a breath.

"Sure, hop in," Lex said, unlocking the doors.

"Thanks. Man is it hot out," Derek said, as he opened the door and plopped down onto the passenger seat. He immediately began to move the air-conditioning vents toward himself to cool off.

For a brief moment Lex thought of the sweat on this kid's back dripping on his leather seats. "What brings you out on to this road? I never see anyone here. Didn't think anyone even knew about it."

"I must have wandered off the main road last night in the dark. Been walking for three days now."

"Really? What are you running away from?," Lex asked with an non-threatening smile.

Hesitantly and in a whisper Derek answered, "Home."

"That's okay. I did that once myself about your age. How old are you?"

"I'll be seventeen tomorrow," he said as his engaging smile crept across his smooth face.

"Happy birthday. Hey, I'm just heading home now. You're more than welcome to crash there, use the shower, get something to eat, even use my private gym if you want," offered Lex without a hint of insincerity.

"Oh man, that's great. I am kinda hungry and could probably use a good shower. And I haven't worked out for about a week now and would love to lift again. Thanks, Bro," Derek said as he offered his hand out for Lex to shake.

"No problem. I can't believe that you haven't worked out in a week though. You don't look like you have any body fat on you. How often do you work out?"

"I try to hit the gym five or six days a week, sometimes twice a day. Keeps me out of the house where I wasn't wanted anyway," Derek said and his smile left his lips.

"Man, you must really concentrate when you're there. What are your measurements?"

"Ah, my waist is 29", my chest is 46" and my biceps are about 17"," Derek said trying not to look too proud of his physical accomplishments.

"17 inch biceps, really? Flex those for me, let me see."

Without hesitation, Derek flex his left bicep. A huge mound of muscle popped up, forming a perfect softball sized bicep. Lex reached his right hand around the inside of Derek's powerful arm and squeezed the rock solid ball of muscle.

"Very cool," Lex offered, "How much can you lift?"

Derek thought for a moment. "I bench 325. I can curl 150 with a straight bar and curl with 75 pound dumbbells."

"Very impressive. I think you'll like my gym. I am hoping that maybe you can teach me a thing or two also. I'd love to get whatever I can from you," Lex said slyly.

After 30 minutes of swift driving by Lex, they pulled up to the gates of Lex's mansion. Careening up the long, winding driveway, Lex took note of the awe struck look on Derek's beautiful face. Lex watched as Derek's eyebrows arched upwards as he silently mouthed the word "Fuck."

Once inside, Lex showed Derek to his room, where he quickly undressed and jumped in the shower. Inside Lex's office, he watched on closed circuit TV as Derek soaped up his smooth skin. He ran his fingers across his solid pecs and down his rippled stomach, enjoying the feel of his own flexed muscles. The warm water against his tight body must have made him feel very relaxed because his cock began to swell to grand proportions. His youthful dick quickly rose to almost 8" and arched onto his rock hard abs. Lex had never seen a cock that thick before.

Derek began to slowly soap up his hard cock with his right hand as his left hand pinched his hardening nipples. His hand squeezed his stiff cock at the base as he pulled it downward, causing great pleasure when his fingers cupped his large, hairless balls. He rolled his balls in his fist as his thumb kept pulling his cock downward. His left hand moved from his pecs toward his flexed eight pack. His right hand let go of his thick shaft and it made a loud "smack" as it snapped against his abs. As he wrapped his right hand fully around his enormous cock, he balled his left fist and punched himself with great force on his stomach. This made his cock twitch with delight as he hunched over slightly.

He repeatedly punched himself as Lex watched on the closed circuit monitor. Lex's cock had become fully erect in his dress slacks as he watched this one-man show of muscle, power and sex. Lex could not help stoking his own hard dick, outlining its mass through the thin wool. He could not remember a time when he had been so turned on, especially by watching another guy. Up until this moment Lex had been a ladies' man, wowing them with his charm, cockiness and money. Watching Derek's shower show, however, had sent a sky rocket shooting in the pit of his stomach. He had to keep watching. Suddenly, Lex realized that if Derek were to shoot his load, his power would be depleted and his strength would not be as great.

Derek's moaning became louder as his breath was shortening. His hand was pumping his hard cock faster and faster as he punched his gut harder and harder, practically doubled over.

Lex jumped out of his chair in the surveillance room and ran toward the east side of the mansion where Derek's room was. As he charged in the bedroom, out of breath, he yelled as casually as he could, "Hey Derek, I've got the gym set up. Want to do a workout with me?"

Interrupted, Derek released his cock and straightened up. "Ah, sure, be right out," he yelled back after clearing his throat. He finished soaping up and rinsed off, wishing that he could have shot the huge load that had built up in his swollen balls.

When Derek opened up the bathroom door, wearing just a towel around his waist, Lex, who was sitting on the lounge chair on the opposite side of the room, had swallowed hard. Grateful that from that distance Derek could not hear Lex's heavy breathing or his heart pounding at the sight of the beautiful body standing in front of him, Lex faked a casual smile.

"I tossed a pair of shorts and a shirt for you to use during your work out," Lex mentioned casually as he pointed to the bed.

Without hesitation, Derek dropped his towel to the floor, exposing his semi-hard cock. He casually walked toward the clothes on the bed and picked up the white tank top and slipped it over his broad shoulders. It clung tightly to his muscular pecs and showed every ripple of his tight abs. Pulling the black shorts over his massive thighs, he adjusted his cock to the right, obviously comfortable with the idea of not wearing underwear. He caught a glance at himself in the mirror and gave a small nod of approval at how hot he looked in that outfit.

"Ready for a good workout?," Lex said, trying not to stare or show his growing excitement.

"Yeah, Dude, lead the way," Derek said, with a renewed energy.

They walked toward the back of the mansion and then down several flights of stairs to a room with more equipment than most city gyms would have. Lex had recently had this room changed from his fallout shelter to the "gym" especially for this experiment. It was lined with twelve inches of lead and three feet of solid concrete. In the corner stood the Power Puller, which looked like a DJ's control board except with two shower head-like devices above, on either side of the controls.

Derek's eyes widened as he looked around the room with great awe. It blew away the tiny, inexpensive gym that he belong to. There were pieces of equipment in this room that he had only seen in exercise magazines.

As Derek looked around, Lex reached for the phone attached to his belt and began to talk in a whisper to the person on the other end. Asking the caller to wait a moment, Lex told Derek that the call may take a few moments and to go ahead and start the workout without him. Lex even jokingly added that Derek should workout as hard as he could until he returned. He also mentioned that there was plenty of water in the machine and to have some before working out so he did not dehydrate. Lex excused himself and left the gym.

As Lex closed his phone from his bogus call, Derek had a glass of Lex's "special" water and began his workout. He pumped fast and furiously, watching himself in the mirrors that surrounded the gym walls. He began with standing bicep curls, then concentration curls, then flys, chest presses, cable cross-overs, shoulder raises and more. After twenty five minutes of highly focused exercise, Derek stopped to take a look at the results.

He stood in front of the mirror and snapped a double bicep flex. He smiled at how his muscles had instantly tightened in such a short time. It even looked like his biceps had gotten bigger since the last time he posed. He kept his right bicep flexed as he reached over with his left hand to feel his own bulging arm. He squeezed as tightly as he could, loving the fact that his muscle would not budge at all.

Just then, Lex entered the room. "Sorry I was gone so long but it was business that couldn't be avoided. How has your workout been so far?"

"Great, Dude. This stuff in here is awesome. I think this is probably the best workout I've ever had. Man, I feel as strong as four men. I feel like I can lift a car."

"Yeah, you look like it. I saw you flexing when I walked in and I would swear that your biceps are bigger than when I saw them in the car."

"That's so weird because I was just thinking that same thing," said Derek excitedly as he popped a Most Muscular pose in front of one of the many mirrors.

Lex looked on with great eagerness in his eyes as Derek's muscles seemed to grow with each new flex. What Lex had failed to mention to Derek was that the water he drank was full of a special blend of chemicals to increase his strength to twice it's normal capacity for up to one hour. After five minutes of posing, Lex responded with, "You know, I have a machine that will check to see if in fact you have gotten stronger in the last half an hour."

"No shit? I've never heard of a machine like that. How does it work?," Derek asked curiously.

"C'mon over here and I'll show you," Lex said as he grabbed the boy's solid bicep and lead him to the opposite side of the room. They walked over to the Power Puller as Lex positioned Derek on a green circle at the outside of the machine. "If you stand here for just a minute, I can make some quick adjustments and be able to tell how much your strength has increased in the last 24 hours."

"Man, this is so cool. Where did you get this thing?"

"Hang on just a second and remain still while I make these adjustments," said Lex with a mixture of anxiousness and excitement in his voice.

As Lex fiddled with the controls, Derek was smiling broadly and trying to remain steady. Lex looked at the ground to make certain that he was standing within the red circle under his own feet. Slowly, he began to pull the center lever toward himself. As he did, a conical green ray of light from overhead surrounded Derek, forcing his body to tense every muscle and freeze motionless. Lex looked on as the veins on Derek's highly muscled body began to swell all over.

"What the hell's happening?," Derek screamed, realizing that his lips were the only part of himself that he could move.

"Just hang on," said Lex, realizing that the machine was working, "It's about to get even better...for me!" Seconds later, a green light marked "Fully Charged" began to flash on the Power Puller. Lex inhaled deeply and reached for the lever on the left which read "Transfer." He pulled it toward him and the same type of beam, only red, encased Lex. Lex released the lever and stood up straight.

While Derek's body was pulsating, Lex felt a slow steady tightening of his muscles. He first felt his shoulders getting broader, but only slightly. Then he felt his chest begin to expand outward, giving his pecs a squarer, more defined look. Lex watched as his body fat seem to reduce substantially, being replaced by sinewy muscle.

As Derek screamed, "What the fuck is happening?," Lex flexed his biceps and watched as they swelled up three inches to a solid 16" baseball bicep. Lex laughed maniacally at the possibilities of his Power Puller. He realized the he could become a superman of crime and no one could stop him. He tore his shirt off and basked in the light of strength.

Suddenly, both beams stopped and Derek collapsed to the floor in a heap. Lex looked at the machine and saw that it was flashing "Transfer Complete." "No, it's not complete. It's just begun," he snorted, "I have never felt this strong in my life."

Lex began to check out his new body in the mirror, astonished at how his muscularity had changed. But it seemed to Lex as he flexed that he was actually even stronger than he looked. He began to think about the physics of the machine and then it dawned on him that the Power Puller, due to the positive isotopes in the water and the positively charged ions of the light beam, would actually double the strength in the transfer process.

Lex leaped over to the free weights and grabbed a 100 pound dumbbell in each hand. He began to do some curls and after 50 reps he realized that he was not even straining his new muscles. He walked to the bench press and stacked a barbell with three 100 pound weights on each side. Laying down on the bench, he began to press the 600 plus pound weight over and over again. He could feel his chest muscles begin to come alive and could see the striation define with each press. When he stood up he turned to the mirror , grabbed his tiny waist and did a lat spray that showed his new body as he shouted, "I have the strength of ten men and I want more, much more."

Suddenly he heard Derek's motionless body begin to shift and moan. He had wondered all along what would become of the muscle "subject." Would they live through the transfer? If so, would they become immobilized without strength? Or would they regain all or a portion of their original strength?

Lex walked over to Derek as he lay on the ground with no noticeable change in his size or shape. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked up to see Lex, shirtless, straddling over his body. Barely able to get the words out, he asked, "What happened?"

Lex smiled as he subconsciously began to run his fingers across his own chest and said, "How do you feel?"

"Kinda dizzy. What happened?"

"What do you remember?"

"Um, the last thing I remember was taking a shower, no, wait, I remember coming down to the gym here and starting a workout, but I don't remember anything after that. Did I faint?"

"Sort of. How do you feel? Can you stand up?," Lex said as he offered his hand out to assist Derek up.

"I think so," Derek said as he reached to lock forearms with Lex. Lex hoisted him to his feet with no effort at all. In fact, he helped him up so fast that Derek actually was momentarily lifted off the ground.

"Maybe you just worked out a bit too hard, too fast. Let me get you some water." Lex went to his specially treated water and poured a big glass and brought it back. "Here you go, drink this all down and you'll feel better fast."

Both of Derek's hands were trembling as he held the glass tightly. Drinking down the entire glass of water like a man just returned from the desert, his eyes quickly lit up.

"Wow, you were right. I do feel better already. That must have been one hell of a workout that I had because I don't ever remembering passing out at the gym. Man, what was I doing when I passed out?"

"Well, ah, I was spotting you on some incline chest flys and you had really been pushing yourself hard. You had just made some comment about how strong you were feeling and then, wham, down you went."

"I don't even remember that," Derek shook his head as he looked over at Lex, "and I sure as hell don't remember you having a body like that. I can't even remember us working out together."

"Oh, yeah, you were giving me some great tips that were really helpful."

"You don't look like you need any tips. You have less body fat than me. You don't look as big as me but for some reason you look stronger. Are you? Are you stronger than me?"

"I don't know," Lex said trying to hold back a smile, "Let's find out. Want to trade punches? You hit me as hard as you can in the abs then I'll punch you."

Derek, feeling stronger than he ever had and knowing that his abs were one of the hardest parts of his body, agreed.

Lex put his fists against the sides of his waist and tightened his stomach. He looked down to see a newly formed six-pack.

"Are you sure about this?," said Derek warily.

"Absolutely. But make sure the first one is your best one because you get no second chance."

"Okay, Dude, here goes." As Derek clenched his fist, his tricep popped into a perfect horseshoe. He pulled his fist back up to his chest and with all of his power slammed it into Lex's abs. It felt as if he had hit a piece of steel covered in velvet. Lex did not even budge or flinch. Derek grabbed his right hand in his left and began to try to rub the pain away. He had never felt a set of abs so tight, including his own.

Lex grinned and said, "You are very strong. I am quite impressed. Now it's my turn. Are you ready?"

Derek tightened his perfect eight-pack abs and gave himself a punch. "Yeah, I'm ready. Go for it."

Lex tightened his fist and pulled back. With one smooth and steady upward blow, Lex connected with Derek's abs sending him flying five feet in the air and sailing ten feet across the room. Derek landed with a smack right in the center of the green circle next to the Power Puller. Lex quickly ran to the red circle and began the transfer process all over again. Derek's body did not freeze up this time, but began to convulse as the green light surrounded him. Lex could feel the red light over his head infusing him with more power than he had imagined. As the strength flowed into his body, he began to think about Clark. The more he envision gaining Clark's strength, the harder his cock became.

When the "Transfer Complete" sign flashed on the machine, Lex's body had added another four inches to his biceps, bringing them to an impressive 20". His chest had easily added another six inches and his quads had begun to bulge with solid, defined muscle. His calves now looked like two thickly cut New York Strip steaks covered in hard flesh.

Derek lay on the floor in a seemingly lifeless heap. With the beams safely off, Lex walked over to Derek's body and effortlessly picked him up in his massive arms. Derek's near 200 pounds of solid muscle felt as light as a small sack of flour to Lex with his new found strength. Derek seemed to be breathing alright, just passed out, so Lex carried him to the bedroom that he had first showered in and tucked him in bed.

With Derek laying on the bed, Lex decided to make him a bit more comfortable, so he removed his shirt, shorts, and underwear. He looked at Derek's body, still big, tight and solid just laying there, slowly breathing in and out, looking very angelic. As Lex turned, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror and was wildly impressed by his new size and strength.

He began to pose in front of the mirror, first popping a double bicep flex. He could hardly believe the size of his arms and so he began to stroke them with his free hand. First the right, then the left, astonished at how rock-solid his biceps felt. He worked his fingers over the round softball sized peak, over the horseshoe shaped tricep and into his armpit. As he was squeezing his muscles he felt his cock stiffening. For the first time, he looked down at his hard cock. It had grown from and average sized dick of five and a half inches to a better than average eight and a half inches long. It had also become MUCH thicker than it ever was before. Lex guessed it must be six inches around.

As he went to reach his fingers around his hardening and thickening cock, he saw Derek's reflection in the mirror just laying peacefully and sexily on the bed. Suddenly, a surge of power tore through Lex's body. He felt the power of the world centered in his dick. He bounded over to the bed and grabbed Derek's ankles and easily pulled his body toward him. He lifted Derek's legs high in the air and exposed his beautiful pink, shaved asshole. Lex spit into his hand, lubed up his steel rod with one mighty thrust jammed his cock into Derek's ass.

Lex threw his head back in ecstasy as he began to pound this muscle boy body with powerful thrusts. He threw Derek's legs around his neck and kept fucking harder and harder. Slowly, Derek began to wake up. Groggily, Derek said, between thrusts, ""

"You are getting the power fuck that you always fantasized about by the man of your dreams," Lex grunted in a voice slightly lower than normal. "You know you've never felt anything this good before and you want more, don't you?" Lex wasn't even winded.

"Yes," screamed Derek.

"Tighten your ass around this huge cock of mine, boy."

"Yes, yes, yes, Sir"

"That's it, boy, take it all. Take this fat dick deep down that pussy hole of yours."

Lex grabbed Derek's wrists and pulled them over his head. Derek wrapped his legs around Lex's waist and tried desperately to pull his cock deeper inside his wanting ass. As he squeezed his thighs around Lex's tiny waist and clinched his puckering asshole, Derek shouted, "Please, Sir, come inside me. I want to feel you shoot all of your hot load inside of me."

Immediately, Lex dropped all of his considerable muscle on top of Derek's yearning body. With one power-packed thrust, Lex began to shoot his whole load inside of Derek's dimpled ass. As he began to shoot stream after stream of hot come, Lex wrapped his bicep around Derek's neck and instinctively, Derek grabbed hold of the muscle that was cutting off his airflow, trying to pull that huge flexed bicep away from his neck. Lex looked down into Derek's pretty face as wave upon wave of hot jism plowed inside of Derek. Lex noticed an odd red vapor coming out of Derek's mouth and without thinking, he pressed his lips against Derek's and began to inhale. As he did, he could feel his body surge with still more power. Lex gave one final deep inhale as he watched the bicep around Derek's neck become bigger and harder. The strength he felt was extraordinary. When he pulled his lips away from Derek's, he noticed that Derek just lay there, lifeless. He realized that he had literally sucked the strength and life from Derek's body.

Surprisingly, Lex was feeling no fear whatsoever, but rather a sense of excitement at the prospect of gaining even more power and strength from his friend, Clark. He vowed then and there that he would try as hard as he could not to kill Clark, but if that's what it came to, so be it. •

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